Chapter 11 – Your Wife Likes to Cry

I Treat You as a Brother
Xena (ch. 1-4), tamago (ch. 5+)
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11 – Your Wife Likes to Cry

Translator: tamago
Editor: musk

In one go, the two of them watched until midnight, but only finished three episodes.

Xu Xiran couldn’t resist his strong desire to express himself. He kept commenting on every detail in great depth, and every now and then, he would press pause to make a speech. After each episode, he would also make a long summary, and ask questions to assess Fang Mo’s viewing results.

Fang Mo’s answers were inaccurate, but he won full marks for his attitude.

Seeing that it was getting late, he began to gradually slip in and out of consciousness and yawn.

Xu Xiran was still willing to let him watch another episode, but he was afraid that he would not be focused enough to understand the essence of the divine works, so he had to stop. 

After turning off the lights and getting into bed, Fang Mo, who was still sleepy just now, took the initiative to talk to him some more.

“You’re so attentive, I definitely wouldn’t be able to see those details if you hadn’t mentioned them.”

“You’ll see them once you watch it a few more times,” said Xu Xiran.

“You’ve watched it many times?” Fang Mo said, “Wouldn’t it be boring for you to watch it again with me?”

“Not at all,” Xu Xiran said, “I’m very happy.”

It should instead be said that he was thrilled and ecstatic. For the first time in his life, he had met someone who would listen to him babble without showing the slightest bit of impatience. Xu Xiran was very touched.

“Then let’s watch some more tomorrow,” Fang Mo said as he yawned. “Goodnight.”


The next day they spent the whole day watching the remaining nine episodes.

“It’s more interesting than I thought,” Fang Mo said. “Especially after listening to what you said, it does have a lot of depth. If I watched it by myself, I probably wouldn’t have thought about it this much.”

“Now here’s the most important question,” Xu Xiran grabbed Fang Mo’s hand. “Answer me this question.”

Fang Mo’s whole body shivered, “What is it?”

“Is Xiaoyao the cutest?” Xu Xiran asked.


“Isn’t she,” Xu Xiran was excited, “She’s simply an angel!”

“Angel, angel, she’s an angel,” Fang Mo nodded again and again, but his tone was somewhat perfunctory, “She’s pretty cute.”

“Ai, it’s okay,” Xu Xiran sighed, no longer insisting. “Not everyone can understand her well.”

“I’m a little curious,” Fang Mo said. “According to what you said, what she represents in the plot is deceit in a relationship, right?”

“Mn, what is it?”

“She never told the truth to the male protagonist,” Fang Mo said, “…don’t you think that’s not good?”

“Why does that matter,” Xu Xiran waved his hand, “She’s cute! I’m willing to be deceived by her!”


Seeing Fang Mo’s indescribable expression, Xu Xiran sighed again, “Ai, it’s okay if you don’t like her. No one to steal my wife1The meaning here is more like waifu in anime terms but I’ll keep it as wife from me.”

Fang Mo raised an eyebrow, “Wi… wife?”

Seeing that he was not adapting well, Xu Xiran didn’t want to appear as if he stayed home too much in front of this new friend, so he lightly coughed and changed the topic.

“By the way, do you find yourself to be a little bit like Xiaoyao?” He said.

Fang Mo suddenly widened his eyes and leaned back a little. He looked surprised, and kind of cute.

“Here,” Xu Xiran smiled and nodded at the corner of his right eye, “there’s a mole.”


“Oh, the location is slightly different,” Xu Xiran added. “I heard that people with moles over here like to cry.”

Fang Mo looked away with a speechless expression, “Your wife likes to cry.”


In the evening, after Fang Mo took a shower, he had a nosebleed again.

“Are you running the water temperature too high?” Xu Xiran gave him a tissue before he even had time to put on his clothes after taking a shower. “Hurry and wipe!”

Fang Mo raised his head and covered his nose, but still cared for him despite bleeding profusely, “Don’t catch a cold, quickly put your clothes on!”

While putting on his T-shirt, Xu Xiran said, “It must be because you take long showers with a high water temperature, and your blood circulation is too fast on a hot day that you keep getting nosebleeds.”

Fang Mo was silent.

“Your face is still a little red,” Xu Xiran said as he moved closer to him. “Do you feel dizzy?”

Fang Mo shook his head. “No! I’m fine!”

Taking a deep breath, he seemed to have made a crucial decision. “I thought about it, and I think it’s better if I go back and sleep in my room.”

Xu Xiran was taken aback, “Why?”

