Chapter 13 – Danger Lurking Everywhere

13 – Danger Lurking Everywhere

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Fang Mo ended up not daring to climb into Xu Xiran’s bed. 

Even at a distance, he couldn’t sleep well. Xu Xiran made a sound when he slept; he didn’t snore, but his breathing was particularly heavy. It wasn’t noisy, but when everything was quiet, listening to the person he cared about made his presence full. 

Last night, Fang Mo slept lightly all night and didn’t rest very well. It was unfortunate that the accumulated fatigue could not make him immediately fall asleep tonight. 

Lying on an unfamiliar bed, listening to the steady breathing not far away, he pondered some thoughts.

He actually didn’t feel much about the animated film that Xu Xiran loved to death. He also failed to resonate with Xu Xiran’s long speeches. The real reason why he was able to patiently listen to him was naturally due to the speaker’s face and voice being too much to his liking.

He was not interested in the things Xu Xiran liked; he was only interested in Xu Xiran. He was interested in the way this man looked with radiance in his eyes when he seriously talked about his favorite things and felt that he looked especially cute and uniquely sexy. 

Sitting next to him and watching his lips open and close, he really wanted to kiss him.

It was a pity that he couldn’t.

Fang Mo was excited for two full days, but up until this moment, he suddenly felt a little sad.

He wondered when he would be able to, and if he would ever be able to.




The result of not being able to sleep throughout the night was not being able to get up in the morning. 

Yesterday, Xu Xiran had forcibly dragged him up right after eight in the morning to continue appreciating his masterpiece. Without this task today, Xu Xiran did not interrupt his rest. When he waited for Fang Mo to wake up naturally, it was almost noon.

Xu Xiran gave him the breakfast he bought, two pieces of glutinous rice shumai. 

Fang Mo was very moved at first, but after washing up, he took a bite and then collapsed. In addition to the glutinous rice and minced meat, the shumai was also mixed with a lot of diced shiitake mushrooms. Fang Mo hated shiitake mushrooms and couldn’t stand their weird and strange taste, and if he smelled them, it was certain that he would throw up. 

Even in front of Xu Xiran’s face, he was still not able to swallow the bit of shumai in his mouth. 




Xu Xiran took it to heart.

“I specifically bought it for you, and this is how you treat me,” he said with an aggrieved expression. “If you don’t like it, don’t just chew it and spit it back out. Isn’t that wasting the rest that you haven’t eaten yet?”

Fang Mo didn’t have time to pay attention to him. He was frantically rinsing his mouth in the bathroom, wanting to quickly wash off the lingering shiitake mushroom smell in his mouth that made him nauseous.

Seeing this, Xu Xiran pulled out a fruit candy out of nowhere. “Eat something else to cover the taste, okay?”

Fang Mo felt moved again. He took off the candy wrapper and put the candy in his mouth. After half a second, he spat the candy into the sink.

“What are you doing!” Xu Xiran was shocked.

“Why is this mango flavored!” Fang Mo started to rinse his mouth again.

“You are way too picky,” Xu Xiran was speechless. “How many things can you not eat?”

After he finished speaking, he turned and walked out of the bathroom. Then he hollered, “Do you want some loquat syrup?”

Fang Mo spit out the water in his mouth and blankly stood up. “Ah? But I’m not coughing.”

Xu Xiran walked in with a bottle. “It has a heavy taste. I can’t find anything else in my room.”




When the two went downstairs, Fang Mo still had the lingering sweet taste and cooling sensation of the cough syrup in his mouth.

He was a little flustered. Xu Xiran was more of a good person than he had expected. He went out of his own way to bring him breakfast, and even if Xu Xiran complained that he was a picky eater, he still found a way for him. How warmhearted. 

It would be best if the other people in his dorm would never come, so that he could always live in this two-person world with Xu Xiran.

As soon as they walked to the corner of the third floor, they bumped into an old acquaintance.


Liu Xiaochang was wearing a large pullover hoodie, which made him look thin and slender and, same as before, like a weak girl. 

“What a coincidence,” he took the initiative to greet them with a smile. “Going to eat?”

Xu Xiran looked him up and down several times with an inquisitive face, and then nodded, “Mn.”

“Just in time, I’m also going to the dining hall, do you want to go together?” Liu Xiaochang asked.

“We’re not going to the dining hall,” Xu Xiran rejected him without hesitation, then walked past him quickly and walked downstairs, “Let’s talk some other day.”

Seeing this, Fang Mo hurriedly followed but was grabbed when he passed Liu Xiaochang.

