Chapter 39 – Another Kind of Chest-to-Back

I Treat You as a Brother
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39 – Another Kind of Chest-to-Back

Translator: tamago


Of course Zou Shun had also noticed Fang Mo.

Before the rehearsal ended, Fang Mo received a message from him, asking if he needed to come over to put on an act.

Fang Mo thought for a bit, then told Zou Shun not to come to create more trouble. The atmosphere between him and Xu Xiran was pretty good, so there was no need for Zou Shun to come over and create chaos.

Zou Shun was very cooperative, pretended not to see him, and immediately slipped away once the rehearsal ended.

Fang Mo stayed with Xu Xiran for a while and watched him clean up the aftermath. A few girls discussed going to dinner together and asked Xu Xiran if he wanted to come.

Xu Xiran refused without the slightest hesitation, with the reason being “it’d be inconvenient for Fang Mo’s foot”.

It was inconvenient for Fang Mo’s foot, and Xu Xiran was afraid that he would be tired if he walked that far. He also didn’t want to leave him to go there alone, because he wouldn’t feel at ease if he didn’t send him back to his dormitory first.

The girls had ambiguous smiles on their faces when they heard those words, and made strange gestures at Xu Xiran before leaving. Fang Mo felt that they must have been hinting at something because Xu Xiran then seemed embarrassed and helpless, and looked as if he had a big headache.

“What do they mean?” Fang Mo asked.

Xu Xiran raised his head and smiled bitterly at him, “Now the whole world thinks that you’re my wife.”


Someone indeed had just come over to make fun of him a moment ago, and asked him if he came here to watch because he couldn’t leave Xu Xiran for a moment, even though his foot was in pain. Fang Mo has had many experiences of being approached by girls, but this time, the feeling was completely different. The girls’ expressions and smiles revealed an unconcealable excitement, which made him feel a bit creeped out.

“Ai,” Xu Xiran continued to lower his head to tidy up, “If this continues on, neither of us can even think about getting a girlfriend before graduation.”

“Don’t be sad,” Fang Mo comforted him hypocritically, “Whenever you need, I can always send you a substitute. I got the link from Chang Tian.”

Repeating the same joke did not have the same effectiveness. Xu Xiran had been teased by him too many times that he became numb to it and even learned to fight back.

“Alright, you can buy it,” he said, “As long as you wear it on your body when you give it to me.”


While Xu Xiran made this joke offhandedly, this gave Fang Mo a huge shock. He began to quickly think in his mind whether he could accept this request if that was what Xu Xiran actually wanted.

Not until Xu Xiran had finished everything and said goodbye to the remaining club members, did Fang Mo finally confirm that he could not accept this request. At least, when it was most critical, he would have to take it off. However, this kind of scenario was essentially like a “would you rather have ten million yuan or be five centimeters taller” kind of daydream. Xu Xiran himself must definitely be more unwilling to accept this kind of request than him.

Xu Xiran was completely unaware of these twisting and turning thoughts in his mind. He only thought that he had successfully defeated the general and left Fang Mo speechless. He was very proud and even hummed as he left.

The two walked up to the stairs, and just as Fang Mo was about to step down, Xu Xiran suddenly reached out his hand, “Can you walk? Do you need help?”

He certainly needed it. Fang Mo, who was strong enough to climb the stairs alone when he came here, suddenly had trouble with his legs and feet, so he held Xu Xiran’s arm and put his weight on him.

Xu Xiran didn’t doubt this, and shook his head and sighed, “You see, and you even said it was all better. Was there really a point to come here to just be disillusioned?”

“What disillusionment?” Fang Mo leaned on half his body, emotionally agitated, with his mind not spinning very fast.

“Chang Tian,” Xu Xiran said, “You shouldn’t have any illusions about him now, right?”

Having said that, Fang Mo felt that his trip was worthwhile. After meeting him firsthand, he was able to confirm that this suspicious-looking young man in women’s clothing was not only straight, but also as straight as Xu Xiran. And Xu Xiran also didn’t have any ambiguous thoughts towards him, he only admired the cute facade of him being with his girlfriend.

It can be said that a serious worry in his heart had been eliminated.

