Chapter 19 – A complete marking

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Not only Yu Hong, even Yu Yan was taken aback by Mu Yungui’s abrupt entrance.

Being by his side for the past few years, Mu Yungui’s temper had improved a lot. Although his bloodthirsty side did awaken once in a while, in front of Yu Yan at least, he had always restrained it very well.
He hadn’t seen Mu Yungui look like this in a long time.

He could not help but recall his first encounter with him – the beast-like youth in the Colosseum.

Mu Yungui’s eyes screamed murder, coldly sweeping over Yu Hong. The latter took half a step back, a hint of fear finally visible on his features.

“You…How can you…”

From the capital till here, he had prepared dozens of the most elite guards. How could this person still rush over so soon?!

Mu Yungui ignored him and turned to look at Yu Yan who was kneeling on the couch.

Gazing at Yu Yan’s body, his face relaxed a little.

Mu Yungui didn’t pause. He rushed towards the two people and with a single kick, Yu Hong, who was standing by the small couch, was thrown away.

The blood-stained sword blade drew a sharp arc in the air and instantly cut the ropes that bound Yu Yan’s hands and feet.

“Yun…” Before Yu Yan had time to speak, he saw Mu Yungui’s sword flash in front of him. It was angled towards Yu Hong.

Yu Yan shouted, “Don’t kill him!”

Mu Yungui’s sword halted only an inch away from Yu Hong’s throat. Without turning his head, he retorted, “But he knows that Master is in Chang Lu.”

Mu Yungui had just kicked Yu Hong so hard that he was thrown against the wall, still lying there, face pale as paper.

Yu Hong clutched his chest, sharp pain making it difficult to breathe.

A trail of blood slipped slowly past his lips. He laughed hoarsely. “That’s right, Imperial brother. If you don’t kill me now, I can’t guarantee what will happen when we return to the Yan State.”

“Do you wish to die?” Yu Yan questioned, “Haven’t even gotten your revenge yet. Are you willing to die already?”

Yu Hong’s eyes twitched.

“You don’t have to provoke me to kill you. You have planned for revenge for so many years. Stopping now when the end is in sight isn’t how you do things.”

“Besides, it’s not that I’m letting you go because of our brotherhood.” Yu Yan continued, “Yungui, keep the sword away. Yu Hong is the prince. If he dies in Chang Lu now, we won’t be able to explain it. It will expose the fault in our plan.”

Mu Yungui was silent for a long time. Then he took a deep breath and sheathed his sword.

The murderous atmosphere in the room dissipated immediately.

Mu Yungui threw his sword aside, took the rope that had previously tied Yu Yan, and tied Yu Hong firmly.

Then, he walked to the small couch and knelt on one knee.

“This subordinate is late. Master, please forgive me.”

At first glance, Mu Yungui’s appearance didn’t give anything away. Even his breathing had been adjusted and steadied as if nothing had happened.

But his clothes were splattered with blood, the black of his robes smeared in red, leaving behind a fishy smell.

Indicating the numerous savage fights this person had gone through.

Yu Yan stretched out his hand and used his sleeve to gently wipe the beads of blood off the side of Mu Yungui’s face.

Mu Yungui was surprised, moving back to avoid him.

“Don’t move.” Yu Yan asked, “Are you hurt?”

No matter how strong Mu Yungui was in his martial arts, it was impossible to escape unscathed in an ambush with other master guards. Luckily, these were mostly skin injuries, that were nothing to the shadow guard.

Mu Yungui wanted to shake his head but once he met Yu Yan’s gaze, for some inexplicable reason, he didn’t.

He raised his arm. The torn, blood-stained sleeve exposed a bone-deep injury.

Yu Yan’s eyes darkened. He tore off a small piece of clothing and gently wiped the bloodstains.

Mu Yungui looked at the other’s lowered eyes. His murderous urge to retaliate finally quietened.

Yu Yan: “What is this place?”

Mu Yungui replied, “This is the outskirts of a small city, a hundred miles away from the capital. It should be a private residence.”

“How did you find it?”

“This subordinate wanted to head to the temporary imperial residence last night and wait for Master but was caught up in an ambush halfway there. Only after capturing the person for interrogation, did this subordinate realise that Master was brought here.”