He was nervous; his whole body trembled, and his voice was unnaturally loud, “Is something wrong?”

“You haven’t been back in the room these few days, have you been staying with him?” Liu Xiaochang asked.

Fang Mo subconsciously wanted to respond, “why do you care?”, but he swallowed those words when they reached his lips.

After glancing at Liu Xiaochang, he purposely acted like it was no big deal and said, “Mn, I have.”

Xu Xiran turned around and said, “Aren’t you hungry, let’s go.”




Fang Mo glanced back as he went downstairs. 

Liu Xiaochang, who was still standing at the corner of the stairs, had a very subtle expression with one eyebrow slightly raised and tangled, and Fang Mo couldn’t tell what he was thinking at all.

“He knows you’re avoiding him on purpose, so he should know his place,” Xu Xiran said to him after going downstairs. “But did you really see him clearly yesterday? Is it really that small body of his?”

Fang Mo nodded earnestly and gestured, “It really is! His abs are piece by piece!”

Not only were they muscular, but they also didn’t seem to be small. It was a pity that such details were inconvenient to share with Xu Xiran.

Xu Xiran still didn’t seem to believe it.

The two walked out of the dormitory area, and he suddenly said, “What do you say, will he think that there’s something going on between us?”

Fang Mo was stunned for a moment. “What?”

“As they say, kinky people see kinky, right? His last question sounded a little ambiguous,” Xu Xiran analyzed carefully. “He swings that way himself and has thought of both of us in that way, so when he sees the two of us alone in the same room every night, won’t he be biased?”

Fang Mo actually felt the same way too. And he was almost certain that Liu Xiaochang already knew his orientation. Trying to hide among the same kind was as difficult as getting to heaven.

But in front of Xu Xiran, he still had to hide.

“What’s so strange about living together if we’re good with each other,” he emphasized. “He should know that I’m trying to hide from him. I’ve made it pretty obvious.”

Xu Xiran nodded as he heard those words. “That’s true.”

“Let’s not think blindly. We might as well think about what we’ll eat later, I’m starving to death,” Fang Mo said. “Why should I be influenced by such a person?”

Xu Xiran nodded again, but then brought up the topic again. “You’re right. Though I originally had an idea…”


“If he really thinks that there’s something between us, that we’re a couple, will he then back off and stop harassing us?” Xu Xiran said. “But what you said makes sense, we shouldn’t be influenced by this kind of person.”


Fang Mo’s heart was in pain, and really wished he could just travel back a half minute ago to tear up his mouth.

Right at this moment, someone in the distance waved in their direction.




The person who came was a cool-looking boy with short hair, big eyes, and a faint scent of perfume emanating from his body.

He greeted Xu Xiran enthusiastically, saying that he hadn’t seen him for a long time, and asked him where he was going now.

“This is my xuedi1Junior or lowerclassmen/younger student in the same major,” Xu Xiran introduced to Fang Mo. “This is my… er, he lives in the same dorm building as me, my friend.”

Fang Mo politely greeted the other person and said nothing more. He and the xuedi quietly looked at each other, tacitly knowing. The reason being, it was very hard to hide one’s aura from the same kind. Oftentimes, there wouldn’t even be a specific reason, with just one look, they’ll automatically know.

Seeing that Xu Xiran was so excited and wanted to chat more with him, Fang Mo quietly interrupted, “I’m so hungry.”

In response, Xu Xiran quickly said goodbye to the other, and before leaving, smiled and said that they would have to eat together next time.

“You have a good relationship with each other?” Fang Mo began to inquire about the enemy after he left. 

“Very good,” Xu Xiran nodded, “Xiao Yang has a very good personality and we get along well.”

Fang Mo began to realize something.

Unless someone obviously harasses him or pursues him head-on, Xu Xiran’s ability to identify gays secretly approaching him is infinitely close to zero.

That Xiao Yang just now made it clear that he was interested in Xu Xiran. He even used the same method as Fang Mo; he had caught his tail and approached him carefully, in an attempt to secretly foster feelings and trap him down.

This was too dangerous.

Fang Mo couldn’t help but tense up. God knows how many more gays who have ideas about the heavenly dish face by his side were lurking in this school. 

He was certainly going to have a hard time in the future.



Author’s note:

So far, the main characters should be pretty clear. Everyone has a lot of flaws and if you feel uncomfortable and can’t accept this, please please please don’t force yourself to keep reading.

The original intention of this story is to make everyone laugh every day, it’s not good to put the cart before the horse! Let’s celebrate good vibes!


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    Junior or lowerclassmen/younger student

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