The dance room was on the second floor, and there was only one floor to go down, so even if they walked carefully, it didn’t take too much time. After coming down to the flat ground, Xu Xiran immediately let go of Fang Mo’s waist.

“Can you walk on the flat ground by yourself?” he asked.

Fang Mo nodded in distress, “Mn.”

In order to match his speed, Xu Xiran slowed down his steps. The two moved slowly side by side, as if they were taking a stroll.

“I’m a little hungry,” Fang Mo said, “Do you want to eat something?”

Xu Xiran felt that it would be difficult for him, “You want to walk over?”

The nearest place to eat was the school dining hall, and at a normal walking speed, it would take less than a few minutes to get there. But with Fang Mo’s current state, it would be a bit difficult.

“Let me first take you back, and then I’ll go and buy some food to bring back to you,” Xu Xiran said, “You tell me what you want to eat first.”

Fang Mo lowered his head and thought for a while, then did not speak and only sighed.

“What’s wrong?” Xu Xiran was puzzled.

“I just feel pity for you,” Fang Mo said, “If there was a girl who was willing to be your girlfriend, she would be happy to death.”


Fang Mo secretly glanced at Xu Xiran, then said, “I want to drink milk tea.”

“What a coincidence,” Xu Xiran smiled and reached his hand in his pocket, “When I went out today, I specifically brought my point collection card… Yi?”

His smile instantly froze.

Fang Mo watched as he took out his student ID card from his pocket, carefully checked it back and forth many times, and saw as his expression gradually became more and more flustered. Xu Xiran clearly used his student ID card as a card holder, with bank cards and ID cards inside. Fang Mo guessed that there was originally a collection card in there with many stamps on it.

“Why is it gone?” Xu Xiran murmured.

“Don’t worry,” Fang Mo comforted him, “Maybe you remembered wrong and didn’t bring it at all.”

For the rest of the journey, Xu Xiran felt like returning home, but he couldn’t leave the slow-moving Fang Mo alone, so he kept walking in place.

“Why don’t you go back first, I’ll walk slowly.” Fang Mo said.

“There’s no rush,” Xu Xiran shook his head, “If I really forgot to bring it and it’s at home, it won’t just disappear into thin air, so it won’t make a difference if I go back earlier or later.”

Those were his words, but his footsteps were filled with anxiety.

Fang Mo didn’t know what to say, so he could only try to speed up his pace, but Xu Xiran was dissatisfied again.

“There’s really no hurry, you can walk slowly,” he said.

Fang Mo inwardly sighed in his heart.

After moving less than ten meters, Xu Xiran suddenly said, “Why don’t I carry you?”

Once he said this, he looked around, and then pointed to the edge of a low flower bed not far away.

“You stand there on the edge and lean onto my back,” he said.

This was the second time Xu Xiran has made such a proposal.

“I don’t want that!” Fang Mo stepped back, “That’s too…”

This meant that his whole body would be stuck to Xu Xiran’s, and he would have to tightly hug around Xu Xiran’s neck. Fang Mo’s skin almost turned pink just thinking about this. Of course, he wouldn’t hate this, but he was afraid that if he was that close together to him, his body would react and he’d be found out.

Xu Xiran didn’t allow him to speak at all, quickly walked to the flower bed, turned his back, and urged him: “Hurry up!”

“…Weren’t you not in a hurry!” Fang Mo struggled.

“I was talking nonsense, I’m dying of anxiety,” Xu Xiran waved at him fiercely, “Come here, I’ll carry you back.”

Fang Mo’s face turned red, “Then go by yourself!”

“I can’t just leave you here alone,” Xu Xiran said.

The two stood by the side of the road, acting strangely and loudly, which inevitably attracted some attention. A number of pedestrians coming and going looked their way.

“Look, they’re all looking at us, how embarrassing is that,” Xu Xiran slapped him, “Stop dawdling.”

“You’re the one that’s embarrassing,” Fang Mo lowered his head, his heart racing wildly.

“Hurry, hurry, what are you being unreasonable for?” Xu Xiran was anxious, “This was already enough time for me to run to the dorm building, come here.”

