Chapter 21

“It feels like you are at the level of a B-level Sentinel…” Lian Yu’s free hand held Cen Zhen’s hand hanging by his side, “The strength should be at the B+ level, but your five senses are not good enough, just like an underdeveloped Sentinel. So strange, are you intersex? Do you want to go to the hospital for a scan of the glands?”

The cool water moisturizes the dry and chapped lips. Cen Zhen managed to breathe steadily, and when he opened his lips, he found that the water bottle was raised viciously by the Sentinel. He had to raise his head to chase the clear water overflowing from the mouth of the water bottle. The curve of the neck was thus exposed to Lian Yu’s vision, the black neckband outlined this undulating arc made it look even sexier, and Adam’s apple that slid along with the swallowing movement made Lian Yu’s mouth inexplicably dry.

I want to mark him.

Once this thought was formed, it burned Lian Yu’s mind like a raging fire with the force of a prairie fire. Long-term marking is not as simple as temporary marking that only requires the Guide to reach out and touch the Sentinel’s glands. It requires the Guide to bite the Sentinel’s glands, then the Sentinel to bite the Guide’s glands. The two actions have to be completed together in a short period of time to establish the long-term marking.

Lian Yu couldn’t wait any longer.

After drinking the water, Cen Zhen basically washed his head at the same time. Lian Yu stared at his Adam’s apple and dreamed of something, so he was distracted and poured half a pot of water on top of his head.

Cen Zhen shook the drops of water from his black hair, raised his sore hands angrily and helplessly, and lifted his forehead hair, revealing his smooth forehead. He looked at Lian Yu again and found that the other party’s eyes were burning with excitement. The smile on the corner of his lips became more wanton as if he had made up his mind.

“……I will rest for another ten minutes.”

“It’s ok, I’ll carry you up.” Lian Yu said as he reached to grab Cen Zhen’s legs, but before Cen Zhen could refuse, a sharpened wooden arrow suddenly came with the wind and rubbed against Lian Yu’s shoulders and got firmly embedded in the cracks on the stone wall.

Lian Yu’s playful look disappeared in an instant, and took out the gun at a speed that ordinary people’s naked eyes couldn’t catch. He pointed the muzzle of the electromagnetic gun in the direction of the arrow, and said sharply: “Come out!”

Soon, the bushes in the distance swayed, and a Sentinel came out from the darkness. He raised his hands as a gesture of friendliness, and there was a calm smile on his face. It was Hong Xing, “Don’t be nervous, we are on the same team.”

It’s a surprise that Hong Xing is also in the red camp. The plot of the midterm assessment really went in a distorted direction without a chance of returning.

Before his words could finish, a gunshot hit Hong Xing’s side. Fan rushed out from behind the tree. After staggering to his feet, he was so angry that his face was disoriented. He was holding a light crossbow in his hand. Clearly, that wooden arrow just now was done by him.

Lian Yu laughed provocatively, supported Cen Zhen who was slowly trying to stand upright and let him lean on his shoulder.

Since the Sentinels were out in the light now, the two Guides of their team naturally came out from behind the tree one after the other. A fair-skinned and beautiful girl walked up to Hong Xing and hugged his elbow, and the other was a rather gender neutral looking boy with brown hair. The boy stood behind Fan and asked him if he was okay.

“Why are there only the two of you? Where are Yao Jin and Pan?” Hong Xing seemed unaware of the turbulent tide between Lian Yu and Fan and walked briskly toward Cen Zhen and Lian Yu with his Guide.

“They abstained. Go to the hospital and ask them about the specific situation after the game.” With one sentence, Cen Zhen silenced all the performances that Hong Xing was about to blurt out. He didn’t want to bother explaining the ins and outs of the poisoning, and he didn’t bother to watch Hong Xing pretend to be surprised and eager.

Fan looked at the shoulders of Cen Zhen and Lian Yu that were so close together. The more he looked at them, the more jealous he became. Especially after Lian Yu noticed he’s looking and proceeded to rub Cen Zhen’s forearm deliberately as he supported him. Fan quickly got angry and said: “What are you doing, you useless Sentinel! How can you make a Guide this exhausted? “

A great white shark full of sharp teeth fell from mid-air to the ground, bounced a few times on the ground, got covered in mud, then disappeared out of thin air like bursting bubbles.

Shocked by this horrifying scene, Cen Zhen raised his head and found that besides Fan who was as angry as a pufferfish, another person was also staring at him with resentful eyes. It was the Guide standing behind Fan.

