Chapter 25

“Then give me a kiss, otherwise, I won’t let you go.” Lian Yu stretched out his arms to wrap around Cen Zhen’s neck, and his legs closed tighter like an iron hoop around his waist. Cen Zhen felt that his waist might get pinched off by Lian Yu’s legs.

A male lion shuttled through the crowd unhurriedly. Its thick paw pads fell on the ground without making a sound as it calmly patrolled its surroundings. The lion’s amber pupils exuded the domineering aura that only belonged to the king of the grassland.

At this time, someone who likes trouble shouted: “Hey, that Sentinel! You are Lian Yu, right? How did you hack the terminal to broadcast all over the Tower just now? Teach me, I also want to use this trick to attract a Guide.”

As soon as these words were uttered, everyone suddenly asked questions followed one after another, “Do you really have 500 million? Take a screenshot of the transfer and post it on the campus website!” “The dean didn’t give you detention?”……

Lian Yu acted like he had never heard these noisy voices, and only concentrated on Cen Zhen as if he’s all he could see. His sight focused specifically on Cen Zhen’s lip, patiently waiting for a kiss to arrive.

——He would’ve been daydreaming if his wait was successful. After accumulating strength for a while, the ruthless Cen tore Lian Yu off from himself abruptly. The effect of disinfectant on this Special Planet is so powerful, in such a short time, the wound on the back of Cen Zhen’s hand has mostly healed. Cen Zhen thanked Pan and Yao Jin and walked out of the training hall along the path that the crowd made way for.

Lian Yu followed up in an instant. He even grabbed onto Cen Zhen’s arm, pulling himself close intimately, and said in a volume that only the two of them could hear: “Don’t struggle, I seem to have spotted a suspicious sentinel.”


“Fine, I lied, there are too many people, how can I have a clear view?” Lian Yu showed a scheming smile, and Cen Zhen pinched the back of his hand immediately, and Lian Yu cried out in pain, but hugged tighter.

At this moment, Yao Jin and Pan also chased after him, Yao Jin pretended to ‘know what was going on’, and tsk twice: “You guys are developing quite fast huh, I heard from Lian Yu that you met for the first time at the matchmaking party? “

Lian Yu immediately activated his acting spirit, purposefully showed a delicate, cute, kitten-like figure, put his side face on Cen Zhen’s shoulder, and rolled, “Zhen Zhen is so cute~ I can’t stop my heartbeat~ Especially since he is still the only Guide with a compatibility above sixty with me, this for real is destiny~”

~ after another ~, both Yao Jin and Pan showed indescribable subtle expressions in an instant. Cen Zhen was also so disgusted that half of his arm went numb and he said coldly: “Don’t be so close to me. “

Before the words were finished, Lian Yu leaned his head over and kissed Cen Zhen on the chin. He was so fast that both Pan and Cen Zhen didn’t see it clearly, Yao Jin turned his face away, embarrassed to watch. Cen Zhen on the other hand just suddenly felt a warm touch on his chin, that was slightly wet.


Seeing that Cen Zhen was about to erupt, Yao Jin remained silent, Lian Yu was extremely excited, only Pan was out of state, and asked in confusion: “Lian Yu, I’m also very curious, how did you do the terminal broadcast just now? “

“Huh?” Lian Yu turned his face and said with a smile, “Well, it’s simple. A few days ago, the student union sent an email to invite me to join the Propaganda Department. I agreed to them last night. Next…”

“Then you use public power for private use and fill your pockets. Why didn’t the student union kick you out?” Yao Jin shook his head in contempt, while Pan’s eyes lit up, and he praised sincerely: “Student union!! Lian Yu, You are amazing, you are invited to join the student union as a third grader!”

“Why would they kick me out? The student union put bluntly is just people doing the work, the management is in the hands of the respective principal of Tower and the White Tower. As long as their spokesperson ‘the dean’ doesn’t punish me, the student union will not say anything… Besides, isn’t our Tower always encouraging us to try our best to pursue the Guide? I think I’ve done a great job.”

TF a great job.

Cen Zhen understands that Lian Yu must have reached some kind of deal with the school. In the novel, the Dark Sentinel 1802 has even taken advantage of the chairman of the labor union before, the highest authority of the Special Planet. With his ability, it is easy to intimidate and lure a principal. Cen Zhen is too lazy to hold on to this topic further, so his voice changed, and asked: “Isn’t the rematch tomorrow, why are you two still taking a walk here?”