Yu Yan nodded. Mu Yungui continued, “It is not safe to stay here for a long time. This subordinate just saw a few carriages outside. Master should leave with this subordinate first.”

“No need to rush.”

Yu Yan finished cleaning Mu Yungui’s wound and walked towards Yu Hong.

Yu Hong looked up at him.

He took a deep breath and whispered, “Imperial brother, you really don’t want to kill me?”

Yu Yan took a pill from his arms and put it into Yu Hong’s mouth.

“This is a muscle relaxant pill, harmless to the body. It loses effect within twelve hours.” Yu Yan explained, “I will not kill you, but on the way back, I hope you will be obedient.”

“Also,” Yu Yan paused. “Where is the medicine for wounds?”

Yu Hong fell silent.

The two stared at each other. Yu Hong reluctantly raised his hand and pointed towards the makeup mirror on one side. “The second frame under the table.”

“Thank you.”

Yu Yan found the medicine, turned back and supported Yu Hong to walk outside the house. “Let’s go.”

However Mu Yungui did not follow.

“Yungui?” Yu Yan walked to the door and looked back at him. “What’s wrong?”

The latter stood still. Not moving, not answering, his back towards Yu Yan.
His broad and slender back was as straight as before. Yu Yan couldn’t understand what was happening.

Yet when he took a closer look, the other was leaning to one side, his hands, which were accustomed to holding various weapons, were shaking slightly.

Yu Yan suddenly realized what he had forgotten.

Yu Hong’s aphrodisiac incense had not gone out yet!

Just now, the atmosphere was tense. With the suppressive fragrance having no effect on him and Yu Hong, it had completely slipped his mind.

Yu Yan cursed under his breath. He walked quickly to the table, poured a cup of tea, and doused the incense burner.

“Sorry. I forgot that he was still burning incense. You…”

Mu Yungui turned his head. He sounded like he was trying his best to restrain something, “…Master, please head out first.”



Mu Yungui’s tone was rarely this stiff. Yu Yan looked at his back in silence, and after a while, left with Yu Hong.

The door of the room closed behind him, and Mu Yungui’s back finally relaxed.

He bent down, using the small couch to support himself, his breathing hot and rapid. A thin layer of sweat appeared on his forehead.

When an alpha marked an omega, they would not go into heat. Hence Mu Yungui had never had such an experience before. It was like someone had lit a fire within him, burning a trail of blood, out of control.

Mu Yungui took a deep breath, using his internal force to suppress the increasingly restless instinct.

It was not safe here. Master hasn’t escaped the danger completely yet. How could he——

Suddenly, the door behind him opened again.

Mu Yungui’s eyes shot open.

His thoughts had become very chaotic, but his senses were still clear. He heard someone close the door, slowly walking towards him.

One step. Two steps…

“Master, don’t come over!” Mu Yungui said hoarsely, “I…I…”

“I was only looking for a place to lock Yu Hong up. I can’t let him stay here,” Yu Yan walked to Mu Yungui, his tone as calm as ever. “You didn’t really think I would leave you alone, right?”

“Master, stop talking… Stop talking.” Mu Yungui closed his eyes in pain.

It was as if his consciousness was being scorched and broiled, and Yu Yan’s figure only acted like wood to the fire. His reason was crumbling.

He couldn’t bear it anymore.

The person that was always on his mind, was now by his side. How could he bear it?

“But you look very uncomfortable.” Yu Yan stood behind Mu Yungui, and whispered, “Didn’t you often help me before? Can’t it be me helping you this time?”

“That’s different…”

Mu Yungui’s voice was exceedingly hoarse. He clenched his fists, and the tingling pain of his fingertips sinking into his palms helped him sober up a little. “This subordinate feels that this time…I can’t suppress it with a temporary marking. I might…”

“…This subordinate does not want to hurt Master.”

The room was quiet.

Mu Yungui’s body was getting hotter and hotter. He could feel that Yu Yan was still standing behind him.

The alpha instinct that was deeply buried in his bones in the past was now madly, crazily screaming for him to occupy, possess, and plunder, to make this person standing next to him his, forever.

Suddenly, two hands hugged him from behind.

