Chapter 54 – The Straight Man and His Last Stubbornness

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54 – The Straight Man and His Last Stubbornness

Translator: tamago

Editor: Yin

Proofreader: Aaru

That night, Xu Xiran received some good news from the club’s WeChat group.

They said that they have already found a candidate who could replace Chang Tian and that their appearance was very suitable. They told him that after the fitting tomorrow, it would definitely give everyone a big surprise.

Xu Xiran breathed a sigh of relief, but at the same time, he felt a little bit disappointed.

Now, there would be no reason to coax Fang Mo into giving it a try.

Although Fang Mo looked fair, he didn’t look feminine. He would be better described as handsome than beautiful. Xu Xiran didn’t know whether it was suitable for him to dress up as a girl, and while what he said before seemed to be true, he was actually talking nonsense out of his own selfishness. He just wanted to see it for himself.

The outfits for most of the characters in Love Story were uniform skirts, and Xiaoyao was no exception. Xu Xiran had only seen Fang Mo in long pants, but he knew that his legs were very long and his skin was very fair. If his legs were exposed, he wouldn’t be too far off.

This awareness itself brought him a bit of guilt.

He lay in bed, questioning himself in his mind.

Xu Xiran, have you been single for too long? Have you become a pervert?

After being dazed for a moment, he turned to his side and hugged his pillow.

He felt that that was wrong. Although he has yet fallen in love, his mental world has always been very fulfilling. He had hobbies that he indulged in and people with whom he could share them. And although these anime characters were fictional, the feelings that he put into them were real. His life was not empty.

He wanted to see Fang Mo’s women’s clothing, probably because he simply thought it would be interesting. It was just like how he was very happy to see Chang Tian dressed up like a girl and how he liked seeing him and his girlfriend together. It was just human nature to like beautiful, lovely, and wonderful existences.

After consoling himself, he typed a message to Fang Mo.

[“We have successfully found a substitute, so don’t worry.”]

After a while, he received a reply from Fang Mo.

[“None of my business!”]

Xu Xiran was a little puzzled. Now that a replacement has been found, he didn’t have to bother him about it anymore, so why was he so worked up?




The next day, after Fang Mo had enough mental preparation, he bravely pushed open the door of the club activity room. Then he quickly fell apart inside.

The girl in charge of styling him smiled and handed him a box of hair removal cream.

“I’ll give you half an hour to clean off all the hair on your hands and legs,” she said.

Fang Mo was stunned.

As a young man with a different orientation, he still liked many parts of his body that were masculine. Compared with most men of the same age, his leg hair was not thick, but it was also more obvious than that of normal girls. He has always been narcissistic and was quite content with how he was.

He didn’t like men with no hair on their legs, and naturally, he didn’t want to be like that either.

“Do I have to?” He held the depilatory cream and struggled desperately. “Can’t you just cover my legs with some powder?”

In the past few months, he had often watched rehearsals with Xu Xiran, and he was very familiar with many of his social friends. This girl’s name was Beibei, and she had a pretty good relationship with him. Beibei was sharp and straightforward and didn’t show much mercy when she spoke.

“Are you kidding?” She reached out her hand and patted him hard on the back. “Since you’ve already agreed, you must already have this bit of awareness. Hurry and go!”

Fang Mo entered the preparation room, wanting to cry.

Forty minutes later, all his limbs became slippery, tender, and smooth.

“There’s obviously not too much missing, but there is a chilly feeling.” He complained to Zou Shun, who came to watch the fun.

Zou Shun laughed so hard that he was about to fall apart. The character he played had long sleeves and pants that were covered tightly, so he never had this kind of worry.

“Very, very pretty hahahahahahahaha,” he rolled around on his chair, holding his belly. “It feels so slippery hahahahahahahahahahaha!”

Hearing that he was laughing almost out of tune, Fang Mo was so angry that he wanted to hit him.

“Chill, chill,” Zou Shun tried his best to control his expression. “Look, now you can wrap your arms around him with such slippery, white, tender arms and see how he reacts! How wonderful!”

“Shut up,” Fang Mo was in anguish. “You just want to make fun of me!”

He was already in regret.

He didn’t have the guts to tell Xu Xiran yesterday that he was the replacement that they found. If he looked back now, he could still pretend that nothing had happened yet.

“Don’t get so worked up,” Zou Shun tried to be calm for the first half of the sentence, but by the second half, he began to lose it. “There are more terrifying things waiting for you hahahahahahahahaha!”

