Chapter 9

“This is the shoe rack.” Mo Lingqiu has been maintaining the cleanliness of his house. The shoe rack was near to the door, it’s also embedded in the wall, so it helped to save up space.

Jiang Chenming saw him pull the shoe rack out. It was a four-layer shoe rack, only two upper layers were filled with shoes, the two bottom layers were empty.

Jiang Chenming did not bring many shoes as well, he likes to collect basketball shoes, but most of them were stored at his house, he only brought two or three pairs to the dorm.

Mo Lingqiu noticed that he had already placed his shoes well, so he brought him into his house, “This is the guest room.”

He pushed open the guest room’s door, it was as clean as new inside.

“Nobody stays here before,” Mo Lingqiu said as he tilted his body to let Jiang Chenming in, so he would be able to see what’s inside.

The guest room is actually as large as the master bedroom, both of them face to the South. The only thing is that it doesn’t have a balcony like the master bedroom, instead, a bay window replaced it. A bunny-grey rug and a small coffee table were placed by the window. There’s even a set of luxurious-looking teacups on the table. There’s a study table beside the bed. It was really clean, other than a pot of cactus and a white table lamp, there was nothing else. The plain-colored pillow and blanket were placed properly on the table.

“Thank you,” Jiang Chenming said as he pulled his luggage into the room.

“Arrange your things then, call me when you’re done.” Mo Lingqiu finished his words and went out of the room.

Jiang Chenming did not really have anything much to arrange, so he finished arranging them in a short while. He then lightly knocked onto Mo Lingqiu’s room’s door, “Teacher Mo, I’m done.”

Clicks and clacks could be heard from inside, Mo Lingqiu quickly opened the door.

He had taken off the blazer and only a white shirt remained, Jiang Chenming became dazed as he looked at it.

“Come here.” Mo Lingqiu walked forward a few steps, he wanted to bring Jiang Chenming to take a look at the bathroom and show him how to use it. However, he did not know why Jiang Chenming stood there and went into a trance.

Jiang Chenming came to his senses, “Ok.”

Mo Lingqiu’s house isn’t small, so the bathroom is of course wide as well. There’s a bathtub and an area specifically for shower nozzles.

“If you want warm water, turn it to the right. The heater is always switched on, there will be warm water after waiting for a while.” Mo Lingqiu said and pulled open the drawer that was under the basin, “New shampoo and others are stored here.”

“En.” Jiang Chenming was as if he was listening to the teacher in class.

When Mo Lingqiu saw that he had understood it, he walked out of the bathroom and brought him to the kitchen, “I’ll use this place when I’m free, feel free to use it when you want to cook, there are ingredients in the fridge.”

“Okay.” Jiang Chenming was planning to cook a meal personally for Mo Lingqiu someday.

Mo Lingqiu fell into silence for a while, the reason why they were staying together flashed through his mind, “If…..”

“Teacher Mo, if you need anything, you can call me.” Jiang Chenming understood clearly why they were staying together, he also knew why Mo Lingqiu was hesitating, so he proactively expressed his willingness.

Jiang Chenming gave way for Mo Lingqiu to leave, he then said “En” lightly, “Thank you.”

Jiang Chenming smiled, “We are considered to have mutual benefits.”

Mo Lingqiu did not rebut this statement. Whether it was for him or Jiang Chenming, their pheromones were the best treatment for each other, they must at least solve the repulsiveness, or else it would even be an issue to interact with others in long-tern.

“I’ll go to bathe first.” Mo Lingqiu finished his words and went towards his room.

Jiang Chenming stared at his back for a while, he sighed a breath of relief and also went into the guest room.

From that day onwards, both of them started living together formally, but it was different from couples who live together, they could only purely call themselves roommates.

Mo Lingqiu was not a talkative person to begin with, he’s also always busy with his various lesson topics, he even works overtime when he has issues. While Jiang Chenming is a student who’s much valued by his PE Department’s professor, he’s always called to training when the professor finds a chance to do so. He could only dunk himself in the field or the stadium.

It has already been two weeks since the first day they stayed together till now, their conversations were not as much as the day they ate together.

The heat that Mo Lingqiu has been worried about did not come as well, he couldn’t resist to feel lucky, are the long-term inhibitors working again?

Until the night on National Day, Mo Lingqiu was searching for information in front of a computer, his arms suddenly became jelly-like, his breath was also getting faster.

When he realized something was wrong, he quickly stood up and closed the door of the balcony, closed the curtains and locked up the room’s door. Before he could walk to the bed, his legs turned weak and he sat onto the floor.

After Mo Lingqiu was classified as omega when he was eighteen, he did not feel so troublesome to be an omega as he had those long-term inhibitors helping. But after a month, he knew that it was not only a troublesome matter.

He moved himself towards the drawer beside the bed arduously, after he pulled open the drawer, he went into a trance looking at the long-term inhibitors that were not used.

The heat made his face redden gradually, embarrassing desires kept increasing, reminding him that this heat this time might be stronger than the last two heats.

Mo Lingqiu bit his lips and laid onto the floor as he had given up. The ice cold wooden floor was his only way to release the heat at the moment.

Jiang Chenming’s training was later than usual today, it was already 9.30 pm when he came back.

When he entered the house, the living room’s light was not switched on, it was pitch black. Jiang Chenming was confused for a while, but he did not feel weird. But after he switched on the lights, he could feel a faint sense of sweet milk. As he went closer to Mo Lingqiu’s room, the scent got stronger.

Jiang Chenming’s heart pounded. He knew, Mo Lingqiu was in heat.

“Teacher Mo!” Jiang Chenming knocked on the door twice and did not get the person’s reply.

Jiang Chenming felt that the situation was somehow similar, didn’t it happen when they met for the first time? The intention of breaking into the room flowed into his mind. Jiang Chenming suppressed the dangerous intention desperately and knocked on the door a lot more times.

Jiang Chenming’s hand paused when he heard a whimper from the room, he raised his leg without hesitation and kicked open Mo Lingqiu’s room’s door.

As the door lock clanked falling onto the floor, the thick smell of sweet milk shrouded Jiang Chenming heavily. Mo Lingqiu was coiling up on the floor, his eyes reddened, looking at him with tears filled in it.

Mo Lingqiu’s sight was completely blurry, but when Jiang Chenming went nearer, he could feel that the person’s scent was his favorite and what he desired the most.

He raised his arms weakly and felt that his hand was grasped by someone. The world turned, he was being carried up. In a short while, he was not on the wooden floor that had no warmth anymore, it had changed into a soft bed.


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