Mu Yungui’s body tensed.

“So in your mind, you thought of it as harm?” Yu Yan tightened his arms and stuck closely to the hot and stiff body. “Is that why you have been reluctant to tell me the truth?”


Mu Yungui was worried about hurting him, so he didn’t dare to break free. His body was so tense that he even began to tremble slightly. “Master doesn’t understand…”

“It’s you who doesn’t understand.” Yu Yan interrupted.

He didn’t bother to talk to this person anymore. He moved to Mu Yungui’s front, lifted his head up and kissed him.

Mu Yungui’s lips were a little chapped. Yu Yan licked it carefully, moisturizing and softening the lips again, and then gathered the courage to enter his mouth.

His lips had a faint, rusty taste of blood. But it was not loathsome.

After a while, Yu Yan let go of the person. The tips of his ears were a little red.

“Now, do you believe me?”

Mu Yungui looked at him blankly, as if he still couldn’t understand what was happening.


“…” Yu Yan was annoyed. “You’re such a blockhead!”

If one could say Yu Yan was initially nervous and fearful, now he only hated iron for not being steel.

What kind of alpha needed an omega to take initiative?!

How could he like such a fool!

Yu Yan was anxious yet angry. Without saying anything else, he stretched out his hand to unfasten the other’s belt. But for some reason, Mu Yungui’s belt was extremely hard to unbuckle. Yu Yan couldn’t untie it smoothly no matter how many times he tried.

He was desperate enough that his eyes were red. He raised his eyes and glared at Mu Yungui when Mu Yungui suddenly kissed him hard.

This kiss was much more intense than the ones they had shared in the past.

The smell of blood brewed into a catalyst, and the temperature of the two bodies gradually increased, the highly concentrated alpha scent finally bursting out at this moment.


Yu Yan felt like the rich tea fragrance was woven into an airtight net in the air, wrapping him firmly, even his breathing was affected.

When his consciousness came back, he was pushed on the small couch.

He looked up to see Mu Yungui’s faintly red eyes staring back at him.

“Is Master sure he won’t regret?”

Mu Yungui leaned forward and pressed him down. His hot palm ran across Yu Yan’s hand, clasping his fingers tightly.

“This is the last chance. If Master wants to stop, I–”

Before he could finish speaking, Yu Yan suddenly lifted his head and kissed the corner of his lips.

“No regrets.” Yu Yan was so nervous that his fingers were trembling but he didn’t evade or flinch. He stared deeply into the other’s eyes, and saw his own reflection in them.

He heard himself say, “I will never regret it.”

Mu Yungui had previously cleared the area surrounding them. At this moment, it was so quiet that even a single human voice could not be heard.

The interior was full of hustle and bustle. In a room partitioned by a door, the inside was filled with ambiguous entanglement.

The sweet and intimate pear fragrance finally got hooked on an alpha’s scent. As they embraced each other tightly, the two scents intertwined and collided in the air.

Finally merging into one.


When Yu Yan woke up again, it was already getting dark.

He stared at the beam on the ceiling, dazed, unmoving.

His eyes were still a bit sore. He rolled over, and an unspeakable pain shot from somewhere behind him. He could also feel an intense discomfort in his lower abdomen.

He wondered where he was.

Yu Yan bent down, covered his abdomen with both hands, and felt a strong urge to go back to an hour ago and beat up his past self who had said “No regrets”.

No one had ever told him that it would be this scary to do a complete marking ah ah ah!

That uncontrollable and inescapable feeling of pain mixed with joy. When Yu Yan recalled it, he could feel his legs soften.

Was it always this scary when an alpha initiated love?

“Master is awake?” The person that was embracing him moved slightly. Yu Yan looked up. The culprit who caused all of this was looking down at him.

Yu Yan: “…”

Yu Yan turned his back to him. “Hmph.”

Mu Yungui: “?”

“…Is Master angry?” Mu Yungui’s voice became soft, as if feeling wronged.

“Of course I am angry!” Yu Yan’s voice was still hoarse, sounding even more aggrieved. “…I obviously clearly asked you not to do it.”


But a complete marking was not something he could stop.

