Chapter 5

Not far away, the dean observed the contestants, and he suddenly said: “Team 10, are you sure you don’t want to mark each other? Your percent of compatibility is the lowest among others, so if you don’t mark, you will definitely fall behind due to the disadvantage.” 

His words attracted the attention of the audience, and one of the Guides seemed to know ‘Cen Zhen’, so he took the initiative to say: “Cen Zhen, a game is a game, no matter how much you dislike the compatibility barely over 60, you must have some competitive spirit. Even if you are pursuing Fan, he will not care about a temporary mark.”

When the name Fan was mentioned, Lian Yu narrowed his eyes slightly, and then immediately turned his head to see Cen Zhen’s reaction.

Cen Zhen remained unresponsive as usual, he gestured to the staff to put on the blindfold and earmuffs for him, as if he hadn’t heard that Guide talking at all. This attitude made the latter so heated and angry, he sneered, and said to his partner Sentinel, he feels like his kindness was fed to the dog.

In the original plot, it may be to whet the appetite of the readers. Pan’s location was set far away from Yaojin, and because of the interference of several other teams, when the two male leads met, the game was already at the halfway mark, and they had not gained any points; basically losing for sure.

But afterward, Sentinel Yaojin suddenly became overpowered in this desperate situation, and single-handedly defeated all the other teams. At this point in the plot, the text reveals that there are only two Sentinels with S-level physical in the third grade of the Tower, one of which is the male lead Yao Jin.

During the last five minutes, the other nine teams encircled and suppressed the two male leads. To win, Pan took the initiative to ask for a long-term marking, with the great excuse as it is all for the credits. When the truth is that he got a little tempted in the battle just now.

After the marking was over, with the help of Pan, Yaojin became the God of Killing, collected all 25 badges, and won the game.

It is obvious that there is no chance to win fighting the male leads, and there is no way that Lian Yu will just suddenly take off some undercover and yell that he is an S-level sentinel in the seventh grade. After reading the novel, Cen Zhen knows that there is no S-level Sentinel in the seventh grade.

Hearing the countdown to the game was over, Cen Zhen took off his blindfold, and the room was completely white as expected, with only three doors leading to somewhere unknown.

There are a total of 25 badges, the highest score belongs to Team 6 where the male leads are, 25 points, with the ending known and unchangeable, if one wants to win, they have to take things from another direction…getting 2 points instead of 1 for each badge by being the first to obtain the badge.

Pan was trapped for half an hour in the first half of the game, and the side character “Cen Zhen” did not show up in that part, so Cen Zhen believes that the plot would not be much different. He looked up and saw a golden badge shining brightly clinging to the ceiling as if it was shouting: Come on, catch me if you can.

Outside the maze. The administrative dean is surrounded by twenty screens, and the protagonists of each screen correspond to the twenty contestants. Once the Sentinel and the Guide meet, the screen will merge into one.

“Team 1 and Team 5 are located in a very favorable location. There are only six doors between them. Ah, it’s a pity that the Team 5 Guide has gone farther and farther… The Guide of Team 9 has a very clear direction. She probably has noticed where her Sentinel is…”

The administrative dean suddenly paused from explaining, and strangely questioned, “What is the Guide of Team 10 doing? Why doesn’t he leave the room immediately?”

Not only was the dean surprised, but all the Sentinels and Guides who were paying attention to the game were also puzzled. In the picture, Cen Zhen first looked slowly at the badge above his head, then at the left and right walls, similar to what a Sentinel will do because they can’t leave the room. 

“Did this person misinterpret the rules of the game?”

“So stupid, hahaha.”

“Cen Zhen? Oops, it just came to my senses. Isn’t he the famous ‘green tea’ Guide from Class 12 of the White Tower? He has several A-level Sentinels as fishes on his line and seems to have seduced another A+ recently…”

“That disgusting? Hope he isn’t purposely losing because he dislikes the Sentinels on his team.”

“Team 10 moved, moved… eh??”

Of course, Cen Zhen didn’t know that his behavior had caused an uproar from the outside audience. He tried to back up, sprinted, stepped on the wall, and jumped high up.

After going back and forth three or four times like this, Cen Zhen suddenly started twisting his wrist, as if he was finally ready. At this moment, a voice came from the number plate on his chest, and it was the dean: “May I ask if you misunderstood the rules of the game, it’s the Senti—”

The next moment, Cen Zhen rushed to the corner, borrowed strength from the left and right walls, and jumped to the roof. Then he put one hand on the ceiling, jumped towards the center of the room, held his right hand out, and grabbed the badge easily.

The voice from the number plate froze instantly, and when Cen Zhen landed firmly on one knee, endless shouts erupted from far away.

“Huh?” Cen Zhen looked down at the number plate, “What’s wrong?”

The dean is worthy of being non-human, he quickly changed his words without any surprise: “It’s nothing, have fun with the game.”

“…” Cen Zhen put the badge in his pocket nonchalantly, found a door at random, and walked out.

