Chapter 4 – Still so easy to coax

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The next morning, the convoy finally left the mountains and went to a merchant town for a short rest.

The carriage stopped in front of a tea shop. Mu Yungui turned and dismounted, walking towards Yu Yan’s carriage and said, “Master, we have arrived.”

No response.

Mu Yungui wanted to call out again. Then, a hand suddenly stretched out from within the carriage.

Mu Yungui subconsciously reached to hold the hand, but the hand avoided him.

Mu Yungui, “….”

The handsome young man poked his head out and raised his eyes, but looked at the coachman waiting at the other side of the carriage.

The coachman quivered under his gaze and raised his hand towards him afterwards.

Yu Yan was helped off the carriage by him.

Mu Yungui’s hand was left hanging in mid-air, his knuckles slightly flexed. He halted slightly, before silently sighing and putting his hand away.

His family’s little master was angry.

And he wasn’t just angry.

Yu Yan, of course, was furious.

How could the heat that was riled up be so easy to dissipate? The suppressing incense wasn’t effective. Last night, he had to….. himself twice before it could calm down.

Just thinking about it, made him angry.

Today, he definitely won’t say a word to Mu Yungui.

Yu Yan quickly walked around the carriage towards the tea house, and gave Mu Yungui a fierce glare as he passed by.

“…… Hmph.”

Afterwards, he expressionlessly walked into the tea house.

The corners of Mu Yungui’s mouth twitched a little, he could barely hold back his laughter.

Even when he’s angry, he’s so cute.

“Lord Commander, what happened to you?” A guard came to Mu Yungui’s side.

The smile on Mu Yungui’s face instantly disappeared and he said in a light voice, “Nothing, continue your patrol.”

After saying that, he turned and led his horse away.

The guard looked at his back, blankly frozen for a while.

Was his eyesight bad? Did he just see the Lord Commander actually smiling?

…… So this person can laugh.


The guards led Yu Yan to the private room on the second floor.

The tea house had been reserved by the ambassador. The private room on the second floor contained all the envoys. Upon seeing him arrive, they rose to salute.

Yu Yan did not rush to take a seat. His eyes glanced over the elegant private room. As expected, he saw a person sitting alone in the extreme corner of the elegant room.

Yu Yan sneered in his heart. He waved away the guards and walked forward.

“Why is Lord Meng alone? Do you mind if this prince sits down for a cup of tea?”

The latter was startled by Yu Yan’s sudden voice and looked up in panic.

Meng Changzhou’s hair near his temples had turned a little white and his expression looked a bit haggard. He opened his mouth, and saw that Yu Yan was simply ignoring him and settling down straight away.

Meng Changzhou, “……”

Yu Yan leaned against the window, inadvertently looking out of the window.

Mu Yungui was feeding the horses in the stable not far away.

The ebony black horse with snow white spots beside him was called Xiao Hei1Chinese for Little Black, a gift from Yu Yan for his twentieth birthday. When it first arrived, it was just a colt. The two of them trained this horse together.

And yet, the little guy has always been more sticky towards Mu Yungui. Currently, it was arching its strong head towards Mu Yungui’s chest.

Mu Yungui was helpless against it, lightly caressing its mane.

He turned sideways to the open window, the sunlight shining on the side of his face outlined a deep and handsome silhouette.

Mu Yungui’s palm stroked the horse’s mane. Almost feeling the weight of Yu Yan’s gaze, he raised his head, unhurriedly meeting Yu Yan’s line of sight.

Be it the past or the present, Mu Yungui has always stood where he could see Yu Yan at a glance, and also where he could be easily seen.

Yu Yan’s ears reddened and he hastily retracted his gaze.

Thankfully Meng Changzhou had something on his mind and didn’t notice the second prince’s unusual troubled expression.

Yu Yan cleared his throat and grimly asked, “Lord Meng has nothing to tell me?”

Meng Changzhou paused in drinking his tea.

He was still a foreign ambassador after all, so he quickly regained his composure and even pressed out a smile towards Yu Yan. “This official is unclear to which thing your Highness is asking about.”

Too lazy to waste time with him, Yu Yan straightforwardly stated, “Nothing much. Just that there were some assassins wanting to kill this prince yesterday night and were captured by my guards.”