Yu Yan was so uncomfortable that he couldn’t even move a finger. Suddenly, he pushed Mu Yungui’s arm. “Give me the medicine in my clothes.”

He was referring to the contraceptive medicine given by Qing Jue.

Since the last time he doubted whether he was pregnant, Yu Yan had always carried this medicine with him wherever he went, never forgetting.

Mu Yungui’s eyes dimmed but he didn’t say anything, only acknowledging softly.

He got off the couch, wore his clothes, and picked up the familiar bottle from Yu Yan’s scattered clothes. Tilting the bottle, he took one pill out and went outside to get water.

The contraceptive medicine’s appearance was not particularly obvious. Even the pills Mu Yungui carried around for regulating his internal force did not look any different.

Mu Yungui looked down at the pill in his hand. He touched the other medicine bottle.

If he swapped the medicine…

What happened today was like a beautiful dream for Mu Yungui. No, in fact, even the best dream he could ever have would never be as good as this.

He had completely marked Yu Yan.

What was strange was that on the day when this beautiful dream was fulfilled, his heart was not only filled with joy, but also dissatisfaction. It was not enough.

An alpha’s possessiveness was an instinct carved into his bones.

And the existence of an omega was originally for a smoother mode of reproduction.

Mu Yungui did not want Yu Yan to take the medicine. He wanted to always have that person to himself, wanted Yu Yan to have his offspring.

This is what human nature was like. Always instinctively seeking more, never satisfied.

Mu Yungui clenched the medicine bottle in his hands. His eyes darkened, and a shameful thought sprouted in his heart.

If he changed the medicine, if Master became pregnant with his child…

“Why aren’t you done yet…” Yu Yan’s faint, weak voice sounded from within the room.

Mu Yungui suddenly came to his senses.

He retracted his hand like lightning. A thin layer of sweat broke out on his back.

What was he planning to do just now?

Master trusted him so much. How could he do such a thing?

Mu Yungui lightly shook his head, poured out the water, and brought it back to Yu Yan’s bedside, along with the contraceptive medicine. He watched Yu Yan take the medicine with his own eyes, and heaved a sigh of relief.

Although male omegas may not definitely be able to bear children, Yu Yan was obviously unwilling to take the risk.

This was how it should be.

Mu Yungui stood quietly by the bed, his eyes dipping.

If he was unwilling, no one could force him.

Yu Yan rested until the moon was hung high up in the sky, before he finally had enough energy to set off again.

Naturally, Yu Hong was brought along.

At that time, when Mu Yungui was under the aphrodisiac spell, Yu Yan was very anxious and randomly found a wooden shed to lock Yu Hong in and left. The little, pitiful man was unable to move, lying on the cold ground for most of the day.

The Fifth Highness had never suffered this kind of pain before.

Of course, what’s even more annoying was that his aphrodisiac incense was in vain, his rival taking advantage of it.

Yu Hong immediately closed himself off.1自闭: Like shut door cultivation. Too hilarious.

“You’ve been angry for the whole day already. Can you eat your anger as your meal? Eat your rice.” Yu Yan took the rice to Yu Hong’s mouth. The latter shut his lips, saying that he would not eat anything at all.

Yu Yan put the bowl on the carriage’s small trunk. “You can stop. Why not starve yourself to death then blame your Imperial brother?”

Yu Hong was still under the effects of the drug. He could not move yet. He glanced at Yu Yan and hummed. Still not speaking.

Yu Yan didn’t bother to reason with him anymore. He ate his own food.

Their return journey was much more leisurely than before. Yu Yan had arranged for someone to pretend to be him in his manor and Yu Hong had made arrangements when he left Jiang Du too. There was no need to hurry.

The three-person carriage travelled back. Almost half a month passed before they finally neared Jiang Du.

Yu Yan: “We should be returning to our manor tomorrow. My ‘illness’ hasn’t recovered yet. You’ll have to return to the palace by yourself.”

Yu Hong was startled. “You’re… just letting me go like this?”

“Then how?”

“I don’t know.” Yu Hong muttered under his breath.

His thoughts about Yu Yan would naturally not disappear just because was an omega. But Yu Yan had already been marked. And…

The words Yu Yan uttered that day ‌had been lingering in his heart.

