Chapter 16 – Towards him…. Mu Yungui isn’t really uninterested


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Mu Yungui did not move.

Yu Yan stared at him blankly. The two of them were in a stalemate. The room was silent, and Yu Yan could even clearly hear the rapid noisy heartbeats of the two of them.

“…You…you aren’t drunk?” Yu Yan’s tone was abrupt. The ending words trembled unconsciously, and even his drunkenness was thoroughly cleared up in an instant.

What was he doing just now?

How could he…

Mu Yungui did not respond.

He held Yu Yan tightly in his arms, and raised his hand to gently stroke Yu Yan’s hair. The warm palm of his hand slid down Yu Yan’s side profile, his fingertips gently rubbed the edge of Yu Yan’s eyes, as if he were touching something cherished, with extreme restraint.

“…Is this a dream?” Mu Yungui asked softly.

Staring closely at Mu Yungui, his eyes were not as clear as before.

This drunk him hasn’t woken up yet.

Mu Yungui’s eyes were watching Yu Yan closely, exhibiting a heavy pressure, causing one to have difficulty in breathing. Yet after a while, he suddenly laughed.

That smile could melt thick ice and snow, could make one’s heart tremble.

“If it’s a dream, that’s good too.”

The other party’s voice was husky and heavy. Yu Yan’s heart shook. Mu Yungui suddenly lowered his head.

A kiss fell on his forehead.


This time, it wasn’t an illusion.

The soft moist tactile sensation was transmitted from the front of the forehead to all parts of Yu Yan’s body. The blood across the whole body rushed straight from the four limbs to the brain, setting off a shock that was a hundred times more intense than before.

Yu Yan widened his eyes. Even his breathing had stopped.

But Mu Yungui was still not satisfied.

A soft and light kiss moved down the bridge of his nose, and sucked his lips.

Just tasting it.

Even when he was unconscious, his actions towards Yu Yan were still very restrained.

Yu Yan’s mind was teetering, almost drowning in this tenderness, not even noticing when Mu Yungui unwrapped his garment.

Yu Yan shook like a leaf and automatically grasped Mu Yungui’s hand. “You don’t—”

Strange. They had obviously done this many times, but this time it felt completely different.

This sensation of losing control made Yu Yan nervous.

Mu Yungui’s eyes darkened. Before Yu Yan could say anything, he kissed him harder.

Completely different from the previous gentle restraint. He easily pried passed Yu Yan’s lips, driving straight in, truly making the person having difficulty breathing.

Yu Yan’s fingertips curled. He helplessly grabbed Mu Yungui’s arm as he was crushed by the unwavering other, unable to move at all.

The power disparity was too great.

Yu Yan felt a trace of unprecedented fear.

Mu Yungui has never treated him like this.

“Yun… Yungui…” Yu Yan called out with difficulty, moisture appearing in his eyes.

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Suddenly, Mu Yungui’s movement paused.

He raised his head, his eyes fixedly looking at Yu Yan. The person’s oppressive pressure suddenly disappeared. He stretched out his arm and embraced the trembling youth into his arms once more.

“Won’t bully you.” Mu Yungui pressed Yu Yan’s head on his shoulder. His voice gentled, as if sleeptalking, “Can’t…”

Mu Yungui’s voice gradually weakened. Soon, there was no sound.

Yu Yan waited for a long time, and quietly looked up, only to find that Mu Yungui was asleep.

Yu Yan: “…”

He should have placed Yu Yan’s clothes back before he slept ah ah ah!

Yu Yan was kissed until his hands and feet were mushy. With difficulty, he gave a push to the person beside him. Unsuccessful. Ultimately, the alcohol was too strong and under the coaxing of sleepiness, he soon fell asleep.


The next bright morning, when Yu Yan woke up, Mu Yungui was not yet awake.

They were lying on the bed, with Mu Yungui’s arm around his waist, circling him into his arms as if in a protective manner.

Yu Yan raised his head to look at the other person’s sleeping face, and his awareness slowly returned.

His hand unconsciously raised and touched the corner of his own lips. There was some redness and swelling there – it was bitten by this person yesterday.

Yu Yan’s ears flushed a little. He pushed the other’s arm away, and sat up to straighten his messy clothes.

Never could he think Mu Yungui would look like this when he was drunk.
The Mu Yungui yesterday night was like another person.

Disrespecting one’s superior. Disgraceful behavior.

Simply too outrageous.

Since they said the truth comes upon being drunk, does that mean that this person, towards him, actually wasn’t…uninterested?

