Chapter 15


Dalao refers to a super capable individual who stands out from others, a master in a particular field or all fields. A person with great power, intelligence, or wealth. 


Among the four, only the short Guide is the same inside as he looks on the outside. It’s normal that his hearing and acuity aren’t as good as the Sentinels, but he insisted on comparing himself with Cen Zhen as a Guide, and seeing how the other party is already aware of the enemy approaching, he immediately clenched his fists in shame.

Cen Zhen didn’t know the struggles in his heart. He pretended not to notice the enemy and poked through the burning ashes of the fire with a branch, letting the last spark go out in the slender smoke.

“They…” Cha’s brows were tightly furrowed. Wary of the Sentinel’s keen sense of hearing, she switched from speaking to using gestures as soon as she got up. Very professional, at least Cen Zhen had no clue what any of her gestures mean. 

Can’t help it, his self-study hasn’t gotten to this section yet.

The short Guide gritted his teeth, from the look on his face, he was very disgusted with these people lurking around them, presumably they must have conflicted before. As for Lian Yu, this guy nodded to show that he understood Cha’s meaning, and then turned his head to Cen Zhen generously and said: “This Sentinel student said that the team near us is a blue team with as many as 20 people.”

Cha’s eyes widened as she heard that Lian Yu uttered all the information she wanted to hide before she could stop him.

“The team in charge of the other teams was lucky to get weapons in the first two supply boxes they found. So blessed, they got the most powerful infinite electromagnetic gun with unlimited bullets. Cen Zhen, I think it’s game over for us.”

“Well, I think so too.” Cen Zhen answered indifferently, “Is it possible to escape?”

“I don’t think so. You should’ve said that you wanted to escape earlier, now the encirclement has been closed, it’s impossible.”

“Then can we surrender?”

“It feels useless…so what should we do now?”

“0 points, let’s just sit and wait.”

The short Guide heard these two people talking back and forth, and said in shock: “Your team score is for real 0? I thought you two were boss-level dalaos who were just playing with us!”

Now the enemy knew from the conversation that their ambush had been exposed, the blue team no longer hid, and the bullets shot straight at the place where the four were sitting.

Cha protected the screaming short Guide by rolling to avoid the attack; Lian Yu simply teleported and disappeared in place; as for Cen Zhen, he couldn’t believe that his reflexes were strong enough to dodge bullets, but when his body reacted in an instant, he felt extremely natural and smooth.

However, the rules mention that the electromagnetic guns used in this exam have a low speed, which is the type commonly circulating the ordinary planets. On the market of the special planet where Sentinel and Guides currently inhabit, there are a lot more effective weapons designed against Sentinels. Those weapons are so powerful, even A-level Sentinel can’t do anything against them.

The air bomb crackled in the soil, leaving a cloud of dust, followed by several figures rushing out behind the tree, with Sentinels in front and Guides in the back, neat and orderly. They each had a weird weapon in their hands, some are better than others. The better ones are foldable chairs and retractable clothes rails, the other ones are things like bath brushes and a glass bottle.

Of course, it couldn’t be worse than Cen Zhen’s side: Cha has a jar of salt in her hand, the short Guide has nothing, and there is still some fish skin at the corner of his mouth that he didn’t wipe off cleanly. Plus, he particularly is just a supporting role with no fighting ability on his own. Cen Zhen over here has a pack of napkins in his left hand and a box of toothpicks in his right hand. The three of them really look like uncles and aunts who work in a cafeteria.

“Where’s the other Sentinel?” A blue Sentinel who stands near the center asks, his words aroused the vigilance of others, “I don’t know.” “He’s gone.” They replied one after another, but because it was too strange, in the end, they could only guess: “Did he run away?”

“How did you let him escape?” The blue team Sentinel looked dissatisfied at the few people who were in charge of intercepting, and then he waved forward with his free hand, “Go score points!”

Not attacking, not fighting, but scoring points. A female Sentinel on the red side, plus two Guides, there’s nothing to be wary of in their eyes. They are just a group of lambs with zero combat effectiveness, and a tool for them to easily score points.

“Protect yourself.” Cha gently pushed the short Guide toward Cen Zhen. The two of them have established a fighting spiritual link, and there is no need for verbal communication from now on. Both of them can perceive every slight psychological activity from each other clearly.

Her five senses are adjusted by the short Guide. The Guide is her extra pair of eyes, pair of ears, and brain. She, respectively, is the most indestructible armor of the Guide, his most invincible sword, the unbreakable shield behind his back.

The Sentinels move extremely fast and have strong leaping abilities. Once a fight starts, the Guides will never be able to keep up with the fight with just their eyes. They use their pervasive mental power to clear the way for the Sentinels in this battle.

Cen Zhen has no Sentinel who he needs to assist, so he can use his mental tentacles to attack at will. He has never attacked a Sentinel whose spiritual space is protected by a Guide before. Today he finally got the chance to participate in actual combat, but when facing the wall that’s a lot stronger compared to when the Sentinel is alone, he is not sure where to start for a hot minute.

As a Guide who only went through a three-month crash course, he was indeed quite lacking. Cen Zhen had to give up the idea of attacking and turned to look at the short Guide. His whole body is tensed up, and his eyes quickly scan the battlefield, alerting, reminding, and helping his Sentinel beware of any possible sneak attacks with mental power. Anyone who fights against a team consisting of Sentinel/Guide knows that knocking out the Guide is the top priority.

