Chapter 12

“Why aren’t you saying anything again, I moved back four grade levels just for you.” Lian Yu said as he let out his lion. He is the type who especially likes to let his spiritual body out for a walk when most people are afraid of revealing their true emotions and rarely let out of their spiritual body. Lian Yu probably developed this habit because no one could see his lion.
After the lion came out, it proudly looked around the other three people grandly, sneered, and arrogantly concluded that everyone presents was stupid, and then lay down next to Lian Yu’s lap and fell back asleep.
If this action is seen by the others, he will indeed get beaten.
“You moved back four grade levels just for “me”? But I never said that I would team up with you for the midterm.” Cen Zhen put his hands in his pockets, “I have already found other suitable Sentinel candidates…”
Lian Yu smiled because he was beyond angry. The smile was full of threats, and even the lion raised its head and bared its teeth. “You think I can change my grade level, but not something as small as a team application?”
“……” Cen Zhen smiled slightly in his heart. For some reason, seeing the lion and Lian Yu’s emotions kept in sync made him feel very comfortable. He looked at Lian Yu calmly, not compromising, and the two kept staring at each other until the threat in Lian Yu’s eyes disappeared. Lian Yu softened his voice and said in a low tone: “How can you be like this~”
Beside him, the lion roared ferociously, shaking the whole ground. Such a scene of inconsistency somehow entertained Cen Zhen.
The next day, the four-member team application was submitted to the third-year examination organization department jointly organized by the Tower and the White Tower. Because this was Pan’s first outdoor team exam, Pan was afraid that he would drag the team’s feet, so he got so nervous, he couldn’t sleep for three nights straight before the exam. Not sure how his little brain works, even though Cen Zhen always treated him with a cold attitude, he still ‘abandoned’ the Sentinel he established marking with, Yao Jin, and totally ignored Lian Yu, who was ‘smiling’ as bright as a sunflower, and kept sending messages to Cen Zhen all night long.
When Cen Zhen woke up the next day, he could always see dozens of text messages in the terminal, all of which were sent by the same person. The key is that there is no such plot in the original novel. In the novel, Hong Xing took the initiative to send messages to comfort Pan. His humorous words made Pan feel at ease quickly, and it also made Yao Jin feel jealous, thinking that he was not doing a good job as Sentinel.
No clue if it’s because the author doesn’t have a sense of humor or what, there is no mention of what Hong Xing said exactly to comfort Pan. There were only adjectives like “witty and funny”, followed by the result of Pan’s good sleep, which caused Cen Zhen to have nothing to go off of even if he wanted to copy it.
Cen Zhen hesitated for a moment, and resolutely forwarded the problem to Yao Jin, letting the two figure it out themselves.
The night before the exam, Cen Zhen packed up the few pieces of luggage that he could take with him for the exam and released the snow leopard, who only slept except when eating, on the pillow. Then he walked around the room and finally settled in front of the desk. Cen Zhen knocked on the table resignedly, and called to the balcony: “Come in.”
The next second, Lian Yu quickly opened the window, which Cen Zhen made sure had locked properly and can’t be secured any further, with ease, and entered the room.
“Don’t you think your behavior is perverted?” Cen Zhen said casually without raising his eyes. He didn’t think the other party would reflect on it at all. Since he was perverted, who would expect a pervert to reflect on himself?
Lian Yu did not deceive his expectation and totally did zero self-reflection, and even tried to quibble: “Is it? Since the exam is coming up, I’m just here to discuss game strategy with you.”
In terms of thick face, Cen Zhen felt that Lian Yu was truly invincible in this world, “Since the day you transferred, which night did you not sneak in after the lights were off, then sneaked out before dawn? Aren’t you tired?”
“Ah!” Lian Yu was not ashamed to be exposed, he covered his lips in a pretentious manner and exclaimed: “Why don’t you expose me on the spot since you have noticed? Isn’t this acquiescence? Even if you call the police, you’ll also be charged with willful connivance.”
“……” A white leopard bounced off the pillow on the spot, threw itself over Lian Yu’s face, and covered his gibberish mouth with its soft belly full of fur.
“You’re bribing me because you know you can’t win the conversation, you are so insidious.” Lian Yu took off the snow leopard, teased its chin with his finger, and happily accepted the bribe.
“I didn’t expose you on the spot because…” Cen Zhen put aside the bristled lion head on his lap, and said coldly, “I want to know what’s your motive for sneaking into my room while holding a lamp. Trying to wake me up on purpose?”
“I’m just afraid of the dark~,” Lian Yu said in a UWU voice.
“It’s your fault too. Why don’t you have the habit of lighting a night lamp while sleeping? I jumped in and saw that the whole room was so dark, my heart was pounding like a deer bumping into walls, and I was so scared to death QAQ.”
“……” Cen Zhen felt tired, showman sure is very scared, “You don’t need sleep every night?”
Lian Yu continued lowering his head to tease the little Snow Leopard, and said softly: “Sleep? Why should I sleep? I’ve had enough sleep from those early years.” Then, he smiled brightly at Cen Zhen, and there was some meaning behind that smile: I don’t intend to preserve my dignity at all!
“Since you have discovered everything, I’ll bring a brighter light next time. The current one is still too dark, and I’m still a little scared.”
If it wasn’t that he couldn’t beat him… Cen Zhen gripped the dagger at his waist, then released it patiently, and said through gritted teeth: “Why don’t you go back to your dormitory, do you have to come and sit here all night……”
