Chapter 29

After the two male leads, Yao Jin and Pan, leave the show stage, nothing happened on the Yezi Island exam field that deserved the Student Council’s appearance. The trap in the final stage of obtaining the flag was changed from a brain teaser to “identify the true and false flags”. The party in charge of setting up the trap made it malicious by setting up a whole hundred flags at the finish line. Everyone who arrived at the finish line and saw the sea of flags covering the mountain hill couldn’t help cursing: FXXXing lunatic, those morally depraved people!

Ever since Lian Yu succeeded in ‘slandering’ Cen Zhen,  Cen Zhen’s image in the minds of the Propaganda Department and the Disciplinary Department members has changed from abstinent to smoldering. Someone who looks cold on the outside, but has a burning heart inside. If he wasn’t mindfully careful, he can kiss his Sentinel until his mouth is swollen.

It was the first time in Cen Zhen’s life that he experienced what it means to be unspeakable. If he denies it, everyone’s reaction would definitely be agreeing on the surface with: Yes, yes, whatever you said is right. While thinking in their heart: It definitely happened, you won’t say it out loud, but your body is honest in action. Wow, on top of being smoldering, Cen Zhen is actually a tsundere too.

Especially since Lian Yu broke a big show broadcasting his confession not long ago, and Cen Zhen went to the Tower dominating over the B-level Sentinels at the same time, which put the two of them on the cusp of public discussions. Nowadays, if there is any news about them, such as the aircraft kissing incident, it spreads throughout the entire Tower and the White Tower just overnight.

When Cen Zhen woke up the next day, the titles of the top posts on the school forum were all marked in red: This Guide is not that simple, the Sentinel couldn’t hold it when he saw him.

Clicking into it, there is a photo of Lian Yu peeking at him with a blushed face and swollen lip. The second photo is when Lian Yu was sitting on the armrest of Cen Zhen’s chair where Cen Zhen raised his head slightly, and Lian Yu lowered his head. The angle is relatively subtle, and looks like the two are kissing. Paired in the first photo, it made people feel certain that the two are kissing madly.

If it wasn’t for his lack of ability, Cen Zhen wanted to hack the forum on the spot.

After finishing work, Lian Yu didn’t even try to pretend superficially and followed Cen Zhen back to the dorm like a simp. Even loudly commenting that Cen Zhen is so sweaty and he should go take a shower first after entering the room.

Cen Zhen looked at him indifferently, the chill radiating from his body could almost freeze through a lake. Lian Yu finally couldn’t hold it anymore, he forced a smile and waved his hands, saying: “What’s the matter, I’m just trying to fabricate a messy and closely tied relationship between us as much as possible.”

Cen Zhen sneered and signaled him to keep his nonsense going. If you fail to make your nonsense logical, I’ll beat you to death.

“It’s not easy to explain.” Lian Yu leaned against the edge of the table with the jacket and shirt unbuttoned on his shoulders casually. He looked lazy and out of shape, “…Besides, don’t you already have some idea in mind?”

“Hmm…?” Cen Zhen’s pheromones suddenly started emitting aggressiveness all over his body, intending to show Lian Yu who has the so-called ‘idea’ using mental tentacles.

Lian Yu quickly strengthened his spiritual barriers, while hinting using various vague wording: “You told me before that you got attacked because of the hate born of love, so in regards to this love, who is the recipient? Why and from what did he develop this hatred? Have you thought about this?”

“…” Cen Zhen looked into Lian Yu’s eyes, saw his gray-green pupils full of interest and delight, and gradually withdrew his mental tentacles, thinking about the meaning behind Lian Yu’s ‘nonsense’.

Just like Fan’s change of attitude, and the message sent by his ex-boyfriend Hui after the midterm exam: expressing that he has finally let go, Cen Zhen was reminded by Lian Yu at this moment, and only then did he realize that he had been ignoring the existence of this particular Sentinel. His behavior may also change due to changes in his personality and physical strength.