The iconic phoenix eyes made Cen Zhen instantly recognize the identity of this person. In the original novel, he didn’t have many roles, but at least he is better than ‘Cen Zhen’s’ ex-boyfriend Hui. He has an unthoughtful name, Lele, and admires Fan for many years. He has always regarded himself as a friend and dared not show his true feelings. The existence of “Cen Zhen” was naturally regarded as a thorn in his eyes. When “Cen Zhen” bullied the male lead many times, Lele upheld the mentality of an enemy’s enemy as a friend and occasionally helped the male lead.

Originally, Fan’s attitude towards “Cen Zhen” has always been loathing and disgust, and Lele’s reaction when meeting “Cen Zhen” is only disdain and rejection. However, no clue what’s wrong with Fan now that he somehow has a good impression of Cen Zhen, Lele’s jealousy was beyond words, that can even be exploited outside one’s screen.

A little hamster stretched its teeth and paws on Lele’s shoulder, baring its two front teeth, who knows who it could gnaw on.

“Well…we got too intense just now,” Lian Yu intentionally showed a flirtatious expression, “Can’t help it since he took the initiative and was so enthusiastic. I will pay more attention next time, so he won’t be physically exhausted like this.”

Of course, no one would believe this. Even though Fan’s face was so stinky, he could smell that Cen Zhen didn’t even have Lain Yu’s pheromone smell on him at all. How could this be the case if something did happen between them?

“Okay, Fan,” Hong Xing came out to make peace, he stopped Fan with his eyes from continuing to look for trouble, and then turned his head to advise Cen Zhen, “But you two should pay more attention to the surroundings. This place is very close to the flag point on the map and is very dangerous, so be more careful… What is your team’s score? Are you planning to go up and pull the flag now, or are you planning to stay back for a while?”

“Pull the flag now.” Cen Zhen was almost done recovering, he pushed Lian Yu to signal that he could let go, and the latter glanced at Fan triumphantly, and then he leaned against the stone wall to wipe his electromagnetic gun leisurely. If Lele hadn’t stopped him, Fan would have launched a duel against Lian Yu with just this provocative look.

“Ah, we plan to do the same.” Hong Xing smiled and felt something was wrong again, “The points must be deducted if a participant abstains. Yao Jin and Pan both abstained, which means -200 points. You…”

Without waiting for Cen Zhen to open his mouth, Lian Yu hurriedly replied: “Yes, in the beginning, we had 0 points and there was no way to go on with the exam, so we have been struggling until now. Thinking that, we should pull the flag as soon as possible so that we can enter the rematch.

Yao Jin, I’m so done with him. How could he drag our feet as a S when he knew I’m just a D! Especially since I’m with a C, and both of them abstained, I wonder if he did it on purpose…”

“Lian! Yu!” Fan heard him slander Yao Jin using such shameless words, new and old grudges added together, and pushed Lele, who is comforting him, aside. The next second, he appeared in front of Lian Yu with a punch aggressively going at him.

Lian Yu barely dodged in time and jumped out in the opposite direction to Cen Zhen. With the electromagnetic gun on his back, he had no intention of using it. Fan also tied the crossbow around his waist, and unilaterally chased him with his bare hands. Lian Yu just tried to avoid it and run around.

Hearing Lian Yu’s complaints against Yao Jin, Hong Xing’s eyes flashed with strangeness, but in an instant, he was the familiar kind big brother who called out to stop the fight.

Cen Zhen saw that the two Senitnels over there were chasing each other very lively, so he seized all the time to rest. He sat down again, kneaded the overused calf muscles, and then raised his head to drink the last drops of water in the water bottle.

However, at this moment, a pair of army green boots walked up to him. Lele looked at him condescendingly, sneered suddenly, squatted down, and said in a low voice: “Bitch, your tricks are getting better and better. You now know how to play hard to get…”

Cen Zhen slowly raised his eyes, his blue pupils seemed to be covered with ice, exuding a cold air. If Lele noticed his gaze at this time, even if he was not scared to immediately silence himself, he would surely feel terrified to speak less. But Lele’s eyes fell on his own hands, and while fiddling with his fingers, he said, “But so what, your nature remains. Fan, he—”

Before he could finish speaking, Cen Zhen punched Lele on the left side of the cheek, directly punching Lele’s word back into his stomach, and he flew to the ground half a meter away.

