Chapter 14

As soon as the rescue plane left, Lian Yu immediately clung next to Cen Zhen, with the attitude of someone chasing after an academic genius for answers after a math test, “There is something wrong with that refreshment pill, right?”


“Yao Jin, a Sentinel with an S-level physical, why would he keep a supply of refreshment pills with him and only have two pills? No matter how you look at it, it was given to him by others.” Lian Yu started to analyze on his own, “Who gave it to him? Only those who are close to him can know exactly why he didn’t sleep all night… Fan! It must be that evil idiot!

Maybe the other pill was actually prepared for you, to retaliate against you for ignoring him in public, but Yao Jin prioritized his crush over his friend and gave it to Pan privately when he saw that he was out of spirits. “

Cen Zhen clapped his hands perfunctorily, playing the role of an emotionless applause machine, “With your imagination, it’s a pity not to write novels.”

“…Is it really Hong Xing?” Lian Yu sighed regretfully, “I still hate Fan more, I hope he gets into more trouble and disappears as soon as possible.”

Cen Zhen didn’t understand the intrigue among the Sentinels. He spent a few seconds briefly studying the captain’s authority transferred to his terminal, then covered his wrist with his sleeve, and stepped into the rainforest while causally setting aside a tree branch that was in the way.

“Wait a minute, don’t go yet.” Lian Yu took out a blue ribbon from his pocket, “My hair is too long and easy to catch on branches and vines, please help me tie it up.”

“…” Hearing this, Cen Zhen turned around impatiently, folded his arms in front of his chest, “I’ll give you three seconds.”

Lian Yu handed the ribbon forward aggrievedly, “It’s true that I don’t know how to use a ribbon, why don’t you magically pop out a rubber band for me?”

After a few seconds of stalemate, Cen Zhen finally took the ribbon, “Why did you bring a ribbon with you if you don’t know how to use it?” 

“This color is beautiful, doesn’t it match the color of your eyes?” Lian Yu’s lips curved slightly, turned to his back, and bent down a little.

“It looks like the color of the water in your brain.”

The light golden long hair in the palm is soft and smooth, much better than its troublesome owner, and exudes a refreshing fragrance faintly. Cen Zhen has never tied anyone’s hair before, but he knows how to act accordingly. He rudely grabs all of the hair at once and starts wrapping the ribbon on it carelessly.

Although several hairs got pulled off, Lian Yu didn’t complain at all, and instead asked with a smile: “Does it smell good? I heard from the shopping guide that it is the most popular incense among Guides with cat-type spiritual animals, so I paid a lot of money to buy it.”

“……You got problems.”

“Ha ha ha ha.”

Cen Zhen was annoyed by his laughter, swishing his fingers and quickly braided Lian Yu a three-strand braid, and then tied a beautiful bowknot at the naturally slightly curled end of his hair.

After finishing, Lian Yu touched his unfashionable braid and for a moment his expression collapsed badly, but he soon recovered the next second. He showed resilience by telling the sky that he would not admit defeat. Even though the lion beside him was so angry that he snorted and roared at the dead tree roots, Lian Yu still threw his braids over his shoulders, and winked at Cen Zhen ambiguously, “So you like me like this?”

“No, I like the way your lion gnaws on the bark.”


Ten minutes later, Cen Zhen and Lian Yu came across their first supply box, a small brown box, hidden between the branches of a very dense broad-leaved tree.

They didn’t meet anyone along the way, regardless of camp side, but there were traces of people walking on the ground. It seems that this supply box was hidden so well that the ones passing by earlier didn’t notice it.

“Do you think it might be a trap?” Lian Yu fastened the zipper of his combat uniform and did two squats at the bottom of the tree.

“Impossible,” Cen Zhen said firmly, “It’s too well hidden. If this was a trap, how many years would it take for anyone to notice and fall for it?” He was already planning to climb the tree himself, but he was happy to see the Sentinel was eager to do it for him. 

In the maze competition, Cen Zhen needed two leverages on the wall to reach the badge on the roof, but for the Sentinel, all they need to do is just bend their knees a little to jump up and they can easily touch the ceiling.

Just like now, Lian Yu only needed one jump to reach the halfway point of the tree branch which was nearly ten meters high. After finding the right direction, he took the supply box into his arms and then jumped down straight from the highest point to the ground.

With a loud bang, Lian Yu’s leg bones seemed completely fine, but the ground he stepped on had two deep pits.

Cen Zhen was caught off guard by the flying dust and dead branches that slapped his face. He still had a cold face, but the little snow leopard on his shoulder couldn’t help but sneeze.

“Why is he still so small?” Lian Yu threw the supply box to Cen Zhen, “I checked the growth cycle of the snow leopard, and they should be 80 centimeters in two months.”

Little Snow Leopard looked at Lian Yu vigilantly, buried his head in Cen Zhen’s neckline, and disappeared into the air completely. The latter casually said “how do I know” and ended the topic as he reached to open the supply box.


Lian Yu poked his head over and looked into the box curiously. After the unanimous silence, Cen Zhen picked up the only pack of napkins inside, and threw the box on the ground, Lian Yu followed after stomping it to pieces and then covered it casually with dead leaves.

“Good thing, we don’t need to find soft leaves when on a bathroom break.” Lian Yu smiled and walked to the front to lead the way with the lion, while Cen Zhen stuffed the napkin into the patch pocket of his jacket without saying a word, and followed along.

