Chapter 11

To be honest, Cen Zhen did think of him, but it was completely different from what Lian Yu meant in terms of the definition. On the third day after Lian Yu disappeared, Cen Zhen thought about what this person went to do. In the “World News” that same night, he saw the news about the Royal Zerg Prison being robbed.

It was reported in the news that an anonymous letter was sent to the warden’s desk three days ago, declaring that the high walls of the prison would ‘collapse’ in the near future. The warden did not dare to take this matter lightly and reported to the Zerg Queen authority after authorities, and the Queen strengthened the security of the prison because of this.

But today, three days later, the ‘wall’ of the prison still collapsed. Somehow, a traitor appeared among the prison guards. During the shift change, the prison door was wide open and there was chaos. Although most prisoners were captured back into prison, one particularly important criminal is still on the loose.

Immediately after that, there was a wanted warrant on the screen with that criminal’s face detailed to a point their pores were visible. The name of the criminal was a long string of characters that only Zerg could understand. The only known information is that the Royal Prison only detains members of the royal family who have committed crimes. This prisoner must have been a royal noble; another one is the crime under the arrest warrant states: intentional homicide.

His first reaction was that this must be the work of Dark Sentinel 1802. This kind of fanfare, wanting to let the whole world know about the way of doing things, and sending some anonymous letters pretentiously, it’s definitely him.

Tie this information to the distance between the Zerg planet and the Special Star where they are located, and the time when Lian Yu disappeared. This Sentinel’s undercover is already crumbling in Cen Zhen’s vision.

But this plot was not mentioned in the original novel at all. After he read the whole text again, he found no trace of any Zerg royal family characters. That being the case, Cen Zhen had no choice but to press the question for the time being and not to delve into the details. 

After Lian Yu unashamedly asked the question ‘Did you miss me’, more embarrassingly, he did not get an answer. He wrapped his fingers around the hair in front of his shoulders, let the lion out of his mental space with a snort, and started playing the game of rubbing the chin and belly with the lion.

“.…..” Cen Zhen glanced over at the lion, then at Lian Yu’s side face, and couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. Slightly activating his mental power, a white dumpling fell on top of the lion’s body out of thin air.

The snow-white smooth hair is dotted with black spots, a long and fluffy tail slightly curled up, the thick white-haired paws rest on the golden mane, the black palm pads are soft and tough, and the blue animal pupils look blank. He looked towards the front, and didn’t seem to understand why he suddenly appeared there.

“Huh?” Lian Yu frowned. He picked up the nape of the ‘fur ball’ with one hand, and asked in confusion, “Where did this leopard come from?”

Cen Zhen: “..….”

The lion also looked up at the little snow leopard vigilantly. One person, one lion, and one leopard stared at each other for a long while. After a few seconds, Lian Yu suddenly realized something and looked at Cen Zhen, who had been watching him for a long time, in disbelief.

“This, this is your spiritual body?!”

Cen Zhen raised one eyebrow and said, “Didn’t you always want to see it?”

“But…” Lian Yu brought the snow leopard cub to his eyes and looked at it carefully. The cub yawned softly, the corners of his eyes were drooping due to sleepiness, and he looked at the Sentinel speechlessly. The stalemate was too long, and the lion who had been pacing beside Lian Yu’s legs couldn’t help but roar, then jumped up and bit the snow leopard off Lian Yu’s hand, threw his head on the cushion at the end of the bed, and happily jumped up.

The spiritual body reflects the truest emotions of the owner. Lian Yu looks calm, but the lion is too happy to even be a lion. Cen Zhen didn’t directly use words to expose his disguise, but there was a little playfulness in his eyes.

At this time, Lian Yu also thought of the reason why Cen Zhen was unwilling to show his spiritual body all this time. He pulled over the chair and wanted to have a long talk with Cen Zhen: “Your spiritual body mutated, right?”

“Yeah.” Cen Zhen nodded. In the beginning, he wholeheartedly waited for the Persian cat listed in “Cen Zhen’s” profile to appear, but suddenly a snow leopard popped out and appeared to be just weaned. The spiritual body totally has changed. Isn’t this just a matter of writing a big-character poster and sticking it on his face, saying that “I, ‘Cen Zhen’, have changed a soul in my body”? As an illegal transmigrant, Cen Zhen, was so startled at the spot that he quickly opened the terminal and started checking through the encyclopedia all over the place.

Fortunately, although mutation of the spiritual body is very rare, it is not unheard of. It’s not the case where as soon as something like this occurs, one will be captured by the research institute to investigate. And another “good news” is that it is still difficult for the medical community to explain the reason for the mutation. It can only be attributed to a vague premise, that is, for the majority of Sentinels and Guides, they have experienced a huge personality change, that may be due to some major blow, devastating event, and so on, before the spiritual mutation occurs.

As for the size of each person’s spiritual body, it grows with their age. They are born in the form of cubs from awakening and are finalized by the time one reaches adulthood. Therefore, there is only one explanation for this snow leopard’s juvenile form, that is, it is the spiritual body of Cen Zhen himself, not the dead supporting character ‘Cen Zhen’s’ in the original text.

Because it hasn’t been long since Cen Zhen got transmigrated here, his body defaulted to think that he has just awakened in his early 20s this year. That’s why the Snow Leopard appears to be just a cub.