Accompanied by this sound, Fan and Lian Yu’s chase stopped instantly. Hong Xing had the face of ‘what the hell are you guys doing’, so frustrated that he wanted to swear. Lian Yu returned to Cen Zhen’s side in an instant, and asked distressingly: “Does your hand hurt? Did he scold you just now? I knew that it would be no good for this mean-eyed guy to approach you.”

In fact, Lele has a baby face, and round eyes, with a very pleasing look, but Lian Yu still talks nonsense mindfully, insisting on tagging him with mean looking.

Fan’s reaction was a step behind Lian Yu, and he didn’t get a good position next to Cen Zhen. He looked at Lele on the ground, and then at Cen Zhen who looked indifferent and showed a slight smile. On Hong Xing’s way to check Lele’s injury, he quickly gave him a warning, “What are you laughing at?”

“Laughing at someone making such a big scene for being jealous, so afraid that there’s no audience to witness it.” Fan said to himself, but fortunately, he still has a little kindness for his teammates, and he suppressed his smile when he came to Lele’s side.

The Guide belonging to Hong Xing, the fourth person on their team, a girl with a delicate appearance raised her willow eyebrows. She looked at Lele’s rapidly red and swollen left face, and said angrily: “Hey you! How could you suddenly hit someone like this? Such a shame especially since you are Hong Xing and Fan’s friend. Hong Xing, what’s going on?!”

Lele was in so much pain, tears flowed down, and he held Fan’s hand in front of him with grievances, and Fan shook it off forcefully, pretending to be serious: “That’s right. Cen Zhen, no matter what happens, you shouldn’t do something like this… Come apologies, and this matter will be over.”

“How come it’s over!” Lele couldn’t believe that he had lost consciousness on half of his face after being beaten, but Fan wanted to turn things around so easily.

Lian Yu narrowed his eyes slightly, and his gray-green eyes scanned the four of them to confirm each person’s fighting strength, then turned to look at Cen Zhen, waiting for his signal. He is the Sentinel of this Guide, and only this person matters in his eyes and heart.

Cen Zhen, who had been silent all this time, finally uttered his first words since beating someone: “Why did I hit you… What do you think, Seventy-one?”

Lele opened his mouth to curse, but the ‘seventy-one’ really made him puzzled, and Cen Zhen added: “To be precise, seventy-one point forty-five.”

In an instant, Lele’s voice became hoarse, and his eyeballs almost popped out.

71.45% is the true compatibility between Lele and Fan, which is 10% lower than the 81.64% between ‘Cen Zhen’ and Fan. It is for this reason that Lele dared not confess for a long time and even forged the compatibility test result of the hospital, lying to Fan that their compatibility is 80.06%.

This is the information obtained by “Cen Zhen” after many investigations in the original novel, because Fan and Lele formed a team in the mid-term assessment, and he held a grudge. However, it took him a long time to discover Lele’s lies, and he chose the very wrong timing to tell Fan, and contrary made Fan feel even less favorable towards him.

This riddle-like sentence attracted everyone’s attention. Except for Cen Zhen and Lele, whose complexion was pale and dark. Everyone else was confused, and Lian Yu asked doubtfully, “What do you mean? Tell me secretly, I won’t tell anyone.”

“Nothing, go and pull the flag.” Cen Zhen displeasely pushed away Lian Yu’s face that was coming so close to his, and didn’t bother to pay attention to Lele who didn’t dare to be arrogant on the ground anymore. He blacklisted Fan for three whole months now and has been studying for the rise of the Guide wholeheartedly. Yet, the first word this Guide dumbfounded by love says to him is bitch, and since Cen Zhen has the power in his hands, plus he is curious about his physical strength, what else would be better than just putting it to test?

The delicate female Guide could also see that Cen Zhen got something on Lele, a simple 71.45 washed away all his anger and made him as quiet as a quail. Although she really wanted to know the tea, she still cares for Lele’s self-esteem and privacy, and didn’t dive any deeper.

Seeing that Cen Zhen was about to climb the mountain, Fan couldn’t wait to shake off Lele’s hand, and said, “Cen Zhen, no one has climbed this rock wall before. There must be traps. Let me carry you up.”


Original Author’s Note: 

Lian Yu: My warm chest or that idiot’s back, which one would you choose?

Cen Zhen: …… (Picking up the nape of the catfish’s fate, and climbs the mountain with one hand faster than anyone )


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