Chapter 8 – Super! ☆Fantasy School Love❤Story☆

I Treat You as a Brother
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8 – Super! ☆Fantasy School Love❤Story☆

Translator: tamago
Editor: musk

Ten seconds later, Fang Mo forcibly squeezed in between the two, walking in the middle.

Xu Xiran didn’t notice Fang Mo’s careful thoughts at all, so Fang Mo pretended to be nonchalant and took the initiative to talk to Xu Xiran as he walked.

“Aiya, I don’t think I brought my card either,” Fang Mo said, putting up an act.

Xu Xiran nodded, “Then you can also use mine.”

“Ah, this is embarrassing,” Fang Mo smiled at him. “I really have to thank you a lot for helping me out so much today.”

“It’s really nothing, it’s not troublesome, no need to be courteous,” Xu Xiran smiled.

Fang Mo wanted to praise two more words, such as you are really too kind, warm, honest, and generous but before he spoke, Zou Shun’s voice came from the other side.

“My god, why is it so cold today? I suddenly got goosebumps all over.”

 “Mm?” Xu Xiran was a bit far and couldn’t hear clearly, “What did you say?”

Fang Mo coughed loudly, turned slightly sideways, and forcibly blocked Xu Xiran’s line of sight to Zou Shun and said, “He said he wants to pack his dinner and bring it back to his dorm to eat.”

“Ah, I see,” Xu Xiran didn’t suspect anything. “It’s actually quite troublesome to pack your food in the dining hall here. You have to go to a special window to buy a takeout container and pack it yourself. I’ll take you there later.”

Zou Shun stretched out his hand and covertly pinched Fang Mo’s arm. “Thank you ah, sorry to trouble you.”




The dining hall was around a ten minute walk from the dormitory area. 

It was still early for dinner, and there was barely anyone at the window.

After the three of them ordered what they wanted to eat, Xu Xiran swiped his card and took Zou Shun to buy a takeout container.

“I didn’t look carefully just now, how much did I order in total?” he asked.

“I also didn’t see,” said Xu Xiran. “It’s okay, it’s not too much, I’ll treat you both.”

Before Zou Shun could speak, Fang Mo said, “Ah how embarrassing is that.”

“…I’ll take a look at the price at the window when I leave,” Zou Shun glanced at Fang Mo, and then said to Xu Xiran, “I’ll transfer the money to you later.”

Xu Xiran was a carefree person and no longer tried to fight back. He took out his phone from his pocket. “In that case, you can add me as a friend on WeChat.”

Zou Shun was stunned. He looked at Fang Mo nervously, licked his lips, and then said, “…how about you just treat me then.”

Xu Xiran was also taken aback. He held his phone for a while before nodding, “Oh, okay.”

Just as the atmosphere became more and more awkward, Zou Shun suddenly smiled at Fang Mo, then turned to Xu Xiran and said, “Fang Mo will treat you back for me next time.”




“Your friend is quite interesting,” Xu Xiran said quietly after Zou Shun left.

Fang Mo made no comment and instead of talking about him, he chose to recall the perfect assist that Zou Shun had made for him before leaving.

“You took me to my room today and reminded me to look out for Liu Xiaochang, and now you not only treated me but also my friend to dinner,” he said sincerely. “I will definitely need your help in other instances in the future, so I really should treat you well for a meal sometime.”

“It’s really nothing, no need to mention it,” Xu Xiran waved his hand dismissively and then said, “That friend of yours…”

Not Zou Shun again!

Fang Mo was speechless and wanted to immediately go and interrogate that little demon to find out what spell he used to attract the attention of his male god.

“He…” Xu Xiran hesitated.

Fang Mo frowned, “What is it?”

“Nevermind,” Xu Xiran shook his head. “It’s nothing.”

Fang Mo became even more inquisitive now. “Don’t just say half of it, do you really care that much about him?”

Xu Xiran hesitated for a moment and nodded, “A little bit.” 

Fang Mo immediately entered the first level of combat readiness. “Why? What about him? What is it that you care about?”

“Can you give me his contact information?” Xu Xiran said, “I want to ask him a favor.”


“What’s the matter? Do you find it inconvenient?” Xu Xiran said. “You can ask him first, and you can give it to me when he agrees, no rush.”

Fang Mo’s heart felt turbulent1Idiom meaning perilous situation, literally raging waves in stormy seas.

 “Is there a problem?” Seeing his strange expression, Xu Xiran was very puzzled. 

“You don’t… have a crush on him, do you?” Fang Mo said.

Xu Xiran choked on the spot, coughed nonstop, and after some time, he shouted with a flushed face, “What the hell, don’t make such a joke, okay!”