Fan didn’t like the “Cen Zhen” back then, but he has a good impression of the current Cen Zhen; while Hui liked the “Cen Zhen” back then, but he doesn’t like the current Cen Zhen; what about this Sentinel hiding in the dark whose loves turned into hate?

Although the original novel didn’t directly mention it, but unless the Sentinel is born abnormal, there is a high probability that his reason for attacking ‘Cen Zhen’ is either his feeling got played by him badly, or because he never had a chance to get together with him and became crazy, trying to hurt him instead.

The male Sentinel listed as a key suspect by Lian Yu was called ‘KaiMenJi’ (Opening the door to fortune). When Cen Zhen saw this name, he was surprised by its lucky vibe. This Sentinel’s physical is B, which is within the acceptable range of “Cen Zhen”‘s ambiguous filtering target, but because he is only a B, there must be only verbal flirting, so the two possibilities cannot be ruled out.

Lian Yu has checked the information of ‘Cen Zhen’, and naturally knows that the two Cen Zhen have very different personalities, and the difference in physical strength is also huge… Cen Zhen starts to follow his logic: “You are worried that this Sentinel will no longer take action because of my changes, is that it?”

That’s why he intentionally broadcast the whole school. This is aimed at arousing the jealousy and possessiveness of the Sentinel who never gets the chance. Then, in front of KaiMenJi himself, he expresses that Cen Zhen does not have a good relationship with him, and indicates that the Sentinel still has a chance. It would be best if he can take the initiative to expose himself.

Next, Lian Yu deliberately swollen his lip to pave the way for the performance of Cen Zhen “playing with others feelings”. After that, he must be planning to pretend that he was dumped to let the Sentinel know that Cen Zhen has not changed and is still that horny scum.

Finally, regarding Cen Zhen’s horrific achievement of beating up B-level Sentinels a few days ago, he would probably use some kind of rumor to “weaken” it, or straight up “injure” Cen Zhen later, so that the Sentinel would think that he still has an opportunity to take advantage of Cen Zhen.

Lian Yu snapped his fingers to confirm Cen Zhen’s answer being correct, but the latter didn’t bother to pay attention to him, and let out the snow leopard that was throwing a small tantrum wanting to come out of the spiritual space. He let it play on the carpet, and then went straight to the closet, “Wouldn’t this save me the trouble?”

The next second, the lion came out of thin air and took its nose to sniff the hind legs of the snow leopard, who had grown a lot bigger.

“Why is that? It’s better that he no longer comes after you? Cen Zhen, your selfish thinking is wrong. This kind of villain must be caught as soon as possible and his evil deed shall be killed in infancy. Otherwise, it will definitely have a serious impact on our community!” Lian Yu made himself sound so upright righteously that Cen Zhen almost believed them.

He walked to Cen Zhen’s side and suddenly found that the coat he had left behind was clean and folded in the closet. Lian Yu immediately took it out happily, “You cleaned for me, I thought you just threw it away. I haven’t had time to wear the two sets of clothes I got from you recently, let me do so tomorrow and walk around showing it off to stimulate KaiMenJi.”

“…” Cen Zhen’s motion of getting his pajamas paused, then he slowly closed the door of the closet, turned around, and said as he thought of something: “Did KaiMenJi destroy any other Guide’s gland besides ‘Cen Zhen’? And when you were the Dark Sentinel, you happened to hear about it, so you pinned the suspicion on him.”

Lian Yu: “……”

Lian Yu’s expression was a little distorted: “Where did you know that from?”

As soon as he said that, Cen Zhen affirmed his thought, “If this wasn’t the case, why would you say that I am selfish and that it will cause serious repercussions? Isn’t it implying that even if KaiMenJi doesn’t come after me, he will go after someone else?”

“…I’m just saying some random thought.”

“I said it before, everything you do and say has a purpose. You won’t say some groundless nonsense for no reason.”