Fang Mo thought to himself, what else could there be? Wasn’t there just a skirt left?

He opened the bag that Beibei had just given him and immediately let out a shriek.

Facing him was a pair of fake boobs.

“This, this…” He looked up, stunned, “This, this… this…”

Zou Shun was already paralyzed from laughing. His upper body fell on the table, twitching and twitching, looking like he was about to burp.

Fang Mo couldn’t help but suspect that this person’s active persuasion yesterday was not for his benefit at all, but was for him to have some fun.

“…I want to go back,” Fang Mo said.

Zou Shun paused for a while, panting as if he had just finished a 1000-meter run, and weakly spoke: “The time has come to test how loyal you are to Xu Xiran.”

Fang Mo held his head and said, “Have you ever heard the saying that love cannot be put to the test?!”




As the end of class was approaching, Xu Xiran saw a new message from Beibei in the WeChat group.

[“Everything went smoothly!”]

After this message, a photo was attached.

In the center of the screen stood a girl in Xiaoyao’s costume. Her head was lowered, and she was covering her face, looking extremely shy, and he was unable to see her face clearly.

A lot of messages soon appeared in the group, and they commented on the good legs and chest.

Beibei sent a laughing emoji, saying that the boobs were provided by Chang Tian and that they were detachable, but the legs were real, and the real thing was even better than in the photo. She said that not only were the legs good-looking, they were also beautiful, but the person was too embarrassed to show his face, so everyone had to wait to see them live.

Immediately, someone @Xu Xiran and interviewed the most loyal remote chef in their agency to see how he felt.

Xu Xiran didn’t feel anything. After all, he didn’t know what she looked like. This girl was a bit too tall, maybe taller than Chang Tian. As a result, the uniform skirt looked a bit short, revealing a large section of her white thighs. Her legs were long and straight, with well-proportioned and beautiful lines, and objectively speaking, they were indeed good-looking.

It was a pity that this person felt different than Xiaoyao.

Xiaoyao was the kind of girl with a little bit of sensuality, the kind of girl who would have a bit of bulge from wearing thigh-high socks. Xu Xiran was rather moved by this and once actively suggested that the association choose autumn uniforms with thigh-high socks when choosing cosplay styles, but unfortunately, his idea was rejected.

The current mainstream aesthetic was chopstick legs, and Xu Xiran, a firm fan of thick legs, felt very lonely.

Although the legs of the girl in the photo were not like chopsticks, they were also not like the original.

…It would be better if it were Fang Mo; his legs would definitely not fall short of these.

However, it was hard to find a substitute, so of course Xu Xiran would not be so shameless.

[“ Great 👍👍👍”]

He replied blankly.




“It’s not good,” Xu Xiran complained to Fang Mo on the phone. “Xiaoyao is the kind of girl who looks soft, and this substitute feels rough.”

There was no sound from the other end of the line.

“Chang Tian, this person, how could he get chickenpox at this kind of time?” Xu Xiran lamented again, “Although he is a boy, he looks quite soft.”

Fang Mo remained silent.

“Forget it,” Xu Xiran decisively changed the subject: “Do you want to have dinner together tonight?”

Fang Mo finally opened his mouth and responded with his cold words.

“I’m busy.”




“I want to quit,” Fang Mo said pitifully to Beibei.

Beibei put both her hands on his shoulders and said, “To be a good person, you have to be trustworthy in life.”

“…I think I look weird like this,” Fang Mo was about to cry, “I don’t look good; I look rough.”

“You’re joking,” Beibei was extremely excited. “You look so stunningly beautiful, okay? Whoever says you don’t look good, I’ll kill him!”

Fang Mo sighed with a mournful expression.

He now had thick false eyelashes glued on, and each blink took a lot more effort than usual. His face was still covered with heavy foundation, and his skin was not used to it, so it felt a little dry and itchy. The wig on his head was much heavier than expected, making his neck feel shorter under the weight.

But all of these were not as scary as those fake breasts.

Fang Mo didn’t know if it felt like the real thing, but the feeling of them in his hands felt too mystifying. After putting them on, it made him feel stuffy and hot, and they would immediately shake whenever he moved a little, which terrified him.

“You should be wearing another piece of undergarment,” Beibei explained to him, “Unfortunately, Tiantian forgot to give it to us, and I’m unable to borrow a size that big for a while. You’ll have to put up with this for now. I’ll bring you a pair of nipple covers when the time comes. Remember to put them on, otherwise, your nipples will look a bit obvious through the clothes.”

