Chapter 1 – Yu Yan’s state of mind collapsed.

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The rays of dawn shone softly, yet they were blocked by the tightly shut doors and windows.

Within the room, it was dim. A hand laid extended from the half-open, half-drawn netting1蚊帐 looks like this , peppered with ambiguous red marks along the white and slender forearm.

Yu Yan opened his eyes.

There was a lingering sweet smell in the room. It was a rather deep and fragrant flower scent, made more pronounced by the madness yesterday night.

Yu Yan sat up. An overwhelming soreness and pain shot up from his lower back.

A pair of hands lifted the curtain of netting in time to stabilise him.

He turned his head and saw the person’s face.

The man was tall. His light coloured eyes were framed with his handsome, chiseled features, adding a touch of exotic to his appearance. The usual taciturn man now looked a little guilty, and filled with concern.

He was his personal shadow guard, Mu Yungui.

And also the culprit who caused him to be like this.

Yu Yan’s face sank. He pulled out his hand: “Don’t touch – hiss… Don’t, don’t touch me!”

The small movement pulled a certain part of his body that couldn’t be named. It was so painful that tears formed in Yu Yan’s eyes. Paired with his low and hoarse voice, his words carried no power.

However, Mu Yungui’s hand, which was still suspended in the air, paused and retreated. “Yes, Master.”

Those handsome eyebrows dropped slightly. His eyes dimmed, looking like some kind of large dog who was wronged.

Why do you look wronged? This prince hasn’t even felt wronged yet!

Yu Yan rubbed his sore lower back as he raged internally.

Things roughly started when Yu Yan came-of-age.

As the second prince of the Yan Empire, Yu Yan lost his mother when he was young and was sent to the childless Empress of the Yan Empire to be raised. Furthermore, it was the Empress who had personally killed his concubine mother when he was only five years old.

Since then, Yu Yan has hated the imperial family. His lifelong wish was to seize the throne and avenge his birth mother.

In this world, upon reaching maturity when coming-of-age, only a few men and women will result in being alphas or omegas.

The division between alphas and omegas had to do with talent, personality, and body structure. Yu Yan has been intelligent since he was a child. Among the princes, he was the most outstanding. He was confident that he could mature into an alpha.

Then, on the day he came of age, he became an omega.

A weak, low status, fertile, omega.

Yu Yan’s state of mind collapsed.

In all the previous dynasties, there has never been an omega precedent becoming an emperor. Over the years, by relying on the suppressant incense concocted in secrecy, Yu Yan managed to hide his identity as an omega so well, even his shadow guard hadn’t found out.

Until yesterday —

Being the prince, Yu Yan had to personally travel to the land of Chang Lu this time. Firstly, to meet his long-time friend Ye Shu, and secondly, to connect with the monarch of Chang Lu and add a bargaining chip for the imperial throne.

Who would have thought that he would unexpectedly be met with failure2流年不利,阴沟翻船 Fleeting years would be disadvantageous and the gutter would capsize.

Ye Shu was forced into estrus due to his suppressant incense, and he himself had his heat induced by Ye Shu’s scent. What was more unfortunate was that the shadow guard by his side happened to be an alpha.

Then… Then they ended up in this current situation.

The lingering lethargy and fever remained on his body. And the faint floral fragrance had not yet diffused in the air. He, a majestic prince, the future heir apparent to the throne, had a sweet and rich pear blossom pheromone scent. It was simply absurd.

In short, all the traces in the room reminded him of what happened last night.

He, by his own personal shadow guard… was bedded.

Mu Yungui still stood obediently beside his bed, his extremely distinguished face reflecting both gentleness and guiltiness. One couldn’t almost tell who had actually been bedded.

Yu Yan’s anger rose as soon he saw him like this. Annoyed, he scolded, “What did I instruct you yesterday?”

“Master said…” Mu Yungui glanced at Yu Yan and said in a low voice, “Master wanted this subordinate to lock the door from outside and no matter what happened, to not come in.”

Yu Yan: “Then what did you do?!”

“… But, Master then asked this subordinate to open the door. This subordinate refused, and Master… started to cry.”

Yu Yan: “…”

Yu Yan: “Shut up.”

He couldn’t be so embarrassing.


Mu Yungui paused, and then continued, “This subordinate didn’t expect that Master was a ome—”

“Shut up!” Yu Yan’s cheeks were a little flushed. He glared at him coldly. “Get out.”

Mu Yungui looked slightly stunned.

Mu Yungui whispered: “Master, you’re still in heat. I’m afraid…”

“Get out!”

