Chapter 27

Student 1 from the Disciplinary Department is the temporary head of Yezi Island District for the third grade. He walked up to Cen Zhen and glanced at Yao Jin and his party who had just started fighting, and said with a frown, “I don’t think we need to be dispatched… but the school infirmary can get prepared for their call for help.”

“It’s needed.” Cen Zhen made a copy of the monitoring footage of Yao Jin’s team and transferred it to his terminal.

“Huh?” Student 1 gave him a strange look, thought for a while, and said, “Are they your acquaintances? Then you can go, the school infirmary will also send someone. However, since you are new here, I must remind you, unless the other party takes the initiative to call for help or their life is in danger, we must not act without authorization.”

As soon as they heard that there was something to do, one member of the school infirmary put down his holographic gaming glasses, followed Cen Zhen into a small stealth aircraft, and started looking at the monitoring screen on Cen Zhen’s terminal on the side.

“Is this person S-level? I remember him.” The doctor said, “So miserable. A group of people were hanged and beaten by just two people.”

Although the situation wasn’t exactly overpowering, it was not too far off. The male Sentinel focused on comforting the crying female Guide and did not enter the battlefield, trying to be considerate of the camaraderie of his team — of course, it was mainly because he is threatening in manner but cowardly at heart, so the two were hiding aside.

But the other two teams both have friends of the female Guide. They were originally recruited by the female Guides to form alliances. As the old saying goes, birds of a feather flock together to form groups, the Guides among them are more or less jealous of Pan who gets to be with S-level Yao Jin just like the female Guide on Yao Jin’s team. In their mind, they believe that they can do better if they get the chance. The Sentinels on the other hand feel that there’s probably a hole in Yao Jin’s brain for choosing a C-level when he obviously can find a Guide who is at least an A. Who is he looking down on? Let me beat you up completely.

In the blink of an eye, the aircraft of the Disciplinary Department arrived above the battlefield of the incident, and the people below were still fighting each other crazily. The Student Union’s principle of handling such incidents has always been: if no one is being killed, don’t do anything. The person in charge, Student 1, also specially reminded that before they head out, so Cen Zhen remained seated as he oversaw the battle situation expressionlessly. In the meantime, the school doctor opened his medical box and rechecked the first aid equipment.

At this time, a pair of black leather shoes appeared in front of his eyes. The school doctor raised his head and saw the member of the Propaganda Department who was supposed to be sitting in the fourth position of the monitoring center. Lian Yu had his hair tied up, his black jacket was unbuttoned, showing the white shirt inside.

After that sensational incident of spreading ‘dog food’ all over the two Towers on the broadcast, the names of Lian Yu and Cen Zhen were known to almost everyone. Plus, it happened that these two also joined the student union at this time, setting a new record for membership in the lower grades. The school doctor had heard enough gossip about these two this several days, to a point he felt overwhelmed. At first, he wondered why Lian Yu didn’t ask to come along when Cen Zhen was on a mission, it is quite unexpected that he was quite ambitious about his job. However, it turns out, Lian Yu just secretly followed.

Could this be the little-known ‘fun’ between couples?

“Where were you hiding?” The school doctor wasn’t too surprised. He just wondered how did Lian Yu get on board this small aircraft that could only fit two chairs with an entrance that could only be used by one person. Lian Yu stood upright in the narrow area without saying a word. When Cen Zhen heard the school doctor’s voice, he glanced back and turned back again, but also did not speak.

Faced with this situation, the school doctor suddenly realized a serious question: Are these two in a cold war? No way, right? Weren’t they glued together just not long ago? But… even a fool can notice that something is wrong when witnessing this situation!

A strange silence spread in the aircraft, in this palm-sized area, one could only hear the sound of breathing. In contrast, the situation on the ground was extremely noisy and heated. Pan’s level of mental strength was low, there’s no need for him to think about using tentacle attacks. No matter the situation, providing Yao Jin with a spiritual link is more beneficial than attacking, which makes Pan a “weak point”. Once he is separated from Yao Jin, he will be subdued immediately.

