Chapter 32

Chen Wuyou is someone who loves chaos in the world. This is what Cen Zhen discovered when he first read the novel. He was the most excited when Yao Jin was on the verge of life or death. When they ask him to go deep into the enemy’s rear to do latent work, he is the happiest. The several times he met Chen Wuyou in real life gave Cen Zhen a more profound understanding of his personality.

To fake his injury more realistically, the perpetrator Cen, and his accomplice Lian blocked the victim Chen on his way home from work. They each hold Chen Wuyou’s arm and drag him to an unattended small alley.

Chen Wuyou trembled, ‘cryingly’ said: “Is this the case where no one will come to save me even if I shout my throat dry? Sob sob, I only have one request before I die, please find a handsome male Sentinel to break my virgin body…”

Lian Yu finally understands what Cen Zhen thinks of him on a daily basis. At least, he can’t wait to rush up and unscrew Chen Wuyou’s celestial cap at this moment.

It was Cen Zhen, the one with the stronger endurance— that was mainly forced out by Lian Yu’s behaviors, who took the initiative to walk forward without changing his face, explained the whole story to Chen Wuyou, and asked for his help. In return for his help, they would pay him a huge reward. Of course, one aspect of his narratives was exaggerated, and another aspect was concealed. No evidence is provided whatsoever, so it is up to him if he wants to believe it or not.

This is the kind of thing that no normal person would agree to, but Chen Wuyou agreed without hesitation. He was even a little disappointed when he learned that his life was safe and the handsome male Sentinel savior now disappeared with the wind.

“You agreed just like this?” Lian Yu still had many intimidating methods in his hands, but Chen Wuyou didn’t resist at all, which made him feel useless, and inexplicably frustrated.

“What do you mean ‘just like this’?” Chen Wuyou tidied up his crumpled clothes, “I am contributing my insignificant contribution to social fairness and justice.”

“Oh?” The Dark Sentinel, who had always been shouted to be beaten and killed, and regarded as the culprit of the turmoil, laughed, “How do you know that we are on the side of justice and not lying to you?”

Chen Wuyou also laughed: “Regardless, it’s useless for me to resist now. You must be fully prepared to intimidate me, I might as well trust you and cooperate obediently. If I find out that you are indeed doing evil, I will find the right opportunity to report it, and I shall cooperate internally with the external force to catch you all. When the police questioned me, I would just say that you forced me to do so, and because of the merits of reporting and turning myself in, they will be lenient on me.”

“It’s a beautiful idea. After falling into the den of bandits, you think you can get out unharmed?” Lian Yu said with a grinning smile, “You think we won’t make you unalive some lives while you are here?”

“Woooooo (cries)…” Chen Wuyou, a strong contender for the title of Lian Yu’s Movie King, trembled wildly, leaning on the wall shaking, “You are so cruel.”

Cen Zhen really couldn’t stand it anymore. He only hoped that some director would fall from the sky and take these two with supernatural talents in acting away. Fortunately, even though Chen Wuyou likes to talk nonsense, his work ability and interpersonal relationships were not bad. Everything was arranged in place after a few phone calls, and Cen Zhen also transferred 50,000 coins to him as promised.

“You two students are this rich?” The sound of the money arriving in the account made Chen Wuyou suddenly suspect that he was for real joining a pirate ship. He had never expected a reward at all, but he thought life was boring and wanted to join in the fun. What kind of unordinary event can a few students play? He felt safe knowing there was a limit, confident as an adult Sentinel, he could take care of any accidents.

But this person can spend 50,000 coins so casually… Chen Wuyou has a vague premonition. The students on this special planet do not have any source of income before graduation. They rely solely on The Tower and The White Tower to provide all their room and board, and basic expenses free of charge. Where did Cen Zhen and Lian Yu earn 50,000 coins? It can’t be from a scholarship, can it?

Of course, Chen Wuyou didn’t know that this was only a small part of what Cen Zhen had in his account, and he didn’t know how to spend the remaining 499.95 million.


After deceiving Kaimenji and Pan, Chen Wuyou was quickly called away by the nurse, while Cen Zhen leaned on the soft cushion and thought about things for a while. Then he clicked open the second-year first-semester textbook with his intact right hand and began to self-study.

Such a quiet and harmonious environment was quickly broken as a matter of course. Lian Yu came in through the window and threw an orange on Cen Zhen’s bed.

“I got it for you from the fruit basket in the ward next door.”

“…” Cen Zhen silently put the oranges on the bedside table and released the snow leopard, “I’ll read for a while, you can play by yourself.”

“You always fool me with the snow leopard!” Lian Yu condemned, but in action, he hugged the snow leopard, which was already as long as an adult’s arm, and sat down on the small recliner dedicated to the caretaker. When he leaned back, there was a real fur cushion around his waist; the luxury Lion soft cushion.

The lion suddenly stuck out its tongue and licked the snow leopard’s thick and long tail. The snow leopard was startled and quickly turned around on Lian Yu’s lap, then cautiously approached the lion, and they started sniffing each other lightly.

Lian Yu played alone very quietly, he was always this quiet when he was not talking, but for some reason, Cen Zhen just couldn’t focus on the book. His attention was distracted for no reason, and in just two hours, when he came to his senses countless times, he had no clue how long his eyes had been glued to Lian Yu’s face.

Strange… When Cen Zhen closed his right hand, the several holographic interfaces in front of him suddenly disappeared. Since he had no intention of studying, he didn’t force himself to bury his head in the book.

“Lian Yu…” After Cen Zhen called out the name, he realized that he had nothing to say. He just wanted to call his name to confirm that he was there.

