Chapter 66 – Do You Want a Massage

I Treat You as a Brother
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66 – Do You Want a Massage

Translator: tamago

Editor: Yin

Fang Mo’s brain was running slowly, and didn’t know how to describe this manga for a while, so he folded his hands on his chest and tilted his head, falling into deep thought.

It actually didn’t seem that good, it was just very tantalizing. Xu Xiran probably wouldn’t be interested in discussing the selling points of starting a car1Euphemism for sex anytime, anywhere, and at the speed of one’s heart’s content.

Xu Xiran had a weird expression on his face, but he didn’t rush him, and just waited quietly.

After waiting for half a minute, Fang Mo still didn’t say anything and his teammates behind him got impatient.

“Xu Xiran! Don’t just act lovey-dovey, okay? Go warm up!”

Fang Mo immediately came back to his senses, and Xu Xiran instantly panicked.

“They’re just playing around! I tried to explain, but then it got more and more outrageous. They probably didn’t mean it though…” Xu Xiran stammered to explain.

Fang Mo calmly looked at him: “All because you’re always joking around and calling me your wife.”

Xu Xiran closed his mouth, stood where he was, and swallowed.

“Be honest, are you calling me that behind my back?” Fang Mo asked again.

Xu Xiran quickly shook his head: “No, no.”

“Why are you so unwilling to part with him?” His teammate’s voice came again, “Are you still going to play today?”

Xu Xiran turned around, and while heading towards the court, turned his head back and continued to emphasize to Fang Mo: “I really don’t do that, really.”

Fang Mo raised an eyebrow and looked at him without saying a word.

He thought to himself, damn, I’m just teasing you, do you really need to deny it that many times?


Xu Xiran panicked.

He would never take the initiative to call Fang Mo his wife in front of others, but whenever other people used “your wife” to refer to Fang Mo, he never raised any objection.

He didn’t do so when he didn’t have any feelings towards him, and he even more so didn’t object to it now, as it made him feel a bit satisfied inside.

In the end, he was still taking advantage of Fang Mo and felt guilty about it.

He was a little envious of when he was able to willy-nilly call Fang Mo his wife in front of his face. Now that his thoughts were no longer pure, he would only secretly call him that in his mind and in his dreams, but would no longer dare to call him that in person anymore.

He inwardly repented, and then thought, my wife Fang Mo really spent all night reading danmei manga.

Ordinary straight men, no matter how accepting they are towards homosexuality, would not be keen on works that go against their sexuality, right? Did this mean that Fang Mo’s straightness was not set in stone, and that if he tried harder, he could possibly bend? Maybe after reading a little more, he will naturally open up his governor and conception vessels2Key vessels in acupuncture and enter a new world.

…It could be an opportunity.

While he was excited for half a second, after thinking about it some more, he couldn’t help but fall back into worry.

If Fang Mo suddenly changed his sexuality, his own rivals would truly be doubled. Without even thinking about anything else, there was already a feminine-looking Liu Xiaochang living in Fang Mo’s dormitory. With someone so close who happened to be gay, would he be snatched away by him?

But that’s not right, since Liu Xiaochang seemed to already have something going on with Yang Lin. He also loudly proclaimed that he was 1 that night. Since Fang Mo was straight like himself, he probably wouldn’t want to be the one underneath.

Right, what should he do? Would he have to sacrifice himself for love?

Xu Xiran’s chrysanthemum tightened.

“Xu Xiran!” A sports committee member shouted at him in the distance, “Where are you going?!”

Xu Xiran, who had already crossed the entire court in deep thought and was about to run into the opponent’s camp, quickly stopped. Then, he immediately turned his head and glanced in Fang Mo’s direction.

Sure enough, Fang Mo was smiling.

I’m done for, I made a fool out of myself again. Why is it so hard to maintain a cool image in front of the person I like?


Playing two games in two consecutive days was still a bit hard for ordinary college students who don’t exercise daily. Xu Xiran slept well last night and was full of energy, but many muscles in his body were still in a state of fatigue. Although he wasn’t sore to the point where it was unbearable, he still felt a bit of discomfort when moving.

Except for the da-ge3Big brother, friendly term amongst guys of the basketball team, everyone in the team was at half their fighting strength. Compared with yesterday’s lively appearance, the game seemed to be playing out at a slower speed.

Fortunately, the opposing team wasn’t much better off. With the da-ge in charge, they still had an advantage.

Unfortunately, Xu Xiran’s fundamental purpose was just to show off in front of Fang Mo. The price for successfully completing the mission yesterday was that today’s fighting strength had been greatly weakened.