“Ah, no, no,” Pan quickly explained, “I came to the Tower to discuss tomorrow’s exam with Yao Jin, but I heard about you just now, so I hurried to the B-level training hall to find you.”

“I hope the exam goes well.” Cen Zhen said lightly, “Go to bed early, are you still insomnia?”

“…I don’t have insomnia anymore.” Pan said shyly, “Although the hospital didn’t find out the cause of the poisoning after I got out of the ward, I no longer feel as nervous, and I just want to work very hard now.”

“Okay, I won’t bother you anymore.” Yao Jin patted Pan’s shoulder, “We have to continue discussing tomorrow’s strategy.” Pan also nodded, waved goodbye to the two, and followed Yao Jin to a small path.

As soon as there were only the two of them, before Lian Yu could speak, Cen Zhen suddenly asked, “Why doesn’t anyone know you?”

Lian Yu tilted his head confused, “What?”

“You were originally in the seventh grade, and your physical fitness is definitely not D. I saw the post on Starnet and read the comment section about us obtaining the flag. Why didn’t any of your classmates come to confront you? Why does it feel like no one knows you?”

“So there are things that you don’t know?” Lian Yu suddenly smiled, and used his fingertips to rub the spot above Cen Zhen’s chin where he had just kissed, “If you want to know…beg me.”


“Or, give me a kiss?”

The way he acts when he completely lets go is simply insane, Cen Zhen pressed his swollen temples, “It doesn’t seem to be my illusion, it’s true. I have read the Tower’s rules. The Sentinels who dropout of school will stay in the original grade. You are suffering from atrophy, so you took a break from school, right? You start with seventh grade when you return, and all your classmates have graduated, which means you took a break from school for four years.”

“…You are no fun.” Lian Yu curled his lips in dissatisfaction, “To be precise, it was three years. I took a leave of absence at the end of the seventh-grade semester. Naturally, it didn’t count since I didn’t receive my final grade. The reason? As you said, I went seeking medical treatment……”

He rolled up a lock of his long hair, and asked abruptly, “I heard from the student union that they also invited you?”

“Yea.” Cen Zhen pointed out the agreement that the head of the White Tower Student Union, Sun Qingchang, had given him; in which it was written that he was invited to join the Disciplinary Department of the Student Union. Lian Yu stretched out his index finger to pull up and down the text, “The Disciplinary Department… is very busy, but it has a lot of power.”

“Can it charge you for your previous violations?” Cen Zhen didn’t look at it carefully, and dragged it to the end, tapped his fingertips, and pressed the option to agree to join.

“Of course.” Lian Yu suddenly lowered his tone, his voice was hoarse and sexy, and he deliberately seduced Cen Zhen’s ear, “Master of the Disciplinary Committee can punish me however you want… hide me at a place only you know, locked me up in a cage, strip me clean, give me no food, no water to drink, let alone clothes to wear, and then when I’m hungry, thirsty, ashamed, at my weakest, hold a handful of water in your palm, and ordered me to lick…”

“Then I order you to recite the Great Compassion Mantra three times.” Cen Zhen sighed helplessly, “Is there anything normal in your mind?”

“The Great Compassion Mantra? What is that?” Lian Yu’s focus was skewed, and Cen Zhen didn’t want to explain. Seeing that he had just confirmed joining, he was pulled into the student union work chat group by Sun Qingchang. Then, in the overwhelming welcome speech, A prominent name popped up——

ZhenZhen, my love: Hugging my darling Zhenzhen and kissing madly! ! Hold you up high! !

Cen Zhen turned his head suddenly and saw that Lian Yu was leaning against him typing on his terminal, the lifted corner of his mouth for real deserved a punch no matter how one looked at it.

Zhenzhen, my love: Chairman, why are we assigned to different departments? Quickly, drag Zhenzhen into the Propaganda Department

Tower President Qu: Shut up, what kind of nickname is this you have, change it back ASAP

“…Lian Yu, you don’t need to be so exaggerated.” Cen Zhen tried to say in his most sincere and calm tone, he was afraid that if Lian Yu played like this for two more days, the first person who couldn’t help to have the thought of killing would not be the Sentinel in the novel, but him.

“How can you lure a snake out of its hole without exaggerating?” Lian Yu’s face says that he’s having lots of fun, but he still manage to make excuse in a high-sounding manner, and he even condemned Cen Zhen with righteousness and sternness: “You’re the one who lured me to help using all kinds of intimidation, threats, and profiteering. This means you believe that I have the ability to handle this matter, so you must cooperate with me unconditionally during this period……BTW, you haven’t entered my spiritual space today.”

