Chapter 24.1

Am I someone who sells smiles for a living? Cen Zhen was going bald angry. He muted the terminal and sped up his pace, but everyone’s terminals were ringing along the way, and Cen Zhen had no choice but to listen to Lian Yu’s “confession of true love”.

“Zhenzhen, I didn’t believe in destiny until I met you.”

“Zhenzhen, you must be a gift brought to me by God.”

“It’s a miracle bestowed by God to be able to leave my aura on your glands.”

“Zhen…ah, the dean found me, I had to get going now. Remember, you are my sweetest dream come to true Cen Zhen, mua~”

Along with the rubbing sound between clothes and some unknown objects, the broadcast stopped abruptly. Cen Zhen pushed open the door of the B-level training hall with a sullen face and heard a burst of laughter from inside.

The training hall occupies a very large area, taking care of the needs of the sentinels for a quiet environment. The walls are also made of special sound-proof materials. Even so, Cen Zhen still heard endless discussions.

“Who the hell is this? This is so awesome. It sounds like the radio channels of both the Tower and the White Tower have been hacked?”

“Didn’t he introduce himself? Lian Yu, a third grader. Damn, that Guide is probably going to cry because he made such a big confession at the risk of being punished.”

Cen Zhen felt that even if he wanted to cry, he would cry out of anger.

“In the midterm of the third grade, the Sentinel’s name who obtained the flag on Yezi Island also seems to be this Lian Yu.”

“Really? He’s quite powerful then. There are two S-level Sentinels in the third grade. It’s fierce to be able to snatch the flag from them.”

“Cen Zhen, isn’t that the Guide who acted more Sentinel than a Sentinel? The Guide who was trending on the star network a few days ago, who flies between the walls?”

“Him? Doesn’t he like an A+ Sentinel, and confesses his love to that Sentinel crying without telling his boyfriend at the time? After being turned down, he continues to be persistent, and when his boyfriend confronts him, he accuses him of being weak and says that he shouldn’t stop him from looking for someone better? Everyone in the Tower and the White Tower knew about it at the time… What kind of taste does this fierce Sentinel have?”

“I also remember this… But it seems that there hasn’t been any update for a long time. Is it because he got rejected so hard, he finally came to sense and decided to change completely? Not to mention, the performance of him grabbing the badge in that video is so amazing. ” “Hey, hey, hey, shouldn’t the highlight be about the 500 million coins, 500 million! Where did this 500 million come from?!”

“He’s probably just bragging, something like an IOU, and I will use the rest of my life to pay you back.”


“Here to register.” Despite the noise along the way, Cen Zhen walked up to the registration point in front of the competition field with a blank expression. The one in charge of recording was a virtual robot, not as intelligent as the dean, but human enough. Had a sweet appearance that looks like a female Guide with twin tails, with a delicate and lovely image that seriously stimulates the pheromones of those uncouth Sentinels who come to fight.

“Okay.” Twintails smiled sweetly, “Please show your identity information.”

Cen Zhen clicked on the terminal, and the student’s information was projected in front of the eyes of the twintails. The robot’s eyes had a scanning function. She looked at it and tilted her head in surprise: “Guide? Student Cen Zhen, you are a Guide. Are you sure you want to sign up?”


“Ah, but, student Cen Zhen, I think I must explain. Although this is called the B-level training hall, this B is the physical fitness level for Sentinels. You are a Guide, and your B is completely different from the Sentinel standard.”

“I said I’m sure to sign up.” Cen Zhen looked at the smart robot in front of him who was about to cry because of his answer. For the first time, he felt that being too humane was also troublesome. The twintails were for real jumping up and down due to anxiety, “Student Cen Zhen, are you stimulated by something? Please don’t corner yourself and have that kind of thought, for your safety, you must think carefully about it.”

“If you talk any more, I’ll file a complaint against you.” Cen Zhen was in a bad mood, so his patience naturally is worse than usual.

“OWO, I’ll register you right now!!!” The twintails pulled out the projection screen aggrievedly and recorded Cen Zhen’s information on it while calling the Tower infirmary to immediately come to the B-level training hall to stand by.

“You’re registered for the Second Stage, please follow the guide butterfly.” The twintails drew a fluttering blue butterfly with her fingertips and handed over the number plate. She seemed to have just received the latest information from the system, and said cautiously: “Sentinel Lian Yu’s confession just now was very sincere, and we were all very moved, but I also hope that you will not act irrationally when you are overly happy.”

“…” Cen Zhen took the number plate expressionlessly, stuck it to his chest, and then followed the guide butterfly to push open the gate to the competition arena. There were dozens of people sitting in the field, some were drinking water, some were injured and applying medicine to the bruises on the corners of their mouths. Most of them were sitting in the stands, wearing sound-proof earplugs, and countless cameras were floating around, and in the center was a sweaty male Sentinel doing push-ups.

The arrival of the guide butterfly made the Sentinel jump to stand straight, and he wiped the sweat off his chin excitedly, “Here comes again.” But as Cen Zhen approached step by step, the expression on the Sentinel’s face gradually became puzzled, until Cen Zhen walked to the competition stage, he said loudly: “Wait a minute, are you a Guide? What are you doing here?”

Cen Zhen silently tapped the number plate on his chest, the intention was self-explanatory, and the Sentinel’s expression became stiff instantly, “Are you kidding me?”

The people outside the stage also caused a commotion because of Cen Zhen’s presence. The surprise in their eyes was no less than the Sentinel on the stage. They all stretched their necks looking left and right.

“I’m ready.” Cen Zhen nodded to the blue butterfly. Apart from leading the way, this digital butterfly can also serve as a basic referee. It flapped its wings, and a mechanical voice came from its body: “Where is the other contestant?” 

Seeing that he took no advice and is devoted to dying, the Sentinel’s rough face was full of doubts. He thought for a while and said seriously: “I don’t hit Guide, you hurry down and don’t make trouble, the next contestant has already entered. “

Another guide butterfly did bring another Sentinel, and two doctors from the Tower infirmary entered at the same time. They were frightened by the message of ‘ extremely serious matter’ sent by the twintails and rushed here with stretchers.

“…” Cen Zhen looked at him expressionlessly, while the guide butterfly reiterated, “Is the other contestant ready?”

“Are you in a bad mood and want to vent?” The Sentinel found a reason for Cen Zhen, and he patted his strong chest, “Alright, big bro will stand here still and let you hit me twice. After you vent, you will step down, hide below without making trouble, and just watch us Sentinels fight from a distance.”

Cen Zhen: “…”

The Sentinel felt moved by his own selflessness, raised his eyebrows at the guide butterfly, and said, “I’m ready.” After speaking, he put his hands on his hips and stood still.

“Okay, please follow the spirit of training from point to point. Friendship comes first, competition comes second. The competition officially begins.”

As soon as the words fell, the butterfly turned into a group of fine blue particles, which disappeared into the air bit by bit. Cen Zhen walked forward in silence and grabbed the Sentinel’s arm indifferently. The “Hm! I’m gonna hit you in the chest with my little fist” did not happen. Instead, the Sentinel felt a huge strange force. Before the Sentinel could react, he felt himself being lifted in the air, and when his feet already left the ground, it was too late for him to resist. The next second, he was viciously smashed fifteen meters from the stage into the wall.


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