Yu Yan had his legs under him on the bed, looking thoughtfully at the person who was still sleeping. He felt a little… happy.

Now let’s see how this blockhead continues to pretend.


It was rare that Mu Yungui slept until nearly noon. When he opened his eyes, his vision was lost for a moment, before immediately regaining his clarity. He turned and sat up.

Then he met the eyes of the young man sitting at the table, drinking tea.

Yu Yan tilted his head and smiled. “Good morning.”

Mu Yungui hasn’t fully woken up from the hangover. His expression was uncharacteristically dazed. “Mas-Master. Good morning. I…”

Yu Yan: “You were drunk last night.”

After a while, when Mu Yungui dressed neatly and walked out of the inner room, he heard Yu Yan pensively saying, “Do you know what you did wrong?”

Mu Yungui walked towards Yu Yan and knelt down on one knee. “This subordinate is aware. Master, please impose punishment.”

His attitude was so blunt that Yu Yan was a little embarrassed.

Yu Yan hurriedly shifted his eyes away. “Then, then where would you say was wrong?”

Mu Yungui: “This subordinate got drunk last night. Negligence of duty, a big taboo.”

Yu Yan: “…”

Yu Yan responded, “I didn’t mean this.”

Mu Yungui was kneeling in front of him, showing a hint of surprise when he heard the words before concealing it once more. His gaze was serious and calm. “Master, please specify.”

Yu Yan looked at him. This person wasn’t lying.

He forgot what happened last night.

He. Forgot.

Asshole thing!

Yu Yan’s morning good mood was ruined by one sentence from Mu Yungui. He didn’t bother to talk to this person any more, simply placing the tea cup in his hand on the table with a clink.

“Back to the palace.”


Before Yu Yan could return to his palace hall, he met an eunuch who was searching for him.

Emperor Yan called him to the imperial study room for a discussion.

Yu Yan could roughly guess the reason.

A few days ago, he received news that Chang Lu had officially started a war with Western Xia.

A year prior, the Yan State sent envoys to Chang Lu. It foresaw Chang Lu and Western Xia would eventually have a battle. However, the Yan State was currently suffering from internal and external troubles. If the consequences of the war were to spread, it would be unimaginable. Hence, only by pretending to surrender, could it exchange for a ray of life.

“This was a thinking of the past. Now that the Western Xia colluded with my court ministers and killed the prince, how can we bear this injustice?” In the warm pavilion of the imperial study room, the eldest prince Yu Shu resolutely proclaimed, “Why not take advantage of Western Xia’s exhaustion with Chang Lu and send troops there to take this opportunity to personally avenge this blood debt?”

The Yan Emperor leaned back on the small couch inside the warm pavilion, not commenting after hearing those words. He looked at Yu Yan. “What does Yan’er think?”

After the fourth prince was killed, the Yan Emperor had fallen ill once more, the sickness showing clearly on his face, his body’s vulnerability obvious.

Yu Yan bowed and saluted Emperor Yan. “Answering Emperor father, this son finds my Imperial brother’s words inappropriate.”

Yu Shu frowned. Yu Yan continued to say unhurriedly, “First, Great Yan and Western Xia are separated by thousands of miles. In the middle there is also the territory of Chang Lu. And this son signed a truce with Chang Lu with a promise there will be no deployment of troops across the border within three years.”

Yu Shu: “Then why not bypass the territory of Chang Lu and invade from the rear of Western Xia?”

“Imperial brother, don’t be not anxious. This is the second point.” Yu Yan continued, “For a surprise attack from the rear, you must cross the Northwest Desert. Western Xia is brave and good at fighting. With living in the desert all the year round, marching combat is naturally not a problem. But no matter whether it is in armaments or living habits, our Great Yan is far less favorable than Western Xia. Rushing to fight is not good for us.”

“If everyone follows and retreats like you do, do you want Great Yan to be slaughtered by others?” Yu Shu vented.

“Then does Imperial brother know a phrase called ‘Retreat to advance’?” Yu Yan said. “Western Xia and Chang Lu will suffer heavy damage. Why don’t we sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight. Let them fight to the death first, then take advantage of the fisherman’s profit? ”


“I1Interestingly, the Emperor uses 孤 as ‘I’. 孤 also means Lonely. find Yan’er’s words make sense.” Emperor Yan gazed at Yu Yan with approval. “The two countries are fighting. We only need to stir this muddy water to make it more chaotic, why even sink into ourselves?”

Yu Shu shut up angrily. “Understood, Emperor father.”

