Chapter 34

Chen Wuyou handed Cen Zhen a new tube of artificial Sentinel pheromone, and asked dully, “What should we do?”
“You’re asking me?” Cen Zhen sniffed the pheromone like a crazy addict again. After hearing this, Chen Wuyou’s eyebrows went flying as he raised it so high. However, he knew Cen Zhen was right after he thought it through, he’s the doctor after all, “…How did he spend his heat period in the past?”
“I have no idea.”
“You have no idea??”
“We’ve only known each other for over a month.”
“…Can anyone here take him down?”
“Here?” Cen Zhen followed Chen Wuyou’s gaze and saw that in the corner of the top floor, besides Pan and KaiMenji, there was a large crowd of onlookers that gathered at some point. Some of them were still wearing hospital gowns, but nothing could stop them from gossiping.
“……” Cen Zhen said helplessly, “Hurry up and ask the security to drive everyone out.”
“Something’s wrong… It stands to reason that he should calm down as soon as you appear. Aren’t you the only Guide who met the baseline compatibility with him?” Chen Wuyou suddenly discovered a blind spot, “What is the compatibility % between you two?”
Chen Wuyou opened a tube of artificial Guide pheromone that was originally prepared for Lian Yu and took a breath to refresh his mind, so he would not regret getting involved in this couple’s troubles as much. However, if he could do this all over again, he swore he would rather bite his tongue and kill himself on the spot, instead of stepping into this mess just because of a mere fifty thousand coins.
“64%, how is this different from not meeting the baseline compatibility… What kind of marking do you have with him now?”
“Long-term marking.”
“Okay, I’m out of options.” Chen Wuyou let out a long sigh and spread his hands, “Either find an S-rank Sentinel to beat him up and tie him down, or we can only watch him make trouble like this……or you two get permanent marking right now.”
“Making permanent marking would work?” Cen Zhen turned his head and asked seriously. Chen Wuyou quickly waved his hand and said, “I’m just joking! Didn’t you two know each other for a little more than a month…”
“Just say it, will the permanent marking work or not?.”
“…” Chen Wuyou had no choice but to nod truthfully, “It will definitely work. After permanent marking, your pheromone will become the special medicine for his heat period. Even if your compatibility is low, when he is near you, he will feel like returning to the safest harbor because of the unconditional trust between you two. His emotions will also stabilize, at least it will not be like it is now, but…”
“But it’s a pity.” Cen Zhen said the rest for Chen Wuyou, “I am his only Guide who meets his compatibility, and I am indispensable to him, but he is not the same to me. We have only known each other for a month, and only have a compatibility of 64%. Any Sentinel I randomly grab from the Tower probably has a higher compatibility with me than him.
It would be too ill-considered to mark him permanently just to stop his temporary depression during his heat period. ”
“You’re saying it out loud this bluntly?” Chen Wuyou touched the tip of his nose, “Anyway, it’s good that you understand.”
“…Then I’ll think more about it.” Cen Zhen said he would think about it, and he was serious. He found a corner out of the wind and began to think quietly.
Pan took the time to run over and worriedly asked a few words about the situation and Cen Zhen’s injury. Cen Zhen shook his head perfunctorily and did not answer. Pan understood that this meant he did not want to be disturbed, so he had no choice but to quietly step aside.
Lian Yu stood on the fence and cried for a while, then changed his posture, sat on the fence with his back to the crowd, shrugged his shoulders, and continued to cry.
Not sure who called the police, but the police arrived after a while. This group of well-trained Sentinels and Guides far surpassed the previous security guards. They silently and efficiently evacuated the onlookers on the top floor. Cen Zhen was being treated equally too and was asked to move to the lower level.
Cen Zhen glanced at Lian Yu worriedly. Seeing his action, Chen Wuyou immediately comforted him and said that the police would act appropriately. Of course, he didn’t know that what Cen Zhen was worried about was if Lian Yu beat up a group of police, how should this heaven-defying force value be explained to the outside world?
