Chapter 28

“(Sigh)… No matter how enthusiastic I am, I can’t melt steady ice.” Lian Yu sighed again, his right hand clutching the clothes around his heart, his voice even sounded hoarse, with a faint nasal voice, “I thought I was special, the only one, but in reality I’m no different from the previous ones.”

Cen Zhen was shocked. One for Lian Yu’s acting skills, and two for his audacity. Pan quickly diverted his attention from Yao Jin to comfort him: “No, there must be some misunderstanding.”

Looking at Pan’s anxious face, Cen Zhen sighed for the countless times. He really is a sweet air-headed male protagonist. Just a few simple words can arouse his true feelings. No wonder he got played by the villains in the early stage.

“Don’t pay attention to him.” Cen Zhen said. The most effective way to deal with the showman is to refuse to watch his performance and let his overflowing desire to act be shown to the empty air. After a few minutes, Lian Yu will get tired of acting and obediently return to being a normal Sentinel.

But Cen Zhen wouldn’t know that his impatient tone in Pan’s ears had a completely different meaning. No clue what he thought of, Pan bit his lower lip tightly, and when he looked back at Yao Jin, his eyes had strange emotions flashing.

Nearly half an hour later, Yao Jin was finally exhausted and fell on his back to the ground under the effect of tons of anesthetics. Even so, he still stared at the others with fiery red eyes, panting heavily and attacking those who tried to tie him up.

“Damn,” a school doctor wiped the hot sweat off his chin, “As expected of an S-rank Sentinel, if he resists even just a bit longer, we’ll all be exhausted.”

The rest of the Sentinels also leaned on their knees or leaned against the branches panting. Pan hurriedly ran out from behind to help the school doctors carry Yao Jin onto the stretcher.

“I abstain. My compatibility with him is 89%. Let me go to the hospital with him.” Pan said to the school doctor beside him. Hearing this, Cen Zhen frowned slightly but did not express any disagreement. If he was the one in this situation, he would definitely choose to continue the exam alone, but Pan is different from him after all. He is a pure support, and his teammates are two mentally handicapped “like to show off, but have no ability”. It’s better to give up as soon as possible to take care of Yao Jin who was accidentally injured.

After Yao Jin boarded the emergency spaceship, the rest of the student council members also evacuated in an orderly manner and returned the island to the students who wanted to continue the exam.

The upperclassman Student 1 from the Disciplinary Department especially comforted Cen Zhen before he entered the spaceship: “Don’t worry about your friend, everything will be fine.”

“Thank you.” Cen Zhen responded politely and distantly, his attitude towards others was always so lukewarm, and Student 1 didn’t think there was anything wrong. He turned around and patted Lian Yu, who was standing half a meter away: “Guides are always prone to overthinking, you should go comfort him.”

“…” Turning his head, Cen Zhen saw that Lian Yu was inexplicably startled, and immediately showed a look of hesitation. He was silent for three full seconds under the strange gaze of Student 1, and then he said aggrievedly: “I……No, forget it.”

Lian Yu raised his eyes cautiously, looking past Student 1 and glanced at Cen Zhen for just one look, and then quickly lowered his eyes. The pitiful look stunned Student 1 for a while. Cen Zhen’s fists started itching all of a sudden, wishing he could punch Lian Yu into the earth’s crust. He turned his head, decided to keep his mind calm by not looking, and got rid of the two of them by entering the aircraft first. Behind him, Student 1 asked in a low voice: “What’s the matter, did you two have a fall out?”

Lian Yu didn’t speak, just nodded with his lips pursed, and Student 1 sighed, “Guides often get quite unreasonable like this, and us as Sentinels have to be more tolerant… My Guide is also like this, easily upset. He even asked me if I’ll save the baby or him if there was an incidence of dystocia. The problem is, how can he give birth as a male? With his prostate? “

Lian Yu couldn’t help but ask, “So who did you end up choosing, the baby or him?”

“I said: Both you and the child are my baby darlings, so how can I choose between you two.”

“…” Lian Yu couldn’t help pouting, Student 1 laughed, and patted him on the shoulder vigorously, “Okay, go in quickly, talk sweet to him, just coax, you two are in the ‘honeymoon’ period, there’s no such thing as an overnight grudge.” After saying that, Student 1 pushed Lian Yu into the aircraft, and returned to his aircraft.

“…” Lian Yu sat on the seat and fastened his seat belt. He thought about it for a while, and then suddenly asked: “Cen Zhen, if I am pregnant with your child, and is experiencing an incidence of dystocia, if the doctor asks you whether you want to save me or the baby, who would you choose?”

Cen Zhen couldn’t believe that he still can’t escape this kind of bewildering question even after he got transmigrated into a brand new world, “I think it’s better for you to keep a distance from me like you did during the day.”

“I’ll keep my distance after you answer.” Lian Yu leaned over her upper body, “Quickly tell me, who would you choose?”

“…” Cen Zhen looked out of the window with his chin propped on one hand, and said calmly, “I will say, doctor, I don’t want any of them.”

Lian Yu: “…”

A majestic lion suddenly appeared in the spaceship. Due to the limited space, it could only be forced to stand upright, but this still couldn’t stop it from angrily biting onto Cen Zhen’s shoulder. Its eyes were full of threatening symbolizing if you don’t change your answer, I will bite off one of your arms.

Cen Zhen glanced at it, and casually placed the lion’s nemesis, the little snow leopard, on top of its head. He was about to turn around and continue to say something to Lian Yu, but the state of the snow leopard suddenly attracted Cen Zhen’s attention. Lian Yu also noticed and said in surprise: “It got bigger!”

