Chapter 26

The temporary monitoring center was originally just a small box, but when the brown-wave haired Guide opened it on open flat ground, countless monitoring balls flew out instantly, projecting several huge screens, splicing each other together and forming a room. Everything on the island is shown in these screens.

Cen Zhen took out the capsule the president gave him on the spaceship, gently crushed it, and threw it on the ground. A disposable table and chair were inflated as if they had grown out of the grass.

The neighbor sitting next to him sat in a very casual posture, with a lot of blond hair splashed on the back of the chair. With his legs stretched out, the pair of straight-pressed student union uniform pants made him look extra slender. His spiritual body walked around the field slowly and finally lay down between the two of them, yawned, and closed his eyes.

In addition to the Propaganda and Disciplinary Department, students from the school Medical Office also sat in the monitoring center, but they didn’t need to stare at the screen. As soon as they sat down, they took out their poker and started playing.

Fortunately, just as Cen Zhen raised his eyes, he saw Yao Jin and Pan on the monitoring screen he was in charge of. Even if these two people were not under his surveillance, he would exchange screens with other people in the Discipline Department.

The rules of the repechage is the same as the qualifying match, except that in a team of four, people can only choose to pair with one person, and the other two teammates are chosen by drawing lots at random. The reason why Hong Xing poisoned the Guide of the same team in the qualifying match and deliberately lost was precisely because of this. He knew that he didn’t need to team up with Yao Jin in the repechage.

The two protagonists are on the blue team this time. Their landing point is A and they are in the first batch of students to disembark from the spaceship. Their teammates this round are a male Sentinel and a female Guide. These are completely consistent with the original text of the novel, the only difference is probably that there is no ‘Cen Zhen’ targeting them in the exam and Hong Xing setting traps on them.

Cen Zhen realizes that the plot of the original novel is about to start. It seems that as long as he is not around, the plot can easily return to its original track.

To give the plot more ups and downs, and set off the excellent qualities of the protagonists, the female Guide among the new teammates has a bitter and domineering personality and is very lazy. The male Sentinel looks strong on the outside but in reality is very lacking in skills. All he is good at is blowing his own horn. The two are the type of characters that any readers who are just a bit more emotionally involved can’t wait to transmigrate into the novel and strangle them both.

Yao Jin naturally upholds a sunny mentality and does not care about it, and decides to carry the two unskillful teammates to victory without them doing anything. Pan on the other hand is the one who milks the most but eats the least. Yao Jin was worried about his wellness since he just recovered from a serious condition, and offered his portion of food to him. Yet, Pan was stopped privately by the female Guide to ridicule that he was a waste with a mental strength of C and dared to get together with the S, so it was better to let her have him.

Faced with such a provocation, Pan of course – silently wronged, silently humbled, silently endured it all.

“…” How about I stop looking at them since the plot after that is for sure being the female Guide’s vicious words are overheard by Yao Jin, and he said that Pan is 10,000 times better than you who has an ugly heart and then fought a bloody road through remaining hundreds of participants, there won’t be much change anyway.

The colleague from the Disciplinary Department at No. 2 seat handed over a glass of chilled freshly squeezed grape juice. This was a heroic female Sentinel, and she also brought several packets of potato chips, biscuits, and candies. “Guides of the Disciplinary Department are very precious and deserve special treatment.”

In Cen Zhen’s impression, these things are girls’ favorite, but now, they were specially handed to him by a female. Cen Zhen looked at the snacks on the table and didn’t know what to say for a while, Lian Yu came over leisurely, sat down on the handle of his chair, “So well treated, I’m jealous.”

The female Sentinel smiled slightly, “The Sentinels in the Propaganda Department are also rare creatures. Soon there should be a Guide to bring you warm water.” The Sentinels are indeed pitiful creatures. Their keen sense of taste makes their only food to enjoy be to drink more hot water.

Cen Zhen took a sip of grape juice, leaned back in his chair, and looked at the monitoring screen. The repechage has just started, and the chance of any undisciplined behavior occurring is very low, so Lian Yu was acting extra wild: “Zhen…”

Before he finished speaking, he felt that a large part of his mental barrier had been removed, Lian Yu covered his head and hissed fiercely, “As for what, Cen Zhen, you’re being so harsh.” Even the lion woke up from its dream, circling Cen Zhen’s feet irritably.

“If you have something to say, let it go.”

“I can’t come to you if I got nothing?”

“You can’t.”

“I refuse.” Lian Yu sat more firmly on this small handle and crossed his legs triumphantly; no clue how he managed to not fall off.

The Director of the Propaganda Department saw from a distance that these two became glued together within ten minutes, she signaled that they were being so inappropriate, and then happily went back to continue painting her nails.

As for Yao Jin and Pan, they met their first enemy team in front of a supply box. The female Guide hid in the back, and the male Sentinel volunteered to go in the front, and then yelled that they have Yao Jin the S-level, lively performing the fox faking tiger.

The enemy team was indeed afraid of the S-level Sentinel. Thinking that there was no need to fight such a hard board at the beginning of the exam, they decisively gave up the supply box and walked around from the other side. The male Sentinel immediately took credit with pride, saying that he was brave and resourceful.

Lian Yu also saw Yao Jin and Pan on the screen. Because the monitors are muted, he could only guess what happened on the other end of the screen. After looking at it for a minute, he said softly: “These two new teammates, the Guide is bad on the surface, the Sentinel is bad in the core. If it were me, I would tell them that I’ll carry you all as soon as we landed, then parted ways. If they don’t want to, I’ll fight them until they are willing.”

