Chapter 4

“I want to see your spiritual body.” Lian Yu completely ignored Cen Zhen’s words, he quickly blinked and begged in a soft tone on purpose: “Show me and I will let you go.”

Connects craziness and cuteness seamlessly, making Cen Zhen think that he has schizophrenia, “Are you worthy of it?” After Cen Zhen finishes the sentence, he activates his spiritual feeler again. The strength of it this time is totally different from the previous one that served as a warning. Lian Yu had no time to react, it directly hit his mental barrier. Seeing how Lian Yu squatted and curled up suddenly, he must have suffered.

When the staff member opened the door and saw that one person was leaning against the wall and the other squatting on the ground. He inexplicably felt a sense of tension. He cleared his throat in confusion and asked professionally, “Team Ten, are the two of you ready?”

“Ready.” Lian Yu replied quickly before Cen Zhen could speak. He rubbed his temple that was still aching from Cen Zhen’s attack, and smiled brightly at Cen Zhen, “Let’s go, let’s win the gold medal together!”

“…If you are mentally ill, you should get it checked out.” Cen Zhen advised him sincerely.

“Haha, what are you talking about?” Lian Yu walked out of the room pretending he didn’t understand but got stopped by the staff to register personal information.

Cen Zhen is not stupid, he would not be fooled by such clumsy acting. He raised his hand and stopped the staff. The staff just finished asking Lian Yu about his student ID number, and seeing that Cen Zhen had something to say, he nodded to let him know to wait a moment.

“Well, student number… Let me think about it.” Lian Yu pondered for half a second and said, “T2081.”

“T2081…” The staff wrote it down in the terminal, and then he looked up at Cen Zhen, “Mister, do you have a question?”

“…” Cen Zhen didn’t speak for a while but stared deeply at the screen projected by the staff’s terminal. The strange silence made the staff ask again: “Did you want to ask a question?”

“Nothing.” Cen Zhen lowered his eyes, “Student ID number T1259.”

Lian Yu let out an exclamation of surprise, then held it back immediately.

Although Cen Zhen didn’t remember the name ‘Lian Yu’, the four digits, 2081, had left a particularly deep impression in his memory.

In the entire light novel with a million words, the male leads encounters countless enemies, ranging from the school bully in the tower of academics to the terrorist who can easily destroy a planet. No matter how disadvantaged they were in the early stages, the protagonist will always catch up in some ways and capture all the evil ones…

With one exception: Dark Sentinel 1802.

No surname, no first name, no appearance description, no biographical records, only a code name – Dark Sentinel 1802.

Dark Sentinel is a neutral term, referring to Sentinels with high mental strength, but needs very little help from Guides. This kind of Sentinel is on the end of both spectrums, the excellent ones are extremely good, and the bad ones are evil to their core. Most of the Chief Sentinels are Dark Sentinels, and some of the most heinous prisoners are also Dark Sentinels, because they are more independent than ordinary Sentinels, and they are less likely to be disciplined and restrained.

As for Dark Sentinel 1802, this person is the villain in the story, but not a traditional villain. He does not only target the male leads and their team but instead targets the whole world. Wherever the conflict is, he is present. He rarely kills anyone and doesn’t bother to kill with his own hand. He just provokes conflicts and causes trouble.

Cen Zhen even guessed that if 1802 hadn’t committed suicide by burning himself alive in front of the whole world, those planets and races written in the novel might have been played by him for a lot longer.

Of course, his passion to cause trouble did not stop along with his death. He left behind tons of troubles that caused headaches for countless people. Later in the novel, no matter what problems the protagonists encounter, as long as they continue to investigate, they always find that 1802 was somehow involved in it. 

Before he died, he hacked the networks of hundreds of planets and caused communication paralysis all over the world, just to let the whole world watch him commit suicide. His last words were very simple:

“I have been diagnosed with mental space atrophy syndrome since the day my power awakens, so there is no Guide who is compatible with me. I don’t want to sleep forever in a spiritual black hole, so I shall die before it happens.”

After he finishes speaking, he poured gas fuel over every corner of the room, “washed” his hair with it, ignited it, and exploded in one go.

The whole world celebrates the death of a villain, but it was more than just a live broadcast of suicide. The key is that when 1802 is pouring fuel for fear of chaos, the camera is deliberately showing the room around slowly, and his room is like an intelligence military aircraft office. There are secret materials from various countries spread out on the walls, tables, and floors.

For a long while, various national organizations were celebrating the new year in laughter on the surface, but secretly watching 1802’s live video frame by frame repeatedly, refusing to let go of any detail, and even wishing time could reverse so they could desperately try to protect the magical little house of 1802.

Even the two male leads have helplessly expressed that although they hated him so much when he was alive, after he died, they have to study him as an important science. Watching 1802’s self-immolation video dozens of times a day almost got them severely depressed.

Cen Zhen’s thoughts returned from the novel to reality. The Sentinel in front of him with an extremely narrow spiritual domain, his student number just happened to be 2081, 1802 reversed. No Sentinel at the match-making party could see his lion, doesn’t that just prove that his spiritual strength is extremely powerful? As for the mental space atrophy syndrome… Cen Zhen was confused, how could Lian Yu have a 60.23% compatibility with him?