Fang Mo took his time, then moved to the edge of the flower bed, stepped up with Xu Xiran’s support, then took a deep breath while facing Xu Xiran’s back, and carefully leaned on.

His entire chest was pressed tightly against Xu Xiran’s back, and Fang Mo’s ears were ringing from his own heartbeat. He was excited, nervous, and also flustered. Only separated by thin clothes, there was no way to hide his arousal. Xu Xiran would definitely find out.

Xu Xiran had his hands on the bend of his knees, bumped him up again, then smiled and said, “You’re quite heavy.” 

Then, without waiting for Fang Mo to speak, he quickly jogged towards the dormitory.

Fang Mo put his arms around Xu Xiran’s shoulders and looked at his side profile, which was close at hand. This was the first time he could gaze at him without holding back at such a close distance. He could see the pores and fine hairs on his skin, and clearly see every one of his eyelashes. A few strands of Xu Xiran’s hair clung to his cheeks, slightly tickling his skin and also his heart.

Fang Mo’s mind was in such disarray that he could hardly think logically. He could feel the heat coming from Xu Xiran’s body, and his hands were shaking.

“Why is your heart beating so fast?” Xu Xiran asked suddenly.

Fang Mo opened his mouth but was unable to speak.

Because I like you. I really, really like you.

My heart is beating this fast all because of you.

“If you feel embarrassed, just lower your head,” Xu Xiran said, “Just another corner and we’ll be there.”

Fang Mo obediently lowered his head. He buried his face in Xu Xiran’s neck, and he could faintly smell Xu Xiran’s scent in his breath.

Xu Xiran’s neck turned slightly to the other side: “You’re tickling me like this!”

 “…You’re the one who wanted to carry me,” said Fang Mo.




Along the way, many people cast their curious eyes on them. Fang Mo didn’t have the time to care.

His mind was a mess. He thought, even if he died, he would not give up this silly and cute man to anyone else. Then he wondered if there was anything he could do for him. He also wondered why his scent smelled so good on his body. He began to worry whether Xu Xiran would be too tired from running with him on his back like this, and also worried that the distance would be too short and everything would end too quickly.

He hugged him tightly, with his head filled with thoughts of him.

He looked at the side of Xu Xiran’s face and the tips of his ears, and almost couldn’t restrain his urge to touch them with his lips. He said to himself over and over again in his heart, don’t be like that, don’t be like that, you can’t do that. Be patient.

Then afterward, Xu Xiran stopped in his footsteps.

They were there.




After putting Fang Mo down, Xu Xiran, who had just run like he was flying, bent down, panting like a cow.

“I can’t…” He looked like he was about to collapse from exhaustion, propping his hands on his knees, talking between his breath, “Why… why are you so heavy.”

Fang Mo was about 1.8 meters tall, with a standard build. It would be weird if he was not tired after running for such a long distance with him on his back.

At this moment, he still hadn’t woken up from this dream, and his mind was still muddy, his hands and feet were light, and his speech had no logic.

“Because I’m a man,” he said to Xu Xiran.

Xu Xiran looked up at him, then lowered his head again, “No shit.”

“…You insisted on carrying me,” Fang Mo quietly mumbled to himself.

Xu Xiran lowered his head and laughed, “How embarrassed were you? Your heart was beating like a drum on my back.”

Fang Mo pursed his lips and turned away from looking at him.

At this moment, a strange voice suddenly called his name in the distance.

“Fang Mo? Are you Fang Mo?”

Fang Mo came back to his senses, turned around, and looked in the direction of the sound. Soon, a not-too-familiar figure appeared in his line of sight, but his eyes widened in shock.

It turned out to be the man who had made Zou Shun incomparably distressed, and the person who he haven’t heard mentioned in a while.



Author’s note:

(This following scenario does not exist)

*Xu Xiran: I think there was something poking my lower back…

*Fang Mo: Key! It was my key!

*Xu Xiran: Why do you pin your key in the middle???


(This following scenario also does not exist)

*Fang Mo: Are you secretly thinking that it would be nice if you carried a girl with big boobs on your back?

*Xu Xiran: ……

*Xu Xiran: If I’m gonna be honest, I felt like something else was rubbing against me.



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