Chapter 20

During this soul-stirring vibration, not to mention drowsiness, it could even kill someone if it happened to a different person. Cen Zhen covered his unconscious hand, gritted his teeth with a gloomy face, and said, “You’d better give me a reasonable explanation.” 

“Ah?” Lian Yu jumped down from the sky, with a green leaf in his mouth, and nearly twenty supply boxes in his arm; large and small. He put it all on the ground, and asked, “Are you mad? I worked so hard in the middle of the night to ‘kill’ and rob when you ground your teeth and kicked the lion while asleep, and then you’re mad at me as soon as you wake up?”

Cen Zhen has a better idea of his sleeping behavior than him. He clicked on the team score interface, and the score lying stately on there was 391. Lian Yu exaggeratedly wowed beside him: “Oh my, did something go wrong with the exam system? How did we suddenly gain nearly 300 points.”

“Have you acted enough?” Cen Zhen bent down indifferently and opened the supply boxes on the ground one by one. Lian Yu let out a sound of disappointment behind him and muttered, “You cruel ice cube.”

While dismantling, Cen Zhen asked without emotion: “Where do we rank with 391 points?”

Lian Yu took out a box of Chinese Checkers from the supply box, opened it and it was full of colorful glass beads, “Probably in the top lead.”

“Where did you go last night?”

“I travel around the whole map. Do you think 300 points are easy to get? I beat up all the blue teams I could see and collected all the boxes in sight. I’m exhausted, super exhausted.”

“…” Cen Zhen glanced at Lian Yu hesitantly, only to hear the other party emphasize again: “I’m exhausted!”

Cen Zhen stuffed the newly opened coffee beans back into the supply box and stretched out his hand to Lian Yu. Three minutes later, the omnipotent long-haired Sentinel lay loosely on his lion, stretched out his two long straight legs wrapped in black combat trousers, playing with his neckband in his hand, with his side neck bare, his eyes half-closed, closely watching Cen Zhen’s every move.

Under this fiery gaze, Cen Zhen still went his own way. He asked, “Since you visited the whole island and our team leads in points, why didn’t you just pull out the flag?”

“There are people who are guarding the flag.” Lian Yu started to play with his hair after playing with the neckband. “Five groups of tenth grade Sentinels and Guides. They said they are off work at night and are no longer accepting flag pulling, and told me to get there early the next morning.”

In the original novel, because the male lead’s team lags in points, the exam has already come to an end before they reached the flag point, so how the flag was pulled was not mentioned in the plot. Besides fighting, there is another way to easily pull out the flag. Many people have discovered this method, but conditions do not allow it. In the end, the other S-rank Sentinel in the third grade violently broke through guard and got the flag.

No longer accepting flag pulling because they are off work at night? Cen Zhen felt strange no matter how he thought about it, he asked suspiciously: “Are you sure that’s what they said?”

“Of course – no.” Lian Yu sat upright, and pulled out a dark green hair tie from his pocket, “I’ll tell you if you tie my hair again.”

Cen Zhen didn’t bother to say that they are on the same team, so why should he agree to his conditions for wanting to win? Anyway, if he doesn’t follow this Sentinel’s request, this Sentinel would for sure throw a tantrum, so it’s better to comply with his wishes earlier and keep his ears in peace.

This time, Cen Zhen tied a clean high ponytail for Lian Yu. Lian Yu looked left and right at the reflective surface of the dagger, making various poses, looking very satisfied.

“The leading Sentinel said that if I want the flag, I have to exchange it with something the same as the flag, otherwise I’ll have to step over them.”

“Exchanging with something the same as the flag…?” Cen Zhen lowered his eyes thoughtfully. The explanation for stepping over them is very simple, it’s to defeat them. The so-called ‘the other way’ must be this sentence: exchange with something the same as the flag.

That means using another flag to exchange, but here comes the question, where can they find another flag?

“Because I suspected that the flag might be in the supply boxes, so I grabbed all the boxes I could find… It seems that there are none.” Lian Yu opened the last supply box, which contained a bag of milk. He happily announced he found breakfast, but he couldn’t find a straw after searching for a long time.

“I got it.” Cen Zhen turned his head firmly and saw Lian Yu biting a hole in the milk bag, holding the body of the bag with one hand, and pouring milk into his mouth frantically. The scene was quite stupid looking.

“You know already?” Lian Yu wiped the corners of her lips with the back of her hand. Seeing that Cen Zhen was looking at him, he deliberately let out a small part of his pink tongue to lick the milk at the corner of his mouth. 

Not sure if Cen Zhen was seduced, but the little snow leopard who got carried around by Lian Yu all night is so hungry that it is lying on its master’s shoulder, stretching out two fluffy paws and yearning for food.

Cen Zhen took this little thing that was stupider than a roe deer back into his mental space. According to the original novel, the outcome of this match was decided at 17:00 on the last day. On the second day, the scope of the venue was temporarily reduced as a rule to avoid passive participation. Nearly 800 people from the red and blue sides nestled on a hill and fought each other frantically throughout the afternoon.

The reason why he was traveling so slowly is precisely because of this. Since the exam has already prepared the time and place for them to score points, why waste energy the day before. Cen Zhen even conceived countless ways to set up traps and sneak attacks in the crowd, but no one is all-knowing like the God, and who knows why Lian Yu went crazy and all out, carrying the team all by himself. After he raised the score from 15 to 391, Cen Zhen suddenly felt that there was no need to continue the game.

