Chapter 50 – So Sour!

I Treat You as a Brother
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50 – So Sour!

Translator: tamago

Editor: Yin


Fang Mo didn’t speak for a while.

The hypothesis proposed by Xu Xiran was completely in the blind spot of his thinking, and it was something he had never thought of before.

“If that’s the case… if he likes Zou Shun, wouldn’t it not be good for him to continue dating his blind date?” Fang Mo asked.

Xu Xiran narrowed his eyes and thought for a while, then said, “Has Zou Shun ever met this so-called blind date?”

Fang Mo was stunned for a while, then shook his head: “I don’t think so?”

“So it’s hard to say whether this person really exists,” Xu Xiran said, “Maybe he just wanted to test things out at first, so he said that he was going on a blind date. Once he found out that Zou Shun didn’t seem opposed at all, he could only bite the bullet and continue spewing nonsense.”

“…But, you’re just drawing up conclusions, right?” Fang Mo asked, “Is there any basis?” 

“There is, and the chain of logic is very complete.” The great detective Xu Xiran, who had already gone bankrupt once, was once again full of confidence, “He specifically came to find Zou Shun because he was worried, and when he knew that Zou Shun was just ignoring him on purpose, he was not angry at all, and was even relieved. If they were just ordinary friends, he would have met with him and asked for an explanation, right? Like I said last time, he obviously likes Zou Shun, and is sure that Zou Shun doesn’t like him back.”

“Wait a minute,” Fang Mo frowned, “Something is still not right. Then why did he watch a movie with someone else and purposely stand Zou Shun up?”

“The so-called being stood up with him going on another date with a girl, isn’t this all a wild guess from Zou Shun?” Xu Xiran tapped his finger on the handle of the chair as he spoke. “This is just like what I said before. The most typical process is to draw a conclusion first and then backtrack from there, which seems reasonable but is actually forcing a far-fetched conclusion.” 


“Didn’t he say that he suddenly had something come up?” Xu Xiran said, “Why should we assume that he’s lying?” 


“You just said that they’ve made plans a total of three times, and one of the times Zou Shun couldn’t make it because he had something to do, right?” Xu Xiran suddenly smiled as he spoke, “Haven’t you ever thought that maybe the other party had the same way of thinking, and was worried that Zou Shun purposely stood him up and didn’t want to meet him? In actuality, if he really didn’t want to see him, wouldn’t he not agree to the plans in the first place?”


“And that perfume.” Xu Xiran looked a little tired, and closed his eyes again, half asleep and half awake, with his speech gradually slowing down, “If I bought you an expensive gift and you didn’t like it, I definitely wouldn’t just give it to some other friend.”

Fang Mo blinked twice: “Does it make sense to use me as an example?”

Xu Xiran immediately opened his eyes: “That’s not… I… I was just saying it casually. Anyway, that’s what I mean, think about it.”

For a moment, Fang Mo was not careful, and he thought about things he shouldn’t have thought about.

His little heart was pounding, and he pursed his lips and did not dare to make a sound as he secretly glanced at Xu Xiran’s face. Xu Xiran’s cheeks were still a little red, but he didn’t know if it was just because his fever hadn’t subsided yet.

He waited quietly for a while, waiting for Xu Xiran to joke around like before and say something that would annoy him yet also make him happy like “what’s wrong with me using my wife as an example”. But after being quiet for a while, Xu Xiran didn’t say a word.

Fang Mo finally couldn’t help it and reached out his finger to lightly poke his arm: “Hey.”

“I’m going to sleep for a bit.” Xu Xiran closed his eyes and instructed him without being courteous, “Keep an eye on me, and call the nurse when the IV is almost done.”

Fang Mo helplessly raised his eyes to look at the half-remaining IV bag. After holding it in for a while, he finally mustered up his courage and asked, “What you just mentioned…”

“You don’t believe me, do you?” Xu Xiran seemed quite unconvinced, “This time, it has to be right. If you don’t believe me, we’ll wait and see.”