Of course, Cen Zhen wouldn’t tell Lian Yu about any of these. His spiritual body experienced mutation is all he gave as an explanation. Anything other than that, he just leaves to Lian Yu’s imagination. The reason why he never releases his spiritual body is that he is too lazy to make up a reason to explain the mutation. 

Judging from Lian Yu’s complicated expressions, it seems that he already made up all the excuses for Cen Zhen on his own, and didn’t even ask: “Poor little Cen Zhen, what have you gone through in life, to a point that can cause your spiritual body to mutate?” But then, Lian Yu thought of something and smiled, “Since you never show your spiritual body and don’t want others to know that your spiritual body has mutated, why did you suddenly decide to tell me today?”

The lion finally had played around enough and is now resting on the soft cushion, while the snow leopard is exhausted and laying on the lion’s belly, falling asleep. The two felines were cuddling together, the scene unexpectedly looks harmonious.

“Take a guess?” Cen Zhen didn’t intend to answer directly. After all, according to common sense, he should not know about Lian Yu’s Mental Space Atrophy Syndrome, let alone talk about sympathy. Cen Zhen also deeply understands the feeling of loneliness, but his pain and despair may be far less than one-tenth of what Lian Yu suffered.

Lian Yu had known for a long time that this person would not give any good words. He smiled and was about to continue flirting, but out of the corner of his eye, he suddenly saw a very strange page among the stack of virtual tabs that Cen Zhen had on the desktop.

With a hum, he stretched out his hand and dragged the page to the front, and found that it was a full list of the Sentinels in the Tower. There were already a lot of filtering items applied, such as third-grade and physical strength greater than Level B. Lian Yu asked doubtfully, “What are you doing?”

“For the outdoor midterm confrontation exam, I need to form a team with the Sentinel…” Maybe it’s because the two of their spiritual bodies got along too well, so Cen Zhen asked without much thought: “Do you have any suitable juniors to recommend?”

Lian Yu slapped his thigh and said in a high-pitched voice: “Me! You should team with me for the midterm exam!”

Cen Zhen knew this was going to be the answer. He turned his head away from the stupid Sentinel, worried that his low IQ might be contagious. “Same grade.”

“Isn’t that simple?” Lian Yu got up and went to the blanket to stroke the little leopard with affection, leaving behind a bewildered fur ball of static electricity, and hurriedly led the lion to jump out of the window like a storm.

Cen Zhen didn’t even bother to think about the fact that this is the 17th floor. Lian Yu’s words lingered in his mind: Isn’t’ that simple, he has a feeling that trouble is on its way.

What is Lian Yu going to do? Could it be that he plans to impersonate a certain third-year Sentinel to participate in the exam? Cen Zhen is no longer offended about Lian Yu’s contact, but he still believes that Lian Yu is not a simple villain in the novel, even if he is not a transmigrator like him, he is likely to be the key to changing the plot, but this does not mean that he wants to go crazy with Lian Yu and increase the difficulty of life and study together.

Facts proved that Cen Zhen’s premonition was correct. The next day, Yao Jin appeared in the White Tower again wearing the brooch that signifies he was here for a cooperation course. Apart from Hong Xing who came with him, Lian Yu also came. Putting his arms around Yao Jin’s shoulders, he smiled and greeted Pan and Cen Zhen who were invited out to meet.

The vigilance of a small animal made Pan retreat behind Cen Zhen immediately, and Cen Zhen stood still expressionlessly, wanting to know what this very troublesome villain had done.

Yao Jin was the first person to speak, and he introduced himself happily from the bottom of his heart: “Although everyone has met before, as the class leader, I still want to introduce you formally. This is Lian Yu, who is new to us. The transfer student from Class 1 of the third grade. He has a good personality like Hong Xing, so Pan, don’t be afraid of him.”

Male lead, you should really train your ability to distinguish people’s true personalities. On your left is the No. 1 villain, and on your right is the No. 2 villain. With you in the middle, you look like a hostage.

The second male lead, who was not much better than the male lead, joined the drama. After hearing Yao Jin’s words, Pan took a cautious look at Cen Zhen, because he remembered that Cen Zhen had told him that Lian Yu was not a good person.

Cen Zhen didn’t give him any response, not even a quick eye contact. Pan changed his mind, bit his lower lip and took two steps forward, and said apologetically, “Lian Yu…I’m sorry I’m too timid.”

“It’s okay.” Lian Yu smiled and went along with it. “I heard about you from Yao Jin. Now I saw you today, you really are a shy little seagull.”

After being pointed out of the spiritual body, Pan got even more embarrassed and used his eyes to gouge Yao Jin, and Hong Xing poked Yao Jin’s arm with a smile at the right time, and the latter smiled, bubbling stupidly.

Cen Zhen doesn’t want to see more of the immature male leads in the beginning stage of the novel being fooled around by the villains. He is afraid that he will develop angina. He really wants to drag the progress bar and skip ahead to enter the exciting phase where Yao Jin fights Hong Xing dominantly, and forces the Dark Sentinel 1802 to almost reveal their true identity.

After the greeting, Lian Yu walked up next to Cen Zhen as he had been wishing, took off the brooch with a smile, and dangled it in front of his eyes: “What do you think, aren’t I smart?”

“……” If you were an ordinary seventh-grade Sentinel, Cen Zhen would definitely ask about how you did it, but since you’re Dark Sentinel 1802, Cen Zhen thought it was no big deal.


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