Chapter 54

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For the first time, Jiang Chenming understood what it meant for a loose tongue to cause a lot of trouble. Ever since he’d said that Mo Lingqiu had secretly hid the stuff, he was ignored. It had been several days since. 

The after-effects of the video call play were still very strong. Mo Lingqiu’s cannon barrel had been ignited because of Jiang Chenming’s words and he felt a little angry—a rare occurrence. It could otherwise be said that he was shy. 

The next day, Jiang Chenming found that a bunch of messy things packed in a cardboard box had appeared thrown on his bed. 

Mo Lingqiu didn’t even let Jiang Chenming into the master bedroom when he was sleeping at night.

Jiang Chenming toiled away in an initiative to admit his mistakes to the “organisation”. He never stopped making breakfast, lunch, and dinner filled with love. 

When Mo Lingqiu had class, he would send snacks to his office, and when it was time for lunch, he would take the initiative to prepare meals to bring to him. When Mo Lingqiu came home in the evening, Jiang Chenming would rub his back and shoulders, wanting to show him everything he had. 

Although he was angry, it wasn’t really anger to the point that Jiang Chenming was unforgivable. After his anger subsided, Mo Lingqiu didn’t know how to settle the matter. 

Like he could see his thoughts, Jiang Chenming took the initiative to book a restaurant, so that he could treat Mo Lingqiu to a delicious meal. 

Needless to say, the two of them quickly reconciled as if nothing had happened. However, Jiang Chenming still took care of the things that needed taking care of, not leaving behind any strange things that could make Mo Lingqiu too ashamed. 

“Teacher Mo, are you free next weekend?”

Mo Lingqiu raised his eyes from where he was looking at his phone. “What’s the matter?”

“Will you have a meal with my parents?” Jiang Chenming asked. “My parents have been thinking about you for a long time, and they said they haven’t seen you since the New Year.”

Mo Lingqiu thought it over for a while. Even if he had anything planned for the weekend, he would’ve postponed them all, but, for the time behind, he was free. “…Okay.” 

Right as Mo Lingqiu and Jiang Chenming arranged their dinner with the Jiang parents for the next weekend, Thursday night that week, Mo Lingqiu’s parents suddenly returned to City A. 

Neither had plans to stay at Mo Lingqiu’s place, but they still dropped by to take a look. 

Mo Lingqiu never mentioned that the two of them were permanently marked. He was afraid that after he said it, Han Ying would immediately force them to go out and obtain the marriage certificate to settle the matter. But now that Han Ying and her husband were around, Mo Lingqiu knew that he could no longer hide it. 

Han Ying and Mo Songchen were pheromone researchers with a 100% compatibility rate. After so many years of marriage, they naturally had a deep understanding of permanent markings. In fact, they couldn’t be more clear about the distinction between a permanent and a temporary marking.

The four of them sat around the table full of delicious food. Before they started eating, Han Ying was ready to ask questions. 

Ultimately, Jiang Chenming took the lead and loudly shouted, “Uncle and Aunty, please hand over Mo Lingqiu to me!” 

Both Han Ying and Mo Songcheng were stunned for a moment, chopsticks frozen in their hands, not knowing whether to move or not. Finally, they slowly set them down. 

“I haven’t graduated yet. After I graduate, I’ll immediately go get the marriage certificate with Teacher Mo. I could also get it now, but I want to choose a better date.” Jiang Chenming was afraid that Mo Lingqiu’s parents would disagree, so he solemnly promised, “I’ll buy a house by myself and move in with Teacher Mo. If he wants to live here, then I’ll live here with him. No matter what he wants to do, I’ll be there with him.”

Han Ying snorted, neither agreeing or disagreeing. 

Jiang Chenming quickly continued speaking. “We’re both permanently marked and inseparable right now, so…” 

“Xiao Jiang, are you threatening us?” Han Ying raised her eyebrows.

Jiang Chenming coughed lightly. “No, I don’t dare do that.” 

“We’re both, as husband and wife, doing pheromone research. Removing the marking is something rather easy to do,” Han Ying said. 

