Chapter 7

“We’re here.”

Jiang Chenming followed Mo Lingqiu and got out of the car, “Teacher Mo, is the smell still there?”

Mo Lingqiu’s footsteps paused and shook his head. Other than the faint bitter almond scent, he didn’t smell anything else.

Jiang Chenming sighed a breath of relief. For some reason, he had a sense of relief after correcting his mistakes that were noticed by his teacher.

The clinic’s door was wide open today, it was possibly Bao Wen who left it open for Mo Lingqiu.

Both of them stepped into the clinic, but they didn’t see Bao Wen.

Mo Lingqiu was not in a rush as well, he sat on the sofa that was vacant and took a book from the table to read.

Jiang Chenming looked around, there were not many things in the clinic, but the empty bottles of Cola in the rubbish bin and the box which was filled with Cola bottles were really eye-catching.

As the time struck 5, Bao Wen walked out from the back door into the clinic punctually, “You guys are early.”

Bao Wen looked at Jiang Chenming from head to toe while he greeted them, no one knew what he was thinking about.

Mo Lingqiu put down the book and stood up, “Is the report out?”

“Nah, here it is.” Bao Wen handed over the blood and pheromones examination report that was in his hand to Mo Lingqiu.

Mo Lingqiu read through the report with seriousness, comparing to the previous index, all indicators of his blood were within the healthy range, but his pheromones’ concentration had a larger change.

“What…does this mean?” Mo Lingqiu couldn’t really understand, so he lifted his head and asked Bao Wen.

“Your pheromone is unstable, the change in concentration is too big. This only happens during your heat.” Bao Wen said and glanced at Jiang Chenming, “Because of him, your heat that was suppressed for a long time was induced, moreover, your heat has also become unstable.”

Mo Lingqiu didn’t say anything, Jiang Chenming felt a little awkward, “Does it affect Teacher Mo’s body?”

“Of course.” Bao Wen nodded his head, for alphas and omega, pheromone is an important indicator of the body. When something is wrong with the index, it also means that there are changes on the body of the owner. “For now, the most direct effect is that your heat will become unstable. But from my observation and the symptoms that Mo Lingqiu told me, he may also feel disgusting towards other people’s pheromones.”

Mo Lingqiu’s delicate eyebrows frowned, “I didn’t want to be affected by others, that’s why I used the inhibitors. If I continue using it, will I still feel disgusted?”

“Talking about the inhibitors, I’ve made an experiment on your blood, your body has produced antibodies towards the long-term inhibitors. You better don’t use this inhibitor from now on, it’s useless.”

When Mo Lingiqu heard his words, he became anxious, “But you know it, it’s impossible to not use it!”

“That’s why I asked you to bring him here today.” Bao Wen averted his gaze towards Jiang Chenming.

This was the first time Jiang Chenming saw Mo Lingqiu losing his cool, “What do I need to do?”

“If you’re convenient, follow me in for a pheromones’ examination.” Bao Wen said as he bent down his waist to pick up a bottle of Cola that was beside his foot. He drank a few gulps and stood up, “Mo Lingqiu, you’ll need to wait for a while here.”

“En.” Mo Lingqiu had no other way, he could only wait outside.

Jiang Chenming followed Bao Wen into the examination room and his blood samples were taken. As the school he went to last time arranged them for medical check-ups before, he knew the result of the examination would only be out after 3 days. So he was really curious about what Bao Wen wanted to examine.

“Um, can I know what are you going to test?”

“Compatibility rate.” Bao Wen said as he took out half a tube of Mo Lingqiu’s blood from the cooling box. It will only take about a few minutes to get the result of the compatibility rate of the pheromones as pheromones with high compatibility rate will react quickly when they are put together.

After three minutes, the result of the examination appeared on the computer screen that was connected with the equipment. The compatibility rate of their pheromones was 100%.

“I knew it!” Bao Wen patted his own head as if he wasn’t surprised by this result.

Jiang Chenming saw it as well, but he was obviously not calm.

100% compatibility rate? The result that many people dreamt to achieve but couldn’t reach at all for their whole life? But now, Mo Lingqiu and his pheromones really obtained the highest value.

Bao Wen printed three copies of the results shown on the computer, but he only took out one from the examination room. Jiang Chenming followed behind Bao Wen and didn’t know what kind of emotion he should show.

When Mo Lingqiu saw them coming out, his vision was stuck on the papers that were held by Bao Wen, “Did you guys find anything new?”

“I just did a compatibility rate test on your pheromones, this is the final result.” Bao Wen passed the result to Mo Lingqiu.

Mo Lingqiu did not receive it, instead he looked at Jiang Chenming.

Jiang Chenming rubbed his nose and smiled faintly. He really didn’t know how to express his emotions at the moment.

It would be fake if he wasn’t happy, from each and every aspect, Mo Lingqiu is a really perfect partner, Mo Lingqiu is also his type. But the compatibility rate of pheromones does not mean everything, that was why he kept trying to maintain the distance with omegas.