Meng Changzhou was stunned. “Who has the guts to harm Your Highness’ life? Luckily, Your Highness has the protection of the divine heavens and came out safe and sound.”

He paused, then continued on, “Why doesn’t Your Highness give those men to this official. I will investigate them thoroughly and catch the masterminds.”

Yu Yan kept silent.

He stared steadily at Meng Changzhou, leaning forward slightly and gave a thoughtful smile. “So you know that those who want to kill me aren’t mountain bandits ah?”

Meng Changzhou’s face stiffened.

The air inside the room became rather stagnant. The sounds of gossip, the neighing of horses outside, and the footsteps of the guards patrolling became extra loud.

Yu Yan peered into Meng Changzhou’s eyes. The smile previously on his face disappeared without a trace, leaving behind only iciness.

This look made Meng Changzhuo remember the current emperor. The innate majesty of the man, intolerant of anyone’s underestimation.

In fact, today’s situation was nothing more than the result of the emperor’s severe illness, the empty position for crown prince, and the ministers having their own factions.

Yu Yan was born intelligent, having both the talent and means. He was the first choice for the crown prince

It was just that his birth mother was a prostitute.

How could the royal bloodline be inherited by a person of such lowly origin?

Meng Changzhou’s lips turned white. Only after a long time did he say in a strained voice, “What does Your Highness mean by this, why don’t you say it directly?”

“Fine, then I’ll say it straight.” Yu Yan leaned back on his chair with an idle posture. “Tell me the person behind you, and tell imperial father2父皇 that you’ll resign from your post to return home. Then I will spare your life. Otherwise……”

He paused for a moment, then smiled. “I heard your3Formal your little concubine recently gave birth to a tiny infant. A peaceful and happy family, just waiting for you4Formal you to go home.”

Meng Changzhou, “Don’t touch my wife and child!”

Yu Yan dropped his eyes and didn’t answer.

A drop of sweat ran down from the corner of Meng Changzhou’s temples as the two of them stood still for a moment. A short while later, he said softly, “After the envoys return, I will inform His Majesty5陛下 of my resignation and never set foot in Jiang Du again.”

He answered the former question, “As for who is backing me, even if I really confessed, would Your Highness believe it?

Yu Yan smiled gently. “Why don’t you try?”

Meng Changzhou, “The fifth highness, Yu Hong6郁鸿.”

Yu Yan, “…..”

Yu Yan didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. “”I asked you to try, and you really randomly said one?”

Since his mother passed away when he was young, Yu Yan was left to be raised by the empress who had no children. It wasn’t until Yu Yan was six years old that the empress finally gave birth to a royal son, the fifth prince, Yu Hong.

The boy was only sixteen now, greedy for food, playful and ignorant, always sticking behind Yu Yan as a follower.

He sent an assassin after him??

Complete nonsense.

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Meng Changzhou said, “That’s all I have to say. To believe it or not, it’s up to Your Highness.”

After saying that, Meng Changzhou got up, bowed towards Yu Yan and turned to leave.

Seeing that person head down the stairs, Yu Yan’s body finally relaxed. He pinched the bridge of his nose. “That old fox……”

Not long after, there were footsteps walking towards him. A tall shadow encased him.

Yu Yan could tell who it was from the sound of the footsteps. He stayed motionless, not even lifting his head. The visitor stood in place for a while. Not long after there was the sound of rustling wax paper and the sweet fragrance of osmanthus floated about.

Yu Yan raised his eyes a little. Out of the corner of his eye, Mu Yungui was pushing back the wax paper to reveal it was filled with osmanthus cakes 7Looks like this: in front of him.

The osmanthus cakes here weren’t as good as in Jiang Du. The color wasn’t pure enough and there wasn’t honey added to it how Yu Yan liked.

Yu Yan lay his head back.

Hmph. Now you know how to coax me?

Mu Yungui kneeled on one knee and said tenderly, “Master hasn’t eaten much since last night. This subordinate specially went into town to buy these. Can Master eat some first?”

He was not good at socializing with people, and always spoke coldly and impersonally to others. But in private, he wasn’t like that at all.

Only when alone with Yu Yan, would he speak in such a tender and soft voice.

With a kind of…. gentleness.

The atmosphere became slightly ambiguous. Yu Yan’s heart missed half a beat and then thumped sharply.

Ever since he got his heat, he was easily affected by this person’s emotions.