Cha’s condition is very bad, she is not the main character of the novel, so she doesn’t have the S-level physical strength like Yao Jin who can fight against a hundred. Six/seven Sentinels surrounded her easily, hitting her face left and right with weapons as if they were teasing a mouse, slowly earning points bit by bit in a very humiliating way.

The short Guide’s previous resentment towards this blue team can also be explained by this. It was supposed to be a hearty battle, and the victory and defeat should’ve been straightforward, but this twenty-member blue team tortured and played with them just for the sake of points, taking advantage of the loopholes in the rules. Unless they were strong enough to directly break through and disintegrate the alliance, there is nothing they can do.

“Cha……” The Short Guide tried to hug Cen Zhen’s arm to feel safe, but unfortunately, the latter avoided him mercilessly. This move made the short Guide stomp his feet anxiously, and he suddenly thought of something: “Cen Zhen, where is that Sentinel in your team?”

“Didn’t they say that he ran away.” Cen Zhen’s tone was as if Lian Yu was not his teammate at all, and the short Guide’s jaw dropped in shock: “Run away???”

Abandoning his Guide and running away as soon as they encounter the enemy? ?

Protecting one’s Guide should be something that is engraved in the genes of every Sentinel. No matter what kind of personality the Sentinel has, even if he is cowardly and selfish, he will definitely stand up if the Guide he marks is in danger;

Just like appeasing one’s Sentinel is every Guide’s innate instinct. When the Sentinel he marks loses control of his emotions, no matter what happened before, no matter whether the Guide hates and rejects the Sentinel, he will comfort and stabilize their emotion.

Judging from the pheromones, the two are not marked, and maybe their relationship is relatively bad, and the Sentinel is extremely selfish? The short Guide finally approaches the situation from an extremely tricky angle that barely made any sense at all.

When it comes to destroying Lian Yu’s image, Cen Zhen seems to have extraordinary talent. Instead of looking at the erratic expression on the short Guide’s face, he noticed a raccoon suddenly appearing at his feet, with brown hair and eyes. Standing on only his lower limbs looking sneaky, as if it was going to steal some instant noodles any second.

In a blink of an eye, Cen Zhen suddenly realized something and pushed the short Guide away. He raised his leg, kicked the small pot half a meter away into the air, then did a hard roundhouse kick at the pot aiming at the Sentinel hiding in the grass behind the raccoon.

Sadly, the poor little pot that did its duty serving the public obediently by cooking two big fish and feeding four strong men, couldn’t even leave a whole body behind.

The bottom of the pot, which was still warm, hit the Sentinel’s chest, making a loud noise. In an instant, the raccoon and the Sentinel screamed together. The former ran to check on his owner, while the latter lay on the ground, twitched twice before making no more sound.

Sentinel who chose to sneak attack under such an advantageous situation must be physically weak and not confident enough in himself. It just so happens that Cen Zhen kicked him mercilessly in the bull’s eye and knocked him out. The pot had various bumps on it, and the Sentinel was half dead, so it would be difficult for him to continue the exam.

“Damn it!” The short Guide leaned against the tree and was still in shock. When he came back to his senses, he started fluttering at Cen Zhen wildly, even forgetting that Cha was still being beaten by several Sentinels: “Wow, Dalao you’re awesome! You are indeed an S-level Guide! “

While the Sentinel lay dead on the ground over there, Cen Zhen’s terminal shook slightly. He guessed that it was a signal for scoring. Sure enough, he snapped his fingers, and a small white screen immediately lit up on his wrist. The number was brutal: 19 points.

9 points for picking up supply boxes, and 10 points for attacking.

Although miserable, it is much better than 0 points.

However, just as Cen Zhen was about to retract the projection, the number 19 suddenly fell quickly to a single 4 in a snap like riding a roller coaster. Cen Zhen lowered his eyes expressionlessly. There are only a total of two people on this team. If he is fine, then it could only be that Lian Yu was attacked. The short Guide almost peed in fright when he watched the number go down beside him. The score stopped at 4 and then bounced back to 5 with great difficulty. Only then did he have a long sigh of relief for Cen Zhen.

At the same time, Cha, who was holding her head to avoid the attack, suddenly felt that the crowd had dispersed. She raised her head in confusion and saw the people on the blue team looking back in shock, but the rear direction where they came from should’ve been the safest spot.

Did someone go around to the back?

Cha retreated vigilantly to the side of the short Guide, and when she looked over again, she saw Lian Yu holding the electromagnetic gun in one hand and a Guide’s neck with the other, with a bloodstain on his face. He walked out from the group of blue Guides impatiently.

The blue Sentinel in charge exclaimed something, which seemed to be the name of the Guide held hostage by Lian Yu.

“Cen Zhen, you are so slow.” Lian Yu complained as he walked up, “I couldn’t dare to make a move when our score was less than 10 points. I am afraid that I will be eliminated as soon as I go up. Fortunately, I am cautious. These people even have anesthetics.”

“How would I know what you’re planning to do?” Cen Zhen indifferently blamed it on Lian Yu for losing fifteen points. That anesthetic must have hit Lian Yu. The Dark Sentinel 1802 sure is really good, the system deducts the points, but he looks just fine.

Lian Yu didn’t know that Cen Zhen was evaluating him rationally and prudently in his heart, so he immediately took advantage of the topic and said, “That’s why I said we should mark!”

However, Cen Zhen was ruthless: “No need.”


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