Did he really like him, or was it just a revenge against the Empress?

Yu Hong felt stuck.

“Should this Imperial brother give you some advice?” Yu Yan took a sip of tea, and continued, “You and I will cooperate to seize the position of the crown prince and take revenge against the people we hate. After this matter is over, I will give you the burial mound for your real mother, and send you to that fief.”

This offer was really very attractive.

Be it Yu Yan or Yu Hong, none of them was strong enough to directly confront the Imperial family of Great Yan on his own. Cooperation was their only way.

The last statement was a concession made by Yu Yan.

Yu Hong: “With your temperament, can you really be the emperor?”

Being a ruler, having a soft-heart was a taboo. Having obvious weaknesses was also a taboo.

But Yu Yan rejected his thought. He wasn’t his weak spot.

“I, your brother, have never mistaken anyone.” Yu Yan patted him on the shoulder. “And, who said that only a fierce tyrant can be an emperor? The king of a country is the overseer of all, for the country and the people. In this world, there are many roads, not just one.”

Yu Hong: “Then I’m a little curious to see how much you will achieve.”

“Wait and watch.” Yu Yan smiled. He picked up a piece of meat and fed it to Yu Hong. “Hurry up and eat. If you starve to death, you won’t live to see my achievements.”

Yu Hong looked at Yu Yan, then at the food in front of him, feeling unhappy. “I won’t eat what he buys.”

“…” Yu Yan laughed. “Then you stay hungry.”

Early next morning, Yu Yan finally returned to the manor, while Yu Hong headed directly to the palace.

As for how he disappeared for almost a month without anyone noticing, it was not a problem that Yu Yan needed to worry about.

And after another half a month, Yu Yan recovered from his illness and returned to the palace.

As soon as he returned to the palace, he received good news.

Emperor Yan had finally made up his mind, sending troops to Chang Lu during their treaty period. In this aspect, the Yan State not only secretly expanded its armaments, but also advanced the imperial martial arts competition from the end of the year, to an earlier date.

Yu Yan followed up on his promise and freed Mu Yungui of his slave status, getting him to register for the martial arts competition.

However, as practicing martial arts in the palace was not very convenient, Yu Yan simply bestowed his outer manor on Mu Yungui, so that he could concentrate on preparing for it.

In fact, based on Mu Yungui’s martial arts skills, winning the top spot was not a problem at all. However, this person was too serious about his work. He had been practicing his martial arts day and night after arriving at the outer manor, never slacking off.

The competition was approaching, and this person hadn’t returned to the palace.

Yu Yan took a sip of the cold tea in his hand. Even the secret letter in front of him was something he couldn’t bear to continue reading.

It had already been three days since he visited the last time. What kind of alpha would leave their omega at home alone for so long?!

… That damn blockhead.

Yu Yan was livid. Placing the tea cup on the table, he spread out the fine writing paper, and quickly wrote a word on it.

He slipped the letter into an envelope and called out: “Shadow Two.”2That’s his name.影二. Literally that haha.

A black figure passed through the window and knelt in front of Yu Yan.

This shadow guard was trained by Mu Yungui himself. He had to participate in the martial arts exercise and could no longer serve as a guard. And since Yu Yan couldn’t have no one around him, he had to reluctantly accept this.

Yu Yan ordered, “Send someone to take this letter to my outer manor. Remember, only Mu Yungui can open it.”

Shadow Two: “Understood.”


In the outer manor.

Mu Yungui had just finished practicing a set of swordsmanship when he received a letter from his subordinate.

The letter was not signed, but it wasn’t surprising.

The only person who would write to Mu Yungui was Yu Yan.

Mu Yungui carefully opened the envelope. On the fine paper, two words – usually handsome and proper – were scribbled.

–“Return quickly.”
The letter carried a vague smell of pear blossom.

Mu Yungui held the fine paper close to the tip of his nose and sniffed lightly. Though weak, the scent was enough to make one’s blood surge.

He could almost see through the letter, imagining how the other party must have struggled to write these two words.

Master… Is he going into heat again?


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  • 1
    自闭: Like shut door cultivation. Too hilarious.
  • 2
    That’s his name.影二. Literally that haha.

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