Chapter 16

Hearing the two talking nonsense to each other, aroused the dissatisfaction of the reminding blue camp members. The hostage felt that Lian Yu was busy flirting with his Guide, and didn’t pay much attention to him, decides to seize the opportunity to sneak up and attack the bridge of his nose. However, as soon as he raised his hand, Lian Yu fired the gun mercilessly. Even if it’s just the laser air bullet used for the exam, when aimed at the head at close range, its impact made the Guide faint right at the spot.

15 Points.

“You’re looking for death!!” The Sentinel in charge of the blue camp turns around violently with a roar. His goal was obvious. If you hurt my Guide, I will kill your Guide.

The short Guide held his head and yelled loudly, but even so, he did not turn around to run away, abandoning Cen Zhen. Cha’s pupils were constricted as she firmly guarded in front of Cen Zhen. However, many of the blue camp Sentinels understood their superiority in numbers, so as soon as their commander moved, they also launched attacks on Cen Zhen.

This time it was no longer a game where the cat played with the mouse, but a real fight that is targeted to make Cen Zhen incapable of fighting just like the fainted Guide and the raccoon Sentinel.

As a Sentinel, Lian Yu was surrounded by nine Guides. His only feeling was that he could knock them all down with just one arm.

Some of the Guides withdrew their spiritual link from their Sentinel in order to protect themselves and condensed spiritual tentacles to attack Lian Yu’s mental barriers. But even so, because both appeasement and attack depend on compatibility, the higher the compatibility, the easier it is to appease a Sentinel, and the easier it is to attack one.

It’s a pity that Lian Yu’s compatibility with any Guide is awfully low, their attack feels like a joke. Except for the one time, Cen Zhen slapped him which made him stunned and almost lost consciousness, all other spiritual tentacles hitting him gave him zero pain, not even itching. 

The battle situation on Cen Zhen’s side is not the same. The Sentinel’s attack has little to do with mental strength, and it all depends on whether their fists are strong or not. Obviously, the fists of these blue Sentinels are very strong. When the fist barely rubbed against the short Guide, half of his eye sockets turned blue.

If it weren’t for the special planet’s high medical level that can heal broken bones and almost bring the dead back to life, with this intensity of fighting between Sentinels in a small midterm exam like this, all the Sentinel and Guide on this planet would be dead within three years.

“Run, quick!” Cha couldn’t hold on any longer, their team’s points were no longer enough for her to defend Cen Zhen from harm, but she also couldn’t just watch a Guide get hurt. Considering the situation, her only hope is that Cen Zhen can be more alert and run away quickly.

But what she didn’t expect was that Cen Zhen fought back. In her panicky constricted pupils, a reflection of a Guide leaning sideways to avoid the Sentinel’s foldable chair, then using a lighter to burn the opponent’s hair was shown.

Cha did not watch the video of Cen Zhen picking down the badge at the match-making party, and the short Guide’s over-detailed description made her subjectively think he was exaggerating. However, what she saw with her own eyes today finally made Cha realize that there is a Guide who can be compared with B-level Sentinel in physical combat.

At the same time, Lian Yu also appeared beside Cen Zhen, and his speed was much faster than most of the blue Sentinels. This unabashed behavior made Cen Zhen a little confused about Lian Yu’s intention to change his physical strength to D-level.

At first, he thought that Lian Yu was afraid that his abilities would be too outstanding, and he would be suspected of being the Dark Sentinel 1802, However, although he now changed himself to a D, his actual performance was even above A. Doesn’t this attract more attention?

Is it just that he wants to pretend to be different and special? Cen Zhen thinks that Lian Yu should not be this boring, but then rethink it through, maybe Lian Yu for real is that boring? ?

“Who allowed you to touch him?” Lian Yu pinched the wrist of the Sentinel holding the foldable chair and followed by a crisp sound, along with the Sentinel’s scream, his right hand was broken easily.

The Sentinel’s bones are much denser than Guides and ordinary humans. The same as Lian Yu jumped off from a height of more than a dozen meters without any injuries, the fact that he can break the wrist of another Sentinel so easily, reflects how terrifying Lian Yu’s power is.

The Guide belonged to the Sentinel holding the foldable chair hurriedly got up from the ground, ignoring the scratches and bruises all over his body, and used his mental power to relieve his pain. Fortunately, Lian Yu didn’t go crazy to the limit. After breaking the sentinel’s wrist, he threw him aside. He carried the most useful weapon, the electromagnetic gun behind his back as if it were garbage, and approached the next blue sentinel with his bare hands with a smile.

Because Lian Yu’s performance was so brutal, the Sentinels on the blue side, who had been relying on their numbers and strength, showed a tendency to retreat in an instant.

Dalao’s friends are indeed even stronger dalao. Cen Zhen probably said that he ran away from the battle as a joke, but how can he believe it for real? That was so inappropriate of him. The short Guide supported Cha who was crumbling, and reminded them: ” Weapons! Weapons, you can’t get points if you fight like this! And Cen Zhen, don’t burn their hair, it’s not fatal, and there’s no point!”

“Ah?” Lian Yu looked as if he had just realized this problem. He looked at Cen Zhen, and saw that the other party took out the only box of toothpicks he had with no expression, and turned around to ask the short Guide: “Does piercing between one’s fingernails with a toothpick count as a fatal attack?”

The Shorty:”……”

Before the short Guide could answer, the blue Sentinels and Guides had already fled away like birds and beasts in panic. Who would have thought that the blue-eyed Guide with such a delicate appearance has a vicious heart? Soon, the only ones left were the Sentinel and Guide who had fainted, and the one Sentinel with a broken wrist awaiting rescue.