Now the snow leopard is nearly 50 centimeters long, and no longer looks like it never had enough sleep. With a pair of light blue eyes, it climbs down from the lion’s head in two steps and sits on Cen Zhen’s knee gracefully.

Its body didn’t change at all for three months, but it has grown so big overnight, Cen Zhen thought for a few seconds and had no choice but to link this matter with the long-term marking. It just so happened that Lian Yu thought so too, they looked at each other, raised their hands at the same time, and their wrists touched lightly.

“The compatibility between you and the other party is 64.05%.”

It has risen again, 1.06% higher than the previous 62.99%. Cen Zhen recorded the number calmly. If they followed this rate of increase, in less than a year, his compatibility with Lian Yu would surpass Yao Jin and Pan, break through the 90% mark, and become soul mates.

The words ‘soul mate’ made Cen Zhen question himself. Could it be that deep down in the unknown part of his heart, he actually has a special feeling for a showman like Lian Yu? To a point, it is impossible to resist?

No way.

If that day becomes a reality, he will cut off his glands himself to show ambition.

As soon as the figure of 64.05% appeared, Lian Yu immediately said excitedly: “Cen Zhen, do you want to try doing a permanent marking with me!”

“Are you crazy?” The aircraft had transported them back to the monitoring center, but neither of them was in a hurry to get out. Cen Zhen waved the snow leopard back to the spiritual space and asked, “What are you planning?”

Lian Yu was on a whim, and since Cen Zhen changed the subject, he didn’t continue to entangle, “Plan what? What am I planning?”

“Although you seem to act in a disorderly manner and do whatever you want, you never truly go after aimless things. What is the purpose of saying those words to Pan? Don’t say you are playing hard to get, such as, because you want me to feel uneasy when you are not around being noisy and start to take the initiative to approach you.”

Lian Yu wanted to say that at first, but unfortunately he was forced back by Cen Zhen’s cold eyes. He used two index fingers to make a cross in front of his lips embarrassingly, expressing that he would obediently shut up. Cen Zhen then continued: “Also, you open the terminal much more frequently than before during the day, so what are you checking?”

“Wow, you still insist that you don’t like me and yet pay so much attention to me?” Lian Yu stuffed the lion back, and the space in the aircraft became wider, “But what did I check? Nothing. All accusations require proof, I’m going to sue you for defamation.”

If an ordinary person heard Lian Yu’s words, they would probably be furious and leave after saying: Who cares if you tell me or not. However, Cen Zhen has never been ordinary. He looked at Lian Yu’s smiling face, and the corners of his lips lifted slightly, “Actually, your previous behavior gave me a hint. You mentioned that Sentinel was broken in the core, with the reason being one’s look derives from their heart. Then you said that you are very good at judging people… I am afraid it is not because you are good at judging people, but because you know them well.” 

Lian Yu still maintained a smile on his face, but his Adam’s apple couldn’t help rolling. Cen Zhen continued to analyze: “You just found a random reason to step aside to look up his information, right?”

“The words you said to Pan were probably intended for that Sentinel to hear…” Cen Zhen lowered his eyes, his guess ends here, who is that Sentinel? What does Lian Yu want to do? He always feels that the answers to these questions are right there in reach, but Cen Zhen’s thinking is slightly limited by the fact that the male Sentinel is an old enemy of Dark Sentinel 1802, which made him unable to immediately think in the right direction.

Lian Yu tilted his head, stretched his neck, and placed it under Cen Zhen’s eyelids, “Are you the roundworm in my stomach? You can guess everything.”


“He is most likely the one who will attack you.” Lian Yu sat back again, leaning on the back of the chair relaxedly, with his legs crossed and his fingers clasped on his knees, “I’ll only tell you this. As for the reason… When you are honest with me, I will tell you the truth.”

Cen Zhen looked at him quietly, thinking about the meaning of Lian Yu’s words. He had no doubts about the authenticity of the first sentence. Since Lian Yu dared to say he is, he dared to believe it. Since they have a specific suspect of the Sentinel who’s going to attack him, everything after that can be easily resolved.

But the last sentence “Be honest” is probably implying the time he reveals his identity as someone who transmigrated, Lian Yu might also tell about his strangeness later. Cen Zhen always felt that the other party was not a transmigrator like him, and instead is more similar to bringing memory of the future back to a specific time in the past.

It’s very likely that an ordinary Tower student suddenly woke up with the memory of Dark Sentinel 1802 in their head one day.

“No need.” Cen Zhen stood up, “It is enough as long as I know the result.”

“Huh?” Lian Yu also stood up, patted his face, and then bit his lips with his teeth and pinched himself with his nails, “Aren’t you afraid that I’m talking nonsense?”

“I believe in you.” Cen Zhen opened the hatch of the aircraft, and the sound of slapping face behind him made him slow down suspiciously, “What are you planning to do now?”

Lian Yu smiled slyly, squeezed past Cen Zhen’s arm sideways, and walked out of the cabin door first. Suddenly, Cen Zhen heard a lot of booing sounds of ‘yo~’.


Cen Zhen stepped out of the aircraft belatedly, and saw the head of the Propaganda Department laughing teasingly beside Lian Yu: “It took you two this long to get out after landing, huh?… Oh, your mouth is swollen, the ‘battle’ was quite fierce it seems.”


The Original Author’s Note:

Cen: I didn’t!! ! Not me!!!

Lian: owo, you forcefully taken my first kiss in three lifetimes, you have to take responsibility


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