Chapter 55

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The meeting with Mo Lingqiu’s parents lasted until the afternoon. The four parents made a trip to the large, vast villa and garden outside and had dinner in the evening together. 

Chen Shen had originally arranged for the family’s driver to send Han Ying and the others back home, but Mo Lingqiu intervened. 

“Let me send them back. It just so happens that I want to buy something with my parents,” Mo Lingqiu said seriously after exchanging glances with Jiang Chenming. 

“That’s also okay, Lingqiu,” Chen Shan said. “Will you stay at home tonight? Or here?” 

“I’m going back for the night to rest. Plus, Chenming hasn’t seen you guys in a long time.” Mo Lingqiu’s words were extremely considerate; Chen Shan was pleased and thought his plan was all right.

If it were the past, Jiang Chenming would have followed Mo Lingqiu home, but today, he didn’t. Not only did he not follow, but he also spoke up, saying one more sentence: “Seems I get to spend more time with my parents.” 

“Let’s go send them off together,” Chen Shan said, standing up. 

The four Jiang family members escorted Mo Lingqiu and his family all the way to the car before watching the silver car drive away. Then they returned to the house. 

As soon as the door closed, Chen Shan’s head whipped around. “Jiang Junshen, you’d better explain what happened today.” 

Jiang Chenming’s expression showed no surprise; this was as expected. The reason he hadn’t followed after Mo Lingqiu was because he wanted to stay behind to help his brother. Otherwise, with his brother’s stubborn personality, good things might’ve been poorly described as bad things, or they might’ve been misunderstood by his parents. 

“Explain what?” In some ways, Jiang Junshen was really insensitive; he knew that his mother was referring to the Omega pheromones on his body, but he didn’t think there was anything to explain. 

“Why do you smell like Omega pheromones? And why did you go to the maternity ward?!” Chen Shan’s voice was becoming louder and louder. “You didn’t learn from those second-generation rich young masters to play Omegas and get them pregnant, right?” 

“Mom,” Jiang Chenming quickly said, interrupting her words. “it’s not that you’re not clear about what kind of person my brother is.”

“It’s precisely because I’m clear that I’m afraid that he’s under too much pressure at work and choosing the wrong way to release it.” To Chen Shan, this was a very serious issue. 

“Tell me clearly. What happened?” Jiang Zhongzhen asked from where he was sitting on the sofa. His tone was still calm.

Jiang Junshen was about to open his mouth to speak, but Jiang Chenming rushed to interrupt him. “Brother is in a serious relationship. He didn’t go play around with Omegas.” 

Jiang Chenming’s overly determined attitude clued Chen Shan into the fact that things might not be that simple. “How do you know? Don’t speak for your brother.” 

“No.” Jiang Chenming was helpless. “Actually, that Omegas was introduced to him by me and Teacher Mo.” 

“When did that happen?” Chen Shan was stunned. Jiang Junshen and that Omega’s relationship had progressed to the point of entering the maternity ward, so the Omega must be pregnant.

Jiang Chenming glanced at Jiang Junshen who was as unresponsive as always. He told the truth. “…During the New Year.” 

Chen Shan froze. It had only been three months since then—so unexpectedly fast. 

“What’s his name?”

“Fan Nian, Chenming’s school doctor, Teacher Mo’s friend.” Jiang Junshen explained, “We just went to get a pregnancy test done today. I’ll arrange a meeting for you guys later.” 

“Hey, you child, are you angry right now?” Chen Shan didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. Before, she was worried that Jiang Junshen would live alone, but now he’d begun to worry about the grievances of an Omega named Fan Nian. “Be nice to him. Quickly make the arrangements for a marriage certificate.” 

“He’s pregnant, so you can’t just treat it like nothing.” Jiang Zhongzhen’s hand tightened around his cup. 

In his mind, his eldest son Jiang Junshen had always been very calm and composed; rarely did he ever do anything so outrageous. 

“I know.” Although Jiang Junshen’s expression hadn’t changed at all, his eyes were extremely determined. 

“How long has that child been pregnant?”

This time, Jiang Junshen hesitated before answering. “…Two and a half months.” 

Chen Shan and Jiang Zhongzhen had originally thought that they might have just gotten pregnant, but at his answer, they moved their mental calculations forward, faces full of shock. 

“Why did you…”

Jiang Chenming covered his face, not knowing how to help.

Jiang Junshen took the initiative to admit everything. “He was in heat at the end of February. Besides… we’ve known each other for many years.” 

After his confession, he didn’t explain too much, simply saying, “In short, I’ll arrange everything later. Just give us some time.” 

Jiang Junshen was about to leave the house, but he remembered the things he hadn’t yet brought up. “I won’t be coming back for a while and I’ll make arrangements for the company’s management.” 

Chen Shan wanted to ask him why, but she suddenly realised that it was late May. If Jiang Junshen’s Omega’s last heat was at the end of February, then he would be going into heat sometime in the following days. 

She was an Alpha and didn’t know much about Omega heats. She only knew that if an Omega became pregnant, the heat would temporarily stop after the seventh month of the pregnancy and it wouldn’t return to normal until the third month after the child was born. Moreover, it was said that pregnant Omegas would have more intense heats than usual, doubling up the demand for an alpha. 

When Jiang Junshen left, the three of them were sitting and standing in the huge family villa, not yet having recovered from their shock. 

