Chapter 30

“My friend is ill.” Cen Zhen ignored the playfulness in Chen Wuyou’s tone, after all, he might ask him for help in the future.

“Sure, that’s right. Push yourself so hard to go against eight alone while in heat,” Chen Wuyou walked up next to Cen Zhen, “it would be a stunning miracle if you’re not sick.”

“Heat?” Cen Zhen asked with a moment of surprise. Sentinel’s heat period is like a woman’s menstrual period, once a month, and lasts for one to two days each time. During the heat period, they have quick tempers and are easily irritated. Their emotions fluctuate greatly, and their possessiveness reaches a peak.

The Guide also has a heat period, but it is once a year, and lasts for 20-40 days each time. During the heat period, their emotion greatly fluctuates ups and downs, feel a lack of security, and become extra longing for their Sentinel’s pheromone.

When Guides enter heat, there will be redness and swelling around the glands, but this can be easily concealed by the neck bands. On the other hand, Sentinels’ heat is very obvious and difficult to hide. Their canine teeth will become extra sharp, which is also a sign that they are longing for the permanent mark.

The method to make a permanent marking is the same as for long-term marking. Both require the Sentinel to bite the side neck of the Guide, but the difference is that both the Sentinel and the Guide need to be in the middle of the heat, and the Sentinel’s canines have to pierce the Guide’s gland to complete the permanent marking. 

Cen Zhen was surprised because, in the original novel, Yao Jin’s heat period is three days after the repechage, not the day of. In the novel, there was only a scene of wolves besieging Pan during the exam, which was resolved by a member of the Discipline Department of the Student Union. To thank this person, Pan found his contact information, but got the reply: If you want to thank me, invite me to dinner.

Sweet and air-headed as Pan, he even believes that Yao Jin only thinks of him as a brother, so naturally, he invited that person to dinner without a doubt. That Disciplinary Department member was also sincerely interested in Pan and became the main rival male supporting role of the story in one fell swoop.

Yao Jin regretted almost to death after learning about this incident, went to Pan, and wanted him to stay away from that student. However, he didn’t have a suitable reason and identity to say so. The author grasped onto this idea, and stuffed all kinds of sad plots into it as if they were free money. Hong Xing took the opportunity to insinuate, fan the flames and encourage Yao Jin to find trouble with that Disciplinary Department member.

After Yao Jin deliberately looked for fault a few times, Pan looked at Yao Jin and the members who were diametrically opposed to each other in embarrassment. He didn’t understand why Yao Jin, who was always gentle and considerate, wanted to make life difficult for this well-meaning savior of his.

In the end, he followed the general logic and stood on the side of the Disciplinary Department member, and Yao Jin got so angry that he was about to explode. Seeing that the two male leads were about to completely break off, everything got so bad that the author almost couldn’t even round it back, Yao Jin just happened to enter heat.

Then Fan went to Pan and slipped the news casually during a conversation, which made Pan think: ah, Sentinel who is in heat is easily irritable, dislikes everyone, and would fight whoever he sees, OM, I misunderstood Yao Jin. That’s so wrong of me, oh no I have to go and apologize……

Immediately afterward, the two reconciled.

But according to the actual progress in reality, none of these situations will happen in the future. The member of the Disciplinary Department is nowhere to be seen, and Yao Jin’s heat was in fact early.

This may be due to the laws of nature since the heat period is not fixed at a fixed time, it will be early or delayed due to physical conditions, or it may be induced due to being in contact with a Guide who is in heat.

The latter may involve some conspiracy. As soon as Cen Zhen thought of it, Hong Xing came to mind, but it was just a random guess, and he would still choose to keep silent this time.

Chen Wuyou had no clue that the word “heat” would evolve into so many detours in Cen Zhen’s mind. He thought that Cen Zhen didn’t know what heat means for Sentinels, just like most men only have a half-knowledge about women’s menstrual period. Not to mention from the previous question he asked on the star network, it can be seen that this Guide has a poor understanding of the general knowledge of the Sentinel.

“Can’t you give your Sentinel some more attention and learn more about the Sentinel… By the way, is he scared of double gays? Otherwise, why did he run away like that when he saw me?” Chen Wuyou pointed to the door with his free hand. Cen Zhen thought he was signaling to Fan who just ran out in a brain twitch, and shook his head, “I don’t know…and he is not my Sentinel.”

“Huh—?” Chen Wuyou raised his eyebrows even higher, apparently having his own unique understanding of the phrase ‘no’. “Then who is your Sentinel, the one lying on the bed? Wow, nice! Sentinels around you are all either A+ or S. All are high-quality and scarce resources, can you let me have one of them?”

“…” Cen Zhen raised his eyes and looked at Yao Jin who was weak on the hospital bed. He kept silent for three seconds, stood up, and hooked his fingers at Chen Wuyou, “Come with me.”

Chen Wuyou didn’t know what kind of medicine he was selling in his gourd, but he still followed Cen Zhen out of the ward with the cup in his hand. The two walked along the quiet hospital corridor to the tea lounge, because it was the only place where they could speak loudly. Cen Zhen guessed that Lian Yu is probably “crying and complaining” here, and they are indeed here.

Apart from Lian Yu, Pan, and KaiMenji, Fan also sat on the innermost sofa in the tea lounge. As soon as he saw Cen Zhen and Chen Wuyou enter the door, he immediately straightened his spine reflexively.

Pan was standing in the very front, he met Cen Zhen’s eyes, and then quickly turned away. He bit his lower lip as if he didn’t dare to face Cen Zhen. It seemed that he had been completely brainwashed by Lian Yu, and now he feels extremely conflicted.

