Chapter 13

“You’re Level D?” Yao Jin gradually frowned, and hissed, “Now it’s complicated, I thought you were A, I wanted to just fight a bloody pathway through it.”

“I feel discriminated against.” Lian Yu clutched his chest aggrievedly. In the distance, his spiritual body yawned idly. After seeing the snow leopard sleeping soundly beside him, it patrolled around and found no danger, so it lowered its head and continued to sleep.

Ever since Cen Zhen showed his spiritual body, as long as Lian Yu appeared, the leopard would no longer belong to him. Even if the Sentinel didn’t have the time, there would be another male lion tightly enclosing the little leopard in its territory.

“…I didn’t mean that.” Yao Jin quickly explained, “Then let’s go with the rainforest route together?”

“There’s no need to force collective action.” Cen Zhen folded his legs, his voice was cold but very convincing, “We can do better when we each do the things we are good at.”


Lian Yu interrupted: “Maybe we can also have a simple competition between us? The pair who earn fewer points, in the end, invite the other to dinner.”


“There’s no but!”

“What if in case……”

“There is no what if!”


Yao Jin kept coming up with transition words until they boarded the exam plane. White clouds were floating outside the window, and the male lead was chattering inside the window. Lian Yu also didn’t make people feel at ease, chatting about random stuff excitedly. Even though he was tied to the seat by three seat belts, he still didn’t give up trying to chat with Cen Zhen.

Cen Zhen was tortured to the point of baldness by the two noises from his left and right. When he looked around, he saw Pan gnawing his nails futilely because of nervousness.

“Didn’t I ask you to comfort him?” Cen Zhen asked Yao Jin, who sighed, “I don’t know how to comfort him. I have no choice but to stay up late with him…”

“Stupid couple.”

“What, what couples!” Yao Jin’s eyes widened in shock, and he didn’t dare to speak loudly to be heard. “Then what are you planning to do today?” Lian Yu leaned over, “Will you two suddenly fall asleep while walking?”

“No.” Yao Jin smiled. “Pulling an all-nighter once in a while is nothing. Besides, I took a refreshing pill before boarding the spaceship. Not to mention sleepy, I feel more energetic than ever.”

Hearing the word pill, Cen Zhen frowned subconsciously and was about to say something but was interrupted by Lian Yu: “Normal. Every time before a similar large-scale exam, some of the students will take a refreshing pill. Occasionally taking it has no side effects, and the Tower also allows it.”

“Is that so?” Cen Zhen gained new knowledge, he turned over to look at Yao Jin, “May I have one too?” Lian Yu quickly stuck his head over to join the fun, “I want one too, I want one too.”

“Only if you ask me earlier, there are only two pills, I took one and gave the other one to Pan.” Yao Jin smiled sheepishly. Then he turned around to ask how Pan feels under Lian Yu’s eyes of condemnation.

After a while, the phantom of the dean appeared in the center of the spaceship. He smiled and said good morning to all the candidates, and then announced the start of the lot, asking all the team captains to click the draw button on their terminal’s midterm interface.

In the novel, the winning side of this assessment is the blue team, and Hong Xing, the captain of the protagonist team, also draws the blue team, which makes them eligible for the repechage. However, the situation now has changed. Hong Xing is not on their team, and the captain is Yaojin. Cen Zhen vaguely feels that things will change.

Sure enough, the moment Yao Jin pressed the draw button, a bright red flag appeared in front of them, and soon, a robot with a red armband walked up to them.

“……” Looking at the red silk in his palm, Cen Zhen was in a complicated mood. He originally thought that he would have an arduous struggle against the original plot of the novel. In order to hold his destiny in his own hands, he would have to do his best to struggle.

But he didn’t expect the novel to be so unrestrained and unruly, with no desire to control the plot as soon as it was changed. It is now changed beyond recognition in an instant.

“What’s the matter?” Lian Yu noticed the brief pause in Cen Zhen. He curled his lips and asked in a meaningful tone: “Did the blue side win this exam in the end?”

Cen Zhen glanced at him, and replied blankly: “The game hasn’t even started yet, how do you know we will lose?”

“I knew it from my dream…” Lian Yu narrowed his eyes and smiled maliciously, “A very long and realistic… dream.”


After the camp is decided, the lot will continue to draw for the landing location and the disembark batch. The locations and batches have their advantages and disadvantages. In the original novel, the protagonist’s team had point B and the third batch. In reality, Yao Jin still drew point B, but it was the ninth batch. Since there were only ten batches in total, it is considered to be very late. When it was their turn to disembark, 40 minutes had passed since the exam started.

Four teams were getting off the spaceship at the same time, two red and two blue. Because both sides had no weapons, everyone still smiled when they met. The two blue teams jokingly begged for mercy. The other four people on the Red Team asked Yao Jin whether they decide to go with the Coastline Route or the Rainforest Route because they want to seek an alliance with the famous S-Level Sentinel in the Tower.

Pan’s face was very pale, and his forehead was covered with fine beads of sweat. He was clutching his stomach, as if he was enduring something. Lian Yu walked forward as he casually buckled the water bottle to his waist, and heard the footsteps behind him sound chaotic and fuzzy. When he turned around, he saw Pan walking behind the crowd with his head down, unable to see the expression on his face. Lian Yu sensitively notices something and winked to signal  Cen Zhen.