Shooting hoops was really dependent on the feel. When one’s mental state is not in a good place, their hit rate also plummets. After hitting the board several times in a row, he glanced in Fang Mo’s direction guiltily.

Before catching Fang Mo’s figure, he secretly prayed in his heart that Fang Mo didn’t see the embarrassing scene just now.

His wishes were fulfilled.

Fang Mo was actually standing with the girl from yesterday again. The two were happily chatting, and their eyes were not even on the court.

Xu Xiran was heartbroken.


When facing each other in person, Xia Diandian looked quiet and shy again.

But Fang Mo soon discovered that this was just a facade. This girl, who seemed to be introverted, was actually quite straightforward when she spoke. When he told Xia Diandian that last night he had tried the Diary of Pure Love that she highly recommended in her Moments, Xia Diandian was very pleasantly surprised. Then her face turned red, and she shyly but excitedly told Fang Mo that she had the original uncensored Japanese version with high-definition resources to share.

“You can read the two together, which makes it even better!”

Fang Mo felt weirdly embarrassed to talk face-to-face with a girl about such a topic in broad daylight. But he really wanted to see it, so he tried his best to suppress a cheeky smile, and nodded with a blushing face.

After that, Xia Diandian recommended to him some more excellent danmei works that were known to be the best of the best that have been read by millions of people around the world.

“They have both great plots and spice!” She said.

Fang Mo blushed and clasped his hands together: “I wish a good person a peaceful life.”




They had won the game, but Xu Xiran’s mood was extremely low.

 “Amazing! Another win!” Fang Mo looked much more energetic than before. He handed over a sports drink in his hand as he said, “How are you so good? You worked so hard yesterday and you’re still able to play with a full audience!”

Xu Xiran took the water awkwardly, but didn’t open it immediately: “Were you really watching?”

In order to attract Fang Mo’s attention, he had to nearly climb onto the basketball hoop and do a handstand. But Fang Mo stayed with that girl the whole time, chatting enthusiastically.

“Of course, otherwise, why would I sacrifice my sleep and come here to stay in the sun?” Fang Mo said.

Maybe it was to meet some girl. Xu Xiran thought about it, turned his head, looked around, and unexpectedly saw Xia Diandian who was not far away.

The girl was secretly looking in their direction, and she seemed to be a little frightened when she met Xu Xiran’s eyes, and immediately shrank her neck and turned her back away from them.

With a guilty conscience, she must be looking at Fang Mo. Xu Xiran moved two steps to the side, trying to block her sight with his body.

“What’s wrong?” Fang Mo looked at him suspiciously, “I bought it specifically for you, if you’re not thirsty, you can still at least take a few sips.”

Xu Xiran glanced at him, unscrewed the cap of the bottle, and took a few sips.

The bottle that Fang Mo gave him today was fresh and lemony, with a strange taste. He still preferred yesterday’s vibrant peach flavor better.

“You must be tired, right?” Fang Mo was a little worried, “The game’s all over now, let’s head back and get some rest.”


On the way back, neither of them spoke much.

Xu Xiran had exhausted a bit of his physical strength, and his mood was not good, so he was naturally depressed. Fang Mo lacked sleep, and after a short period of energy a moment ago, he became muddle-headed again.

Halfway through, Xu Xiran finally couldn’t hold back and asked, “Are you familiar with that girl?”

Fang Mo couldn’t come back to his senses: “Ah? Which girl?”

“The one surnamed Xia,” Xu Xiran said.

After Fang Mo was stunned for a moment, he suddenly smiled at him: “She’s the one that recommended that manga to me.”

Xu Xiran was taken aback.

“We were just exchanging each other’s thoughts,” Fang Mo said, yawning exaggeratedly, and then his eyes became moist again, “I found that you are better in this aspect.”

“Huh?” Xu Xiran couldn’t keep up with his train of thought, “What does it have to do with me? I… I haven’t read that kind of manga before.”

“No, not that,” Fang Mo shook his head, his smile became more and more obvious, “It’s when you tell others about the works you like. When you introduce them, your explanations are rich and detailed, clear and insightful, and you’re able to talk about a lot of specific things. When she recommended her mangas to me, her words were basically ‘very good’, ‘recommended by diehards’ and ‘super touching’, that’s all.”

Xu Xiran was flattered by this sudden and unexpected compliment. He lowered his head and touched his nose: “I’m just speaking from the heart and casually saying things.”

Fang Mo nodded: “You are a very deep thinker.”

Xu Xiran felt happy, and even his fatigued body felt less heavy now.

Fang Mo looked up and smiled at him: “Do you want to read it? The manga she recommended to me.”


Xu Xiran had felt that he was bent.

