Chapter 31

Cen Zhen: Bring it to the stairwell, I’ll go back to pick it up.

After closing the projection chat interface, Cen Zhen went upstairs and said as he walked, “Does this count as fishing law enforcement?”

“Fishing law enforcement?” Lian Yu followed closely behind. Without Cen Zhen’s explanation, he understood the meaning of the phrase literally, “Who made him decide to bite the hook?”

Lian Yu spoke in a cold and deep tone, “And don’t misunderstand his self-proclaimed justice. He is a thousand times more shameful than those who stand on the moral high ground and use lynching to retaliate against cheating and promiscuous people. The ones he takes revenge on are the Guides who reject him, and what he thinks is justice is that Guides who don’t accept him deserve to die.”

“…” Cen Zhen turned around and glanced at Lian Yu, nodded and said, “I know what I should do then.”

Before arriving at the floor where Yao Jin is, Cen Zhen caught a glimpse of KaiMenji’s clothes at the turn of the stairs, and Lian Yu stopped in time to restrain his pheromone and then amplified his sense of hearing while hiding in the shadowed corner of the corridor on the floor below.

“You’re here?” KaiMenji was leaning against the wall, and when he saw Cen Zhen appearing, he showed an incomparably kind smile, “I am KaiMenji from Class 10, Grade 3.”

“(Nod), you’re Pan’s friend, right?”

“That’s right.” KaiMenji’s figure is more on the tall and strong end, and he has thick brows and thick lips. When he smiles, he looks extraordinarily simple and honest. “I was his teammate in the midterm repechage, and that’s how I got to know him.”

Cen Zhen nodded and didn’t speak. He didn’t think he would leave anything behind, because he didn’t bring anything with him. That’s why he didn’t directly ask KaiMenji what he left when replying in the terminal and also doesn’t plan to take the initiative to ask for it now. He wants to see what tricks and lies KaiMenji can make up.

“…” Cen Zhen’s silence made KaiMenji’s smile gradually stiffen and then completely faded away. After a few seconds, his eyebrows lowered and sighed, “You really don’t remember me at all…”

Hearing this, Cen Zhen raised his eyes to look at him in surprise, and KaiMenji also looked at him with slightly resentful eyes, and said, “A year ago… I confessed to you and requested to be your friend on the terminal several times. They were all rejected.”

With a face like this, and a physical just an ordinary B, it’s not strange that ‘Cen Zhen’ pays no attention to you.

“Really? I don’t remember.” Cen Zhen said in a flat tone. His ‘flirtatious nature’ still needs to be set off by Lian Yu, but in terms of rejection, he can just act with his true colors.

If Lian Yu played his role, maybe he would be extra and create a prosperous white lotus flower figure of himself. For example, saying something like: That was not my original intention, it is all because my boyfriend at that time was too strict, they wouldn’t even let me have any Sentinel friend. Now that I’m SINGLE, I no longer have this trouble.

Because of Cen Zhen’s frankness, KaiMenji’s facial expression was a little uneasy, but since Cen Zhen didn’t intend to leave, he also resisted to not leave. After a while, he asked: “Then you… are no longer pursuing Fan? And… What’s going on with that Sentinel named Lian Yu?”

“They both like me, but I don’t intend to accept any of them.” Cen Zhen said without changing his expression, “I have a new target.”

KaiMenji’s little finger twitched inexplicably, and immediately asked, “Who is it?”

Cen Zhen looked straight into his eyes and paused for two seconds before revealing a name——

“Yao Jin.”

As soon as the words were let out, a strange noise suddenly came from outside the corridor door. Cen Zhen frowned strangely, vaguely aware of something, while KaiMenji immediately widened his eyes and shouted in surprise: “Yao Jin?!”

This cover-up was so crude that Cen Zhen didn’t even bother to expose it. At the same time, he confirmed his guess: there was someone behind the door. Just like he asked Lian Yu to eavesdrop on this conversation on the floor below, KaiMenji also hid a person behind the door. Based on the current situation, this person is likely to be Pan.

In just the time of a blink, Cen Zhen understood the purpose of this meet-up that was in the name of that invisible thing he left behind: Pan pitied Lian Yu’s experience and wanted to know what he was thinking in his heart, so KaiMenji took the initiative to suggest helping them test him. So, he found a reason to meet him alone and then asked indirectly about his relationship plans.