“Huh?” Cen Zhen followed his line of sight to look behind him and found Pan’s extremely pale face. Although the original novel focused on describing how the second male lead was so nervous that he couldn’t sleep before the exam, it wasn’t as frightening to this degree.

Yao Jin also noticed the strangeness of the Guide, he stopped and asked, “Pan, are you okay?”

“…It’s okay.” Pan smiled weakly, “My stomach hurts a bit, maybe I want to go to the restroom.”

Hearing this sentence, Yao Jin scratched his red hair in embarrassment, “You want to go to the restroom at this time…it is ok if you solve it in the grass over there?”

At this moment, Cen Zhen suddenly realized something. He hurried to the end of the line from the head of the line, grabbed Pan’s shoulders, and forced him to lie halfway on the ground. 

“Eh?…Hmm!” Pan wanted to struggle at first, but another burst of stomach cramps made him curl up. Cen Zhen pushed back his sweaty forehead hair, opened his upper and lower eyelids with two fingers to look around the pupil, pressed the carotid artery beside his fingertips to listen to his heartbeat quietly, and then moves Pan’s hand covering his stomach, and press on several viscera once respectively.

After finishing this series of actions that are actually useless, just to make everyone mistakenly think that he knows some medical skills, Cen Zhen announced the conclusion he had learned from the novel: “He is poisoned.”

“What?” Yao Jin hurriedly squatted down to take over Pan from Cen Zhen, and hugged Pan’s upper body into his arms, while Lian Yu stood there expressionless, like an unrelated bystander.

“You should abstain.” Cen Zhen stood up again and patted the dust on his right knee. These three words made Pan’s eyes widen unwillingly, and he said with difficulty: “No, don’t abstain… I’ll be just fine… after a quick break. “

“You are poisoned, not constipated. The more you delay treatment, the more dangerous it is.” It is because he knows affirmatively that the unimportant poisoned Guide in the original novel lay in the hospital for two days, so Cen Zhen dares to make such a firm judgment, “Yao Jin, you should also abstain.”


“Your physique is much better than his. You may only have a vague discomfort now. In half an hour, you will feel the same as Pan now.”

This sentence vaguely reminded Yao Jin of the burning sensation in his abdomen from the beginning of the draw. Now he feels it became more and more intense, while he continued to search for the ‘call for help’ interface on the terminal, he asked: “How did we get poisoned? … Are you and Lian Yu okay? The four of us have been together all day today, did the two of you also get poisoned?”

“We didn’t.” Cen Zhen already knew the answer, but he deliberately didn’t say much. It would be more convincing for the person involved to discover the truth himself, not to mention that he currently has no evidence even if he identified the criminal.

“Yao Jin, Yao Jin…” Pan tremblingly shouted, he was in so much pain that he was about to black out, but all he could think about was still the exam. He was not afraid of himself being punished, but he is afraid of dragging others down, “Abstention will deduct points… 100 per person…”

“Tsk.” Yao Jin gritted his teeth, “It’s okay, it’s okay if you abstain, we start with 200 points, even after deducting 100, there’s still 100 left. Let’s attack a few more teams and win the flag, we won’t fall behind.”

“What about you?” Cen Zhen asked, “you too…have been poisoned.”

“He’s talking nonsense! Do I look like I’m poisoned? Did you eat indiscriminately when you couldn’t sleep last night? You…”

“Stop talking nonsense, you both go to the hospital.” Cen Zhen said coldly, he checked the names of Pan and Yao Jin on the waiver interface on Yao Jin’s behalf and directly clicked submit.

After submitting, the captain’s fingerprints were required to be confirmed. Yao Jin quickly hid his hands behind his back and shouted, “If both of us abstain, 200 points will be deducted, as soon as the team reaches a negative score in the assessment, we will be out!”

Behind him, Lian Yu was like a silent ghost. Before Yao Jin could react, a huge force came from his shoulder and arm, forcing him to stretch out his palm, and the palm just touched the waiver interface on the terminal. 

With a crisp sound, the confirmation is passed. The portraits of Yao Jin and Pan gradually turned gray, and the team score also went from 200 to 000.

Pan flicked his head and held back the tears that filled his eyes. Annoyance and regret were more unbearable than the pain in his body. He attaches great importance to this exam, whether it is his psychological description in the novel or what Cen Zhen saw with his own eyes, it can be proved. Pan read through every piece of information that could be found regarding the ‘Yezi Island’, even took dozens of pages of notes meticulously.

He didn’t want to implicate others, let alone implicate Yao Jin.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry, I won’t… eat puppy biscuits in the middle of the night ever again…” Pan cried in grief.

Puppy Biscuit is so wronged!

The rescue plane came very quickly because there are many dangers on the island. Most of the reasons why the students abstained were that they encountered unsolvable dangers. At this time, the rescuers need to arrive in the shortest possible time, otherwise, their lives may be endangered.

However, it is rare to abstain right after landing.

Pan passed out from the pain on the stretcher, and Yao Jin also covered his stomach and frowned. With the support of the medical staff, he hesitated for a few seconds and said, “Why don’t you two just come with us?”

The implication is that with 0 points, what’s the point to continue. You will be out with the slightest damage like ‘biu’ from a tiny slingshot.

Cen Zhen didn’t say anything, but Lian Yu thought for a while and replied: “We’re already here, so… right?”


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