Chapter 7

Yet, when Cen Zhen thought about it, what did he do? ——Obtained the initiative point of thirteen badges, allowing Lian Yu to win just by resting in the room, super hardworking, the best teammates that any Sentinel could ever dream of.

He took two steps forward and was about to say something, but suddenly there were three loud bangs outside the wall, followed by voices of men and women shouting, body collisions, and various other sounds mixed. Clearly in extreme chaos.

Lian Yu blinked blankly, “What’s the matter, what’s happening?”

“It’s nothing.” Cen Zhen walked next to Lian Yu and sat down on the floor propping up his body with one hand, “It’s quite chaotic out there, don’t go out yet.”

As if to prove his point, the commotion next door got even louder, like seven or eight missiles exploding, and the whole room trembled crazily. After a while, the sound of fighting faded away. At this moment Cen Zhen turned his head and asked Lian Yu: “Do you want a temporary mark?”

“Ah? Why? Why do you want to mark now, don’t you think it’s too late?” Lian Yu leaned forward in surprise, only to see Cen Zhen retreating immediately, “It’s not for the competition.” He said, “I just think that your mood doesn’t feel right.”

“……” Lian Yu opened his lips slightly, and the expression in his eyes changed. After a while, he smiled and said softly, “You noticed.”

Cen Zhen looked at him quietly, thinking that Lian Yu would confide something to him after his disguise got blown, but he didn’t expect his voice suddenly changed, and he moved his face closer with a tsk noise, “Sixty point two or three-ish percent, especially in the absence of a spiritual link, you’re saying that you can detect my emotions only through pheromones? You kidding?”

“……” Cen Zhen got up and was about to leave, but Lian Yu brazenly grabbed his sleeve and pushed him back to the original place, “But I still want the temporary marking, you proposed it, so you are responsible for the fire you lit!”

Cen Zhen subconsciously wants to struggle. Even though he has lived in this world for three months, he still does not have the consciousness that he is a Guide, and he has not established an accurate understanding that the Sentinels are all supernatural monsters. Not surprisingly, Cen Zhen’s struggle was just as strong as a rabbit under the claws of the hound, so Lian Yu took the opportunity to grab Cen Zhen’s wrist and untied his neckband.

For Sentinels and Guides, the gland is one of their most important body parts, so untying the neckband naturally carries an ambiguous meaning. Even though Cen Zhen really doesn’t think the neck is attractive, he still respects the local customs and traditions and looks away while quickly pressing his palm against the side of Lian Yu’s neck.

In an instant, all of Lian Yu’s fur felt groomed, and a big lion with shiny fur appeared from behind Cen Zhen. It rubbed its body against Cen Zhen’s arm, wagged its tail, and lay next to his knee. Crouching down, like a big cat basking in the sun after a nice meal, and closed its eyes meekly.

This is the first time that Cen Zhen has established a spiritual link with someone, and it is indeed a mysterious feeling as if a thread has been drawn out of his spirit, and the other end of the thread is implicated in Lian Yu’s hands.

Because this is only a temporary mark, and the compatibility between the two of them is only 60%, which is barely suitable, so this spiritual link is still very weak. Not to mention the ability to explore Lian Yu’s thoughts, Cen Zhen can’t even find the entrance to Lian Yu’s spiritual barrier.

Cen Zhen took this opportunity to tempt Lian Yu. If he could capture just a little of his thought, he might be able to tell whether he is the Dark Sentinel 1802. However, Lian Yu’s spiritual barrier is so strong it can’t be called anti-thieves, it was more like an anti-spaceship barrier, Cen Zhen took a look and left decisively.

“Can you let me go?”

When other Sentinels receive temporary marking from a Guide, they usually stop at the right time with manners. After all, this act is basically the same as touching bare chests for them. For example, the male lead Yao Jin was so shy that his face and ears all turned red, but when it came to Lian Yu, he grabbed Cen Zhen’s hand and didn’t let go, forcing him to maintain the same posture for about five minutes. Knowing that he would definitely get mentally attacked by Cen Zhen if he continued the act, Lian Yu reluctantly let go.

Unexpectedly, Cen Zhen was not angry, but his expression didn’t look good either. He got up and straightened his clothes, walked to the wall, and opened the door apathetically to check the situation outside. Lian Yu stretched lazily, and even the lion with its eyes closed taking a nap on the side also yawned profusely, “What are you doing, we’re doomed anyway, why don’t you come and show me your spiritual body?” ?”

“Are you that curious about my spiritual body?” Cen Zhen didn’t see anyone next door except two huge pits on one of the walls, and its sides were full of cracks.

“Yes.” Lian Yu is good at pretending to be piteous, he put his arms around his lion’s neck, showing half of his face from his mane, “I have a narrow spiritual domain and low mental strength, and I have never seen other people’s spiritual body.”

Contrary to his pitiful expression, his lion eyes stared at Cen Zhen coldly, his stern face was full of scrutiny.

“It’s not that you have never seen other people’s spiritual body, it’s that no one has ever seen yours, right?” Cen Zhen replied coldly, “As a result, you didn’t even know that you should’ve taken your spiritual body back when you were pretending.”