“It’s not good for me to just sleep in someone else’s bed, right? In case they don’t want that.”

“It’s fine,” Xu Xiran waved, “I already informed him, and he said it was okay.”

Fang Mo lowered his head and frowned. After thinking for a while, he said, “I’m scared that Liu Xiaochang will secretly move my things.”

“Oh, that’s true…” Xu Xiran felt that it made sense, “then go back and have a look. If you are still uncomfortable, you can come up again.”

As he waited for Fang Mo to dawdle to actually head downstairs, Xu Xiran sighed.

“You’re really leaving,” he said with a reluctant expression on his face. “It’s rare to have someone to talk to about this stuff. Maybe you can go down and take a look, and come back up if there’s no problem?”

Fang Mo hesitated.

Seeing this, Xu Xiran hurriedly continued to encourage, “Isn’t it uncomfortable for you to stay with that Liu guy? Why don’t you come up and accompany me?”

Fang Mo stared at him for a while, then suddenly smiled, “Do you really need someone to accompany you?”

This made Xu Xiran a little embarrassed. He smacked his lips and pretended to be indifferent, “I’m just thinking about it for your sake, it’s fine if you don’t appreciate it.”

Seeing Fang Mo’s silence, he added, “Anyway, you always can come up here if you ever feel bored.”


After Fang Mo walked out of Xu Xiran’s bedroom, he immediately squatted against the door.

This was probably what this so-called painful happiness felt like. The last twenty-four hours he had spent living with Xu Xiran made him want to die.

Xu Xiran was so strange. He didn’t seem like the type to exercise often, but his figure was quite good. On his bare upper body, Fang Mo could vaguely see the outline of the muscles in his abdomen. The lines were not exaggerated, and the shape was quite pretty, making his waist look thin but not delicate. The drawstrings of the sweatpants that he always wore were a little loose, and the waistband hung low near his crotch. From the side, he could see the marvelous curve of his body from the top to the bottom of his waist.

When Fang Mo recalled those scenes, things immediately got bad again.

It was a pity that he could only look but not touch, and at the same time, had to endure a huge amount of two-dimensional mental ruin which was truly torturous.

The man’s degree of otaku and sex appeal had exceeded Fang Mo’s expectations, making him both overwhelmed and fascinated.

But beyond that, he had to go downstairs for another reason. When he rushed up yesterday, he only brought one change of clothes, and a lot of his skincare products were still in his room. Not taking good care of his skin after washing his face made him feel uncomfortable.

It only took two and a half minutes to prepare his things and rush upstairs last night, but now it took him at least ten minutes to return back to his own bedroom door. In his mind, there was still a war between heaven and man, struggling on whether to wait a while before bravely going in to accept this sweet torture.

As soon as he opened the door, Fang Mo was startled.

In his dorm, there was another shirtless man, standing even more naked.

Liu Xiaochang, who was only in his briefs, immediately turned around when he heard movement. Looking at each other, Fang Mo widened his eyes and swallowed subconsciously.

He remembered why he had panicked and ran upstairs the day before.

This seemingly slender and small person who should only be compared to as a delicate sister and not a rival turned out to be the exact opposite of what he had expected. It became evident that Liu Xiaochang did not want to be like “this”, but wanted to be like “that”. Not only did he want to be like “that”, but he also wanted to be “that” to Xu Xiran.

In an instant, the discomfort caused by his past ambiguous words and smiles had intensified tenfold.

Even though he knew that he should have some physical advantages over him, he still couldn’t digest it. Spending the night alone with a 1 brought him a strong psychological burden.

And now, the bad feeling from last night had hit again and intensified a hundredfold. 

This little man, who looked soft and weak and even a bit feminine when wearing his clothes, unexpectedly had a well-defined six-pack, as well as a large package.

Fang Mo silently retreated and closed the door.

Xu Xiran’s faintly distinct abs had actually been completely beaten.

This is just too much, Fang Mo thought to himself. He really wanted to just tear off those abs and stick them onto Xu Xiran’s stomach.

He stood there for a while in confusion. Then the door in front of him opened from the inside. It was Liu Xiaochang, who was now already dressed.

“What is there to be embarrassed about, we’re all guys,” Liu Xiaochang said as if nothing happened. “Come in.”

Fang Mo’s mind began to race again, thinking about whether the physical advantages he thought he had still existed.




awwhhh Fang Mo is down bad…
also Liu Xiaochang wtf lmaoo

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    The meaning here is more like waifu in anime terms but I’ll keep it as wife


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