Chapter 7 – Contraception Medicine

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Yu Yan didn’t wake up until noon the next day.

Thanks to the bowl of sobering soup from last night, he didn’t wake up with a headache. However, his back was inexplicably sore.

He couldn’t even get up by crawling. He raised his head and looked at the gauze curtain above his head. His dazed eyes gradually cleared.

… Then changed to shock.

What did he do last night? ? ! ! !

Was it truly him who acted like a baby, had Mu Yungui piggyback him, even asking Mu Yungui during the bath whether he was interested before finally riding on top of that person…

Yu Yan palmed his face. Writhing on the bed as if in pain, he dared not think about it any longer.

… Don’t want to live anymore.

Yu Yan had thought that there would never be a day where he drank until he was completely unconscious. Even if he was really drunk, with his cultivation and conduct, he would never do anything shameful.

This face slapping came all too suddenly.

With the sound of footsteps approaching, Yu Yan quickly turned over. He pulled the quilt and wrapped himself firmly.

Mu Yungui who happened to witness everything: “…”

As a martial artist, one would not have any footsteps sounds. But Mu Yungui deliberately allowed him to notice, allowing Yu Yan to be rightfully aware of who was nearby.

Yu Yan could recognize his footsteps.

Hence, this ‘sleeping’ was naturally an act.

Mu Yungui shook his head helplessly, deliberately increasing the weight of his steps. He walked towards the bedside. “Master, it’s time to eat.”

Yu Yan ignored him.

Not even for the Yan Emperor would he leave this bed.

Mu Yungui didn’t call him again, simply stopping in front of the bed and placed something unknown on Yu Yan’s bedside. Afterwards, he opened the lid and the rich aroma of the food came out.

An abnormal noise came from the belly in an instant. “Guru…”1 Stomach noice.

Yu Yan: “…”

This was such a foul!

Yu Yan lifted the quilt, turned and sat up, facing Mu Yungui’s eyes.

“Hiss——” There was a sharp soreness in the back, which almost made him fall back again.

Mu Yungui seemed to have been prepared for that, stretching out his hand to stabilize the other. His expression was per usual. “Does Master want to freshen up first, or eat first?”

Yu Yan gritted his teeth. “Freshen up.”

He was unwilling to look at Mu Yungui after what happened last night. He dared not ask Mu Yungui for help, instead sending him outside to wait. On his own, he freshened up and changed before slowly walking out.

Mu Yungui laid food on the table.

At first glance, the dishes were all bright red. These were what Yu Yan liked to eat.

Jiang Du was located south of the Yangtze River, and the food was light. Yet Yu Yan preferred spicy and fragrant flavors. No spice, no like.

This was all due to his biological mother.

Yu Yan’s concubine mother was from Bashu. When Yu Yan was young, his concubine mother would often secretly set up a stove in the bedroom to make a fire because they were not used to eating the dishes in the palace.

Since the death of his concubine mother, no one has done this for him for a long time.

Until Mu Yungui’s appearance.

Mu Yungui had never been to Bashu, but Yu Yan liked it, so he learned to do it. After so many years, his skills were almost the same as those of local chefs in Bashu.

Yu Yan sat down at the table. Mu Yungui first gave him a bowl of rice porridge. “Master hasn’t eaten much since last night. Drink the porridge first to nourish your stomach.”


Yu Yan replied sullenly, and immersed himself in drinking the porridge, spoon by spoon.

The atmosphere was a bit awkward.

Yu Yan silently raised his eyes and looked at the person next to him.

He wasn’t sure before, but judging from the person’s reaction last night, he had already determined that Mu Yungui had no conflicting thoughts about him. It was just that it was he himself who constantly incite this person to have him…

When it was like this, it was actually his fault.

Yu Yan tentatively opened his mouth. “Last night…”

Mu Yungui stated, “Master drank too much last night. Don’t worry about it.”

Yu Yan pursed his lips, feeling inexplicably uncomfortable.

As expected.

Fine, don’t want to mention it anymore.

This person treated him so well, always taking care of him. And yet, he was relying on his own status as a master to bully him and take advantage of him several times.

It should not be the case.

“Yungui, I apologize.” Yu Yan placed the porridge bowl down and said severely, “Last night…and during this period of time, my body was abnormal. Thank you for helping me. Please forgive me for all the offenses. ”

Mu Yungui’s eyes moved slightly without answering.

Yu Yan continued: “On the way back, I have already passed a letter to the doctor who taught me how to use suppressant incense. I will meet with him today and tell him about it.”

“…This will never happen again, I promise you.”

