Chapter 24.2

After a loud bang, the Sentinel hit the wall with his back, then fell and sat on the ground. In an instant, everyone in the Second Stage arena stood up, and stared at the stage in disbelief.

Suddenly, one of them yelled, “It’s Cen Zhen! I was thinking that he looks familiar, he is Cen Zhen!”

The Tower doctors originally thought that the target patient would be the Guide, but now it changed to the Sentinel, it did not hinder them from performing their duties. The two hurriedly carried the stretcher to the Sentinel who was almost embedded in the wall and asked him how he was doing.

The Sentinel coughed several times, waved away the doctor’s hand, and struggled to climb up against the wall, “Cen… Cen Zhen?

In contrast to everyone in affright, Cen Zhen had only one thought in his mind: There is finally no more doubts. He could now test his physical level in peace. He looked around the audience, and his gaze finally fell on the new challenger who had just entered the arena. Cen Zhen raised his brows and deliberately hooked his index finger provocatively at the Sentinel with an arrogant attitude.

In an instant, the Sentinels in the arena erupted in excitement. They didn’t care about the pain in their ears and shouted strangely at the new Sentinel, telling him to go up quickly and teach him a lesson!

The new Sentinel stepped onto the stage in confusion, and only then could he smell the Guide’s pheromone among all the Sentinel pheromones. He suddenly realized that the scene just now was a Guide throwing a Sentinel out the stage, no wonder the other people presented such a high reaction!

He took off his coat neatly, jumped twice, and said seriously: “I’m ready.” Cen Zhen was very satisfied with this attitude, he nodded, and said, “I’m ready too.”

The moment the guiding butterfly disappeared, the Sentinel’s punches were already in front of him. Although everyone knew that this Guide was not simple, the mindset of Guides being weak had long been ingrained. Even though Cen Zhen’s behavior of throwing a Sentinel in the air just now was very impressive, any other B-level Sentinel can do the same. Plus, that Sentinel overly underestimated his opponent.

So everyone thought to themself that the new Sentinel must be well prepared and serious, and Cen Zhen would definitely not be able to dodge this punch.

However, the result for sure would be beyond everyone’s expectations. Cen Zhen easily dodged by turning sideways. Not only that, but he also managed to punch the Sentinel in the lower abdomen on the way dodging. Then he grabbed the Sentinel’s outstretched arm with his backhand, and with a shoulder throw, he smashed the Sentinel to the ground and pressed his knees against the Sentinel’s lower back while his fingers pinched his neck, locking the person to the ground.

The series of actions did not give the enemy any room to react or fight back. In ten seconds, the result of the match was once again clear.

“I thought you would take it seriously.” Cen Zhen stood up and said coldly, “I didn’t expect that all you planned was a stupid move that tried to catch me off guard with speed.”

The Sentinel’s face turned blue and white, gritted his teeth, and bowed his head to apologize: “I’m sorry, I underestimated you. I thought you were just a Guide with a strong physical.”

There was silence in the audience, the only thing left was the heartfelt “FXXX…”  “WTF…”

Two more innocent victims Sentinels came through the door from outside. They walked onto the stage one after another in a daze under the complicated eyes of the others and then climbed off the stage in shock, blending into the crowd and becoming another Sentinel who now has very complex feelings.

After an hour,

Cen Zhen wiped a little blood from the corner of his lips while his opponent was admitting defeat. He accidentally bit the tip of his tongue while dodging just now, and the rusty smell filled his mouth, making him a little uncomfortable.

He raised his head and found that the Second Stage arena was crowded with people inside and out. The doors were so jammed that they couldn’t close, and there was still a sea of people outside the door. The twintails were floating in the air in embarrassment, begging everyone not to gather here. There is a live broadcast room on the campus network where you can watch the competition.

Within an hour, Cen Zhen fought against nine B-level Sentinels, including the Sentinels who refused to admit defeat and re-lined up to challenge. He was undefeated. However, it was still not so easy to deal with the Sentinels who became more serious later on.

Cen Zhen clenched his fist, then let it go, and walked out of the competition venue slowly. He had a good estimate of what level he was, and he had a good time fighting, so there was no need to continue.

The Sentinels were very quiet and made way for him to leave with great manners. At this moment, Yao Jin rushed out of the crowd with Pan holding disinfectant and bandages in his hands, and asked eagerly: “Cen Zhen, are you okay, I saw you got hit, OH MY, the corners of your mouth are swollen!”

Yao Jin patted him on the shoulder, “He’s fine, he’s fine, I told you a Band-Aid should be enough, where do you plan to wrap him with these bandages in your hand… But Cen Zhen, your behavior is too unruly! Even if you want to fight the Sentinels, you should’ve gone to the C-level hall first.”

“How can a Band-Aid be enough for such a serious injury!” Pan sprayed disinfectant on the back of Cen Zhen’s hand that was scratched with blood with an unstoppable attitude. The only reason Cen Zhen got this injury was only because his knuckle hit the Sentinel’s skull with no protective measures.

Looking at Pan’s concerned and anxious face, Cen Zhen understood a little bit why Yao Jin liked him. After all, a sweet airhead also has its advantages.

But at this moment, a loud and clear call attracted everyone’s attention and made Cen Zhen’s fingers tremble involuntarily at the same time. 


Lian Yu pushed away the crowded crowd and strode up to Cen Zhen. His voice was too familiar, and he was chanting the nasty nickname that washed everyone’s terminals not long ago.

“Zhenzhen!” Lian Yu rushed over with open arms. Cen Zhen had just been exercising vigorously for an hour, which made his hands and feet sore. He wanted to hide behind Yao Jin but found that Pan and Yao Jin were walking quickly to the side. Both also had a touching and warm smile on their face as they backed up, just like an old man and an old lady marrying their daughter out together.

So Lian Yu jumped onto Cen Zhen without hindrance, wrapped his legs around Cen Zhen’s waist, held Cen Zhen’s face, brushed off his black hair, and pressed a kiss on his sweaty forehead, ” Zhenzhen, you are awesome, I like you so much!”

Cen Zhen: “……”

Cen Zhen: “Get off!”

“No, no, no~” Lian Yu put his palm into Cen Zhen’s short hair, and took a deep sniff, “You smell really nice.”

It is not uncommon for the Guide to jump into the arms of the Sentinel excitedly to offer a kiss, but this scene of the Sentinel jumping into the arms of the Guide… Forget it, there is a way worse horror story where a Guide beats ten B-level Sentinel in a row already, who cares.

“Get down now, I can’t hold you anymore.” Cen Zhen supported Lian Yu’s thigh with one hand, he knew what this man wanted to do. He wanted to use such a high-profile act of ‘showing affection’ to force the Sentinel in the dark to appear, but this was too enthusiastic, and Cen Zhen couldn’t handle it.


Original Author’s Note: 

Lian Yu: How about we also use this orientation in the future?

Cen Zhen: Let me out of this yellow car!

Lian Yu (stern): The door is welded shut, no one is allowed to leave the car! !


Translator’s Note:

In case you didn’t get it, the extra is Lian Yu making a dirty joke -o-’

Although it is already Saturday, I am still optimistic about doing an extra update this week to thank my Ko-fi supporters! Thank you very much for your support! 

I am not planning to break the next chapter to two parts, so it will be longer, please look forward to it ^^


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