Fang Mo thought to himself, that’s not what I asked.

But the impulse that he finally squeezed out had already been used up.

He sighed, leaned back on the chair, and whispered, “I believe you.”




Zou Shun still had not responded to the message.

Fang Mo defaulted into thinking that this meant good news. Zou Shun probably had successfully met He Chengyi, and then found that the matter was really a misunderstanding as Xu Xiran had speculated, and realized they liked each other too carefully which resulted in a strange combination of errors.

They were probably opening up to each other now, saying who did what that caused all of this.

How would there still be time to pay attention to him?

Fang Mo suddenly felt sour in his heart. Not long ago, his roommates half-jokingly half-seriously envied him. But now, Liu Xiaochang, who cried “I really want to fall in love” at the beginning, has just had a spring night, and his closest friend has also reaped sweet love.

Only he, still keeping around an ignorant fool, seemed to be waiting for an iron tree to bloom.




Once Xu Xiran was finished with the infusion, he still didn’t have much energy. Most of his fever had subsided, and he took another measurement before leaving the hospital, and it was 37.8°. Fang Mo finally breathed a sigh of relief that he wouldn’t be fevered into a fool anymore.

“My whole body hurts,” After returning to school, Xu Xiran followed behind him, moving slowly, “I also feel dizzy, and I don’t feel good anywhere. Why are you walking so fast? Wait for me.”

He must not have realized that he was currently acting very much like a baby. Fang Mo’s heart was filled with amusement, and he tried his best to hold back a smile as he slowed down to wait for him.

Xu Xiran was feeling unwell, so naturally he would care, feel distressed, and worry for him. Taking care of Xu Xiran and being relied on by Xu Xiran brought him some enjoyment. This kind of satisfaction and joy was very different from when Xu Xiran took care of his sprained ankle, but it brought the same sense of happiness.

The two slowly made their way toward the dormitory area. As they walked, they saw someone else who was also moving slowly like them but heading out.

This was the fourth time they had run into Yang Lin in two days.

Yang Lin was holding a bag with books in his arms, and was probably going to class. Fang Mo exchanged glances with him, and then they looked away at the same time in tacit understanding.

Everyone moved slowly, and time felt infinitely prolonged. Xu Xiran was more sluggish than usual due to his physical discomfort and didn’t notice Yang Lin’s existence until they were less than two or three meters apart.

He had a big reaction, he panicked for a moment, messed up his steps, and stuttered a bit when he greeted him.

“Xi-Xi-Xiao Yang, what a coincidence.”

Yang Lin smiled at him and bowed his head to greet him back: “Hello, xuezhang.”

Seeing this, Fang Mo quickly grabbed Xu Xiran’s arm. Yang Lin’s eyes stayed between their arms for two seconds, then looked away, quickened his pace, and walked away awkwardly.

This seemingly calm episode passed just like that.

“Ai, ai,” Xu Xiran pulled Fang Mo twice, “Do you think his footsteps seemed unnatural?”

Fang Mo nodded in a serious manner.

“And it looked like…” Xu Xiran pondered for a while before continuing, “His face was red and dewy.”

“…” Fang Mo turned his head and looked the other way.

“Aiya, aiya, aiya,” Xu Xiran sighed inexplicably.

The two walked quietly for a while, and Xu Xiran pulled him again: “Ai, ai.”

“What are you doing?” Fang Mo lowered his head.

His face was burning badly, and he couldn’t figure out what he was embarrassed about.

“Are you still envious?” Xu Xiran asked.

Fang Mo was stunned for a moment, and was shocked: “What do you want to do?”

“It’s not that,” Xu Xiran quickly waved his hands, “Where’s your mind at? I mean, seeing that he can’t even walk steadily, do you still feel envious?”

Fang Mo thought to himself, well damn, now I’m even more envious.

This Liu Xiaochang was indeed really fierce, and was not ashamed of his strong abs and big package.