An excellent Guide should be able to assist and attack at the same time. Both Pan and Cen Zhen are not good at this. Pan can only assist, and Cen Zhen can only attack; to the point, he almost acts like a real Sentinel.

The battle is coming to an end, even though all eight of them are attacking the weakness of Yao Jin and Pan, after all, they are the male protagonists. They are also aware of their weaknesses, and have conducted special training before the match targeting it. Gradually, the eight people fell to the ground one by one, powerless to resist.

“It seems that there is no need for our service? It feels like no one is preparing to call for help.” The school doctor touched his chin, raised his head, and found that the two people around him were still stern and did not speak. One was more silent than the other, and the other was cold. The school doctor was overwhelmed by such a low-pressure atmosphere, wishing for some students with missing arms and legs to appear immediately, giving him a reason to escape from the aircraft.

Yao Jin finally overturned the most difficult A-level Sentinel to the ground. He turned over and sat on the opponent’s waist, and was about to punch the Sentinel’s nose. The opponent hurriedly used his arms to protect his face, but even so, he was beaten so badly and screamed non-stop. This situation caused Cen Zhen to frown slightly, he slid his two fingers to zoom in on the monitoring screen, but the center of the screen was not Yao Jin, but the panicking Pan.

“…” Half a second later, he pressed the landing button of the aircraft, stood up, and opened the door of the aircraft. The howling and wanton cold wind instantly poured into the cabin, engulfing his voice, “Yao Jin fell into a frenzy. “

“Ah???” The school doctor yelled, “What did you say? I can’t hear you clearly!!”

Lian Yu’s eyes froze, and he immediately pulled Cen Zhen behind him. His unbutton uniform jacket flapped in the strong wind, and his long pale golden hair fluttered on Cen Zhen’s face with the wind; it felt a little itchy. Then, Lian Yu jumped off the aircraft without hesitation, leaving only a fast-falling back in the dark night.

The school doctor poked his head out holding the medical box, watched the Sentinel fall straight down for a few seconds, and then suddenly reached out to hang on to a tree pole. The tree trunk was broken by the momentum but was still strong enough for him to jump a few times, and he arrived on the ground gracefully and crisply in a short breath. This made the school doctor shake his head and sigh: “These Sentinels are really… impatient, what should I say, we could just land like normal, honestly…”

Before his words finished, Cen Zhen also jumped off the aircraft without saying a word. The school doctor was slightly startled at his flying black hair, and then quickly opened the cabin door and shouted: “Are you out of your mind, you are a Guide, are you trying to die!!”

But then, he saw almost the same operation as Lian Yu. The same few jumps, and landed on the ground, but Cen Zhen was a little more cautious; just a tiny bit more.

School doctor: “…” For a moment, he suddenly wanted to follow the example of these two abnormal Sentinel and Guides, jump down without hesitation, and see if he would die. Fortunately, his rationality—aka. his trembling legs stopped him, the school doctor took a deep breath and called the Minister of Propaganda through the terminal to inform her that a Sentinel fell into a frenzy at the scene. She is the one in charge of the student union group who is responsible for this examination area of the Yezi Island.

After arriving on the ground, without looking, Cen Zhen knew Lian Yu must have already approached Yao Jin, trying to stop him with force. So, Cen Zhen walked up to Pan first, grabbed his wrist, and brought him to safety.

Pan shouted in panic: “My link with Yao Jin broke! He’s gone into a frenzy!”

“I know.” Cen Zhen said without turning his head. Pan looked back at Yao Jin every step he walked. Yao Jin’s eyes were red, and he was completely in a state of losing his mind. Lian Yu restrained Yao JIn’s hands from behind him, and the Sentinel that was caught by Yao Jin immediately took the opportunity to kick his stomach, and then escape from underneath him.

The aircraft finally descended to a height of two or three meters above the ground. The school doctor, as an ordinary Guide, shouted loudly: “Stay away, he is in a frenzy!”, while carefully preparing to jump down.