Unfortunately, Pan’s appearance didn’t stop Cen Zhen from continuing his plan, and this even saved him from going through the trouble of reminding Pan to stay away from KaiMenji in the future. He continued: “Well, he is an S-level Sentinel. There are less than 10 S-levels in the entire Tower. When I was originally pursuing Fan, I thought that A+ was the limit I could ever reach. At that time, I didn’t dare to think about S, but who would have expected that by chance, I would become friends with him? Opportunities are presented to me, how can I not seize them?”

Fearing that he hasn’t well established his character image deep enough, Cen Zhen deliberately explained a few more words, and as expected, KaiMenji’s expression became more and more heavy. He asked, “Why did you tell me this…”

Then he continued seriously: “Also, do you know that your best friend also likes him? And I think they have a crush on each other, you have no chance…” 

“Of course, it’s because…” Cen Zhen lifted a corner of his lips, imitating Lian Yu’s acting and showed an incomparably creepy smile, “I see through your thoughts for Pan just like you see mine, we can cooperate.”

In the novel, although Pan is a sweet little airhead and is particularly slow at identifying flirting, he is also extraordinarily loyal and dedicated. He can’t detect those unspoken likings, but once he finds out, he will immediately reject and stay away from the other party.

Yao Jin is the only one he has a crush on and commits to. Later, after the two of them officially got together, Yao Jin directly stated that XX was interested in you, even if Pan couldn’t tell, but he believes what Yao Jin said is true, so he will refuse their invitation and straight up distance them.

“…” In an instant, KaiMenji’s eyes widened, and he raised his voice slightly flustered: “I didn’t! I got in touch with Pan because I know you two are close, and I haven’t given up on you yet… …”

“Really? That’s the reason you used to get close to him? It’s a pretty good excuse.” Cen Zhen said coldly: “Pan is pretty easy to deceive, you can continue to trick him into thinking that there is no way Yao Jin will be interested in a C, or something like that, and you will be able to succeed in no time.”

“You…you,” KaiMenji was so angry that he wanted to tear Cen Zhen’s mouth into pieces, he said without hesitation, “You are simply insane, I was blinded before for liking someone like you! I have nothing to say to you, goodbye !”

Behind his distraught figure, Cen Zhen’s tone remained unchanged: “You should think about cooperating with me again, I’ll wait for your reply.”

The only answer to him was the loud sound of slamming the door. Cen Zhen looked at the direction in which KaiMenji left, his eyes gradually becoming serious. KaiMenji had almost met all the conditions, but if he didn’t do anything, they would have no reason to take action against him.

At this moment, Cen Zhen suddenly felt a heavy weight on his back, at some point, Lian Yu came up behind him, hugged him from behind, put his hands through his waist, and clasped them tightly in front of his belly.

“My Goodness… Cen Zhen, what you said about liking Yao Jin can’t be true, right? It’s so well-founded. If it wasn’t for our spiritual link, I would believe it.”

Cen Zhen couldn’t separate the two claws that could be said permanently welded around his waist, “Did I act well?”

“It’s so realistic.” The movie star Lian Yu admitted defeat, and he rubbed his chin on Cen Zhen’s shoulder affectionately, “Then what shall we do next?”

“Aren’t you the one who knows it the best?” Cen Zhen touched the lion’s ears, they were soft and velvety, and could even be flipped outwards, very easy and nice to rub.

The image of him being flirtatious, despicable, and dirty has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Isn’t the next step clear? Weaken his physical force value and create an opportunity for him to look easily attackable.

That night, Chen Wuyou got kidnapped by unknown individuals on his way home from work. The next day, Cen Zhen was admitted to the Central Hospital because of a broken arm and a leg.

The reason to the public was that it was too dark and he accidentally slipped, while in private, Lian Yu cried to Pan: “I pushed him. I also heard what Cen Zhen said in the stairwell…”

When discussing countermeasures yesterday, Cen Zhen once said that it is best not to tell Pan, because this person will definitely try to convince you to surrender, and even take the initiative to report to the police that you intentionally hurt someone. Lian Yu said in disbelief: “In some sense, I’m taking revenge for him, doesn’t he have any dark side in his heart?”