“…” Lian Yu felt as if he had been praised, but he was not happy at all. He pulled out the chair and straddled over it, resting his chin on the back of the chair, watching the two big cats sniffing each other and probing frantically, then snorted, “You’re so annoying, I don’t want to talk to you anymore.”

Cen Zhen was overjoyed: “That’s great, please do what you said.”

Lian Yu: “……”


The next day, Lian Yu did what he said – he went to the hospital to visit the sick in Cen Zhen’s clothes as promised. Then at Yao Jin’s bedside, in front of Pan, KaiMenJi, the female Guide, and Fan, he showed hesitation in wanting to speak to Cen Zhen many times but couldn’t. His brows were slightly frowned upon, and his deep sorrow turned into a sigh. Such a pitiful figure really made anyone who saw him want to cry.

Especially since Lian Yu had light blonde long hair, if he wholeheartedly wants to play the melancholic beauty, it was unbelievably suiting.

Seeing that he is so involved in the play, Cen Zhen, who is especially suitable for playing the role of a ruthless scumbag, didn’t want to cooperate with the performance at all. However, there are still other actors who want to forcefully be a part of the show—Fan took the initiative to sit next to Cen Zhen, but before he could say anything, Lian Yu stood up abruptly and ran out of the ward with his head down with a >˜˜<。face.

Cen Zhen: “……”

Pan looked at the female Guide, who clearly had some malicious intentions trying everything she could to approach Yao Jin’s bedside apologizing, then at Cen Zhen who was completely expressionless, whose shoe didn’t even move a millimeter after Lian Yu left. Thought of himself, and immediately couldn’t stay sitting anymore. He bit his lower lip and chased out to comfort Lian Yu.

Cen Zhen: “……”

As soon as Pan went out, KaiMenJi followed him out for some reason, and there were only four people left in the once crowded ward, Yao Jin who was lying on the bed weakly, the female Guide who was still composing words of apology, Cen Zhen, and Fan.

Fan was quiet for a while, but decided to continue the topic he was just on. He asked in a low voice, “Who is this woman? As soon as she showed up, she kept repeating, “It’s all my fault, it’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have conflicts with Pan, and I shouldn’t cry when I get beaten.”

“Yao Jin and Pan’s teammate in the repechage.” Cen Zhen’s tone was not fluctuating, and his mind was not here. He was a little curious about what Lian Yu, Pan, and KaiMenJi were making up about him outside.

“Haha.” Fan suddenly laughed softly, “Let me tell you something you may not like to hear, this woman is almost as good as you in the past.”

“…” Cen Zhen was finally willing to glance at Fan, “You are not much behind too.”

Unexpectedly, Fan was not angry, he didn’t look at people with an attitude nor pretended to be the center of the world. He finally looked like a normal Sentinel one can get along with. Fan crossed his fingers and placed it on his lap, and said with sincerity, “The way you are now is fine, I like how you are now better.”

Just when Cen Zhen was thinking about whether he should give him a ‘good person’ card or straight up tell him ‘Don’t love me, we don’t have a future’, the door of the ward suddenly opens. The one in the lead was a female Guide who should be Yao Jin’s attending physician, followed by two Guides, the nurses, and finally Chen Wuyou who was holding a cup of hot tea.

As soon as the doctors and nurses entered the door, Fan stood up abruptly, acting even more exaggerated than Lian Yu before. He stared at Chen Wuyou for three seconds, then lowered his head rushing out of the door sliding against Chen Wuyou’s shoulder very suddenly. The strength was so great that Chen Wuyou was caught off guard and had to take two steps back.

“…What’s wrong with him?” Chen Wuyou took the tissue from the nurse and wiped the back of his hands and collar that were splashed with tea. He raised his head and inadvertently saw Cen Zhen who was sitting not far away. Chen Wuyou made a ‘yo’ sound, raised his eyebrows, and said, “Why is it you again?”


Original Author’s Note: 

Fan:!  ! ! WTF, it’s him!

Chen: …Who is this?


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