“You mean you’re giving me half of your bed?”
“…Hm!” Lian Yu muttered stingy quietly, lowered his head and pressed the terminal a few times, pulled out a large map, and then enlarged the map with his index finger and thumb. The map fully labeled with various data is now reflected on the white wall.
To get a better view, Cen Zhen got up and drew the curtains. It was eight o’clock in the evening, which was the noisiest time. He belatedly turned on the white noise for the Sentinel, and then turned around to ask Lian Yu, “You don’t usually turn on white noise when you visit here, don’t you think it’s noisy?”
“I’m not afraid of noise, I’m afraid when it’s too quiet.” Lian Yu smiled and waved Cen Zhen over. He introduced in a rare serious manner: “Senior is here to give you a small lesson in advance. The place of the exam is Yezi Island, the island is surrounded by the sea, and the shape is like a long and thin leaf. You must have already known the rules of the exam. After we draw lots and divide into two camps, we will be randomly assigned to land at one of the points A, B, C, D, and E.”
Lian Yu marked five points at the outermost edge of the leaf-shaped island with an average spacing, and drew F on the part of the island that is closer to the ‘petiole’.
“This is the Goal, point F, for all the teams. At point F, the examination committee will plant a flag, and whichever camp obtains the flag first will be the winner.
As for the scoring method of each team, there will be various traps on the island, and there will be looted weapons, props, and supplies for anyone to pick up at random. Before going to the island, we can only keep a bottle of water and a dagger on us. Any weapons and tools that can cause damage to the enemy team must be provided by the examination committee after landing, self-made items are invalid. You gain points by attacking other teams”
“Ok…..” Lian Yu took a sip of warm water, “Now the rules are explained, the next thing is to talk about the experience. There are two routes from the landing points to the flag point. One is to move around the coastline. This route has fewer traps and is safer because There is no such thing as a sneak attack with a wide field of vision, but the disadvantage is that there are few supplies and many people, and people will fight head-on at every encounter;
The second is to enter the rainforest. The advantage is that it is easy to hide and attack others, and there are many weapons and supplies. If someone just jumps out of the grass and attacks with a knife, you won’t even know how you died. ”
In the original novel, Yao Jin and Pan got deducted 100 points right off the bait because the unimportant Guide teammate got poisoned and resigned. They fell into an extremely unfavorable predicament as soon as the exam started. To overtake the other teams, they listened to Hong Xing’s advice and took risks to go with the rainforest route, which they are not good at. Of course, the two good-natured male leads got played by the experienced ‘gangsters’. In just one day, the entire team’s initial score of 200 points got deducted to only 10 points, which is absolutely miserable.
Cen Zhen stared at the virtual map for a while, raised his fingertips, and drew a red line on it, “Let Yao Jin and Pan take the coastline route, Yao Jin is S, so he’ll hardly lose even against a full four-person team. We should go with the rainforest route, it is better to have as few people as possible for plots and ambushes.”
If he didn’t know that Lian Yu was Dark Sentinel 1802, a master among all people who play strategy, Cen Zhen would have wished that the other three teammates would all go to the coastline, and he would go into the rainforest alone. Saving him the trouble of honest male lead Yao Jin jumping out to attack the enemy while he’s ambushing in the grass.
Lian Yu originally thought that Cen Zhen would choose the coastline to cooperate with Yaojin and Pan, but when he heard that they were going to take action in separate teams, and the two of them were responsible for such enjoyable things as plotting an ambush, his gray-green eyes instantly smiled into two crescents, raising both of his hand in agreement.
But when they told Yao Jin about this decision, he strongly opposed it. The male lead who was at the other end of the video call had just taken a shower, his wet red hair was sticking to his face, his neckline was wide open, and a towel was casually draped over his neck to cover his glands. This appearance was so different from usual that Pan only dared to sneakily peek at him.
“I don’t agree with going separate ways. There is no reason to actively disperse for the enemy to take advantage of. Once you face the enemy camp, two against four, no matter how you look at it, it is a disadvantage.”
“We are not suitable for walking along the coastline.” Cen Zhen pointed to himself and Lian Yu, who Cen Zhen couldn’t explain why he was in his room, “I have B physical strength, and he…”
“D physical.” Lian Yu said it without hesitation, fearing that they would not believe him, he even pulled up the student information on the terminal. Comparatively speaking, the Sentinel values physical strength more, while the Guide values mental strength more. When Pan felt inferior about his C physical, Lian Yu casually said that his physical was D, and his tone sounded like he was proud of himself and he was invincible.
This undoubtedly had a huge impact on Pan’s views about the world. Kind as Pan, he would not think that Lian Yu was full of himself without self-knowledge, he would only think about it sincerely, why is this person so confident?
As for why… Cen Zhen sneered in his heart. This Sentinel definitely tampered with the data in the system in secret. In the novel, Dark Sentinel 1802 is just one step away from chasing the spaceship with just a bicycle and throwing stones at the mothership, how could his physical only be D.

Original author’s note:
Cen: You are really perverted
Lian: I will be more perverted in the future


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