Another plot that was not in the original novel. Internal conflict like this was also not in the original plot. Originally, Pan chose to swallow his anger when faced with the female Guide’s ridicule, and Yao Jin didn’t notice anything wrong. However, after everyone fell asleep, a group of wild wolves suddenly appeared, and when the female Guide was dodging, she accidentally pushed Pan into the pack of wolves. Yao Jin has no time to rescue him, at this moment, a member of the Disciplinary Department suddenly descends from the sky to save Pan.

Since this member’s arrival was this stunning and cool, plus the fact he saved Pan’s life and is handsome looking. Obviously, he was an important character in the novel. However, in this reality, he did not even come to Yezi Island at all, so Cen Zhen had nothing to comment on.

The reason why Cen Zhen came here is that internal vicious fights are easy to cause problems because they are not for scoring points, but to hurt each other; second, Cen Zhen was worried that when they finally finished fighting and are exhausted, the pack of wild wolves in the novel will appear and ate them all.

Yet, after seeing them fighting so lively on the aircraft earlier, not to mention the wild wolves, the mammoths had been scared away also. Cen Zhen felt that his trip might be in vain, but judging from the current sudden situation, fortunately, they came.

And not only they came, but after 30 seconds of Lian Yu dealing with Yao Jin, several members of the Student Union jumped down from mid-air one after another. Very skillfully, various anesthesia needles stabbed Yao Jin as if it didn’t cost any money. At the same time, the rest of the Sentinels utilize the principle that the person in a frenzy only attacks the closest target and constantly lures Yao Jin to change targets, consuming his stamina.

Even so, quite a few people were injured by Yao Jin. The most serious one was punched in the jaw, and two of his teeth fell straight off.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, I’ll put it on for you later.” The school doctors quickly comforted, and then pushed the missing tooth Sentinel forward, telling him to continue to fight to death.

Those third-year students who were beaten up by Yao Jin on the ground were so terrified. Although they were good at bullying the few with more, they would just run away in fright when dealing with the S-level Sentinel in a frenzy.

In addition to these people, the ones hiding in the corner also included members of the Student Union who were supposed to take the lead… Lian Yu, after the rest of the Student Union members arrived, suddenly became ‘weak’ and ‘out of strength’, and got hit on the arm by Yao Jin, then retreated to the side of the Pan.

“Why did he go into a frenzy?” Lian Yu asked. Seeing Yao Jin standing in front of everyone like a ferocious trapped beast, worried and anxious, Pan shook his head: “I don’t know, suddenly, he just suddenly became like that…”

“Don’t worry.” Lian Yu comforted: “The anesthetic will kick in soon, and it’s discovered early. Yao Jin is as strong as a cow, just bring him back to sleep and he will be all fine when he wakes… The only trouble is when he returns, he will definitely be punished to hand copy the entire The General Rules of the Sentinels.”

“…” Pan forced a smile, he looked at Lian Yu standing one meter away from his left hand, and at Cen Zhen on his right hand side, and suddenly noticed something strange, “Lian Yu… Why are you standing so far away?”

“…” Lian Yu sighed, “Cen Zhen dislikes me, and doesn’t want me to approach him.”

Here it comes! It’s finally happening! Cen Zhen immediately became vigilant. He retreated his attention from Yao Jin and was on guard against the ‘big move’ that Lian Yu was about to unleash.

So he didn’t notice that the word ‘dislike’ made Pan’s face turn pale immediately, and he faltered and asked, “Didn’t you two… establish long-term marking?”

“That’s because he took pity on me and gave me alms.” Lian Yu continued to sigh.

Pan turned his head abruptly, and asked tremblingly, “Cen Zhen… what Lian Yu said…”

Cen Zhen cast a noncommittal glance at Lian Yu and decided to use silence to resolve all of Lian Yu’s tricks.


The Original Author’s Note: 

Cen: Here it comes! The big move

Lian: ? ? ? Why don’t I know that I have some big moves prepared


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