“Let’s leave this to Yan’er to take care of.” Emperor Yan declared. “Chang Lu and Western Xia. I want them not to have an easy time.”

Yu Yan’s eyes moved slightly, and he immediately saluted. “This son will strive his utmost.”

The Yan Emperor had not recovered yet. He soon became exhausted, and sent his two sons away. The two exited the imperial study room together. Yu Shu snorted coldly, without even looking at Yu Yan, and went straight away in the sedan chair.

Yu Yan’s sedan chair was outside the palace. He walked out, and at a glance, Mu Yungui was by his side.

Seeing him come out, Mu Yungui immediately greeted him. “This subordinate will help you up the sedan chair.”

Yu Yan shook his head. “Accompany me to walk.”

All the servants in Yu Yan’s palace hall were changed before, but he was still not at ease. Yu Yan took Mu Yungui to the imperial garden for a walk in the name of relaxation, and recounted what had happened in the imperial study room.

Mu Yungui listened and fell silent.

Yu Yan smiled. “If I hadn’t known Ye Shu’s communication channel was safe enough, I would have suspected Emperor Yan knew I was secretly in contact with Chang Lu.”

Ye Shu2叶舒. From the author’s other novel.was the prime minister of Chang Lu, and he grew up with the monarch of Chang Lu. Now, for some inexplicable reason… he became a favorite consort of that harem.

Many years ago, he established a long-term contact with Yu Yan.

Somehow, that person knew about Yu Yan’s life experience and lifelong dream, promising that when Yu Yan needed it, Chang Lu would help him seize the throne. The only requirement was that after Yu Yan seized the throne, the two countries would form good relations and would never send troops to Chang Lu.

Mu Yungui: “To sound out.”

“It makes sense.” Yu Yan said. “The diplomatic mission had Emperor Yan’s person within. He would clearly know the majority of my words and deeds done in Chang Lu.”

The reason he went into estrus was because he smelled the fragrance of Ye Shu’s estrus first. Although the events of his estrus were suppressed, many people knew that he had made contact with the Emperor of Chang Lu and his beloved concubine.

Thinking of estrus, Yu Yan unconsciously looked at Mu Yungui.

At the beginning of spring3After the Chinese lunar new year, the flowers in the imperial garden were blown away by the wind overnight.

The two stood under a peach tree, with blooming peach petals scattered around them.

The latter noticed his gaze. He turned his head to look back and Yu Yan quickly looked away with a guilty conscience. “Cough…well, let him guess, as long as we don’t show any flaws.”

“As to creating a wedge between them, I will go back and write a letter to Ye Shu to discuss what to do.”

Mu Yungui frowned.

Yu Yan: “What do you want to say?”

Mu Yungui: “This subordinate wonders, does Master believe that Chang Lu can defeat Western Xia?”

“Of course,” Yu Yan stated. “Don’t worry, Chang Lu is much stronger than you think. Letting that person unify the world is a blessing for the people and the hope for everyone.”

Mu Yungui shook his head. “This subordinate is not worried about this.”

“Then what?”

Mu Yungui did not answer.

He stared at Yu Yan. After a long while, he raised his hand and picked a fallen flower from Yu Yan’s hair.

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I am worried about Master.”4He never used ‘This subordinate’!! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~

Yu Yan raised his head and looked at him. The other party’s eyes were gentle and focused as before. Yu Yan saw his own reflection in Mu Yungui’s eyes.

No matter where and when, Mu Yungui always has him in his eyes.

The spring breeze roused. A subtle fragrance floated about.

Pale pink petals slowly fell to the ground.

All those inexplicable throbbing, ambiguous but restrained behavior, and the questions that always lingered in his heart, unable to ask.

Those answers could be found at this moment.

Yu Yan’s lips lifted uncontrollably, as if he had eaten a piece of the sweetest cake in the world.

That sweet flavour spread throughout all parts of his heart.

“Master?” Mu Yungui tilted his head, unaware of what Yu Yan was currently thinking.

Yu Yan turned his back to him. With a smile on his face, “It’s nothing.”

“Head home, you wooden blockhead.”


The author has something to say:
Mu Yungui: An upright shadow guard will never pretend to be a drunk to play tricks with the master, but he can take advantage of being drunk √

  • 1
    Interestingly, the Emperor uses 孤 as ‘I’. 孤 also means Lonely.
  • 2
    叶舒. From the author’s other novel.
  • 3
    After the Chinese lunar new year
  • 4
    He never used ‘This subordinate’!! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~

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