Mo Lingqiu is a smart person, from what Jiang Chenming’s expression and what happened in that half a month, he could roughly guess it.

He took a deep breath and took the papers that represented their result. The process of Jiang Chenming and his pheromones fusing together was written clearly, the final conclusion was even clearer — ‘100%’.

“To be honest, it’s the second time I’ve encountered 100% AO couples in my research career.” Uncontrollable excitement could be seen on Bao Wen’s face, since he was into medical research, it was something really memorable to discover a new case like this.

“My parents are the first case.” Mo Lingqiu said as he folded the paper, he then kept it in his pocket.

“That’s right!” Bao Wen still wanted to say something, but he noticed Mo Lingqiu’s expression and swallowed all his words back into his stomach.

The whole clinic fell into unbearable silence. After a long while, Mo Lingqiu finally opened his mouth, “I have a question.”

“I’ll tell you everything I know.” Bao Wen still had the basic principles of being a doctor.

“Why would I feel disgusted towards other alphas’ pheromones?”

“As both of your pheromones’ compatibility rate is 100%, so you would feel repulsive towards other people’s pheromones.” Bao Wen said, “Let me give you an example, When two kinds of food A and B are placed in front of you. A is your favorite food, you will definitely feel that B is not as good as A. Jiang Chenming’s pheromone is just like A, it has the best flavors. So you would feel that the pheromones of other alphas are bad, and even disgusting.”

“To be frank, every alpha and omega has the feeling of repulsiveness, however, the level of repulsiveness depends on a lot of reasons. Both of you are high-grade alpha and omega, which is rare enough, and your compatibility rate is 100%, so the feeling of repulsiveness will definitely maximize.”

“What should I do now?”

He came for the medical check-up as he wanted to know if there were any problems, and if there were problems, he would need to find the solution.

Bao Wen noticed that Mo Lingqiu was really calm and knew that he thought this as something really important, “For now, it’s easier to solve the feeling of repulsiveness. As long as both of you have more interactions, and when the omegas get the comfort and protection of alpha’s pheromones, your repulsiveness towards other pheromones around you will reduce to normal level.”

When they heard this, Mo Lingqiu and Jiang Chenming looked at each others’ eyes coincidentally.

“What about the problem that’s harder to be solved?”

“Your heat period.” Bao Wen glanced at both of them and coughed lightly. He then continued, “This is because your heat period didn’t come at all after you’ve been classified as omega, and when you encounter your fated alpha, your heat period is then induced.”

“I’ve made an experiment simulating your heat period in the last three days, the result of the simulation on the computer showed that your heat period has an irregular pattern, it can happen once in half a month, a week, and even a day.”

“Moreover, the long-term inhibitor is useless to you now. So to be honest, there’s not other good way to solve your problem that acts like a ticking time bomb.”

“… But I can’t just wait and let it come at me right?” Mo Lingqiu thought that it was too unrealistic, what should he do when he really went into heat when he’s teaching in class on a random day?

“Actually, there’s a way to solve the problem once and for all. And that is to mark. Of course, it’s impossible for you guys to use this way for now.” Bao Wen touched his chin and sat onto the chair, “There’s another way here but the duration needed will be longer. It depends on you guys if you wanna accept it or not.”


“Stay in the same space for a long time, and make each other feel your own pheromones, it will regulate your bodies through the comfort of the pheromones. It will cause your heat period to stabilize and reduce the serious repulsiveness towards other people’s pheromones to zero.” Bao Wen looked at both of them, “In short, it’s to stay together.”

Both of them were speechless when they heard of this.

Bao Wen felt that there was something wrong with the atmosphere, he quickly broke the silence, “Of course, I’m just suggesting from a doctor’s perspective.”

Mo Lingqiu remained standing for a long time, he then spoke, “I understand, I’ll think about it, can I bring this test report home?”

“Of course.” Bao Wen nodded his head, “Do remember to contact me if you have any issues in the future.”

“Okay, thank you so much for today.” Mo Lingqiu turned and left the clinic after thanking him.

Jiang Chenming didn’t follow him out, he still had some questions to ask Bao Wen, “Dr, I still don’t feel repulsive towards other people, is that because of the reason that I’ve not reacted to it yet?”

“Alpha’s repulsiveness is shown when you feel jealous of other alphas and your possessiveness of Mo Lingqiu.” Bao Wen patted Jiang Chenming’s  shoulder, “If you guys interact more with each other, you’ll realize it.”

Jiang Chenming heard his words and thought deeply, “Okay, thank you doctor.”

When he got back into the car, Mo Lingqiu drove back to the school silently. Jiang Chenming looked forward and was still thinking about what Bao Wen said.

After a long while, he opened his mouth daringly, “Teacher Mo, why don’t we stay together?”

“Do you wanna stay with me?” Both of them almost said it at the same time.

They looked at each other with shock and tacitly stopped talking.


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