But other students outside the game don’t have the receptive ability of the dean. After a period of astonishment and exclamation, the atmosphere suddenly boiled. Sentinels with less control over their five senses forced themself to suppress their curiosity and retreat to a quiet place while continuing to pay attention to the game using their terminal. Other Sentinels with strong control ability or had exclusive Guides partner with them joined the discussion excitedly.

“How is this possible? Am I not mistaken? Can this be a Guide?”

“Three meters… No, even if he is a male Guide, he is still a Guide, right? How did he do that just now? How high of a physical status does he have, S? S+? Does the White Tower have a Guide with S-level physical status?”

“Dean! Could there be a mistake? Both members of  Team 10 are Sentinels, right?”

“There’s no mistake.” The dean immediately refuted the rumors, “Cen Zhen is indeed a Guide.”

“Then it’s a mutation?” A whimsical voice came from the crowd, “Gender mutation or something?”

“Stop talking nonsense, I’ve heard about the mutation of the spiritual body, like changing from a cat to a dog, but when is there ever a gender mutation?”

“Then how do you explain that a Guide jumped three meters high!”

“Didn’t he jump three times…”

“To be precise, it’s 3.6 meters. I’m from the Student Council and am responsible for maintaining the maze venue.”

Just as the crowd discussion was in full swing, Cen Zhen gained three more badges, a total of 25 badges in 50 rooms, with an average of one badge in every two rooms. Now it is the early stage of the game, and basically, no badges have been touched.

On the way, Cen Zhen bumped into the Guide from Team 2. The Guide was a girl with brown hair in a ponytail and wearing glasses. She purposely gave him an ah and misleadingly said, “I just saw your Sentinel in that direction, you’re going the opposite way.”

“Really?” Cen Zhen gave her a cold sideways glance, and the girl smiled and said, “You don’t need to thank me, next time we meet, please be merciful!”

After telling the lie, she ran away quickly, completely unaware that a terrifying ghost story happened in the room after she left. A Guide jumped three meters high in two steps and gained his fourth badge.

The audience has changed from talking about it to being as quiet as stunned chickens. It’s not that they are not surprised by what they see, but they are so surprised that they are speechless.

Once or twice, it can be said that this Guide may be clever. He has loved climbing the roof since he was a child and likes to climb trees when he has nothing to do. His spiritual body is for sure a monkey, but this is the fourth time. Cen Zhen is still breathing just like a normal person. This can only be regarded as absolute suppression of physical ability.

“Is this really a Guide…” Someone raised the same objection for the umpteenth time, but no one around dared to answer.

After a long time, a timid voice whispered: “I’m also from Class 12 of the White Tower… I remember that Cen Zhen’s physical status is B…” For a moment, the eyes of the surrounding students stunned more prominently, and several of them swear that if that was B-level physical, they’ll eat the terminal on the spot.

Although the absolute attention of the maze competition is concentrated on Team 10, as the host of the match-making party, the administrative dean must continue to explain the situation of the rest of the teams with a fair attitude: “The two members of Team 9 have been the first to meet. It’s the seventh minute of the game, and the other team closest to each other is Team 1… The Guide of Team 5 is going further and further away… The Guide of Team 6 is so focused on running in the opposite direction, despite having the highest compatibility of 89% among others, I believe many students are very optimistic about this team…”

Cen Zhen put the fourth badge away, thought about the Guide he just met who had the words “I’m pointing blindly” on their forehead, turned slightly, and walked out from the door they came from.

Outside the arena, many people have already blocked the live broadcasts of other teams to concentrate on watching this terrifying Guide’s performance.

“Did he believe in the lies of the Guide from Team 2? Isn’t that stupid? Only the Sentinel can be so stupid. I question the gender of this Cen Zhen again.”


“Why do I think…the Guides of Team 10 are just afraid that they are heading to the border of the maze and are avoiding wasting time…”

The game quickly progressed to the fifteenth minute. Out of the ten teams present, the Sentinels and Guides of eight out of ten teams have successfully reunited. The game is still in the early stages, and most of the badges are still on the top of the ceiling. Even if the teams meet, they will not fight, because avoiding each other is more likely to earn the badge’s initiative points.

Cen Zhen pushed open the door and unexpectedly ran into the ponytail girl from Team 2 again. She was standing with her Sentinel. When she saw Cen Zhen who had been tricked by her, she stuck out her tongue in embarrassment.

Sentinel of Team 2 is also a female, with short hair and has a shorter height than the ponytail girl, but her limbs are muscular and smooth, and she is obviously more powerful. Her eyes brightened as she saw that Cen Zhen was by himself with a white number plate indicating Guide. Just as she was about to attack, she found that the number 10 under the white number plate was still red, which meant that he is a Guide who hadn’t met his Sentinel so she can’t attack.


Original Author’s Note: 

Lian Yu: The first minute I was alone in the room, I missed him.

Cen Zhen: For the first minute out alone…the badges are all mine!


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