Mu Yungui’s eyes shifted slightly, looking up and down before meeting Yu Yan’s gaze again. He was unsure if it was an illusion but Yu Yan saw in that gaze something intense, not often seen before.

But that look quickly dissipated without a trace. Mu Yungui bowed towards Yu Yan, then turned to exit the room.

The door closed. A thump was heard.Mu Yungui knelt outside his door.

Yu Yan fell back onto the bed.

He has known Mu Yungui for nine years already. Nine years ago, when he was only twelve years old, he met this boy of similar age at the Colosseum3Looks like this: .

The imperial family of Yan was fatuous and cruel. Their favourite sport was to herd captives to the Colosseum, to fight with wild beasts, and betting on winners for their pleasure.

Mu Yungui was one of the prisoners.

He was also the youngest and weakest among them all.

But only he, when he entered the arena, had no fear on his face. Those pale eyes swept across the crowd, icy and hostile, he was so dazzling that people couldn’t look away.

Like a beast in a desperate situation, even when facing death, it bared its sharp fangs.

It was that look that made Yu Yan choose him without hesitation.

Eventually, Mu Yungui became the only survivor of that arena fight, and also became Yu Yan’s possession.

Yu Yan took him back to the palace, personally healed him, and took care of him for a full three months. After he recovered, Yu Yan wanted to let him go, but Mu Yungui was willing to stay by his side. This single stay lasted nine years.

In the past nine years, Mu Yungui has been conscientious, knowing his station and never overstepping his place.

Ever since then, Yu Yan had never seen the same expression on him again.

Until last night.

The Mu Yungui last night seemed to be like a different person. Yu Yan clearly remembered how this person pressed him onto the bed, watching him deeply. His gaze was deep, as if he was hiding something profound in his emotions.

It was so pressurring that he could barely breathe.

But it was still… still pretty good-looking.

Yu Yan covered his face.

He should amend his bad habit of admiring handsome faces.

Still, he was lucky it was Mu Yungui.

This omega identity of his could not be known by other people. Mu Yungui was good at keeping secrets. He was not worried about this being leaked.

What’s more, his family’s shadow guard was good-looking, his body was also rather built. Last night’s experience was actually…not too bad.

No loss.

After having successfully persuaded himself, Yu Yan dragged his soft legs up from the bed, and fetched the suppressant incense from his trunk.

The matter was urgent. He should first control the omega scent emitting from his body, and then depart with the convoy. Along the way, he’ll have a good chat with Mu Yingui. They, as master and servant, were rather close and Mu Yungui was very obedient. He probably wouldn’t put yesterday’s thing to heart.

Yu Yan thought about it. He tried to light the incense, not noticing the slight trembling of his fingers. He tried again and again, failing each time.

The pear blossom aroma in the air gradually became richer.

No, it couldn’t be…

Yu Yan lowered his head and looked at his hands, only to feel a warm sensation coming from within.

Before, it seemed like someone had told him: Once omegas start their heat, it will last for at least three days.

Yu Yan: “…”

Yu Yan’s breathing became heavier and heavier. His eyes unconsciously looked towards the closed door.

The upright silhouette of a man was reflected on the door. All Yu Yan could think of was how handsome and built that body wrapped in black attire was because of practicing martial arts all year round.

The faint fragrance of tea diffused through the door, making Yu Yan’s body weak.

He only learned yesterday that Mu Yungui’s scent unexpectedly was of tea.

The fragrance was very light and refreshing, just like him, not sullen, not irritating, just appropriate. But when he became emotional, the tea fragrance would turn dense and warm, becoming very aggressive.

Yu Yan abruptly poured a cup of cold tea, forcibly suppressing a certain impulse in his heart.

No way. He cannot go out.

Yesterday, it was the first heat. He wasn’t mentally prepared and acted impulsively. Today he was sober. He couldn’t be like that anymore.

This prince had backbone and perseverance. It’s just a heat. He can just bear…

Just bear…


A short moment later, the door to the room in front of Mu Yungui slammed open. The flushed-face youth stood inside and angrily demanded:

“You, get in!”



The author has something to say:

I wrote this story to create Yu Yan. He’s really cute.


Translator note:

Welcome to the start of this cute novel! Ning Ning and myself will aim to release each chapter at least biweekly.

Let’s welcome the main leads:

Mu Yungui: 牧云归

Yu Yan: 郁衍.

(Ps. Notice this Yan 衍 is rather similar to the Yan from the show Word of Honour? XD)


  • 1
    蚊帐 looks like this
  • 2
    流年不利,阴沟翻船 Fleeting years would be disadvantageous and the gutter would capsize
  • 3
    Looks like this:

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