Even though he wasn’t permanently marked, the omega in him remembered the alpha that helped temporarily mark him. He instinctively wanted to be closer to him and rely on him.

…… Why was this omega so troublesome ah ah ah!

Seeing that he didn’t answer, Mu Yungui pushed the pastry towards him. “…… Master?”

Yu Yan sat up straight and said with annoyance, “I’m not hungry, take it away!”

Just as he finished his sentence, a grumble came from his belly.

Yu Yan, “….”

Mu Yangui, “….”

“You just laughed at me didn’t you?” Yu Yan narrowed his eyes.

Mu Yungui, “No.”

Yu Yan, “I saw you!”

“……” Mu Yungui lowered his head. “This subordinate knows his sin.”

Noises came from outside the window, the convoy was preparing to leave again. Yu Yan snorted coldly and walked around Mu Yungui to go outside.

He walked out the door, and then backtracked.

Mu Yungui still knelt in place, not even looking that way.

Yu Yan, “……”

This was obviously done on purpose.

“Mu Yungui.”

“This subordinate is here.”

Yu Yan’s head turned to the side and ordered coldly, “Bring the pastries with you and go buy three bags of malt sugar8How it looks like .”

Mu Yungui, “……”

Yu Yan quickly added, “Before you leave, if you don’t send me to the carriage, then…. don’t even think about riding with me!”

After saying that, he turned his head and walked out.

Mu Yungui stood up, wrapped the cakes on the table meticulously and put them back in his arms. When he wanted to turn around and leave, he saw Yu Yan walking out of the tea house quickly.

The youth that had always been outstanding in the past, now seemed to give off a feel of cowardry.

Mu Yungui watched Yu Yan enter the carriage. The corner of his mouth raised to a smile that he didn’t even notice.

His little master was still…. so easy to coax.

The convoy continued on their journey.

Yu Yan hadn’t eaten much since last night. Now, as he ate all the pastries, he contently leaned back on the soft couch of the carriage.

“That old thing surnamed Meng, he could’ve mentioned anyone and yet he said Yu Hong.” Yu Yan, holding the malt candy, carelessly continued, “Before I left home, Yu Hong was pulling at me and crying for a full four hours. Does he seem like someone who would send someone to kill me?”

Mu Yungui poured a cup of tea and handed it over. “Does Master not believe his words?”

Yu Yan “oh”-ed and didn’t respond.

Having been born into the royal family, the years of experience he had growing up more or less had some influence on Yu Yan.

Suspicion, sensitivity, not able to make friends with people easily.

These habits that Yu Yan used to scoff at when he was younger, have gradually become part of his personality. Meng Changzhou’s words today may have been intentional, but frankly speaking, it had no effect on Yu Yan.

On one hand, he reminded himself not to fall for the scheme and to not to be so paranoid, but he could not restrain his suspicions.

What if it really was him……

“Master.” Mu Yungui called out softly.

Yu Yan suddenly returned to his senses. “What, what’s wrong?”

“There is no need for Master to take this personally.” Mu Yungui said, “It isn’t wrong to be cautious, all the more so when you’re a part of the royal family.”

He crouched in front of Yu Yan, tilted his head and looked at Yu Yan. His eyes were gentle. “Master’s status is special, so he shouldn’t trust anyone. What you are thinking isn’t wrong. If you have any doubts, you can pursue the truth. This subordinate will accompany Master.”

Yu Yan’s heart and mind became warm, and the vexness in his heart disappeared like fog.

He then smiled. “What you’re saying isn’t entirely right.”

“What’s wrong?”

Yu Yan looked at him seriously. “I, at least, trust you.”

In this isolated world, he only trusted Mu Yungui.

Only Mu Yungui was worthy of his trust.

Mu Yungui was stunned. His ears inexplicably turned a little red.

Not waiting for Yu Yan to notice, he suddenly stood up, saying, “I’ll go get some more water for Master”, and quickly leaped out of the window.

The action was so fast that it made it impossible for anyone to react.

Yu Yan stared at the swaying curtain, blinking in confusion. “Didn’t he just finish fetching water?”

Also, was this person addicted to jumping through windows??



T/N: Someone has a sweet tooth~

Osmanthus jelly/cake recipe for those keen to make as you stay at home.

I made it before, a very nice snack on a hot summer day.


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