Chapter 19

“You…”, Hui’s aggressive roar got stuck in his throat and turned into tears and sobs. His face was covered with tears and nosebleeds. The salty blood dripped into his mouth as he opened his mouth.

Cen Zhen’s terminal suddenly started to vibrate violently, causing his whole hand to shake. The frequency was so terrifying that even if the blue team was full of insiders, and they all stood still naked for them to beat, it would not be possible to gain this many points.

What did Lian Yu do?

The trembling of his fingers did not escape Hui’s attention. Compared to Cen Zhen’s expressionless face, Hui seemed to be forcibly resisting and pretending something. Under the indifferent shell, his fingertips uncontrollably revealed the true emotions of its owner’s heart; vividly expressing the struggle and panic within Hui.

Coupled with the soreness of the eye sockets and the tip of the nose—mainly caused by being beaten, the moonlight caressed Cen Zhen’s black hair and those blue eyes that were still the same as when they first met, all kinds of factors came together, and Hui’s heart softened suddenly. Feeling the urge to cry: “Zhen…”

The call of ‘Zhen’ made Cen Zhen’s scalp numb, followed by the overwhelming amount of pheromones, Hui’s spiritual body lizard suddenly appeared on Cen Zhen’s shoulder, shrinking into a ball with teary eyes.

“Zhen, why did you… did I not treat you well… What’s so good about Fan, and that D-level Sentinel, what’s better about them?” This is the question that has been lingering in Hui’s mind, and he is not reconciled, “Have you ever liked me, have you ever!”

Cen Zhen: “……”

He recalled the few episodes between “Cen Zhen” and Hui in the novel and suddenly remembered that when “Cen Zhen’s” glands were destroyed and all thoughts were lost in the hospital, an anonymous bouquet was delivered to his bedside. It was his favorite white guide flower, with the flower language peace and hope.

To earn the tears of readers, the representation of “Cen Zhen” before his death was slightly washed, he wrote a “thank you” card and put it next to the flowers, and soon after, he resolutely jumped off the top of the hospital.

Cen Zhen has no experience in dealing with relationship problems, and he has never even liked anyone, but since he has taken up the identity of others, and become this Guide who has countless backup filtering subjects, these involvements cannot be avoided after all.

He didn’t know what would be the most appropriate thing to say at this time. Faced with the Sentinel’s questioning, Cen Zhen remained silent for as long as a minute. He even felt that returning to the snowy area he was most familiar with and fighting with bears was easier than answering this question.

In the end, he raised his hand and held up a snow leopard that looked about a month old in his palm, “I have lost all my memory, and my spiritual body has also changed. Just treat me as a different person.”

“……” Hui choked up, looked at the spiritual body and then at Cen Zhen, suddenly wiped away the nosebleed, and said angrily: “You fucking playing with me! This is a leopard! It’s the spirit body of that Sentinel, right? Where is he hiding!”

“I’m telling the truth. I don’t know if that Persian cat likes you or not.” Cen Zhen took off the lizard from his shoulder and held it up in front of the snow leopard. The little snow leopard stared at the lizard’s tongue curiously for a while then suddenly stretched out his claws, grabbed the lizard, and stuffed it into his mouth, which had just grown its teeth.

Hui snapped the lizard back. If the spiritual body was bitten or killed, his spirit would also be damaged. Cen Zhen also put the snow leopard back into the spiritual space, “But I now sure don’t, I am just a stranger with you at the moment. You are a very nice person, and you will definitely find a more suitable Guide in the future.”

As soon as the ‘good guy card’ is issued, Cen Zhen doesn’t care whether Hui is willing to accept it or not. He clicks on the projection screen with the team score on, turns around, and starts running.

102 points lay quietly on the holographic projection and jumped to 112 in the blink of an eye.

Of course, Hui wouldn’t just let Cen Zhen run away like this. He chased after for two steps, and suddenly saw his teammate in front of him waving anxiously at him shouting, “Captain!”

Seeing Cen Zhen pass by his teammate, and this stupid teammate didn’t even stop him, he just jumped around in a hurry. Hui had no clue what he was in a hurry for, and quickly pointed at Cen Zhen and shouted: “Stop him.”

“I—” The teammate glanced at the Guide beside him in embarrassment, but still didn’t move, and even lowered his voice, “Captain, leave him alone, come quickly…”

Hui had an ominous premonition, “…What?” He followed his teammates and ran to the place where Cen Zhen lit the fire. A long-haired man was sitting there. Under him were a dozen or so members of the blue team or the red team in a pile. Some of the people are still howling, while others straight off passed out. Layers and layers of randomly piled-up human bodies formed his throne, and the long-haired Sentinel himself was crossing his legs and wiping his electromagnetic gun leisurely.

In Cen Zhen’s eyes, a male lion should also be added to the picture, which follows its master and steps on the loser’s body, standing against the wind, with its thick mane fluttering slowly, and a pair of animal pupils shining in the night.

The eight members of the blue team were wiped out, and there were only a few Guides on the red team left trembling on the side. Since beating them wouldn’t score them any points, Lian Yu was too lazy to beat them up.  

Seeing Cen Zhen appear, Lian Yu jumped off from the pile of people. He hung the electromagnetic gun behind his back, a little unhappy, “Where did you hide, you are covered with pheromones of other Sentinel.”

The mark will make the Sentinel feel possessive that the Guide only belongs to them. If the Guide has too much contact with another Sentinel, even if it is the relationship between the Sentinel patient and the Guide doctor in the hospital, the Sentinel will feel disharmony.

