Chapter 33

Lian Yu rushed out of the door wiping his tears. Cen Zhen remained in the position Lian Yu held him down to; lying on the bed with his hands raised high over his head. After taking a long while to comprehend the situation, he realized that he should get up and chase after him.
Is this what being in heat feels like? Cen Zhen half sat up while rubbing his forehead thinking: this is way too troublesome.
He struggled to lift the quilt and got out of bed. Unexpectedly, just as he took the first step forward, his body involuntarily fell to the ground. Cen Zhen managed to hold onto the bed and avoid giving Chen Wuyou a huge bow on the knee as he came through the door after hearing the alarm bell.
“What happened… Oh my goodness, you pheromone!!” Chen Wuyou quickly took out a coin-shaped air bag from his pocket, squeezed it tightly, and put it on his face to form a tight mask. He quickly closed the door, opened the window to ventilate, and then stood in front of the window to keep a distance from Cen Zhen, “Why did you enter heat at this time?”
“…… No idea.”
“Your heat symptoms are quite serious… By the way, why did you decide to confront that Sentinel who wanted to harm you at this time? More than that, what’s the point of faking a broken bone injury? Who can’t take you down easily with just nail clippers if you’re like this?”
“Shut up.” Cen Zhen’s head ached as Chen Wuyou kept talking non-stop. His temples were throbbing, his side neck was itchy and painful, and he had to use all his willpower to resist the urge to scratch it. Cen Zhen pressed his forehead against the cold wall, trying to use the simple physical method to calm himself down, “Did you see Lian Yu?”
“I did. He passed by me just now. Do you want me to go get him to comfort you?”
“…He may have gone to seek death.”
“Ah?” Chen Wuyou’s expression was instantly subtle. He really couldn’t understand what was going on. Cen Zhen leaned sideways against the wall, and explained with his ‘last breath’: “He’s in heat too, and his symptom is feeling frail, suspicious, and wants to commit suicide. Please tell me which direction he went…”
“……” Chen Wuyou’s expression changed from sluggish to extreme shock. He immediately picked up Cen Zhen and ran outside, “What the hell! Other people’s heat just results in them being eager to be intimate with their Guide, your Sentinel on the other hand wants to commit suicide, leaving you behind and jumping off a building… Even worse, your Sentinel is on his way to commit suicide, why are you so calm!”
“I’m not calm, but I’m tired to the point I don’t want to move an inch because of the heat. I want to get angry. I’m also irritated because Lian Yu is not in sight, and I’m trying my best to endure…” Cen Zhen frowned tightly, while walking quickly while being supported, pinching the top of his nose to keep calm, he said, “Give me a tube of artificial Sentinel pheromone, universal ones will do.”
There are generally two ways to deal with heat periods. The first is for those who have a partner: stay with their partner and have a hearty mental or physical ‘get together’; the second is for those who don’t have a partner, find the artificial pheromone that is the most suitable for them, this can appease their unstable emotions to a great extent.
Universal Sentinel pheromones can be found everywhere in the hospital. The Guides patients who come here logically are not emotionally stable, and artificial pheromones come in handy to a good extent. While Chen Wuyou carried Cen Zhen up the elevator, he picked up a board of Sentinel pheromones and a board of Guide pheromones on the way. He asked, “What is the threshold value of Lian Yu’s pheromones? Will the universal one be effective?”
“Ineffective.” Cen Zhen denied it without any doubt: “His threshold is infinitely approaching zero, and there is no Guide other than me whose compatibility with him exceeds the baseline.”
“…Huh—?” Chen Wuyou pressed the elevator button and watched Cen Zhen as he opened three tubes of pheromone, inhaling it in a way almost using it to wash his hair, like a drug addict. “Why do I feel that the situation you mentioned sounds familiar? What is his mental strength level?”
“Unknown.” Cen Zhen opened another tube of artificial pheromone. He felt that his brain had finally broken free from the shackles and started to function again. Just at this time, the elevator reached the floor and slowly opened. He lifted his eyes and met eyes with Pan and KaiMenJi.
“Cen Zhen!” Pan said in surprise, his eyes flickered twice, his expression was a little unnatural, obviously not good at lying, “Why… why are you running around in this condition!!”
Cen Zhen and Chen Wuyou had no time to explain and directly broke into the elevator. Chen Wuyou swiped his card to activate the doctor’s rescue authorization, and all the stops along the way were canceled. The elevator rushed to the top floor.
“We’re not going to the top floor.” KaiMenJi still had a dull expression on his face, but no one in the elevator paid attention to him. When the elevator door opened, Cen Zhen saw Lian Yu standing on top of the fence at a glance. The fence under his feet was no more than half a decimeter wide. His long pale golden hair splashed in the air, and his whole body seemed to be crumbling.
Cen Zhen immediately performs as the cripple, limping towards him with a broken leg. If it wasn’t for the fact that the plasterboard was tied so tightly and he didn’t have much strength, he would have smashed this damned obstacle with one kick.
It only took half a second for Pan to go from being puzzled to being shocked. After seeing the situation on the top floor, he screamed, and then quickly covered his mouth to avoid disturbing Lian Yu and causing him to stumble.
Chen Wuyou stepped forward to support Cen Zhen in a few steps, signaling that he was going to go downstairs to find security. Cen Zhen nodded and turned to Pan and KaiMenJi who were terrified, signaling them to leave quickly, do not be here, then continued approaching Lian Yu.
“Lian Yu.” Cen Zhen’s voice was lost in the wind, but the person whose name was called still heard it. Lian Yu turned around lightly on the fence more than one meter high. His face was covered in his loose and long hair, and he tucked it all away behind him roughly. His gray-green eyes were still filled with tears, Lian Yu choked up, and called softly: “…Cen Zhen.”