Either he is too sensitive, and Lian Yu is just a passer-by with mental illness, or the Dark Sentinel 1802 is a big idiot, and the guide who can save him is right in front of him, but he didn’t notice.

The latter basically can’t be true. After each Guide is born, they will regularly go to the Central Hospital for physical examination and register their information. After awakening, the White Tower will also record their mental and physical status. ‘Cen Zhen’ in the original text is not the type who likes to hide his existence. With all that, is it possible that Lian Yu didn’t get matched with him?

Moreover, 1802’s last words also mentioned that he was diagnosed with atrophy ever since awakening. The awakening time of a general Sentinel is between 10 to 12 years old, so there is no such thing as he started looking for a suitable Guide after “Cen Zhen’s” glands got destroyed.

Although all analyses pointed to the first situation, Cen Zhen still felt that 2081 and 1802 were too coincidental. He took the number plate with ten on it and put it on his chest. Then he stood in the designated competition area and decided to observe this psychopath secretly for a little longer.

The psychopath didn’t know anything about the turmoil happening in Cen Zhen’s head. He walked around Cen Zhen with a smile, and suddenly said, “Your eyes are so beautiful.”

“……” Cen Zhen closed his eyes expressionlessly.

“It’s a translucent blue, like the ocean, but also like the sky… You refuse to release your spiritual body; is it because it is a sea creature?”


“Dolphin? Jellyfish? Or… it can’t be a starfish, right?”

“Quiet, you are distracting me from listening to the rules.”

Actually, no one present was listening to the dean’s explanation except Cen Zhen. After all, it was a traditional event reserved for the match-making party, so most people already knew the details. Only Cen Zhen, a foreigner, is experiencing it for the first time.

The game field is an area composed of 50 equilateral triangular rooms. Each room has a door on each of the three walls. At the beginning of the game, the Sentinel and Guides of each team will be separated with their five senses blindfolded and taken into a room at random.

The game usually lasts for 1 hour and adopts a point system. The first method to obtain points is: to collect badges placed on the ceiling of the rooms, there are a total of 25 badges, and the team that first gets it receives 2 points for each badge; The second method is to snatch the number plate from the opponent’s chest and all the points will automatically transfer. The person whose number plate got taken off cannot move for 10 minutes. At the end of the game, each badge will score 1 point.

After the game officially starts, the Guides can freely enter and leave each room, but the Sentinels must wait until their Guide partner to enter the room and reunite with them before they can move.

To prevent chaos as soon as the game begins, Guides who have not met their Sentinel and Sentinel who have not met their Guides cannot be attacked.

Generally speaking, the sooner the Guide finds their Sentinel from the 50 rooms, the more favorable their battle situation will be. Every room is empty, except for the white walls, and there are no stools, so if one wants to get the badge from the ceiling that is three meters above the ground, it can only be done by Sentinel’s exceed physical ability.

The Guides have a very cunning way of identifying which room the Sentinel is in: by marking. Whether it is a temporary mark or a long-term mark, both can establish a spiritual link, so one can sense the other’s thoughts, the difference is only the strength of the induction.

This is also the biggest function of the maze game in the match-making party. It was made to facilitate matching, and of course, it is doing everything possible to make the participants have an intimate connection.

To seize the opportunity, most of the Sentinels and Guides secretly mark each other before the game officially starts, including the two male leads, which is also why each team has a preparation room.

Because they didn’t know each other before, the male leads were very shy and conservative. They waited till now to make the decision and mark each other in the corner, and they took the route to make a temporary marking. This is also called medical marking. As the name suggests, this is what Guide doctors usually use when they are treating injured Sentinels – it establishes when a Guide places their palm on the Sentinel’s gland.

This kind of marking lasts about two to three hours. After marking, the Guide can vaguely perceive the Sentinel’s mood and location.

While Cen Zhen was looking at Yao Jin as he untied his necktie with some embarrassment, a dazzling light gold color suddenly appeared in front of his eyes. Lian Yu asked expectantly, “Will you mark me?”

“No.” Cen Zhen refused without the slightest hesitation, he was concerned about himself going crazy after feeling Lian Yu’s mentally ill emotions for two hours.

“Come on!” Lian Yu warmly invited as he pushed back his long hair that fell on his shoulders, revealing the black neck guard underneath, “The first place gets 2 credits, which means you can skip a class at the end of the semester. Don’t all Guides hate the spaceship piloting class beacuse the centrifugal force test is terrible.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Oh, looks like you’re a straight-A student?” Lian Yu didn’t show any discord when he was rejected, “Don’t regret it later and got anxious trying to find me.”

“……” Cen Zhen slowly turned his eyes and glanced at Lian Yu casually. From this look, Lian Yu immediately understood that he meant this kind of situation would never happen. He cut it and stood back to his original position.


Note from the Original Author:

Lian Yu: Trying to seduce

Cen Zhen: Refuse to be seduced

Originally, the title for this chapter was: His Past, which is a phrase associated with some inexplicable sadness, but after thinking about it, it feels off and did not conform to Lian Yu’s persona as a psychopath, so I changed it dramatically to His Great Achievements


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