After all, no straight guy would have such a profusion of persistent dirty thoughts about his good brother. He was now very sure that he really liked Fang Mo. It was the kind of love that made him want to kiss his face, hold his hand, and be willing to spend a long time with him daydreaming together.

But when Xu Xiran downloaded the app, searched for the manga called Diary of Pure Love, and read a few chapters, he suddenly felt he was straight again.

This work, in the most fundamental form of expression, made him uncomfortable. He had a low acceptance of the constant scenes of apparent masculinity, and he had to hold his nose to endure. And the characterization in it was what made it even more painful.

He had no feelings for the protagonist, but whenever he saw that domineering CEO, he would feel infuriated and want to punch him in the face. What are you trying to be, are you crazy? You’re sick.

After finishing the first volume, he was about to suffocate due to embarrassment cancer.

How could a grown man with an average physique and normal intelligence, who claimed to be straight, be taken to bed by another man to “mn, mn, ah, ah” so easily?

It was hard to imagine that Fang Mo would stay up all night for such work. What was it that moved him?

Xu Xiran really wanted to ask Fang Mo, but was afraid of disturbing his rest.

Because he wanted to know the answer to this question, he mustered up the courage to click on the second volume.


After reading the first three volumes, Xu Xiran finally declared utter defeat.

As the plot progressed, the pretentiousness of the domineering CEO gradually decreased, and he began to refine his mind. It seemed weird, but it was not too annoying. But the protagonist made Xu Xiran more and more impatient. Every two chapters, he had to shout “I’m not gay”, and then say he didn’t want it, and then ask for more.

At the same time, he was repeatedly pinched in the chest, hugged by the waist, and touched in the butt by various handsome guys in the story, and then, when confronted by the domineering CEO, he expressed himself like a pure small white flower, saying without shame that they were only his friends.

Then when he felt wronged, he was put into various different positions.

This was just unreasonable. There were also some similar remarks in the comment section of the manga, saying that since the character design was mediocre, how was it possible for a man to have such evil desires whenever he saw him?

Xu Xiran had a different opinion on this. As an ordinary young man who considered himself to be above average in appearance, he had always felt a pressure that people of his sexual orientation shouldn’t have to bear. In reality, there really were people who were that doomed, such as him.

After he substituted himself in, he felt that this was unreasonable.

We straight men are not like that! He angrily thought, if any man dared to do such a thing to him, he would definitely push him to the ground and punch him in the face. Even if he couldn’t beat him and was about to sacrifice his life, he still had to separate from the opponent’s body.

With the protagonist like this, was he worthy of calling himself a straight man?

Just as he was getting worked up, his phone vibrated. Fang Mo had sent him a message.

“Did you read it yet?”

Xu Xiran suddenly felt guilty.


Less than five minutes later, Fang Mo appeared at his dormitory.

“I’ve already woken up from a whole nap, why haven’t you read it yet?” He was a little dissatisfied, “I wanted to hear your thoughts.”

As soon as he saw him, Xu Xiran felt that he was not very straight.

“I downloaded it and read the beginning. But after the game, I felt a little tired, so once I took a shower, I just rested.” Because he didn’t want to make any comments, he recklessly made excuses.

Fang Mo nodded, then looked at him up and down, looking pensive.

Xu Xiran was nervous: “What are you doing?”

“Are you feeling sore?” Fang Mo asked, “I saw that your movements on the court today seemed a little heavier than yesterday.”

Xu Xiran hesitated for a moment, then nodded earnestly: “A little bit, that’s why I didn’t perform as well and could’ve been better.”

“You have such high expectations for yourself. You’re already so good, okay? Much better than everyone else. But you haven’t recovered yet, and after you’ve worked so hard today, you’ll probably be so sore tomorrow that you won’t be able to lift your hands and feet,” Fang Mo said, rubbing his hands in front of him, “Why don’t I give you a special service?”

“Ah?” Xu Xiran looked at him blankly.

“It’s best to massage your muscles after exercising to help loosen you up so that you won’t feel too uncomfortable the next day.” Fang Mo was in high spirits for some reason, and there was a sparkle in his eyes when he looked at him. “I would always massage my parents when I was younger, and my technique is pretty good. I’ll let you enjoy it for free today.”

“I don’t think I need?” Xu Xiran didn’t know why he started feeling panicky and took a step back.

Fang Mo didn’t listen at all, and raised his finger at the bed: “Quick! Go there! Lie down!”

Xu Xiran’s scalp was numb. He thought to himself, what’s going on? Why is Fang Mo so excited all of a sudden?



Yin: (๑>ᴗ<๑)(☆ω☆)


  • 1
    Euphemism for sex
  • 2
    Key vessels in acupuncture
  • 3
    Big brother, friendly term amongst guys


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