Mu Yungui closed his eyes and exhaled softly.

As expected, that was truly the last time.

Mu Yungui’s heart was bitter yet it hadn’t shown on his face, only warmly saying, “Master, don’t take it to heart. Let’s eat.”


After being satiated with wine and food, Yu Yan took Mu Yungui out of the palace.

After returning to Jiang Du, Mu Yungui would return as his shadow guard – not allowed to be revealed in front of others.

He initially wanted to hide in the dark as in the past, but that was rejected by Yu Yan.

Two of them changed into commonfolk’s attire and rode in a carriage heading out of the palace.

Yu Yan said unhurriedly, “What’s the point of being a shadow guard forever? Haven’t you thought of doing anything else?”

Mu Yungui was currently rubbing his waist. He raised his head when he heard the words. “What does Master mean?”

“Next year’s martial arts competition. Yungui doesn’t want to join?”

“But this subordinate has a slave status…”

“That’s a small thing. Siiii…. Press lighter.” Yu Yan continued, “As long as you nod your head, I will take care of everything for you. You only need to prepare for the exam.”

Mu Yungui did not answer.

After a while, he softly agreed. “If Master wants this subordinate to go, then this subordinate will go.”

Yu Yan turned to look at him, and met the latter’s calm and steady eyes.

He sighed. “You are really too smart.”

“The king of Chang Ju, Jinwang2Name: 晋望, once told me that he would declare war on Western Xia after the beginning of spring. According to my guess, within a year, Western Xia will be destroyed.” Yu Yan said, “When Western Xia is destroyed, we will be next.”

“The battle with Chang Lu is false, but using the palace troops is real. When that time comes, I’ll have to be on the battlefield. If you are also in the camp…”

Mu Yungui stated, “This subordinate understands.”

“This subordinate agrees.”

Yu Yan nodded his head. “At the start, you stayed by me because you wanted to repay your saviour. After so many years, that kindness has already been repaid. Help me complete this one last thing. Then, whether you want gold and silver treasures, or obtain a title, I will definitely grant that to you.”

What’s more, it was better to let Mu Yungui stand in front of others with integrity than to let him be his own shadow guard for the rest of his life.

Yu Yan thought about it again, and said with a smile. “Also, when that time comes, if you favour a lady, I will help you matchmake. Ah, an omega is fine too.”

Mu Yungui: “…”

“Master, I…”

“We’ve reached.”

Just then, the carriage stopped.

Frustrated, Mu Yungui shut his mouth and supported Yu Yan out of the carriage.

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In front of them, was a store for…. leisure entertainment.

Mu Yungui’s eyes darkened.

Most of Yan’s imperial family were greedy for wine. Yu Yan was not exempted, preferring to hang around in these alleys near the red-light district.

In the past, when Yu Yan came here, Mu Yungui hid outside of the brothel, silently guarding him, never following in to disturb.

Fortunately, Yu Yan rarely spent the night here, only chatting with the oiran3Oiran = 花魁, like the top and most highly regarded in this venue and listening to music, leaving before dark.

Mu Yungui slowed his steps, a little hesitant. Yu Yan looked back at him. “What’s the matter, come in.”


“Hurry and enter!”

Yu Yan couldn’t help but drag him in. Yu Yan was really a frequent visitor here. As soon as the two entered the door, a small servant greeted them and led them to the second floor compartment.

The brothel of Jiang Du was built on water. The sounds of pipa across both sides of the river echoed against each other.

Mu Yungui has never been to such a place before. His expression was a bit tight.

“Don’t be nervous.” Yu Yan sipped his tea, smiling as he tilted his chin forward. “They don’t do that kind of business during the day. Only at night would it be the fun-seeking kind.”

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Not long after, a young man opened the door and entered.

Dressed in an elegant gauze4Like this you see in costumed dramas, the young man steadily walked in without saying hello, and just sat down at the table. Mu Yungui’s right hand instinctively gripped the dagger hidden around his waist, but Yu Yan raised his hand and held it down.

The young man yawned sleepily without applying any face powder on his face. With a raise of his eyes, a trace of natural charm was brought out.

This person was the oiran of this brothel, Qing Yue.5Name: 青玦

Yu Yan’s arrival here was naturally not for pleasure.

He was an omega. What fun could he have finding another omega?

Qing Jue looked very sleepy. He poured himself a cup of tea, and then asked, “Is the suppressant incense ineffective?”

Yu Yan nodded. “Yeah.”

“…I told you before that this thing is not to be used frequently. You use it like it’s for eating and drinking. Of course, there’ll come this day.”