This male lead is hopeless, he was being played by the villain in their palm. Originally, he still had seven years to hone his mind before graduating after tenth grade, but now the full-level villain appeared in advance, and this sweet air-headed male lead got completely suppressed in the development phase.

Cen Zhen is not their nanny, these innocuous ordeals are for the male leads to handle by themselves. He only pointed at Lian Yu to Chen Wuyou who was standing behind him, and said, “What do you think of him?”

Chen Wuyou didn’t expect that a Sentinel was hiding here. He took a sip of hot water slowly, narrowed his eyes, smiled, and said, “It’s a fresh face. Looks pretty good, but does he have at least a B+ in physical… are you really trying to be my matchmaker?”

“What matchmaker?” In an instant, Lian Yu and Fan asked at the same time. After asking, the former walked quickly to Cen Zhen’s side and hugged his arm, while the latter wanted to bite off his tongue and turned his head to pretend he was looking at the scenery outside the window.

When his left arm was held, Cen Zhen suddenly felt a wet touch from the tip of his right finger hanging by his side. He looked down and saw the lion gently licking his finger.

This shows that Lian Yu is in a good mood, huh? Cen Zhen glanced at KaiMenji from the corner of his eye, he was standing behind Pan, the expression on his face was unclear, but Cen Zhen felt that he and Pan were too close…

“Doctor Chen likes male Sentinels, and asked me to introduce one to him.” Cen Zhen turned his attention back to Lian Yu, and just halfway through speaking, Lian Yu’s hand hiding under his clothes pinched Cen Zhen’s waist hard. Cen Zhen just needed a random reason to stop by and see how Lian Yu’s plan was going. Since his goal is now achieved, he closed his mouth, and Lian Yu immediately continued: “Who do you want to introduce to him, Fan? Or KaiMenJi?”

Fan sneered and said, “Why are you pretending you don’t understand, Cen Zhen is going to introduce you to Chen Wuyou… I originally thought he really had changed, but now as I think about what you mention, you are right. You announced with great fanfare that you established long-term marking with him, which of course is hindering his way of looking for a hookup anywhere he goes.”

“???” Cen Zhen was startled. It’s only been a few minutes. Did Lian Yu directly hypnotize them, or did he take out their brains and clean them physically? He even fools Fan too?

Chen Wuyou took another sip of tea, looking like he wanted to grab some snacks as he watched the gossip in action.

“Cen… Zhen?” Lian Yu asked ‘unbelievably’, “What he said is not true, right? Even if you don’t like me, don’t push me out to someone else…”

It would be great if he could push him away… Cen Zhen withdrew his hand forcefully. In private, Lian Yu’s hand had already taken several trips around his waist, and he couldn’t stand the itching anymore.

“Doctor Chen,” Lian Yu looked at Chen Wuyou, “Sorry, I have someone in my heart…”

“Don’t worry about me!” Chen Wuyou said, “I just follow and wander here, you’re also not my type.”

“…Thank you.” After Lian Yu finished speaking, he turned his eyes back to Cen Zhen again, hesitant to speak, but Cen Zhen ignored him and said to Pan: “The doctor checking on Yao Jin probably left. The female Guide is left alone in the ward, why don’t you go back?”

“…Ok.” Pan was not in a high mood, and he was full of thoughts visible to the naked eye. He responded softly, and then slowly moved towards the direction of the ward. KaiMenji followed Pan out of the tea lounge immediately.

Cen Zhen called Chen Wuyou’s name, and said, “Actually, I’m introducing you to the one who’s sitting inside, his name is Fan, he’s not very smart, but very suitable for you.” Before he finished speaking, he had pulled Lian Yu over grabbing his hand and walked out the door, ignoring Fan’s furious roar and Chen Wuyou’s laughter behind him.

As soon as he walked out of that floor, Cen Zhen immediately asked: “What’s the situation, why KaiMenji…”

“You’re right,” Lian Yu stopped his usual playful smile, and his rarely shown serious expression made him look extra reliable, “KaiMenji seems to be interested in Pan…”

“He was arrested and imprisoned for destroying the glands of four Guides. The victims should be far more than four, but the other times were done very cleanly, and a long time has passed, so there was no evidence.

He always felt that he was an envoy of justice, and those victim Guides deserved what they deserved. The prisoners in the prison are also divided into grades because his behavior is particularly contemptible, so he has a miserable life in the prison, and this is why I have some impression of him. “

Cen Zhen nodded, and since Lian Yu had given him some good information, he readily provided his: “He shouldn’t have anything to do with Pan, that’s why I’m confused.”

“Could it be that I was right, he saw that you are not easy to mess with, so he changed his target?” Lian Yu narrowed his eyes dangerously, “If that’s the case, I don’t mind letting him keep his life, and in this lifetim…….send him back to prison to reform as soon as possible.”

At this moment, the terminal on Cen Zhen’s wrist vibrated, as if announcing something. He had a hunch as he opened the information panel and saw KaiMenji’s name listed in the friend request pending.

Lian Yu immediately crushed the innocent stair railing, and there was only a sinister smile on the corners of his lips. Cen Zhen naturally chose to accept it and replied with a question mark, and KaiMenji’s message quickly popped up: Cen Zhen, why did you leave? You left something in the ward, should I send it to you, or would you come back to get it?


Original Author’s Note: 

Lian Yu: I think you forgot to take your brain with you.

Both the heat period and the permanent marking method had my own twist to it. The purpose of the heat period is naturally for better intimacy (tsk


From the Translator:

Sorry for the delay! My birthday is this week, so I got some extra things planned. Unfortunately, the upcoming update might also be a day or two late. I will work my best to get it done as soon as possible! ><


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