Cen Zhen didn’t answer, but Lian Yu had already found the answer. He looked at Hui, who was shocked, not far away, and everyone within his sight trembled uneasily. This shows the level of Lian Yu’s cruelty when Cen Zhen wasn’t around. “Whether it’s your ex-boyfriend, Fan, or whatever, it’s a matter of the previous life, in this life…” Lian Yu took a step forward, turning his back to Cen Zhen, lip miming——

He’s mine.

“This is impossible…” Hui looked at the scene in front of him in disbelief. This is absolutely impossible for a D-rank Sentinel to do, no matter how rich his combat experience and how clever his mind, this kind of the absolute suppression of force crushing everything in such a one-sided massacre can only be done by S-level Sentinel. Yet, he has checked Lian Yu’s student information thoroughly, could it be that the system has gone wrong?

Or did he suddenly awaken during this half semester? Or was he deliberately hiding his strength in the physical fitness test at the end of last semester? Who is this person, and why has he never heard of him before?

Cen Zhen doesn’t like showing off, but it seems that Lian Yu likes it. He is like a winning peacock, proudly spreading his tail in front of the loser, showing off his magnificent tail feathers to the losers. When he had enough, Cen Zhen turned his back and called in a low voice: “Let’s go.” After speaking, he continued on his way.

Hui wanted to stop Cen Zhen, but he had no position. In just a few minutes, he felt the change in Cen Zhen. First of all, he talked a lot less. In addition, he in the past must be comforting a Sentinel while looking at another Sentinel with a sorry and aggrieved look at this time. Hui understood that this kind of behavior was called acting like a goody-two-shoes, but many people, including him, are convinced by it.

But now Cen Zhen is cold just like…a Sentinel.

“Hey.” Lian Yu shouted and caught up with Cen Zhen. In addition to the electromagnetic gun, he now has a pack of meat jerky booty, which is hard to chew and sharp. Sentinel always uses it as a teething item, but some Guides actually like the flavor, “Do you want some?”

Cen Zhen glanced at him sideways, took one, put it in his mouth, and bit slowly until the wind dried the hot sweat on his body. Lian Yu finally couldn’t hold back and complained: “Why don’t you ask me? “

“What do you want me to ask?” Cen Zhen reached into the tree hole where the lion stopped, circled, and poked around. After scaring away a roosting squirrel, he took out a supply box.

“Ask me how I did it! How did I beat them to pieces with just me against a hundred.” Lian Yu said, likening his hand to a gun, and pointed it at Cen Zhen’s eyebrows, making a bang gesture.

Cen Zhen lowered his eyes and opened the supply box, “I haven’t figured out what’s wrong with me, and I don’t have time to think about your secret.” For example, he can’t explain his current level of physical strength and still is confused.

The fact that the spiritual body is a carnivore snow leopard is also a big doubt for him. In addition to strength, his jumping ability and responsiveness also, Cen Zhen cannot simply describe it as a coincidence.

“Oh~~” Lian Yu smiled and moved his face closer, “I understand~ It is really impressive. When I first discovered it, it took me a long time to confirm that it was real.”

What do you understand? Cen Zhen squinted at Lian Yu, and slapped the chess pieces drawn from the supply box into his arms, “I’m going to sleep, wake me up every three hours to re-establish the temporary marking.”

“It’s so troublesome,” Lian Yu started his habit of taking advantage of the situation, “Can’t you just establish a long-term marking with me?”

Cen Zhen lay down on the ground, taking out the snow leopard from the mental space to use as a pillow in a surprisingly skillful manner. The little snow leopard was sleeping soundly, but was suddenly called out by its owner, then ruthlessly got pressed down on its soft belly. It barked softly and continued to sleep submissively in that position.

“You are really… difficult to figure out.” Lian Yu half-knelt down to rescue the snow leopard, and the lion immediately took the initiative to take over the work of the snow leopard, lying on his side and letting Cen Zhen lie on top of it.

Cen Zhen accepted it calmly, quickly found a suitable position, and closed his eyes. Lian Yu squatted beside him and stared at him for a while, stuffed the little white leopard into his arms, and jumped up to the top of the tree.

The snow leopard waved its paws in his arms in protest, expressing that this position was very uncomfortable. After a while, it wrenched its head out from the collar, and Lian Yu rubbed its two ears, “Can’t you see it, your master sold you to me.”

“Tell me, what should I give in return this time?”

“Miow.” The little snow leopard cried out, subconsciously biting its tail.

The snow leopard was indeed deliberately released by Cen Zhen to be Lian Yu’s companion. At night, his vision was limited, and he didn’t want to cause any trouble by lighting a fire, so he simply traded his spiritual body for a good night’s sleep with that one hyperactive patient.

As expected, Lian Yu didn’t bother him, and he didn’t even wake him up in the middle of the night to re-establish the temporary marking. Cen Zhen slept until dawn, and before he fully opened his eyes, the terminal felt his awakening from his heartbeat and breathing, and immediately there was a ten-minute shaking just like a Parkinsonian tremor, which made half of Cen Zhen’s arm go numb.


Original Author’s Note: 

At this time, what Lian Yu feels for Cen Zhen is not love, it’s just because he is the only Guide who is compatible with him, so he has a possessive desire. As for Cen Zhen’s feelings towards Lian Yu, there’s barely anything.

If I have to say it, the two probably will get married first (Establish permanent marking) and then fall in love.


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