Chapter 22.2

At this same time, Hong Xing was about to climb to the top of the cliff, but suddenly a row of air bombs hit the place he was clinging to, causing dust to fly, and stone fragments hit the delicate Guide’s face. She let out a low scream and found a blue team of about ten people coming from a distance.

“Damn it.” Fan pulled Lele up, he and Hong Xing exchanged glances and instantly decided to cover for Cen Zhen on top. One jumped back down, and the other raised his crossbow; ready to fight back.

Lian Yu vaguely heard the movement below. He lowered his eyes and listened intently for a few seconds, then quickly said to Cen Zhen: “The blue party is coming, Hong Xing and the others are holding them back for us.”

Hearing this, Cen Zhen sped up his speech: “Let’s exchange since your ‘thing’ is a flag (Qizi), then I will also exchange it with a ‘(Qizi)’.” Then, he took out two Go pieces, one black and one white, from his pocket. , reiterated: “Go pieces (Qizi).”

The Guide looked at his palm, and suddenly smiled and said to the Sentinel holding the flag behind her, “Hey, someone sees through your stupid mind twister easily at a glance.”

The Sentinel holding the flag stepped forward unpleasantly, and argued, “How is that at a glance? This little long-haired Sentinel came to scout the path last night. Did he really think we wouldn’t notice him because he was hidden in the distance?”

“Are you proud of coming up with such a stupid riddle?”

“…..Regardless, no one can see through it at a glance.”

Another Guide came over. It was a female Guide with brown hair and a very nice figure. It seemed that because she realized that there might be no need to fight, she came over happily: “Why don’t I remember this long-haired brat? With this outstanding look, along with these rare green eyes, normally, I should have a very deep impression of one like him…”

“Anyway, this junior,” she turned her eyes to Cen Zhen again and suddenly showed a sly smirk, “We have five teams here, just one ‘flag (Qizi)’ can’t do it.”

Although the Sentinel holding the flag said that there are two ways to pass the exam, the former is relaxed and the latter is aggressive, in fact, there is a wordplay hidden in their words. They want five kinds of ‘Qizi’, and various ‘chess pieces’ are scattered and hidden all over the map in the supply boxes. Under normal circumstances, even if a team guesses the answer to the riddle, it is impossible to collect it all by themselves. Plus, the points for obtaining the flag are not interoperable, so teaming up won’t be an option even for participants within the same camp; which means, violence is the only option.

In the end, the two options lead to the same result. Both require the need to fight, and neither will allow the participants to pass the exam easily. However, the latter option is a fight between the third graders and the tenth graders, and the former option is a fight among the third graders.

The female Guide thought that this hidden condition was well concealed, but Cen Zhen was not surprised by it. He took out a wooden Chinese chess piece from another pocket and threw it into the arms of the Guide with the nice figure.

His expression was too calm, to the point everything seem to be in his control. The female Guide was stunned for a moment and immediately praised him for being smart. I fking dare you to grab three more kinds of ‘QiZi’ from your magic pouch!

“I don’t have any more.” Cen Zhen said, just when the female Guide snorted and wanted to say he was nothing more than that, Lian Yu walked forward while muttering some stupid wordplay riddle, and handed Cen Zhen a Four-color glass Chinese checkers piece, as well as a military chess piece, and a flying chess piece from the real ‘magic pouch’, “I was wondering why there are so many board game props, but there is not even a set of poker card. I was planning to submit a complaint/suggestion form to the examination committee.”

Cen Zhen didn’t believe a word of what Lian Yu said, but if he wants to play dumb, let him be. There are five kinds of ‘Qizi’ in front of them now. Even if the female Guide with wavy hair wants to make trouble again, she has no choice but to sigh at this time and praise them for being out of the box.

The sight of the Sentinel holding the flag lingered on Cen Zhen for a long time, then turned his eyes to look at Lian Yu. Three minutes later, Lian Yu began to urge him impatiently, then he finally slowly straightened his arms to hand over the flag in his hand to Cen Zhen.