After getting out of the stairs, Fan, who wasn’t supposed to be in the hospital, suddenly squeezed out from the crowd, “Are you all alright?”
“We’re fine… don’t you guys have classes to attend?” Chen Wuyou took the disposable paper cup handed over by the nurse, and took a sip of hot tea to soothe the bones of his body that were almost blown away by the strong wind on the top floor, “Why do you like to visit the hospital when you have nothing to do here?”
“Uh…” Fan’s face was a little stiff. He drew a forum interface from the terminal and copied it to Chen Wuyou and Cen Zhen. “The news of someone jumping off the Central Hospital building has spread to the Tower and the White Tower.”
“…” Cen Zhen went to the nurse and asked for two boards of Universal Sentinel Pheromone. While browsing the web page, Chen Wuyou disapproved and said, “You’d better stop using it.”
“If I don’t use it, I will go back to the top floor the next second, and jump down with Lian Yu in my arms.” Cen Zhen opened another tube of pheromone, and at this moment Fan suddenly realized something, blushing, and said: “Cen Zhen, you are in heat!”
While shy, he swiftly snatched the artificial pheromone from Cen Zhen’s hand, and then stammered, “Fortunately, I came here…we have 81% compatibility, you don’t need these artificial pheromones, You can… smell my…”
Chen Wuyou sighed and turned his back to continue browsing the forums. The students of the Tower and the White Tower are always the most energetic group of people, and the school’s official website forum is naturally the most active place online. Currently, the most popular post pin to the top is called: Remember that Sentinel who broadcast his love? He was rejected.
The first dozens of comments were all about how showing off leads to dying quickly, praising Cen Zhen for doing a good job rejecting. Some took the opportunity to comment that Cen Zhen would never change his trashy nature. This continued until a long-range video was posted on the post, which showed Lian Yu standing on the top floor looking like he was about to jump.
Everyone in the comment section panicked instantly, shouting not to commit suicide because of a broken relationship. Some begged their classmates in the hospital to persuade him quickly, and some called the police, calling acquaintances, doctors, and nurses they know for help.
Immediately afterward, there was another video of Cen Zhen going to the top floor with bandages on his hands and feet to persuade him. In the video, there was only the sound of the wind, no sound of the two talking, and no clear lip motions.
The comment section could only guess what the two were talking about, but soon, an insider with the hot take on the matter appears to answer everyone’s doubts: The situation is like this because Lian Yu’s physical fitness is D, Cen Zhen is the only Guide who has a compatibility over 60% with him among the whole school. Lian Yu’s situation is so pitiful, even though Cen Zhen already has a romantic partner, the A+ Sentinel, Fan from Class 1 of the third grade, out of pity and sympathy, he agreed to do a single-time long marking with Lian Yu.
But no one expected that Lian Yu was very scheming and tried to gain more. He announced their long-term marking to the whole Tower and White Tower as soon as it happened. He wanted to use this opportunity to cause conflicts between Cen Zhen and Fan, so that they could break up, and he could have the Guide all to himself.
Of course, Cen Zhen didn’t want Fan to misunderstand him, and he recognized Lian Yu’s ugly intention after the incident, so he rejected Lian Yu angrily. Lian Yu couldn’t get over it and went to confront Cen Zhen, but accidentally pushed him down the second-floor stair, which resulted in Cen Zhen suffering comminuted fractures in his hands and feet.
Seeing that he made a big mistake, Lian Yu rushed to Cen Zhen’s hospital bed to beg his forgiveness, but Cen Zhen and Fan had reconciled, and after this battle, the relationship between the two deepened, and Lian Yu felt ashamed of his heart and decided to commit suicide.
The more Chen Wuyou read about it, the more surprised he became. Seeing that there were still hundreds of people who liked this message, he couldn’t help but praise: What a bloody love triangle, and then he also gave it a like.