The midterm field exam lasts for two days and one night. If no team picks up the flag after 36 hours, all members will be judged as losers. This time frame is not short. After all, if a Sentinel is allowed to run at full speed from the starting point to the flag point, it will take no more than 7 hours; but it is also not long. In the end, it is a group match, and the Sentinels have to take care of the Guides on their team, but also beware of attacks from enemy teams.

The most important thing is that obtaining the flag only determines the victory or defeat of the camp, and the victory or defeat of the team depends on their respective points. No one is stupid enough to hit the ground and rush straight for the flag.

It was noon, and Cen Zhen and Lian Yu finally met the first team by the creek, who were students from the same camp wearing red silk.

At this moment, Cen Zhen was rolling up his sleeves, reaching out to take the fish caught for them from the lion’s mouth. In the other’s eyes, it was like a salted fish floating in the air and suddenly landed in Cen Zhen’s hands. They were all too familiar with this kind of situation, this happened when they met a strong Sentinel whose mental strength is stronger than theirs. When the two of them took a closer look, the shorter one shouted out: “Isn’t this Cen Zhen!”

Lian Yu had a piece of grass in his mouth, and when he heard someone calling Cen Zhen’s name, he slowly raised his eyes to look at the person indifferently. While the male lion lowered his body and stared hostilely at the shorter one walking in front. 

“Student Cen Zhen, I have been admiring you for a long time!”

Cen Zhen ignored him completely and pulled out the knife from his waist to remove the fish scales. Even though the person he was talking to was acting cold, the short extrovert continued: “After the last matching-making party, the rules of the maze game were specially revised for you, you know that? It now says that the Guides are not allowed to pick down the badge alone before reuniting with their Sentinel.”

“…” Cen Zhen skillfully disemboweled the fish, picked out the internal organs, and scraped off the fish scales. His actions caught the shorter one’s attention, and he said in surprise, “Are you guys going to grill the fish? Isn’t this way tooooo——relaxing?”

“Do you want to join?” Lian Yu approached with a smile, and greeted him warmly: “We got one more fish.”

At the same time, the lion scanned the surroundings with contemptuous eyes and brought the other fish that he caught under his body with his paws.

“Isn’t this…..not good?” The shorter one didn’t quite understand what the two of them wanted to do. The burning fire was troublesome and easy to expose one’s location. In general, during similar field exams, if one were lucky enough to find compressed biscuits in the supply box, they will just eat the biscuits. If one is unlucky, they normally find some sour wild fruits to fill their stomach. How can it be like an outing and camping like what these two were doing?

As he said that, the shorter one saw Cen Zhen dig out a small pot from under the coat that was put aside, then dig out a box of toothpicks, and then dig out a pack of napkins to wipe off the stains on his fingers.

The shorty:”……”

“Don’t ask.” Cen Zhen interrupted what the shorter one was about to blurt out, “If you ask, all this is from the supply box we found.”

30% of the supply box is filled with useful weapons and food, and the other 70% are weird things. The shorter one knows that, but once someone drives to the garbage, they usually throw it away immediately. Who would carry all of them like Cen Zhen? And there are just so many of these items! How many supply boxes did they find? !

“What…” The shorter one struggled and said, “You guys just decide to sit here and eat? Don’t you want to score?”

Lian Yu stood next to the shorter one with a smile. He held a lighter and a photo frame in each of his hands, “To tell you the truth, our team collapsed at the beginning because the other two teammates abstained due to illness. Now we have 0 points. So what’s the point of working hard at all, right?”

After speaking, he tossed the lighter to Cen Zhen, tore down the photo frame and made two extremely simple ‘bowls’, and took them to the stream to wash them.

Facing the strangely shaped lighter in his hand, Cen Zhen has no clue how to use it. He looked at it for a while, but the lighter was suddenly taken by the silent Sentinel who stood on the side.

The other party was a girl with long straight black hair. She bent down and lit the pile of dead branches and leaves for Cen Zhen, and took out a small pot of salt from her pocket, “I have this, can we share a bowl of soup?”


“Since we only have 40 points left and got separated from the other two teammates already anyway. What, do you still plan to kill against adversity?”

“…” The shorter one was taken aback suddenly, and sighed, “You’re so right!”

In just one morning, they went from 200 to 40 without a single teammate abstaining. This team is also a ‘genius’ in some sense.

Since two more people were joining, the two bowls were obviously not enough. In the end, the shorter Guide shared with Cha, and Cen Zhen and Lian Yu shared one. Only a very small amount of salt was put in the pot, and extra was added to the bowl when it was the Guide’s turn to drink. 

The lion wagged its tail and kept wandering around the steaming pot of fish soup, curious, but because it was a spiritual body, it couldn’t taste a single bite.

The two lay-back teams who had given up their dreams kept talking and laughing until all the soups were finished. To be precise, it was the shorter Guide and Lian Yu who talked and laughed all the way to the end. Cen Zhen remained silent, and Cha sometimes couldn’t help but interject a few words.

The more the shorter one, who was only in charge of eating, chatted with Lian Yu, they gradually became more speculative. Finally, he rolled up his sleeves and shouted that he would wash the pot, and the dinner shall continue. F the exam and let’s just resign to fate! But his movement of getting up was immediately held down by Cha, followed by a hissing sound that kept the shorter one silent. Lian Yu kept the same smile as before, and whispered, “Someone is here.”

Cen Zhen slightly raised his eyes and looked around at the surrounding bushes. He and Cha noticed the strangeness at the same time, but before that, the golden-haired lion had already lurked in the shadows and was ready in a hunting posture.


Original Author’s Note: 

Lian: I give up on dreams

Cen: I give up the dream of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation

Lian (Although I can’t understand it, it seems way better than mine???


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