“Lian Yu, do you understand that you are in heat right now? The heat will amplify your emotions. These are not your real thoughts.”
Lian Yu nodded, squatted down slowly, and aggrievedly grabbed the hand that Cen Zhen extended to catch him, “But I really want to die.”
“Why do you want to die?” Cen Zhen tried to pull Lian Yu into his arms, but the Sentinel didn’t move at all. He sighed in his heart and continued to persuade him: “…You are the Dark Sentinel 1802 who can achieve anything you wish.”
“No…” Lian Yu shook his head quickly, tears rolled down his face as he spoke, and the strong wind blew the tears away, leaving tear marks on his face. “That was just me… not wanting to be forgotten, I don’t want to be alone and silently tormented without rest.”
“What?” Cen Zhen approached him little by little, Lian Yu’s long hair slapped his face, and with the strong pheromone of the Sentinel, Cen Zhen had to hold his breath to prevent his mind from rusting again.
“But at that time, all I wanted was to die. Why didn’t they let me die? Why couldn’t I even die.” Lian Yu cried bitterly, “Why did I still have to wake up, why was it just me, why did they make me wake me up again and again in a place so dark.”
Can’t die? So dark? From Lian Yu’s words, Cen Zhen could only think of the spiritual black hole, but didn’t he commit suicide before his spiritual space disappeared? How could he fall into a spiritual black hole? Could it be that he failed to die back then?
Cen Zhen was already in low spirits because of the heat period, but suddenly he was in a trance in the howling wind, and the crying sound in his ears gradually became two, one came from an adult man, and the other was younger, like a six or seven-year-old child.
Once upon a time, there was also an innocent young child who cried hoarsely just like this. In the vast snow field, except for an empty and cold cabin wrapped in plain snow, only dead trees and his footsteps remained beside him.
He has nowhere to go, he can’t do anything but cry, he is trapped here because of a piece of candy left by a woman with a vague face, and a sentence:
“Mom has to leave to do something. Little Zhen needs to wait here for Mom obediently, okay?”
Cen Zhen, who was only six years old, waited obediently for five days until the firewood in the wooden cabin was burned out. Until he had to eat snow and chewed ice. Until his cotton-padded clothes were soaked and stuck to his body like cold stones. Until his face and hands were so cold that they were peeling off and sickly red. Only then, did he finally realize something, confirm something, and cry hysterically.
It’s a pity that because of being too weak, even the crying was weak, like a newborn cub, and it became dumb after just two vowels. There were only tears streaming down as if it was cutting his face like a knife in the snow.
He was never born only feeling indifferent. He was also once naive. He would rejoice over a piece of candy, expect his mother to bring back more snacks sooner, expect his mother to come back sooner, expect his mother to come back…
Maybe when one of them is suffering in the endless darkness, the other is panicking in the endless white.
“Lian Yu, Lian Yu…” Cen Zhen tried his best to break free from the memories. He should have forgotten these memories a long time ago, and recalling about it now, it seems like it has already been a lifetime ago. He knows that he has more important things to do now, “Lian Yu, you’ll be fine, I’m here…”
“You are here?” Lian Yu raised his eyes and stared at him with teary eyes, but just when Cen Zhen thought the other party would pounce on him, Lian Yu cried even harder, “You liar! You’re not here at all, I prayed so humbly, I was so…so…”
“…” Cen Zhen hurriedly lowered his head and opened the last tube of artificial pheromone. His symptoms of heat have become so serious that he has the illusion that “The way Lian Yu cries is so beautiful, why not just let him continue crying like this”. If this continues, he might smile to see Lian Yu jumping down the roof.
Should they just let KaiMenJi scoop out both his and Lian Yu’s glands to get it over with? A scourge like heat period shouldn’t exist in the world.
Before he could take two mouthfuls of artificial pheromone, Lian Yu suddenly slapped the plastic tube flying angrily, crying, “I’m still here! What are you doing in front of me!!”
Everyone is on the verge of losing their temper, and Cen Zhen’s temper is not much better. He raised his head and was about to lose his temper. Out of the corner of his eye, he suddenly caught a glimpse of two black shadows rushing over from the tall building wall. It was obviously the security guards that Chen Wuyou went looking for. They try to sneak around the back to subdue Lian Yu.
Cen Zhen immediately shook off Lian Yu’s hand and stepped back quickly. At the same time, four security guards who suddenly appeared from the corner, armed with anesthesia guns, all shot at Lian Yu.
“Are you okay!” Chen Wuyou rushed to Cen Zhen against the wind, but he heard Cen Zhen ask: “You only call over six Sentinels?”
“…What?” Before Chen Wuyou had time to ask, is six not enough? The scene in front of him has already made the question unnecessary. Lian Yu acted as if he had eyes behind his back. One second, he is jealous that Cen Zhen used artificial Sentinel pheromones, and the next second he sideways dodged a security guard’s pounce and slammed the guard to the ground holding on to one of their arms. Then he teleported quickly on the slender railing, miraculously avoiding all four of the high-speed anesthetic needles. After that, he flashed behind the last security guard who had a gun. In just three dizzying seconds, six bodies were lying on the ground, and the culprit stood back on the top of the fence, twitched in tears, and continued to cry.
Chen Wuyou: “……”

Original Author’s Note:

Dark Mode Cen Zhen: Cry! Keep on crying!
Lian Yu: ……

Translator: Doing this chapter at 3AM was a horrible idea… First I was laughing, then it took such a sharp turn, I couldn’t even sleep! I felt so sad 🙁


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