Chapter 56 – Xiaoyao Who?

I Treat You as a Brother
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56 – Xiaoyao Who?

Translator: tamago


Xu Xiran did not go look for Zou Shun.

He walked straight forward at a brisk pace for a good while and did not stop until he was sure that he was far enough away from Fang Mo.

Then he slowly walked to the corner of the venue, picked an empty spot, and squatted down with all his strength.

There was still a little soft tactile sensation left on his arms. He knew that was fake. But when Fang Mo reached out his arms to hug him just now and closely looked him up and down with a smile in his eyes, that was real.

Recalling this memory now had even made him slightly dizzy.

His mind was a mess, and his thinking had become incoherent. Just then, a friend in the club had asked him how he felt facing this Xiaoyao.

At the time, Xu Xiran muddleheadedly thought, what Xiaoyao?

After a good while did he realize that the other party was referring to Fang Mo.

Xu Xiran felt bad. This was terrible. He regretted this very much now and felt that he shouldn’t have persuaded Fang Mo at all, so that Fang Mo wouldn’t have to come to join all this noise.

He wanted to wrap Fang Mo up immediately, take him back, and then ask him to quickly change out of that outfit.

How could Fang Mo wear such a short skirt, dangle around fake breasts, walk around so nonchalantly, and even do fanservice gestures for strange men?

How could he paint his lips so brightly that people couldn’t help but want to touch them?

How could he be this good-looking?

Xu Xiran squatted until his legs ached, so he simply sat on the ground. He buried his head in his knees and wrapped his arms around them.

He said to himself in his heart, Xu Xiran, you’re done for. You’re a pervert.

Fang Mo is your good brother. He is a man. And yet you’re so flustered by him, you even want to kiss him.

Clearly, the Xiaoyao he played was nothing like him.

Xiaoyao was not like this. Xiaoyao was not this beautiful.

Xu Xiran crossed his legs and rubbed his hair into a mess.

What do I do? What do I do now? How should he sort out these feelings? It must have been because too many people have been whispering in his ears about the ambiguous relationship between him and Fang Mo, with some people even forcing him to admit that he liked him.

In hearing this too much, he had been influenced and began to really start to like him.

Xu Xiran repeated the last three words in his heart.

I like him.

He hugged his head and quietly wailed in anguish.

People around him were casting their curious or panicked eyes, but he couldn’t spare the time to care.

Calm down, calm down, he said to himself, maybe this was just an illusion from his outfit. Maybe it was because Fang Mo looked too much like a girl that his heart was racing now. When today is over and he changes this attire, maybe everything will be back on track again.

Instead of feeling at a loss, he felt he’d better think of a way to eliminate the mystical bulges from the fake breasts on his body. Thinking of Fang Mo going on stage like that and being watched by many people made Xu Xiran almost collapse.

He knew that they were fake. But when they were worn on Fang Mo, they seemed to be a part of Fang Mo, and the problem became very dire.

He didn’t know if he had obediently put on the coat he gave him.

Xu Xiran could not feel at ease and decided to go back to take a look.

He stood up and walked towards the venue for a bit, then suddenly realized that he seemed to have forgotten something. He had just told Fang Mo that he was going to do something, so why couldn’t he remember?

He comforted himself that since he couldn’t remember, it probably wasn’t important. It was better to go back quickly, as it was not safe to leave such a beautiful Fang Mo alone.

He was a little scared to see him now, but also couldn’t help but want to see him more.

After walking a few more steps, he finally calmed down from the panic and found that many people around him were looking in the same direction. Xu Xiran followed their gaze and looked over, and then suddenly remembered what he was supposed to do.

He was supposed to look for Zou Shun.

And now he had found him. Zou Shun was standing in a corner not far away, and despite his low-profile location, he somehow attracted a lot of attention. Not because of the cosplay costume he was wearing or the wig on his head. That was all too common here.

He was looking upwards and was kissing a man.

Zou Shun grabbed the other’s collar and pulled it in his direction. When the other’s collar became messy, he let go of his hand and hugged the back of the other’s neck.

Xu Xiran recognized the person that Zou Shun was kissing. He met him once at school while he was with Fang Mo.

Their kiss was long and passionate as if there was no one else around.

Some people slowed down because of this, many people looked at them while walking, and in the end, only Xu Xiran stopped and stayed.

He was full of embarrassment and didn’t know whether to pretend he didn’t see it and leave, or to let Zou Shun know that someone was looking for him.

In addition to this, he felt deeply moved in his heart.

Two people of the same gender kissing openly in such a large public area. Not only did this scene not make him feel uncomfortable, but it also made him feel a little envious.

Xu Xiran knew how much Zou Shun liked that man. Although it was not clear what exactly happened at that point in time, it seemed that he had now gotten his wish. How nice.

Fang Mo would be happy when he finds out.

And if he and Fang Mo could also…

Xu Xiran hugged his head again and squatted down. God, what was he thinking again? If Fang Mo knew that he had such thoughts, he’d probably immediately cut all contact with him.

The two over there finally stopped kissing but didn’t separate. Zou Shun hugged the other tightly and rested his chin on the other’s shoulder as if he was talking about something.

