Chapter 2

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For the next three days, Yu Yan didn’t step out of the door for even half a step on the grounds of being ill.

Three days later, Yu Yan’s heat ended and the convoy continued on their journey back.

In the afternoon, the convoy was refilling their supplies on the main road. Yu Yan sat inside the very last carriage, leaning against the window while looking out.

A young man in full black attire was sitting on the horse’s back, his back facing Yu Yan as he looked in all four directions, scanning for threats. Back in the Yan Empire, Mu Yungui was just his shadow guard, staying in the shadows. In fact, Yu Yan never had the opportunity to see him in broad daylight.

Since he was going to another country as an ambassador, Yu Yan had Mu Yungui come forth as his personal guard for the sake of convenience and safety.

Mu Yungui’s figure didn’t look built. His shoulders were wide but thin, his waist was narrow, and when he rode a horse, he sat straight and upright.

Who would’ve thought that when his clothes were off, his body would look like that…


A familiar voice rang in his ears. Yu Yan was surprised. He hurriedly gathered his senses: “Huh?”

Mu Yungui was at the carriage’s window. Without changing his expression, he said warmly: “Lord Meng just sent someone to say that there was quite a delay on the road. If the convoy wants to return to Great Yan before the new year, he’s afraid we might have to rush all night.”

“Rush all night?” Yu Yan frowned slightly.

The journey from Chang Lu to the Yan Empire was long. To arrive, it took them nearly a month. Now that they have deliberately sped up their journey, at their current pace, returning to Jiang Du City before the new year shouldn’t be a problem.

Why was there a need to rush the whole night?

It wasn’t necessary to rush. Not mentioning the long journey, no one could predict what would happen on the road. There were plenty of dangers.

Yu Yan thought for a moment, and whispered, “If we go further from here, we will reach the border of Chang Lu, right?”

Along the border between Chang Lu and Great Yan were several rolling mountains. The roads there were rugged and mountain bandits, rampant. Travelling at night was extremely dangerous.


In recent years, the Emperor of Yan’s health has been deteriorating. The hidden fights from the past between several royal sons have gradually emerged to light. Even in the capital city of Great Yan, there were countless people who wanted Yu Yan’s life every day. Even if he was protected by this group, it still wasn’t safe.

Yu Yan shook his head. “Maybe I’m overthinking it. Naturally, if they are planning something, they should choose to do so before we get to Jiang Du, so that it could be framed on Chang Lu.”

“And even if someone really wants to do something, I still have—–”

Yu Yan’s voice abruptly stopped. He pursed his lips.

Mu Yungui nodded, and naturally answered, “Indeed, Master doesn’t have to worry. There’s still me.”

His eyes were soft, and when he looked at Yu Yan, he appeared calm and focused.

He stared at Yu Yan’s flushed eartips.

“I— I know!”

Yu Yan almost bit his tongue. He hurriedly lowered the curtain of the carriage window.

Although his heat was over, the interaction between each other during those days couldn’t be denied.

He didn’t know how to face him!

Mu Yungui stood beside the curtain for a while, slowly retracting his gaze. A faint smile rose from the corner of his mouth.

A martial artist had keen eyesight, so he didn’t miss Yu Yan’s flushed earlobe when he shrank his head in.

How cute.

After a short break, the convoy continued to move forward.

In the twinkling of an eye, the sun rays turned to twilight, and the birds returned to the forest.

As the convoy slowly traveled down the mountain road, a guard on horseback pulled back from his front position of the convoy. “There is a clearing ahead. Lord Meng sent this subordinate to ask Your Highness if the group could stop for a bite to eat before continuing?”

Yu Yan didn’t answer.

Mu Yungui moved closer to the carriage, softly asking, “‘Master?”

“… Alright.”

Yu Yan’s voice came through the carriage curtain, a little muffled.

Mu Yungui keenly heard his abnormality and lowered his voice again to ask: “Is Master not feeling well?”