“……” Cen Zhen didn’t take it immediately, he suddenly thought of something, glanced at Lian Yu, and said, “You do it.”

“Ah?” Lian Yu frowned, and asked vigilantly, “Why?”

“There will be a voice announcement for all participants when the flag is picked. Don’t you like to show off? I’ll let you have the opportunity.” Cen Zhen remembered that after picking the flag in the novel, there would be a full-screen, all-terminal broadcast announcement: The certain member of the certain camp obtained the flag, [blank] side had won the game. Cen Zhen didn’t care about the honor, but Lian Yu would probably like it very much.

Sure enough, although Lian Yu was skeptical, he still showed a look of extreme desire, “Are you sure you are not tricking me? Are you lying to me? Is there a rule that I didn’t see? Something like the person who picks up the flag has to fight with someone?”

The Sentinel holding the flag was annoyed by him and slapped the flag directly on Lian Yu’s chest with a sullen face. The moment Lian Yu was “forced” to pick up the flag, all the candidates participating in the exam on Yezi Island, whether they were fighting or running, including Hong Xing who held his breath and hid under the vines, and Fan who just shot his last arrow, the terminals on their wrists all beeped. The broadcasting reports:

Lian Yu from the red camp obtained the flag and won the game for his camp. Congratulations to Red!

Yao Jin was originally sitting drowsily on the accompanying chair next to the hospital bed in the Central Hospital. This broadcast was like a thunderbolt, waking up the light sleeper Pan along with him. Pan was tortured by abdominal pain all night and finally was able to fall asleep when the sky started turning bright. He asked in a daze, “Which side won?”

“Red…” Yao Jin’s physique is much better than Pan’s, and he fully recovered the same afternoon after undergoing gastric lavage. He clicked on the terminal, “Did I hear it right, I heard that Lian Yu picked up the flag?”

“Lian Yu…picked up the flag?” Pan’s brain is reacting very slowly right now. He took a while to digest it before shouting in surprise: “Lian Yu picked up the flag!?”

“…It really was him!” Yao Jin was as surprised as he was and placed the projection screen in front of Pan’s eyes. The first message on the main interface of the exam was that Lian Yu from the red camp won the victory for his camp. After clicking it open, the team lineup is Cen Zhen (captain), Lian Yu, Yao Jin (abstain), and Pan (abstain).

The total score of the team: 441.

Pan: “!!!”

Yao Jin: “Damn!”

It’s not that no upperclassmen have ever got a high score of 400 points on the Yezi Island before this, but it’s that no team was able to get 400 points from 0! Aside from the 50 points for picking up the flag, this means they gained a whole 391 points with just two people.

This is roughly the equivalent of stabbing every single one of the 400 blue camp participants once…… Yao Jin wanted to go to Cen Zhen and Lian Yu to ask for clarification, but Pan in the hospital bed still needed someone to look after him, and these two wouldn’t pick up their terminal call. So, Yao Jin could only scratch his head and wait impatiently for the news. This wait lasted from the morning until the sun was setting in the west. Cen Zhen took a shower and changed into a new outfit, then showed up belatedly clean and refreshed.

As soon as he stepped into the ward, he found that apart from Yao Jin, Hong Xing, and Fan were also sitting beside the bed with hot water, melons and fruits, snacks, and a series of necessities on the bedside table. Cen Zhen put down the box of flower crisps that Pan once praised beside him. Then immediately heard Yao Jin enthusiastically say: “Congratulations! You are so amazing!… Huh, did Lian Yu not come with you?”

“Him?” Cen Zhen said casually, “He disappeared.”


Original Author’s Note:

To fulfill the promise of making a big scene before entering VIP, I worked really hard on this chapter to make it fat, but I still haven’t gotten to the plot I want…… The big event can only be left to the next chapter qwq


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