Chapter 25.3 – Extra Three · Second Child

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Emperor speaks ‘I‘ as 孤 Gu so I’ll underline this word.


Yu Yan originally thought that it was not a big deal for two children to play together. But Little Blockhead was getting more and more attached to Little Leafy, always clamoring to go to Chang Lu after not seeing him for a long time.

This made Yu Yan feel like he was facing an enemy.

His own cub had a good temper and soft temperament. Compared with the little prince next door who jumped up and down all day, his cub would always be at a disadvantage.

This was no good.

After serious reflection, Yu Yan believed that the problem was because Little Blockhead didn’t have any companions.

There were no concubines in the harem, and naturally there were no other children, no peers to accompany the little blockhead to play. How could he not stick to the little prince of the neighboring country?

Yu Yan took a few days to understand this and then used the time of a meal to make a decision: Just give birth to another.

But how much of this was to find a companion for Little Blockhead, and how much it was to fulfill his wish to have a daughter – this was not known.

But he didn’t expect that Mu Yungui would refuse this proposal without even thinking about it.

“Why?” When this matter was raised, Mu Yungui was helping Yu Yan look at the account books in the Imperial study room.

The Monarch His Majesty leaned on the side of the table, his eyebrows dipping. “Don’t you like children?”

“Naturally, I do.” Mu Yun paused with the brush in his hand and explained softly, “But we already have Little Blockhead.”

Yu Yan: “Isn’t it good to have another to accompany him?”

Mu Yungui shook his head. “Is it so easy to have a baby?”

Yu Yan persuaded him for a while, but Mu Yungui insisted against the matter. One could not persuade the other. After an incense’s time, Yu Yan snorted coldly, “…If you’re not willing, never mind”

Then, holding the memorials in front of him, he turned and entered the side palace hall.


What an unromantic and insensitive blockhead!

Mu Yungui raised his eyes to look at the back of the peeved man and sighed.

He naturally wanted to have another child, but how could he be willing to let this person suffer this sin once more?

Yu Yan’s body was damaged by the suppressant incense in the early days. During childbirth, he was hurting all night. When he was almost unconscious from pain, he grieved to Mu Yungui, crying that he didn’t want to have a child.

This person had forgotten about the pain once the wound had healed. But Mu Yungui remembered.

Even after reading till the last memorial, Yu Yan did not come out from the side palace hall. Mu Yungui sorted the memorials into categories according to their priorities and entered the side hall.

Yu Yan was already curled up on the small couch, fast asleep.

Mu Yungui was about to bend down to pick him up when the latter suddenly opened his eyes.

An unforeseen event happened at this moment.

Yu Yan turned over and pressed Mu Yungui into the soft couch, buckling Mu Yungui’s wrist with the silver shackles he had prepared earlier, and immediately tied him up firmly.

In a series of smooth and rapid movements, Yu Yan straddled Mu Yungui’s body, showing a winning smile.

Mu Yungui: “…”

He looked at the thing that was wrapped around his wrist, releasing his internal strength a little but he still couldn’t get out of it. “Did Ye Xiang send these bunch of gadgets again?”

“What about it?” Yu Yan raised his eyebrows. “I have understood. I am the emperor. Thunder and rain are all graces of the emperor. How can I listen to you just because you don’t want it?”

Mu Yungui was angered into smiling. “So Your Majesty plans to use the hard way?”

Yu Yan: “Exactly.”

With that said, he really went to pick that waist belt.

Mu Yungui’s face changed. “Your Majesty, this is the Imperial study room.”

I have already evacuated all the room. No one is allowed to come near here tonight. The great general doesn’t need to worry.”

…… So it was all premeditated.

Of course it was. Otherwise which emperor would put this kind of stuff in the Imperial study room.

While the great general was pressed onto the soft couch, forced down by His Majesty the Monarch, clothes were stripped quickly, leaving only one inner garment.

Yu Yan raised his eyes to look at him. “Why don’t you resist? This is making me bored.”