Lian Yu forcefully turned the lion’s big head around, and the two pairs of eyes, one green and one gold, looked at each other, “You screw me!” The owner pressed the lion back into his mental space in disgust, then got up and walked quickly behind Cen Zhen, “What about you, why do you refuse to reveal your spiritual body, is it because you pretend to be indifferent on the surface, but you are actually a little cutie in heart?”

A little cutie… The scene where he summoned his spiritual body for the first time suddenly popped up in Cen Zhen’s mind. The only certain thing is that it was not a good surprise.

Provocative tactics are useless, and Lian Yu was still determined to lure him. He followed closely behind Cen Zhen, “Do you want to win? There are still five minutes until the end, and we still have a chance, as long as you tell me…”

His words finally made Cen Zhen stop, but the reason was not that he wanted to win, but because he was wondering how Lian Yu could say these words. Cen Zhen lowered his head and saw that his chest was empty.

“Where’s your number plate?”

“I gave it to someone else.” Lian Yu said it as a matter of course, “You were literally at the door, but deliberately refused to come in, so I got angry and wasn’t interested in winning anymore, therefore I just gave the number plate to the team who entered the door next.”

“…Oh.” Cen Zhen understood why Lian Yu didn’t know that Team10 was first place in points. He turned his head and left. The last five minutes in the novel is also the most thrilling and decisive stage for the male leads. The two of them should have just finished establishing a long-term marking. Cen Zhen Zhen wanted to find the room where they fought, and watch from afar, to see how strong the S-rank Sentinel was.

“Don’t just oh, if you want to, I can just go grab my number plate back.” Lian Yu stretched out his arms to block Cen Zhen, “As long as you…”

“No, get out of the way.”

“……” Lian Yu moved out of the way pitifully, but even so, Cen Zhen did not succeed in rushing to the battlefield within five minutes —because he got lost.

The ones leading the way in other teams are all Sentinels with a keen sense of hearing and smell, but the ones in his team are simply a mistake of existence. All he wants is to pry his spiritual body, it would have been the best-case scenario if he didn’t intentionally lead the way in the opposite direction.

Searched through the fifty rooms one by one. Just as Cen Zhen heard a suspicious noise, the game was over. The staff came to pick them up in a conventional aircraft, and as Cen Zhen rose into the air, he found that Yaojin and Pan’s locations were directly diagonally away from him, and he was walking completely in the opposite direction.

The corners of Yaojin’s lips were bruised, and his body was covered in ashes. He clearly had just experienced a big battle, and the rest of the players were all in a similar situation. They were all covered in dust, especially the team of that girl with ponytails. The ponytails became the tails of donkeys. They were all torn apart. 

On the other hand, Cen Zhen and Lian Yu were both clean and well-dressed, and Lian Yu said to the Sentinel of Team 7 who had lost a shoe provokingly: “Isn’t it just two credits, is it worth it?”

The Sentinel of Team 7 is not a humble gentleman, seeing Lian Yu provoking him like this, he said angrily: “Isn’t this all because of your wonderful Guide?!… Damn, is he really a Guide? I saw the video of him grabbing the badge as soon as I got out, is this something a Guide can achieve?”

“What badge?” Lian Yu looked blankly, he turned and looked at Cen Zhen who was riding in the same aircraft. The latter silently looked around without any expression on his face, but his shifting eyesight revealed his curiosity for everything around him. 

The aircraft landed one after one on the square outside the matching-making party venue. When Team 6 landed, there was a lot of noise, but when Team 10’s door opened, the surrounding crowd suddenly burst into fierce roars. Because of the loud noise, Lian Yu hid behind Cen Zhen. Fortunately, the audience was soon quiet. The administrative dean appeared from the air, raised his right hand, and waved to reveal the familiar blue screen. Following his concluding words, rows of game data were also displayed on the screen. 

“Team 1 has 0 badges, is the first to pick up 2 badges, and receives 4 points.”

“Team 2……”

After the first five appalling statistics, the dean paused, bringing everyone’s curiosity up, and raised his voice to announce: “Teams 6, with 25 badges, the first to pick 1 badge, the total score is 27 points!”

Hearing this data, Cen Zhen couldn’t help but frown. In the original plot, the protagonist team didn’t have any initiative points, and the total score was 25, but this time it changed… Could it be because he got a score of 26? To ensure that the male leads win, it forcefully lets them gain another 2 points?

Cen Zhen suddenly lost interest. If all routes lead to a predetermined ending, then this world is quite boring. He lowered his eyes and looked to the side, planning the way to leave.

After three more miserable statistics that were unbearable to read, the dean looked in the direction of Cen Zhen and Lian Yu. This was an action that made many people’s expectations reach their peak.

“Team 10, with 0 badges, is the first to pick up—” The dean deliberately smiled at Cen Zhen. A lot of times, it really amazes people how human-like this artificial intelligence is, such as this smile, which vividly showcases what is called ‘making fun of’.

“14 badges, with a total score of 28 points! Congratulations to Team 10!”


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