“As far as what you did today, you’re lucky that I didn’t kill you. Yet, at the end of the day, you want me to enter your spiritual world?” Cen Zhen met Lian Yu’s eyes, the blue eyes were like the blue ocean on a sunny day, and the latter smiled so much that his eyes were in a crescent shape just like new shoots soaked in the morning dew. After establishing a long-term marking, the Sentinel can vaguely sense the Guide’s thoughts through pheromones. He knows that Cen Zhen is not actually angry, “You want to play tricks? Then I will have to contact the Sentinel Protection Association and complain about you, saying that you refused to admit it after doing the business, so ruthless.”

“Get lost.”


Five minutes later, Cen Zhen escaped from Lian Yu’s spiritual space, and the two woke up together on the bench in the Tower. With Lian Yu’s “reluctant” eyes, Cen Zhen walked away quickly without hesitation, so much like a very ruthless scumbag.

When it was noon, Cen Zhen went directly to the White Tower’s cafeteria for lunch. At this time, the president, Ri Qingchang, also appeared in the group chat and welcomed Cen Zhen’s joining.

President of the White Tower, Ri Qingchang: Congratulations to the new coolie in the Disciplinary Department. For tomorrow’s all-grade repechage match, I hope that the heads of all departments will be able to implement the work assignments in place. Thank you all for your hard work.

The word “coolie” instantly made Cen Zhen realize that he seems to have joined the Union too early. Sure enough, the next second he was pulled into another work group by the Head of the Discipline Department, and he chatted with him privately, asking him to be at the White Tower front gate before six o’clock tomorrow morning. He’ll get a brooch and a uniform there, then board the spaceship to Yezi Island with his colleagues.

Minister of Discipline: We can’t help it, there is a shortage of people, no matter how inexperienced you are, we have to bring you along. You have not seen the stinginess of the two presidents in recruiting people. We spend most of our time watching the monitoring in the media monitoring room. If there is any violation, we will give a verbal warning first. In serious cases, we will be disqualifying them from the exam. After they are eliminated, we will have to escort them out of the exam site. In this case, sometimes there will be physical conflicts, so people in our sectors are mostly Sentinels.

Minister of Discipline: All right, let’s be more straightforward. There are no more than three Guides including you in the entire department.

Cen Zhen: Well, that’s fine.

Minister of Discipline: It’s a pity that you are already taken. The Sentinels were so happy to hear that a new Guide had joined.

Cen Zhen: …… 

Minister of Discipline: By the way, don’t worry, the Propaganda Department is with us too. Everyone is watching and monitoring, the only difference is that we catch violations of law and discipline, and they catch scenes with highlighting performance.

Cen Zhen: ……

Minister of Discipline: In case there’s something the Disciplinary Department can’t handle alone, the Propaganda Department will get dragged along to help. I remember President Qu mentioned that your man is very skillful, just not sure why his physical level is only a D. I will tell the Minister of Propaganda to let you two sit close to each other

Cen Zhen: No need

Minister of Discipline: Don’t be shy, we made you work so hard as a newcomer, this is what I should do as a minister

Cen Zhen: No! Need! Seriously!

Even though Cen Zhen used three scarlet exclamation marks, the minister insisted that the third-year newly recruited Guide was being shy. He sent the sentence “No problem, leave it to me”, and then closed the chat interface.

Cen Zhen hoped that the Minister of Propaganda would be a bit more principled, adhering to the principle of distinguishing between public and private, and keep Lian Yu, a scourge, away from him. But in the world of this novel, he is a cannon fodder male supporting role, which is doomed to backfire. The Minister of Propaganda turned out to be the brown-haired Guide with the nice figure who always appeared at the same time as the two presidents. As soon as she got off the spaceship the next morning, she walked over with a smile, followed by Lian Yu, who had his light blonde long hair simply tied up and was dressed in a black and red student union uniform.

“Little Guide Cen Zhen, I brought your little Sentinel here safely. You two’s seat numbers are 3 and 4. You can talk and have a little date, but can’t delay any work duties, ok?”


Original Author’s Note:

After a while, the two people who established lifetime marking and registered the marriage certificate opened the terminal.

Cen: Lian Yu and I are together now

Lian: We got our certificate

Pan: Didn’t you two have been together since long ago?

Yao: What, you two just got the certificate? ?



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