The man in his arms also put his arms around him. He listened quietly, occasionally reached out to pat Zou Shun’s back, and then turned his head to kiss Zou Shun’s cheek.

He saw that these two people were going to kiss again.

The lonely Xu Xiran finally decided to leave them alone.




Fang Mo did not wear his coat.

Xu Xiran frowned because of this, and Fang Mo, who noticed him, immediately waved at him.

Fang Mo quickly ran over, and the fake boobs in front of him shook, forcing Xu Xiran to look away again. They were too stimulating, and if he looked more, something else would happen.

But Fang Mo forced him to watch.

“How is this?” Fang Mo pushed his chest in front of him, turned back and forth, and showed him in all directions, “Is it better now?”

Xu Xiran glanced cautiously and found that the bulges were gone.

“I asked someone to lend me two band-aids,” Fang Mo said, and then sighed, “Doing this kind of thing really feels shameful.”

“…Then why did you come,” Xu Xiran muttered in a low voice, “Don’t wear such things next time.”

Fang Mo glanced at him, curled his lips, and said nothing. He did not look very happy.

Xu Xiran couldn’t look at him like this. Especially with his current attire, Xu Xiran’s desire to protect was infinitely inflated.

But fortunately, he had some good news.

“I found Zou Shun,” he said to Fang Mo, “but he is very busy now, so I didn’t want to bother him.”

Fang Mo was really curious: “Busy with what?”

“He Chengyi came,” Xu Xiran said, “They were busy being lovey-dovey with each other.”

Fang Mo immediately widened his eyes.

Xu Xiran looked away again.

This was too scary. Why were all of his expressions so cute?

The image of those two people kissing appeared in his mind again.

Fang Mo’s lips in front of him were still painted with shimmery lip gloss, in a nice vivid light pink. They looked so soft and sweet, like jelly.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but from a short distance, he seemed to smell a faint smell of fruit candy.

Xu Xiran bit his lips a little and took a half step back.

“I don’t know how it happened, and in that kind of situation, I was too embarrassed to ask. Let’s wait for him to come back by himself?”

Fang Mo grabbed him: “Hurry, hurry! Take me to see, take me to see!”

Xu Xiran lowered his head and secretly looked at the hands they were holding together at this moment, and as a result, his heart beat faster, and his thoughts became less fluent.

He thought, wouldn’t it not be a good idea to go and watch right now? But Fang Mo said he wanted to go, so he couldn’t refuse at all.

Xu Xiran nodded, turned around, and was about to move forward when his hand felt cold. Fang Mo let go of his hand.

That was true, they couldn’t just walk hand in hand, that would be strange.

Xu Xiran inwardly sighed in his heart. One after the other, the two walked a few steps outside, only to see two people walking in from the outside.

It was Zou Shun and He Chengyi.

Their hands were tightly held together.

“Momo!” Seeing Fang Mo, Zou Shun immediately dragged the man beside him and ran over, “Let me introduce you! This is my…”

He already said this far when his originally excited expression showed a trace of hesitation. He turned his head, glanced at He Chengyi, and then said tentatively, “This is my… boyfriend?”

He Chengyi didn’t make a sound, but lowered his head slightly, with a slight smile still on the corner of his mouth. Xu Xiran could tell that this man, who was much older than everyone else present, felt a little embarrassed at the moment.

“Hello?” Probably because of his special attire, Fang Mo had an awkward expression when he spoke, as if he didn’t know where to put his hands and feet.

“Hello,” He Chengyi also smiled at him, without making any comments on his appearance, “We meet again.”

After he said this, he also nodded to Xu Xiran who was standing next to him. Xu Xiran was a little taken aback and quickly grinned at him.

The scene suddenly became formal, and everyone was a little cautious. Only Zou Shun was still immersed in excitement.

“Zou Shun, you’re back,” Beibei happened to pass by not far behind them, and greeted, “Is your makeup a bit off? Do you want me to fix it for you?”

As soon as she finished speaking, Zou Shun dragged He Chengyi and rushed over at lightning speed.

“Beibeibbeibeibei, let me introduce you!” He said loudly, “This is my boyfriend!”

Beibei stared blankly at He Chengyi: “Ah? Oh…eh, umm, hello?”

He Chengyi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “Hello.”

After that, Zou Shun took He Chengyi and ran around for a while, and introduced him to everyone.

Xu Xiran saw He Chengyi, whose aura was obviously out of tune with this place, patiently greet every bizarre-clothed member of the club, and suddenly some strange emotions surged in his heart.

“Ai,” Fang Mo sighed softly beside him, “he looks so happy.”

Xu Xiran nodded.

Zou Shun’s happiness was overflowing, infecting the whole space. It made people feel happy with them, and also made them a little envious.

“I also want to have that sweet kind of love,” Fang Mo said.

Xu Xiran turned his head and found that Fang Mo’s eyes were on his face.

He quickly turned his head back.

He whispered in his heart, what a coincidence, so do I.



Author’s note:

*Xu Xiran & Fang Mo: …I’m in admiration



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