“Bad on the surface, and bad in the core?” Cen Zhen didn’t know how Lian Yu figured it out in such a short time. It is easy to understand that the Guide is bad on the surface since her actions are so naive as a joke; but in Cen Zhen’s view, this Sentinel is just a pretender to save face, and his badness is also very simple, which is also described in the original novel. When ‘Cen Zhen’ came to make trouble, it only took a few words of provocation that made the male Sentinel’s mind go crazy, and he greatly pulled Yao Jin and Pan’s hind legs.

“Probably because one’s look is derived from their heart.” Lian Yu moved his fingers over the back of the chair, trying to hook Cen Zhen’s shoulders, “I’m pretty good at telling people.”

Just when he was about to hug Cen Zhen, the latter grabbed his hand casually, made Lian Yu so frightened that he immediately broke free, and deliberately put on a pitiful and aggrieved face: “Miser, wouldn’t even allow me to touch even after marking. “

Cen Zhen can’t understand how this Sentinel could be so thick-skinned. He tried to take advantage of him here and there, but after being rejected by force, he still managed to act so righteous. “Am I being too lenient to you?”

“…” Lian Yu sighed and backed away, saying “All right, all right, I’ll do whatever you want, while returning to his seat.”

Cen Zhen originally thought that this person would never change after repeated admonitions, and for sure will come back to repeat the same trick in ten minutes, but unexpectedly, until sunset and moonrise, Lian Yu didn’t come close again.

Cen Zhen didn’t feel relieved at all, because he knew that it is impossible for Lian Yu to be so “disappointed” that he decided to stay away. He only had a premonition that Lian Yu must be preparing a big move, and the longer the time, the more terrifying that big move would be.

Could it be Lian Yu already wrote all over the flag that the 400 people tried their best to compete for with: Official Proclamation, Yu Yu Will Love Zhen Zhen for Ten Thousand Years, Hehe???

Cen Zhen was so overwhelmed by this momentary imagination that he almost lost his grip on his chopsticks. The Guides and Sentinels of the student union had dinner at two tables. The dinner for the Guides was very ordinary, not much different from what’s on Earth. Except for Cen Zhen, there were not many Guides who liked to eat meat, and their appetites were very small. In the end, all the Guides watched Cen Zhen eagerly as he ate.

“Cen Zhen, you are really similar to a Sentinel… Even your appetite and food preferences are very similar.” A Guide said, and the people next to him immediately agreed.

On the other hand, the Sentinels had plain water boiled everything, which was as bland as a hospital meal, and all the Sentinels also had a huge appetite. After sweeping up all the meat dishes, they went after the rice and bread eagerly.

After putting down the chopsticks, Cen Zhen glanced at Lian Yu silently. The other party had already left the table and sat in front of the seat looking at the screen. His emotions seem very stable based on their spiritual link, but the more stable it is, the more it meant that Lian Yu raised his spirit defense wall towards him, not wanting Cen Zhen to know his true feelings.

The lion was gone too.

“…” Cen Zhen returned to his seat, looked up, and found a very strange scene. Pan said something to the female Guide with a cold face. This was the first time Cen Zhen saw such a tough attitude on him, and the next second, the female Guide raised her hand and slapped his face. Cen Zhen immediately zoomed in on the surveillance camera and turned on the sound.

Pan’s eyes got watery after being slapped, but he tried not to cry, and quickly fought back, and also slapped the female Guide.

Cen Zhen replayed the video surveillance and put it back to five minutes ago. Pan left Yao Jin’s side for private business at a place not too far away, but the female Guide followed not long after, and because she knew that Yao Jin could hear her, she deliberately made a loud noise shaking her clothes against the plants nearby, and then satirized Pan in a low voice.

It was nothing more than scolding him for being a C and still hanging around Yao Jin, and that Yao Jin was just feeling sorry for him; nothing new. However, the strange thing was that Pan didn’t keep his head down and say nothing as Cen Zhen imagined. He clenched his fists, and although he stuttered, he choked back coldly, “What’s wrong with C, Lian Yu, Lian Yu was a D…but still got the flag! So cool and made Cen Zhen like him regardless.”

No, not true, I didn’t.

The image of Lian Yu, who acted recklessly without restraint, appeared in Pan’s mind, which gave him great courage, and the words became smoother and smoother. Unfortunately, he was nervous after all, and the last word was off-tune.

“Whether I am qualified to be with Yao Jin has nothing to do with Q-ou!”

Cen Zhen’s mood is complicated to the limit. If the author of this novel knows that in reality, the second male lead of his novel has gained courage and strength because of the villain boss, how would he feel?

After reading the antecedents, he switched the screen back to the current timeline. After Pan slapped the female Guide, the female Guide sat on the ground crying and attracted Yao Jin, the male Sentinel, and their eight temporary team allies.

Anyone with above minimal IQ would guess that the female Guide would insist that Pan suddenly hit her out of the blue. The courage Pan had accumulated so hard was exhausted, his eloquence was poor, and the finger marks on the female Guide’s face were still very obvious. He stared blankly at Yao Jin.

Yao Jin, with short fiery red hair like a burning flame,  walked to Pan’s side with a serious face and then admitted him into his protection circle. He didn’t ask anything. Facing the female Guide’s crying and everyone’s questioning, the situation seemed ‘clear’ at a glance. He only said one sentence: “I believe in you.”

Tears that had accumulated for a long time burst out from Pan’s eyes in an instant, and Pan gritted his teeth and stood behind Yao Jin’s broad back as the tears streamed down his face silently.

“We got work to do.” Cen Zhen stood up and put on the uniform jacket that was draped over the chair again. The black and red uniform was meticulously buttoned to the top, covering the neckband. The strong abstinence atmosphere made people want to tear it off completely instead.


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