After sighing, Fang Mo took another look at the straight man beside him. He was sickly, and he looked silly, with a strange expression on his face. At this moment, he didn’t look very attractive at all. 

However, he had just confirmed some crucial information just a few hours ago by looking at a thin black cloth.

…It very much excited him.

He hoped that there would be a day when his steps would also be that unsteady.

Fang Mo lowered his head and touched his nose to conceal his expression.

He secretly made a strange comparison in his mind. If it were Xu Xiran, he would not feel at ease to let him go to class the next day if he was not feeling well. He would persuade him to call in sick, and if it was inconvenient to do so, he would take the initiative to accompany him. He was so warm and was so many times more considerate than Liu Xiaochang.

“What are you thinking about?” Xu Xiran’s voice came from beside him, “Is there something funny?”

Fang Mo hurriedly stopped: “No… just Yang Lin’s appearance just now, it’s… it’s quite funny.”

After he finished speaking, he wiped his hot face with the back of his hand.

What was there to feel superior about? Yang Lin already had a sex life, while he could only look at his underwear. This was just too tragic.




Liu Xiaochang, who obviously had a good night, looked refreshed, and was even humming when he opened the bedroom door. 

When he saw Xu Xiran lying on Fang Mo’s bed, he immediately restrained his expression.

“You’re here,” he smiled at Xu Xiran, “Where’s your person?”

Fang Mo came out of the bathroom, looked at him, turned his head, and walked to his bed without saying a word. 

He was in a bad mood now and was very sour, and couldn’t stand these proud people. Even looking at Xu Xiran made him a little dissatisfied.

“You should hurry and head back,” he pulled on Xu Xiran, “Go back and take your medicine and get some sleep.”

Xu Xiran closed his eyes unmoved: “I’m too lazy to climb the stairs, it’s the same if I sleep here.”

When the two came back just now, Fang Mo originally wanted to accompany Xu Xiran to his dormitory. Halfway there, he remembered that he still had some cooling stickers that Xu Xiran had sent him last time in his drawer, so he stopped by to pick some up.

Unexpectedly, Xu Xiran walked in with him, floated straight to his bed, and fell down flat, refusing to move. At the time, there was no one else in the dormitory, so Fang Mo just let him do whatever. Now that Liu Xiaochang was back, Fang Mo felt embarrassed and wanted to drive Xu Xiran back, but there was nothing he could do.

“What’s wrong? Not feeling well?” Liu Xiaochang asked.

“I’m alright,” Xu Xiran closed his eyes, “I took medicine and drank hot water.”

Fang Mo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and sighed.

Liu Xiaochang returned to his bed, and after being quiet for a while, he suddenly spoke.

“Can I ask you two a question?”

Xu Xiran closed his eyes and didn’t respond, Fang Mo turned his head.


Liu Xiaochang’s face was a little shy, and his delicate and beautiful face looked somewhat pitiful. But what he said was not the case at all.

“Surely you two have slept together before, right?” he asked.

Xu Xiran, who was originally quite dead, widened his eyes in an instant, and he turned to look at him with his face full of surprise.

“No?” Liu Xiaochang was a little dazed, “Wait really? No way. Impossible. Why?”

The air fell into silence. Xu Xiran’s fever hadn’t fully subsided yet, so he was already dull, but at this moment, he just about completely shut down and lost all expression on his face.

It was probably difficult for him to make an immediate decision at this moment. With Liu Xiaochang’s way of thinking, if he denied that he had an intimate relationship with Fang Mo, he would definitely be suspected of having some kind of unspeakable disease. But it would probably be too provoking for a straight man to nod and show that he and Fang Mo have slept together.

“Too blunt?” Seeing that neither of them said anything, Liu Xiaochang was puzzled, “We can’t talk about it?”

Fang Mo hurriedly interrupted: “What exactly do you want to say?”

Liu Xiaochang smiled shyly at him: “I want to ask some questions.”

Fang Mo and Xu Xiran, who were both virgins, looked at each other quietly, and then said at the same time, “Do tell?”



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