Lian Yu woke up from a drowsy state. He rubbed his eyes and put away the snow leopard that was lying on his lower abdomen. The lion also opened its eyes leisurely and shook its ears back and forth. It found that the snow leopard was leaning on him, stretched out its paw, brought the snow leopard under its body, and continued to sleep.

“What… The disinfectant water in the hospital smells so bad. I really admire all the Sentinel doctors. If you weren’t here, I really couldn’t stay here for a single second.”

“…” Cen Zhen was silent for a while, and answered truthfully, “Nothing.”

“Huh?” Lian Yu raised his eyebrows strangely. He sat on the edge of the bed, put one hand on the top of Cen Zhen’s pillow, and deliberately said in a very ambiguous tone: “Why did you call my name when you got nothing? Hmm… Could it be, you miss me?”

Because they were very close, the pheromone that Lian Yu had been suppressing, because he was in the hospital, still penetrated the tip of Cen Zhen’s nose. He was about to say something, but when the topic changed, he said strangely: “Your pheromone smells wrong……”

Lian Yu casually probed over and sniffed Cen Zhen’s soft hair, “What’s wrong with my pheromone, rather than me, I think…”

The smile on his lips disappeared in an instant, he jumped off the bed, stepped back a meter, and said seriously: “Your pheromone smells wrong…you’re in heat!”

“I’m in heat?” Cen Zhen touched his neckband. His side neck was indeed a little hot. There’s no way the student info page would record each student’s heat schedule, and it was not mentioned in the novel, so he didn’t know when the supporting role ‘Cen Zhen’ experiences his annual heat.

This was Cen Zhen’s first time experiencing a Guide’s heat in reality. It seemed that there was no obvious difference, except that he lacked strength and had difficulty concentrating.

“No, I have to stay away from you. My heat this month is coming soon too.” Lian Yu said earnestly, with a slight trace of nervousness in his tone. He rushed to the window in two steps, speeding much faster than usual. He didn’t even care about the coat on the recliner and the usual parting kiss to the snow leopard, he opened the window and was about to jump down.

“Don’t go!” Words came out faster than cogitation. Before Cen Zhen could react, he already blurted out the sentence and Lian Yu’s figure standing on the window froze. The next second when his reason came back, Cen Zhen lay back on the bed trying to suppress the churning in his heart, and said in a steady tone: “…It’s nothing, you can go.”

Everyone is affected by heat to different degrees. Some Sentinels are only prone to lose their temper and are more sensitive and suspicious during the heat period: Do you not love me anymore? Do you have other side pieces outside? (cries). Some Sentinels are so agitated that they start carrying knives to the streets wanting to kill people just because their Guides, even those whom they have a crush on and are not theirs yet, went out buying some soap. Something so small can make them feel so angry that they will fall into mania.

Some Guides just prefer to pester their Sentinels more, act like a baby, feel tired easily, and don’t want to move an inch when they are in heat; some Guides would destroy the universe if the Sentinel they are in love with disappear from their sight for just one second, and their bodies feel so tiring that getting out of bed is difficult for them.

Before encountering the heat period himself, no matter how dazzling the text in the textbook was, Cen Zhen could not establish a correct understanding of it, but now… Lian Yu just made a tendency to leave, even if it was the right choice, he secretly felt unhappy deep in his heart.

What is going on with Yao Jin’s heat period? How did it lead him into heat too? Cen Zhen angrily decided to get rid of this unlucky Hong Xing as soon as the matter with Kai Menji was over.

“It’s too late…” Lian Yu closed the opened window. As soon as the flowing air stopped, the overwhelming pheromone flooded inward. He turned his head, and the canine teeth that were several times sharper than usual were faintly visible between his lips as he spoke. “I am also in heat, induced by you…”

The pheromone coming from the Sentinel was too strong, Cen Zhen covered his mouth and nose and rang the alarm bell. Letting a pair of Guides and Sentinel who were in the middle of heat to be in the same room alone is definitely a horrible idea. However, the next moment, Cen Zhen was pushed down on the bed by Lian Yu, and the Sentinel asked him with red eyes: “Why did you ring the bell, do you hate me this much?”

Lian Yu sounded wronged countless times before, but none of them were more sincere and wholehearted than this time.

“You…” Cen Zhen was being pressed against the bed and couldn’t move, Lian Yu controlled both of his wrists with the palm of his left hand, leaving his right hand free, just when Cen Zhen thought he was going to untie his neckband, the other party raised his hand to wipe his eyes. When his hand moved away, there were tears flashing in his eyes.


“You can’t hate me.” Seeing that Cen Zhen had already noticed that he was crying, Lian Yu simply just gave up and let the tears fall from his eyes and it rained on Cen Zhen’s clothes, leaving water stains one after another, “If you do ,then I might as well go kill myself again.”

“…” Cen Zhen looked at him without saying a word, perhaps because he was in heat, his mind functions very slowly now as if he is floating in the clouds, and as if he is being buried in the firm ground. The key is that his whole body feels sore and weak, and he doesn’t want to use his brain at all. It seems that as long as Lian Yu is still here, his heart will always be peaceful and stable, and nothing else has anything to do with him.

Lian Yu cried for a while. Seeing that Cen Zhen still didn’t respond, he didn’t know what he was thinking, so he got up abruptly and said in a teary voice, “I’m going to kill myself, I shouldn’t be alive!”


Original Author’s Note: 

After the heat period ended, Lian Yu watched a video of himself on this day……

Lian Yu (drawing out the knife): I’d better die

Cen Zhen: Calm down! Your heat has ended, but mine still have 20, 30 or so days left! ! !


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