Yu Yan: “Is there any other way? Increase the dose?”

Qing Jue fell silent.

He suddenly turned to Mu Yungui. “You go out first.”

Mu Yumgui’s eyebrows knitted. He did not move.

Qing Jue said: “I’m checking on this omega’s body. You, an alpha, naturally can’t be here.”

Yu Yan ordered, “Yungui, you go outside the door and wait for me.”


“Don’t worry.” Yu Yan said, “Qing Jue is a doctor. I have been with him for many years and I can trust him.”


Mu Yungui turned around and left. The door was closed, and Qing Yue reluctantly retracted his gaze. “Such exquisite alpha. Why haven’t I seen him before?”

Yu Yan squinted at him. “My man. Don’t even think about it.”

“I see.” Qing Jue let out a ‘tsk’. “Stretched out your hand.”

Qing Jue took his pulse and brushed away Yu Yan’s long hair to check the mole on the back of his neck.

After a long while, he shook his head: “The suppressant incense no longer has any effect on you.”

“All drugs that suppress the fragrance are harmful to the body. The longer you use it, the higher the dose you need. But sooner or later, the drug suppression will fail. This time, you entered etrus accidentally. But you’re only delaying the inevitable.”

Yu Yan’s eyes wavered. “Is there no way?”

“There is a way.” Qing Jue turned and sat back in the same position, frankly stating, “Find an alpha to mark you, once and for all.”

Yu Yan: “…”

Qing Jue continued: “I think that alpha by your side is pretty good.”

Yu Yan: “…………”

Qing Yue patted him on the shoulder and said earnestly, “Don’t think just because he’s an alpha that it will be easy to mark with. It’s not easy to find a suitable alpha who fits with your scent. Look at me. I haven’t encountered any eye-catching ones in my many years.”

“If you miss this store, then there’ll be no others in the village. The second prince must not miss the opportunity.”

“You put it too lightly.” Yu Yan said, “An alpha can only mark one omega in their life. That is a lifelong matter. How can I, just for this, influence another’s lifetime?”

“Furthermore…” Yu Yan shrank his neck and said dully, “He is not interested in me.”

Qing Jue: “?”

Qing Jue found it hard to believe. “He’s not interested in you?”

That man’s eyes never moved away from him.

“Anyway, this won’t work.” Yu Yan said, “Is there any other way?”

Qing Jue thought for a while. “Then, just like what you’re doing now. Find someone to help you solve your needs when your heat is out of control.”

Yu Yan fell silent.

“Look, you have no choice.” Qing Yue said, “Rather than being like this, it’s better to mark it directly.”

“Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if he isn’t interested. You just need to be interested in him.” Qing Jue blinked at him. “The second prince is naturally beautiful. Can’t you even hook a simple alpha?”

The young man in front of him was one who stayed within this brothel all the year round, speaking frankly without filters.

Yu Yan was talked about by him until he blushed furiously “…Shut it.”

Qing Yue chuckled. “In short, I have told you the way. It’s up to you what you want to choose.”

He thought for a while, then said, “Wait for me a little. I’ll be quick.”

After speaking, he got up and opened the door of the room.

Mu Yungui was currently standing upright outside the door. Qing Yue hid his smiling mouth and passed him sideways.

Mu Yungui entered the opened entrance.

“Master, how was it?”

Yu Yan lowered his head to drink tea, and said vaguely: “Well, it’s… still okay.”

Mu Yungui frowned suspiciously.

However, Mu Yungui had always known how far he should question. Seeing Yu Yan was reluctant to say further, he stopped asking more questions.

The master and servant, one sitting one standing, had the atmosphere in the room remain stagnant for a while.

Qing Yue returned back in another moment.

He stuffed a white porcelain medicine bottle into Mu Yungui’s hand, and said to Yu Yan, “Remember to take one pill after you finish that. Only you can eat it, he can’t.”

Mu Yungui: “?”

Yu Yan was still thinking about how to explain it to Mu Yungui. He took a sip of the tea while considering, and asked casually, “Well, what kind of medicine is this?”

Qing Jue: “Contraception medicine.”

Yu Yan: “Phuu——” 6Sounds of spitting out water

Mu Yungui: “???”

The author has something to say:
ps: There is no harm to the body by taking the contraception medicine in the article, so don’t worry.


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  • 1
    Stomach noice.
  • 2
    Name: 晋望
  • 3
    Oiran = 花魁, like the top and most highly regarded in this venue
  • 4
    Like this you see in costumed dramas
  • 5
    Name: 青玦
  • 6
    Sounds of spitting out water

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