“None.” Cen Zhen said firmly, “Anybody could have one, but he definitely doesn’t, and neither does Yao Jin. The two of them are absolute lawful goods.”

Lian Yu: “…???”

Today he still went and tried it unbelievingly, because if Pan was not around, Lian Yu would have no reason to contact KaiMenji. Things went exactly as Cen Zhen said, Pan said with a pale face, “How can you do this Lian Yu! You… you should go to the police station and surrender yourself!”

“He treats me like this, shouldn’t he get retribution!” Lian Yu shouted hysterically, “He is the only Guide with a compatibility of 60% with me, I like him so much, how can he dislike me, I clearly like him so much !!”

“Like is never a reason to hurt someone.” Pan’s eyes were red, he was a little scared by Lian Yu’s shouting, but he still mustered up the courage to say his true thoughts: “Your love is one-way, so what does it have anything to do with Cen Zhen? Have you ever thought about how dangerous the height of the third floor is? If it wasn’t for Cen Zhen’s good skill and high physical level, if it was for an ordinary Guide like me, he could have died!”

Speaking of this, he turned back to KaiMenji with grief and indignation, and said, “I’ve thought it through, I like Yao Jin, no matter whether he will respond to me or not, and whether I am worthy of him or not. Thank you for your liking, but forgive me, I can not accept you.”

After saying this, Pan turned and ran away. He even held a thermos in his hand, and he came here to deliver nourishing chicken soup to Yao Jin. KaiMenji wanted to chase after him, but Lian Yu’s hands were quicker at stopping him. Lian Yu asked aggrievedly: “KaiMenji, do you think so too? I was impulsive last night, but after thinking about it, shouldn’t a bastard like Cen Zhen who plays with one’s feelings be heavily punished… And I did it very secretly, restraining the pheromones and everything, Cen Zhen didn’t even know it was me. Pan told me to surrender… But I don’t want to go to prison…”

“Don’t go if you don’t want to.” KaiMenji looked at the back of Pan that disappeared in eyesight, and said irritably, “Don’t listen to him, I think you’re doing the right thing.”

“Really!” Lian Yu’s eyes lit up, but then the light dimmed again, “(sigh), the way I risked my life to broadcast my love for him to the whole school all seem like a joke now. I don’t want to see Cen Zhen anymore, but if I don’t go, he probably won’t have any friends to visit him in the hospital. Although this is his own fault… but now that I think about it, it’s a bit pitiful…”

“What’s pitiful about it, why are you so soft-hearted?” KaiMenji was disappointed in his softness, “Think about how he treated you, bro!”

“…” Lian Yu seemed to understand what he was saying, and nodded, “You’re right, then I’m leaving, you must keep my secret!”

“All right, all right,” KaiMenji responded perfunctorily and hurriedly ran after Pan. He walked too hastily, so naturally, he didn’t see the highlight scene where Lian Yu’s face changed instantly behind him. The sad-faced Sentinel sneered disdainfully, and snapped his fingers to retreat the needle-eyed camera-induced mechanical bug that was filming the whole interaction in the air.

The little bug uttered a ‘chirp’ sound, and a screen was projected from its eyes. Lian Yu saluted the person on the other side of the screen, and said with a smile, “All hints are in place, successfully fulfilling our mission!”

Cen Zhen’s arms and legs were tightly wrapped with bandages and plaster, and he remained expressionless about this, but Chen Wuyou collapsed laughing, spilling the hot water in his hand everywhere.

“You guys hahaha, it’s so fun, I’m the right person you should invite for such a fun thing.” Chen Wuyou smiled while wiping his hands, “Hahahaha good job, as the attending physician, I will definitely cooperate unconditionally. Isn’t it just bandages and bed space, I got as much as you want. Next time, I can even help you pretend to get a full body burn if you want.”


Original Author’s Note: 

KaiMenji: You guys are fishing law enforcement.

Lian Yu: Let me tell you a secret. Originally, the author wanted to name you KaiMenHong (Immediate success from the start) but later changed it to KaiMenDaJi (Great luck from the beginning) because there was already someone named Hong Xing. Then they thought it was too stupid, so they changed it to KaiMenJi (The door opening to fortune).

KaiMenji: That’s enough, I knew I was adopted, so there’s no need to remind me!


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