The Sentinel with the severed hand injury had very low resentment toward Lian Yu. The nature of Sentinels is to admire and respect the strong, so he could only blame himself for not being strong enough when his wrist was snapped. After doing the first aid, he grinned his teeth in pain, “Bro, what level is your physical strength, ow! Take a test at the end of the semester ASAP, maybe you’ll be the third S level in our grade.”

“I’m just a D.” Lian Yu squatted down with a smile, and showed his student information to the Sentinel, “How could I be an S, such a funny joke.”

Not far away, his golden lion was circling the tree, as if it were taking a stroll in the garden, wagging its tail leisurely.

“Damn, that’s impossible.” The Sentinel with a broken hand dragged over the terminal interface with his intact left hand, magnified it three times and almost planted his entire face onto the screen, “If you’re for real just a D being this strong, I’ll eat the electromagnetic gun!”

“Look for yourself, you think I can modify the Tower system information?” Lian Yu smiled brighter. If he had a tail, he would have been shaking wildly by now.

Cen Zhen now confirms this person is just trying to pretend to be cool and special.

While the rescue team jumped off of the plane to help set the Sentinel’s broken hand in place as he contemplated life, the short Guide also reluctantly bid farewell to Cen Zhen. They needed to leave to reunite with their other teammates, so they couldn’t travel together with Cen Zhen.

“Dalao, the red team’s victory depends on you two!”

“Depends on us who only has 15 points?” Cen Zhen had no clue how this short Guide’s brain was wired. Hearing that made the short Guide choke a bit, and didn’t know how to refute, so he could only hide behind Cha and gesture three cheering poses and then disappeared into the woods contentedly.

It is currently three o’clock in the afternoon, which is neither early nor late. Cen Zhen and Lian Yu were far behind the main force because their pace was too slow. They continued walking for more than an hour without meeting anyone, except the fully destroyed traps all over the ground. Besides that, they only found one supply box. When they opened it, it turned out to be a black-and-white Go game set.

Is it because the exam committee was afraid the long night would be too boring, that they even prepared entertainment activities for them?

Cen Zhen put away the Go game set, and before he could look up, Lian Yu pulled the hem of his clothes, “I’m hungry, what’s for dinner?” Cen Zhen glanced at him, and slowly pulled out a knife from his waist.

“……” Lian Yu was so frightened, his braid also straightened out, “Is this necessary, all I said was I’m hungry, and you’re going to kill me?”

As soon as his words fell, the knife brushed the hair near his cheek and flew out in a gust of wind. Lian Yu didn’t even attempt to avoid it, he knew for sure that the blade was not aimed at him. He turned his head and saw the knife stab the seventh inch of a snake’s body on a trunk five meters away. 

“We’re eating that snake tonight.” Cen Zhen passed by Lian Yu walking on the fallen leaves all over the ground as he moved toward the food he had hunted. Lian Yu immediately raised the corners of his lips when he heard this and asked excitedly: “You should mention it earlier, I saw several more just now, should I go hunt them all for you?” 

“How big is your stomach?” Cen Zhen cut a circle around the snake’s head, then made another vertical cut, and then fixed the snake’s head on the tree with the tip of the knife. With a sharp pull from his left and right hands, a complete piece of snakeskin was peeled off.

“Wow!” Lian Yu exclaimed with great pride, “Amazing!”

Lian Yu’s acting made Cen Zhen want to punch him, “Cut it off, this is something anyone in the Tower and White Tower can do.”

“I dare to say that anyone can kill a snake, but very few can make it into delicious food.” Lian Yu picked up the snake skin, and the colorful patterns glistened in the sunlight. “To survive in the wild, everyone just eats anything edible, even eating worms raw. However, if they want to make a pot of fish soup or snake meal like you… Many people probably just throw the whole fish into the water without cutting it.”

While he was talking, Cen Zhen had already cut the snake into several sections and strung them on the branches. Lian Yu leaned over and asked, “Where did you learn this? I see that you are very skilled.”

“……” Cen Zhen remained silent and didn’t answer, which made Lian Yu a little unhappy. He poked the back of Cen Zhen’s hand with his braid, “Tell me.”

“Tell me, tell me.”

Cen Zhen was annoyed by the distraction, and said angrily: “In my dream.”

Lian Yu was taken aback by these words, but then he burst out laughing. The laughter was unabashed, and several birds in the forest were startled innocently, fluttering their wings and flying away.

“Hahaha…then, what else is there in the dream?” Lian Yu let go of his braid and continued to ask relentlessly, but Cen Zhen made up his mind not to talk to him this time. No matter how much he annoys him, he will always keep his mouth closed from now on. 

The sun was setting and the orange flames were ignited. Lian Yu stared at Cen Zhen’s side face illuminated by the flames, and suddenly said, “I also had a dream.”

“…” Cen Zhen’s fingers paused a little but still did not make a sound. Lian Yu went on talking to himself: “There is nothing in that dream.”

Cen Zhen waited for a while, but there was no follow-up. He turned his head and found that Lian Yu buried half of his face in his knees, the electromagnetic gun was casually placed by the side of his shoes, and his hands were holding his ankles. His grayish-green eyes narrowed slightly, but Cen Zhen couldn’t tell where his gaze fell. Under the flickering firelight, his profile was unexpectedly lonely.

The pheromones spread slowly, and the emotions that Cen Zhen had captured before outside the closed door of the maze reappeared; pain and that heart-wrenching —— fear.

The sun was setting and it was getting dark.


Original Author’s Note: 

Cen Zhen: I have a dream!

Lian Yu: I have two dreams!


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