Fang Mo was only a little short of dying on the spot.

“You look really beautiful,” Beibei cupped her cheeks, admiring the makeup she had worked hard for more than half an hour on, and was infatuated, “You’re too beautiful, if I were a man, I would propose to you right now!”

“…Ha ha.” Fang Mo smiled with a fake smile on his face.

He thought in his heart, there is a bastard that thinks I look unattractive and rough. I hate him, you should go kill him.




Xu Xiran was finally able to confirm one thing after a week.

Fang Mo was consciously distancing himself from him. In the past, it was very easy to meet with Fang Mo. He was always free and ready to meet for dinner or to do anything else. Even if Xu Xiran didn’t look for him, he would take the initiative to come and look for Xu Xiran. They were in touch every day.

But now, he never had the time. When he went to his dormitory to look for him, he couldn’t find him, and after sending him a message asking to have dinner together, it took a long time for him to respond, and when he did, he said he was busy.

When he asked him what he was busy with, he refused to say.

Xu Xiran couldn’t stop thinking about it. He guessed that nine out of ten, Fang Mo probably believed in Zou Shun’s nonsense and thought that he liked him, so he avoided him on purpose.

This was too unjust. Xu Xiran felt wronged and felt that Fang Mo was being unfair. When he misunderstood Zou Shun, Fang Mo obviously did not distance Zou Shun. This was simply unequal treatment.

Xu Xiran lay in bed every night, looking at the poster of Xiaoyao pasted on the bottom of the upper bunk, thinking silently in his heart.

I am a straight man, and I love sweet, soft, and beautiful girls.

Then he thought about how to explain this misunderstanding. He really didn’t want to lose Fang Mo as a friend. They obviously haven’t known each other for long, but he was already not used to not having him by his side.

Without any expectations, he sent Fang Mo a message.

[“Our club is going to compete in two days, do you want to come and watch?”]

It took Fang Mo a long time to reply, and the message was concise.

[“I’ll come.”]




Xu Xiran felt something was wrong from the moment he got on the bus specially chartered by the club.

Fang Mo kept his head down, carrying a big bag in his hand. The seat next to him was empty, so as expected, Xu Xiran sat beside him.

After the bus started driving, Fang Mo still didn’t look at Xu Xiran. Xu Xiran insisted on gazing at him.

While he looked at him, a little feeling of strangeness suddenly surged in his heart.

It took him half an hour to decide that it wasn’t because he hadn’t seen him for so long that he was feeling this way.

Fang Mo’s face indeed changed. He seemed to have trimmed his eyebrows, and the shape looked a little more slender and delicate than before. This change was very subtle, but it made his entire face look different.

Xu Xiran suddenly had a strange guess in his heart.

“What’s in your bag?” He asked Fang Mo.

Fang Mo turned his head and looked out the window: “Secret.”

“What have you been up to these days?” he asked again.

Fang Mo hugged the bag tightly into his arms: “…You will know in a bit.”

Xu Xiran sat in the rickety car, his eyes gradually looking down, and staying on Fang Mo’s lap.

Then he inwardly swallowed a gulp.




An hour later, his guess had become a reality.

“He’s putting on makeup,” Zou Shun said to Xu Xiran who was standing outside the dressing room with a smile, “Didn’t he tell you?”

“… Xiaoyao?” Xu Xiran asked.

Zou Shun did not answer directly, but instead asked: “Are you looking forward to it?”

Xu Xiran shrugged.

“I’m just a little surprised,” he said with a nonchalant look, “To specifically hide it from me, was that really necessary?”

Zou Shun smiled wickedly: “Isn’t it nice to give you a surprise?”

Xu Xiran did not comment. It’s quite a surprise, he thought. He’d already seen the photo a while ago, but it didn’t suit his taste. Fang Mo definitely wouldn’t be ugly after putting on makeup, but he couldn’t compare to Chang Tian when compared to the original character.

He felt mad. Fang Mo came to help, but it turned out to be through Zou Shun instead of him. This was just too much.

“… Then what are you doing at the door?” Zou Shun asked again.

Xu Xiran said stiffly: “Can’t I be curious?”



Author’s note: 

Don’t worry, there will be everything that’s needed.

Even though Xu Xiran is already dying of worry.



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