Chapter 23.4

Lian Yu’s neckband had been untied by Cen Zhen earlier for temporary marking. After he found out, he blinked at Cen Zhen ambiguously, “You take advantage of me while I am unconscious, huh? You are so strange, you won’t do it when I beg you to, always wanted to do it sneakily…”

“If I were you, I wouldn’t say another word.” Cen Zhen stretched out his hand and untied his neckband, the smell of pheromone suddenly became strong, and Lian Yu’s Adam’s apple couldn’t help rolling, his eyes were involuntarily glued to the left side of Cen Zhen’s neck. 

As soon as Cen Zhen put the neckband next to the pillow, he felt a soft and warm touch on his neck. Lian Yu couldn’t wait to lick him. The itchy feeling made him uncontrollably cover Lian Yu’s face with his palm to push him away.

Lian Yu’s gray-green eyes were watery, and he looked at him eagerly, but Cen Zhen hurriedly stopped him: “Don’t lick my hands.” Lian Yu acted a little later than he said, so he could only withdraw the tip of his tongue resentfully.

Cen Zhen touched the side of his neck and let go, “Go ahead.” Lian Yu leaned forward and bit it instantly, the scorching temperature in his mouth made Cen Zhen clenched his hands tightly. Lian Yu was not willing to use too much force, but after the marking was over, he deliberately held on to a small piece of soft flesh from Cen Zhen’s neck and ground it with his teeth softly.

“…It’s your turn.” Lian Yu let go of his mouth contentedly. His slender eyelashes lifted and brushed against Cen Zhen’s cheeks. He knew Cen Zhen’s neck was sensitive, so he deliberately breathed out hot air close to it. The next second Cen Zhen squeezed his chin hard, forcing him to lift his head, exposing his fragile neck underneath.

The long pale golden hair was scattered everywhere, Cen Zhen combed it with one hand for a long time before finding the side of his neck hidden underneath. Lian Yu hugged his back while he bent down, holding his breath, feeling Cen Zhen’s teeth buckle above the glands, and biting lightly, it didn’t hurt, just a little itchy.

When the long-term marking was established, the spiritual link was also connected. Cen Zhen was overwhelmed by Lian Yu’s surging emotions and his heartbeat accelerated. He frowned,

“Calm down.”

“How can I calm down?” Lian Yu didn’t let go, he buried his face on the side of Cen Zhen’s neck again, and kept taking deep breaths with the tip of his nose on the gland, “Why did you come so late?… But, since you’re here, it’s fine, I forgive you.”

“Huh?” Cen Zhen was sorting out the emotions of the two of them, and along the way, he also repaired Lian Yu’s damaged mental barrier.

“I won’t let that Sentinel go!” Lian Yu suddenly pushed Cen Zhen down on the bed and then took off his coat. Cen Zhen’s expression got cold and was about to resist, but then saw Lian Yu get out of bed as soon as he threw away his coat without hesitation and walked up to his closet familiarly and started searching.

Cen Zhen: “…”

“Let me have two of your coats.” Lian Yu picked out the clothes and turned around, and found that Cen Zhen was looking at him subtly. He suddenly realized something, raised the corners of his lips, and said: “If you want, I am very happy to take whatever position you prefer, regardless of top or bottom. If you want something fancy, I…”

“Shut, quit your dirty jokes.” Cen Zhen picked up Lian Yu’s coat, “What are you planning to do?”

“Didn’t I say, I’ll help you catch that person.” Lian Yu looked at the red marks on the glands in the mirror behind the closet door, because the bite was so light, no teeth marks were left, but the redness was enough for Lian Yu to refelt on for a long time. He put on Cen Zhen’s coat, picked up the neckband that belonged to Cen Zhen, waved his hand, and disappeared from the window into the night.

The little snow leopard was in a drowsy sleep, but suddenly felt lightened, and fell off the soft real fur cushion. It crawled up crookedly with a thud, yawned, and fell asleep again.

“Why is sleep the only thing you do?” Cen Zhen threw the coat left by Lian Yu into the washing machine. The high-tech appliances in the future world were on standby 24 hours a day and started working without complaint in an instant. He bent down to pick up the snow leopard on the ground and stroked along its fur, as he looked deeply in the direction Lian Yu left.

The last time Lian Yu opened the window and left with such confidence, the next day he announced that he transfer from the seventh grade to the third grade, modified the system information, and changed his physical ability level to D; this time, Lian Yu almost left with the exact same attitude, leaving behind a back that clearly intends to ‘make a big deal’.

Cen Zhen had an ominous premonition. Ever since he got to know this villain, he had no idea how many times he had an ominous premonition.

After a while, Cen Zhen put the little snow leopard back into the spiritual space, locked the windows and doors, grabbed his pajamas and entered the bathroom, took a shower, and went to sleep.


The next day, Cen Zhen made a record in the guard room of the Tower and walked slowly into it. When he said that he wanted to go to the B-level training hall, the guard had a face knowing he was looking for a Sentinel friend. Cen Zhen didn’t bother to explain, signed the paperwork, and followed the directions on the map.

Compared to the bookish White Tower, the Tower is full of running Sentinel. Both men and women have well-established muscles on their arms and thighs.

Cen Zhen took two steps, and unexpectedly two passing Sentinels recognized him, and one of them even stepped forward and asked, “Cen Zhen, are you here to find Fan? He’s at the A-level training hall.”

“…No, I’m heading to the B-level hall.” Cen Zhen hated the ‘Cen Zhen’ who pursued Fan and made the whole world know him. However, he was completely unaware that what made the name Cen Zhen famous was due to his brilliant performance in the maze and the startling result he was able to achieve in the midterm with two teammates abstained but still managed to score 441 points and obtain the flag.

“B? Then you are looking for that… Lian Yu?” Another Sentinel also came over, “Could it be that the rumors are true, have you really changed your mind?”

Are all the male Sentinels gossipy like this now?

Cen Zhen didn’t want to say much, and left after saying, “I’m not looking for anyone.” He turned and walked away, but at this moment, everyone’s terminal suddenly beeped twice quickly, which signifies a notification generally only occurs when very important notices are sent by the dean or the student union.

After the beeping, a familiar voice of a man came from the terminal. The voice was clear, with a smile at the end of its tone, as if it had a hook that hooked people’s hearts. Just listening to the voice would make people imagine a very handsome man involuntarily.

“Hello, good morning, Sentinels and Guides.”

Cen Zhen’s movement froze, and the bad premonition that he forcibly ignored flooded his head. Cen Zhen covered his eyelids that suddenly started to twitch, and stopped to listen to what Lian Yu had to say.

“I am Lian Yu from Class 1, Grade 3. Today is a very special day. It is the first-day commemoration day of establishing a long-term marking with my beloved Guide, Cen Zhen.”

Cen Zhen: “…………………………..”

Cen Zhen witnessed the two Sentinels who had already left turn back around, staring at him with four bell-like eyes, pointing to the terminals on their wrists, and then pointing to him.

“Zhenzhen, you are my dream come true.”

Cen Zhen: “……”

“Zhenzhen, are you listening? Zhenzhen, look at your account balance.”

Cen Zhen didn’t want to take a look.

“500 million coins, in exchange for your 100 million smiles.”


Original Author’s Note:

Cen Zhen: Where did the money come from!

Lian Yu: Betrothal (marry a Guide) gift I work hard to save


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