In all reality, based on the current distance between Cen Zhen and Fan, Cen Zhen can already smell Fan’s pheromone, but it is very strange; the 81% compatibility cannot suppress the 64% compatibility by any means. Cen Zhen is still full of thoughts of Lian Yu, and the moment he lets his guard down, his body will involuntarily go towards the top floor.
Suddenly, there was a commotion in the stairwell, and after two serious yelling of “get out of the way”, a figure rushed out from the stairway and ran straight towards Cen Zhen. Due to the crowd being so dense, it was not convenient for the police to shoot. All they could do was chase and shout in vain: “Don’t move!”
Cen Zhen felt his body lighten suddenly and was carried to the window in the next second. Lian Yu’s eyes were swollen from crying, he choked up and smashed the windshield of the high-rise building with his fist, crying: “You are a liar, you are a liar. You went to find another Sentinel behind my back.”
“…” Cen Zhen put his arms around Lian Yu’s neck and pulled his upper body closer to him, “So, are you going to take me to die with you?”
Chen Wuyou was squeezed behind by the crowd. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw that the posts on the forum homepage were updated in real-time. The ‘informed person’ posted a blurry photo and continued to write: Damn, this D-level Sentinel is really crazy about love. He threatens a dozen police to back off with a time bomb and then takes advantage of Fan and Cen Zhen for not paying attention, taking Cen Zhen hostage, and wanting him to die with him.
Bomb? ? ? Where? ? ?
“Will you remember me if I die?” Lian Yu stared right into Cen Zhen’s eyes in still, “How many people will remember me when I die? What am I living for? What am I living over and over again for?”
Behind Lian Yu’s back, Cen Zhen gestured for the police to back up. He is now wrapped in Lian Yu’s pheromone, and his heart is getting calmer and calmer. His time is running out, and there is only a sliver of reasoning remaining inside of him reminding him what to do.
“Lian Yu,” Cen Zhen raised his eyes to meet Lian Yu’s, and said firmly, “You came back alive again just to meet me.”
Lian Yu’s gray-green pupils gradually brightened up at Cen Zhen’s steady voice, like a ray of light entering the hazy water mist, like a confused person finally finding his way.
Cen Zhen tried his best to stick his head out of the window, using fresh air to dispel the pheromones in his brain, he took a deep breath and continued: “I have always wondered why my spiritual body is a carnivore, why my physical level is so high, why do I resemble a Sentinel in every way possible, yet I am a Guide.
Because you need a Guide, so I am a Guide.
And you, why are you alive, why did you come back to life again, why did you just happen to draw the number 130 at the match-making party, why was it such a coincidence of 60.19%. Because I was there, because I came, because I don’t have any sense of belonging in this strange world, so you were reborn for me. ”
In the short period of twenty years, Cen Zhen never fell in love or liked anyone. For the first fifteen years, he walked alone in the snow, and for the next five years, he walked alone in human society. He can live well alone, and no one can’t live without him. Once upon a time, he felt that the sky would collapse after losing his mother, but later he realized he could still live just fine.
Cen Zhen never thought that the person he would have the deepest contact with would be a character in a novel and that he would become irreplaceable for this person.
He is irreplaceable to him. What a wonderful relationship this is, representing the uniqueness and declaring eternity. It is impossible not to fall for it. Cen Zhen didn’t know that his tolerance for Lian Yu’s intrusion into his private space came from this.
Because this person will die without him.
Just now when he was seriously thinking about this relationship, Cen Zhen discovered to his surprise that if he was destined to fall in love with someone in the future, then this person, he thought, must be this Sentinel in front of him.

Original Author’s Note:
Cen Zhen: I didn’t expect you to find out my real identity. That’s right, I’m actually—— Prince Charming!!!
Lian Yu (screaming cooperatively!!!): Marry me! ! ! I will marry you! ! !


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