“…… I’m fine.” Yu Yan’s voice was slightly breezy, but it returned to normal. “I fell asleep just now.”

Mu Yungui was silent for a moment. He responded, “That’s good.”

The convoy stopped at a clearing in the forest.

As with his usual routine, Mu Yungui did a thorough search about the surroundings.

When he returned to the convoy, he saw several guards surrounding Yu Yan’s carriage.

“What are you all doing?” Mu Yungui questioned.

“Lord Commander.” Several guards bowed to him. Troubled, they stated, “His Highness does not want to eat, and we aren’t allowed to go in. This…”

Mu Yungui swept a glance at the food box in their hands and understood. “Let me.”

He took the food box, sent the people away, before calling softly towards the carriage, “Why isn’t Master eating again? Is the food not to your liking?”

No response.

Mu Yungui opened the food box and looked within. He sighed. “It seems that these are the foods Master dislikes. Please bear with this just for one night, I will buy some pastries for Master in the city first thing tomorrow, alright?”

No one knew that the second prince of Great Yan was so picky about his food that he would rather starve than touch anything he doesn’t like.

Without waiting for a response, Mu Yungui wanted to reach out and lift the curtain.

Yu Yan’s voice suddenly sounded out. “Not… not eating. Don’t you come in!”

Mu Yungui paused.

The atmosphere beside the car turned somewhat gloomy.

Mu Yungui stared at a slit in the curtains and a faint pear fragrance swirled out silently, like a small hook pulling upon his nerves.

Mu Yungui’s fingers trembled. His voice took on a bit of a suppressed tone. “Does Master want this subordinate to enter?”

Yu Yan, “Don’t… don’t come in.”

Yu Yan was currently in pain.

His heat had obviously passed. Why did it…

Yu Yan huddled in the corner of the carriage. His back was drenched with sweat early on, looking quite a mess. The curtains on all sides were tightly bounding the scent, causing the omega scent within to be heavy and dense.

What to do…

There was no further response from outside the car, only the sound of a few guards walking and conversing. Yu Yan’s brain was muddled by the fever. Only after a long time, did he realize Mu Yungui was no longer outside the car.

He really left just like that.

That bastard.

The unquenchable thirst in his body made every second pass extraordinarily slow. He couldn’t tell how long it took before the curtain of the carriage was lifted.

Yu Yan shrank.

The faint aroma of clear tea spread out in the carriage.

The alpha scent soon enclosed Yu Yan, as some kind of harbinger. Yu Yan’s tense body instantly softened, and in a trance, he felt someone put his arms around him. His hands were so weak that he had no strength to push away.

“Can’t……” Yu Yan whispered. “It will be discovered.”

“It won’t.” Mu Yungui brushed Yu Yan’s long hair to the side. The small mole at the back of his neck had become bright red, a sign of entering heat. “This subordinate went to urge them to leave as soon as possible, saying it was Master’s intention.”

Yu Yan did not understand: “What did you say ……”

Before the words left his mouth, the carriage moved again.

The carriage rolled across the rugged mountain road, the sounds outside obscured all the sounds inside the car.

Yu Yan quickly understood what Mu Yungui meant. “Is this… okay?”

“As long as Master holds back his voice.” Mu Yungui lowered his head and approached the small bright red mole at the back of Yu Yan’s neck, without touching it. He asked patiently, “Does Master want it?”

Yu Yan had never felt the back of his neck being so sensitive. He could feel the other’s warm breath condensing there. And yet Mu Yungui still wore that blank, business-like expression.

His trembling increased, and his voice took on a sobbing tone: “—You bastard.”

Mu Yungui’s eyes narrowed. His palm slid from the other man’s back to his waist. “Then, that means yes.”

“If Master can’t endure, Master can bite me.” He unbuckled Yu Yan’s belt, his voice nevertheless firm and steady. “……. Forgive me.”


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Although there is a main storyline about winning the throne, this book actually has no plot, just a cp and it’s finished.


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