“…” Mu Yungui tentatively tested, “Then… this official will shout for help?”

Yu Yan considered. His wild fantasy caused him to have goose bumps. “…I’d rather you don’t.”

He pulled off his own outer robe and paused in a weird manner. He didn’t rush to the next step. He leaned forward and kissed Mu Yungui’s mouth. “I will give you a final chance. It is still not too late to admit your mistake to me.”

Mu Yungui ruthlessly exposed him. “…Your Majesty would not.”


How can this person not eat hard and soft? 1Like carrot and stick approach.

Yu Yan felt dejected. He laid down on Mu Yungui, his voice softening, “Let’s have another. I want to.”

Mu Yungui: “Your Majesty has a special physique. Pregnancy is extremely harmful to your body.”

“It is not! I’ve obviously recovered so well!” Yu Yan pursed his lips. “It hurts only at that time.”

“It hurt for ten hours.”

Yu Yan was at a loss. Mu Yungui stood up and turned around, his back facing Yu Yan.

“You don’t love me.”

“This has nothing to do with it.”

Yu Yan: “Hmph.”

The two stood in a stalemate for a moment. Mu Yungui’s voice softened, “This official is worried about Your Majesty’s body.”

“Nothing will happen to me” Yu Yan said, “Why don’t I find Qing Yue then? If he doesn’t allow it, then I won’t give birth, alright?”

Mu Yungui pondered for a moment and then said, “Your Majesty has to agree – this time you must follow the physician’s advice, not be willful, not to overwork himself, not to get up in the middle of the night to sneakily eat food.”

Yu Yan: “…I agree.”

He returned to Mu Yungui’s side and sat down. He asked, “So you agree?”

Mu Yungui shook the shackles on his hands.

Yu Yan took a key from the small box next to him and unlocked the cuffs on Mu Yungui’s wrist.

“…Also I don’t know where Ye Shu found these cuffs. I haven’t never seen them before.” The lock snapped open. Yu Yan was about to help him take off the shackles, when they were suddenly pressed on his wrist.

The positions of the two changed instantly. The shackles that had just been removed from the great general’s wrist were switched to Yu Yan’s in an instant.

A slight sound, and the lock was fastened firmly.

Yu Yan: “…”

Yu Yan slid backwards, his voice a little faint. “Are you going to rebel?”

“Your Majesty put this in the Imperial study room, isn’t it just waiting for this day?” Mu Yungui pressed the person under him and asked softly, “What else do we have? Are they all hidden here?”

Yu Yan turned his head and bit his lip. “I won’t tell you, you liar. I don’t love you.”

“I’ve never lied to Your Majesty.” Mu Yungui touched Yu Yan’s hair. “Tomorrow, I will have Qing Yue enter the palace. Whatever is next will be on him.”

Yu Yan was relieved; he nodded. Then he smelled a faint tea fragrance in the royal study room.

“You–” Yu Yan was startled. His body instantly softened.

Mu Yungui’s expression was calm and he warmly stated, “But for tonight, I hope Your Majesty will explain to this official.”

Yu Yan’s breathing became short and rapid. His cheeks quickly turned red: “You’re turning bad…”

“Learning from Your Majesty.”

Mu Yungui lowered his head, kissing him little by little, and said in a low voice. “It’s okay if you don’t want to say it. Your Majesty has many memorials here. We have time.”

The great general had a way to grind a person. Yu Yan couldn’t hold it in any more. He confessed all the small toys hidden in the Imperial Study Room and even showed the great general on their usage before it could be considered settled.

For a long time after, Yu Yan feared the dragon chair in the Imperial Study.

Legs weakened upon seeing it.

As for the second child, when Yu Yan’s body recovered after giving birth to Little Blockhead, he went to Qing Yue to nurse his body for half a year, before getting the nod.

The second winter, Yu Yan smoothly gave birth to a princess.

He finally got what he wanted.


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