Fang Mo was very flustered, and for a while, he couldn’t tell whether Xu Xiran’s reaction was so violent because he felt embarrassed after being exposed or because he simply disliked such assumptions.

“Then why are you so interested in him?” he asked.

Xu Xiran finally regained his composure. His cheeks were still a little red, and there was a hint of shyness in his expression. Seeing this, Fang Mo became more and more nervous.




Zou Shun was a boy with a peach blossom face.

This word was coined by Fang Mo, which meant that he was good at seducing people, especially other peach blossoms. He was also the delicate and pretty type, but not as feminine as Liu Xiaochang. When Zou Shun would stand there without a word, he would look very cute and pure. Even the way he smiled had the ability to seduce people. He was not bad looking and he was good at making his own way, always standing out in the crowd.

Because he never hid his orientation, Zou Shun had been unclear before with many straight men who “wanted to give it a try”.

Their first meeting was rather ambiguous. At the time, Fang Mo had just signed up for a dating app, and Zou Shun, who was located less than twenty meters away from him, took the initiative to meet him after seeing his picture.

In a crowd full of greasy and indecent chat-ups or people going straight to hooking up, Zou Shun seemed particularly pure and genuine, so Fang Mo chatted with him whenever he had nothing to do. In the end, although they didn’t work out because of preference incompatibility2they were both bottoms, they unconsciously established a deep friendship.

Zou Shun would tell him everything, and Fang Mo’s ears grew calluses from hearing about his romantic anecdotes in the past two years.

Fang Mo had heard these similar stories countless times. As soon as some seemingly straight men knew the special orientation of this aesthetically-pleasing boy, they would try to experiment with him without having the need to feel responsible.




Fang Mo was very worried now; Xu Xiran must not learn about this.

Xu Xiran still felt rather embarrassed and looked a little awkward, completely opposite to his usual carefree image.

Under Fang Mo’s gaze, he finally opened his mouth shyly and said something that Fang Mo felt was very mysterious.

“Do you know… Super Fantasy School Love Story?”

Fang Mo blinked at him twice. “…Ah?”

“Uh, it’s just… an animation work,” Xu Xiran turned his head and looked away from him, “You don’t touch this kind of stuff, do you?”

“An animation film?” Fang Mo said.

Xu Xiran frowned and hesitated for a while, and made no comment.

 “I… I know a little bit!” Fang Mo said quickly, “It’s from Japan, right? Japanese anime!”

Xu Xiran was a little embarrassed. “It’s a little different, it’s an animated film, not an anime. It’s based on a game, but the level of game production is generally not well-known…”

“Ah? Oh, so that’s what it is!” Fang Mo nodded, “I totally understand!”

Xu Xiran’s expression became even more tangled. He cleared his throat, then quietly said, “Let’s just say it’s an anime.”

“But what does this have to do with Zou Shun?” Fang Mo asked. “From what I know, he’s probably not very interested in this stuff.”

“Let me show you something.”

When Xu Xiran finished speaking, he lowered his head and fiddled with his phone. After a bit, he turned the screen and handed it to Fang Mo.

The phone displayed a cartoon picture with this fancy logo at the bottom.

【Super! ☆Fantasy School Love❤Story☆】

In the middle of the picture, there was a short blue-haired boy and girl looking shyly at the camera.

“Look,” Xu Xiran said, “Doesn’t he look the same?”

Fang Mo didn’t understand. “…as what?”

“As your friend!” Xu Xiran was excited. “They look too similar! You can’t see it well on the screen, but even their heights are similar!”

Fang Mo stared at the character whose eyes were obviously larger than that of ordinary people’s and whose hair had incredible color. After trying to distinguish it for a long time, he couldn’t find anything similar to that of real-life people.

But if Xu Xiran said so, let’s just say they looked similar.

However, there was a question that made Fang Mo extremely concerned and nervous.
“Is this the character you like?”

“How is that possible, this one’s a guy,” said Xu Xiran.

“Oh, it is a guy…”

“You can’t tell the difference between a girl and a guy?” Xu Xiran said, reaching out and swiping the screen. “This is the one I like.”

The picture that appeared on the screen shocked Fang Mo.

Although Fang Mo didn’t see much difference between this character’s face and the one before, this one had long black hair, so he assumed it was a girl. While she looked very cute, there was a place below her face that made Fang Mo bewildered.

“What is this?” He stretched out his finger and poked at the bottom half of the screen.

Xu Xiran slapped his hand off. “Why are you touching my goddess’s chest!”

Are those boobs?

Fang Mo was shocked. How could a normal human’s chest grow this big, as if two basketballs were stretched in her clothes? It made a gay Fang Mo extremely uncomfortable.


  • 1
    Idiom meaning perilous situation, literally raging waves in stormy seas
  • 2
    they were both bottoms


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