After a long time, Chen Shan broke the silence. “Chenming, did you already know about all of this?” 

“…I knew half of it.” Jiang Chenming knew about Fan Nian’s pregnancy, but he really hadn’t calculated the time carefully. He was also surprised after learning about the timing. 

“…Okay, then. He really has grown up.” Outside of feeling happy, Chen Shan was a little worried and tired. She rubbed her eyebrows and returned to her room to rest. 

Only the father and son were left in the living room. Jiang Zhonzhen finished drinking the cup of water and asked, “That child… What kind of person is he?” 

Jiang Chenming noticed a hint of worry on his father’s usually calm face and heaved a sigh of relief. Sure enough, his father was still very concerned. “Dr. Fan has a very cheerful personality and he just happens to complement Brother. He’s the same age as Teacher Mo and he has a peaceful job with a stable salary.”

Jiang Zhonzhen hummed. “Did you know that he and your brother knew each other before?” 

Jiang Chenming shook his head. “I didn’t know, and Teacher Mo wasn’t aware either.” 


“Actually, when Teacher Mo and I first introduced him to Brother, we only thought that Dr. Fan’s appearance was his type and that their personalities would suit each other well,” Jiang Chenming confessed. “We only found out later that the two of them used to know each other. But I didn’t know how exactly.” 

“The most important thing is to like each other.” Jiang Zhongzhen hadn’t said anything in front of Jiang Junshen, but in front of Jiang Chenming, a bystander, he could speak more casually. “Your brother has a more stubborn personality. I hope Fan Nian won’t be wronged.” 

“Dad… I think you can rest assured. As far as I know, Brother really loves Dr. Fan.” After Jiang Junshen and Fan Nian got together, Jiang Chenming found that Jiang Junshen’s personality had changed a little. Although it was very subtle, it was only reflected whenever he mentioned Fan Nian: he would become more talkative. He was also learning to take care of others, and he was no longer the workaholic with only work in his eyes. 

“If that’s the case, then that’s good, but we still want to meet him.” Jiang Zhongzhen stood up after speaking. He knew that if he wanted to see Fan Nian, he still needed to wait for Jiang Junshen to make arrangements. Since the child had said that they needed to wait, the arrangement wouldn’t be made so soon. 

“Dad, please tell mum not to worry too much.” Jiang Chenming knew that his mother was probably the person most worried about the matter.

“En, I’m going to rest. You should go to bed early.”

Watching Jiang Zhongzhen walk to his room, Jiang Chemming finally breathed a sigh of relief. 

Uncle Yu handed him a glass of lemonade. “Little Young Master, you should rest early.”

“Uncle Yu, do you think my brother has changed recently?” Uncle Yu had the ability to look through people and understand their intentions. Jiang Chenming couldn’t help but want to verify his thoughts. 

“Of course he has, and the change is huge.” Uncle Yu smiled kindly. “Master and Madam… you don’t know much about it, but us servants do. It’s not that Eldest Young Master hasn’t come back for a while, but, on the contrary, he’s come back many times to learn how to cook with the chef.” 

Jiang Chenming was surprised. He really hadn’t known anything about that—he always thought that Jiang Junshen and Fan Nian had never visited after getting together.

“Eldest Young Master has more milk of human kindness now, so I believe that the Mister school doctor must be a very good person,” Uncle Yu said, praising both of them in one sentence. 

Jiang Chenming’s mood became better. His brother’s feelings had been recognized and blessed, which made him happy. 

When he got to his room, Jiang Chenming took a shower before laying on the bed to video call Mo Lingqiu. 

“Are you at home?”

“Just arrived,” Mo Lingqiu said, holding a clean change of clothes in his hand. He was just about to take a shower. 

“What did you guys buy?”

“Some cakes for my parents to eat tomorrow morning,” Mo Lingqiu said. He sat on his chair, planning to take a shower after they were done talking. 

“Do you want to take a bath? Go take a bath first.”

“There’s no hurry.” Mo Lingqiu wanted to know more about Jiang Junshen and Fan Nian before taking a bath. “Did Uncle and Aunty say anything?” 

“They asked my brother what was going on and I did my best to help him answer. I think my parents have a good impression of them, but they think their relationship is moving too fast,” Jiang Chenming guessed. 

“En… It’s true that three months is a little too fast between getting together and getting pregnant now.” Mo Lingqiu thought about it and felt that it was wrong. “But it’s still considered normal, I guess.” 

After all, there were a lot of people who had flash marriages. What could be impossible if two people took a liking to each other? Furthermore, Jiang Junshen and Fan Nian had known each other since high school; so many years had already passed. 

“Teacher Mo, I only found out today that Dr. Fan… He’s been pregnant for two and a half months.” Jiang Chenming sighed. “In my opinion, that’s really fast.” 

Mo Lingqiu was stunned. Slowly, he asked, “It’s been two and a half months?” 

Why did it feel like it only happened yesterday? 

“Yes. Turns out I’m not the last person to realise that it’s been so long.” Jiang Chenming laughed. 

“No way. I’ll call and ask,” Mo Lingqiu said. He quickly hung up on the video call.

Jiang Chenming stared at his phone screen announcing that the call had ended and wasn’t sure if he should laugh or if he should cry. He shouldn’t have mentioned it. Teacher Mo had left him just like that to go chat with other people. 


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