“How far is the flag point from here? The earlier we finish, the earlier we can go back and rest.” Cen Zhen picked up a few things from the supply box on the ground without much interest. Lian Yu pursed his lips when he watched him, ” You don’t seem very happy?”

Cen Zhen didn’t deliberately hide it from him, and said bluntly: “You have done it all by yourself, what do you want me to do?”

“…” Lian Yu thought for a while, “Then should I go find a few more blue teams to give away the points?”

Cen Zhen didn’t respond, Lian Yu hurriedly said: “Didn’t I just want to save you some effort, I want you to wake up the next day and see a bunch of points, full of surprises, tears in your eyes, and gifts me your first kiss—”

“You are crazy.”

“…Hey, you are very much like the kind of unreasonable little Guide who receives a gift from a Sentinel who has worked hard for three months, finds out that he doesn’t like it, and then says ‘ Did I beg you to give me this?’ “

Pow, a white chess piece flew towards Lian Yu’s left eye, but the latter catched it firmly in his palm. Lian Yu put the chess piece into his jacket pocket with a smile, “Cen Zhen, your actions really don’t match your heart……”

“On the surface, you seem to reject me thousands of miles away, as if you are done with me, but in your heart, you are angry at not being able to act with me.”

“Are you annoyed that I always act alone?”

Is that so? Cen Zhen couldn’t deny that he didn’t realize that the Guide’s dependence on the Sentinel had already started affecting him after the marking. After Lian Yu reminded him, Cen Zhen realized that the anger in his heart at this moment was irrational and a bit hypocritical.

After further investigation, Cen Zhen found that he hoped that the Sentinel would stay quietly on the branch with the snow leopard throughout the night, stay still, accompany him, and not move around. This idea is quite different from his usual personality. 

He once again refreshed his understanding of Sentinels and Guides. As well as the importance of marking. This is a higher-level fetter than emotion, not controlled by reason, and comes from the nature of this special race.

However, can it be affected to such a degree with only 60% compatibility?

Cen Zhen turned his head and looked at Lian Yu, who had a perverse smile, and suddenly said, “Shall we test the compatibility?”

“Huh?” Lian Yu didn’t understand why Cen Zhen’s thinking was so jumpy, but he didn’t refuse and even welcomed it quite a bit. He rolled up his sleeves and pressed the terminal against Cen Zhen’s wrist, and the two terminals beeped together, showing the same line:

The compatibility between you and the other party is 62.99%

It rose again.

From 60.23% to 62.99%, the difference is 2.76%. Although it is less than 3 percent, it still slows down Lian Yu’s breathing. The golden lion jumped up the hillside, shook his mane, and roared toward the rising sun twice. Then the next second, he realized how stupid it looked, and took the initiative to return to Lian Yu’s mental space to secretly get excited where no one was looking.

“I was definitely right.” Lian Yu pursed his lips and leaned near Cen Zhen’s ear, “Our compatibility increased so quickly, are you quite satisfied with me?”

Under normal circumstances, the compatibility between the Sentinel and the Guide will change with the increase or decrease of mutual affection, but this change is very small, from mutual hatred to deep affection, it can only change by 5 percentage points at most. Theoretically, Cen Zhen and Lian Yu started from a common acquaintance, there was no hostility, so the range of compatibility fluctuations should have been even smaller. The 2.76% change was enough for them to become a married couple, meaning they were inseparable, but in all reality……

Cen Zhen didn’t feel anything, Lian Yu was flirtatious on the surface, but Cen Zhen reckoned that he probably also didn’t feel anything.


Two hours later, Cen Zhen finally ran non-stop along the path that Lian Yu scouted last night and reached the bottom of the steep hill where the flag was planted. He wiped the sweat from his face, panting heavily, exhausted. Cen Zhen couldn’t hold on to the water bottle on his waist for a few seconds. After a few seconds of upholding, he couldn’t help but sit down slowly along the rock behind him.

Lian Yu, who had already climbed the rock wall for more than ten meters, realized that he hadn’t followed, looked down, and then jumped down.

“You’re tired?” Lian Yu knelt and opened the water bottle for the soft-handed Cen Zhen, “You finally can’t do it anymore. If you continue to run, I feel like I marked a Sentinel.”

As he spoke, Lian Yu pressed the spout of the water bottle to Cen Zhen’s lips and patted Cen Zhen’s hand which was trying to grab the bottle. The corners of his lips were full of smirks, and with just one glance, Cen Zhen knew that this person must be full of bad plans.

Cen Zhen was really tired, his throat was so hoarse that he couldn’t utter a single sound. He wanted to see the limit of his physical strength, so he asked Lian Yu to lead him at the highest speed straight toward the finish line. The key point was that Lian Yu was quite rude, he didn’t regard Cen Zhen as a Guide at all, he rushed right out, and continued for two hours straight.

But from beginning to end, Cen Zhen never yelled to stop.


Note from the original author:


The midterm will end in about two chapters, and I’m planning something big before my novel starts charging. (excitedly rubbing hands


Translator’s Note:

The next few chapters are extremely long, so I will probably divide them into two or three parts. ˙w˙


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