Jiang Chenming suddenly became timid. The only reason he’d mentioned the permanent marking was because he thought they would disapprove. “No, I won’t allow it.” 

Mo Lingqiu was stunned. After a moment, he interrupted their confrontation. “Mom, don’t scare him.” 

Han Ying laughed as she waved her hand, expression bright. “I’m just joking. Removing the mark is so dangerous, how could I allow my son to go through that?” 

Jiang Chenming breathed an imperceptible sigh of relief. “Thank you Uncle and Aunty for your approval.” 

Mo Songchen broke his silence by raising his glass. “Shall we have a toast?” 


The clinking of their glasses rang out. Mo Lingqiu took a sip of red wine and asked, “Mom, Dad, how long are you staying in City A?” 

“A little bit longer than last time. We have a half-month of vacation.” Han Ying stretched her waist. It was clear she had waited a long time for this break.

Jiang Chenming glanced at Mo Lingqiu before taking the initiative to mention the meal arrangement with his parents for the weekend. “Uncle, Aunty, it’s like this: Teacher Mo and I have already agreed to have a meal with my parents this weekend. Do you guys… want to come with? My parents would definitely be ecstatic.” 

“Your parents also know about you and Lingqiu’s marking?” Han Ying said, bringing up the permanent marking. 

Jiang Chenming shook his head. “I was actually planning to let them know this weekend during the meal.” 

Han Ying looked at Mo Songcheng. “Do you wanna go?”

“If it’s convenient for you guys.”

They were future in-laws; they would have to meet no matter what. After all, they would need to interact with each other often in the future. 

“Then I’ll let my parents know. Is it okay for it to happen at my house? Having a family member in charge of the kitchen would be more convenient than eating out,” Jiang Chenming said.

“Sure.” Han Ying was already thinking about what gift she should bring.

They agreed on the details for the parents’ meeting and, early that Friday morning, Han Ying and Mo Songcheng left the house. They were probably on their way to buy gifts. 

When Mo Lingqiu and Jiang Chenming arrived at school, they separated at the school gate before going to their respective campuses. 

Jiang Chenming’s parents learned that Mo Lingqiu’s parents would also be coming to visit on the weekend, so they cleaned the house as a show of courtesy. Jiang Chenming also asked Uncle Yu to quickly buy a batch of fresh ingredients so that Mo Lingqiu’s parents would have a good impression of them. 

When the two sides met on Sunday, everything was expectedly in place. Mo Songcheng and Han Ying truly felt the existence of their respect and extravagance. 

Their wealth alone was shocking enough. Even though Mo Songcheng and Han Ying didn’t care about money—they were also quite wealthy—they knew their wealth couldn’t be compared to the Jiang family’s. When they saw Jiang Chenming’s parents, the impact was even stronger: they were both Alphas. 

As an Omega, Han Ying instinctively took a step back. It was only when she realised the two of them had deliberately restrained their pheromones that she breathed a sigh of relief. 

“Uncle and Aunty, this is my father, Jiang Zhongzhen, and my mother, Chen Shan. My brother is on his way back. I’m really sorry for that.” Even though Jiang Chenming had informed Jiang Junshen in advance, he was at the hospital with Fan Nian, so he was late. 

“Dad, Mum, these are Mo Lingqiu’s parents.” Jiang Chenming gestured for Mo Lingqiu to introduce them.

“This is my father, Mo Songcheng, and my mother, Han Ying.”

Chen Shan seemed to like Han Ying very much. After shaking hands, she took Han Ying to the side to chat.

Jiang Chenming knew that his mother had always envied slender and soft female Omegas as an Alpha, so when she saw Han Ying, she would naturally want to get close. When the two of them just happened to click, gender proved itself to be not so important. 

Uncle Yu arranged the house servants to set the table and brought the prepared meals to the table, one by one. 

Jiang Junshen returned home just before dinner, still carrying a bag from the maternity ward.

The sight stunned Jiang Chenming and Mo Lingqiu. If they remembered correctly, Jiang Junshen hadn’t told his family about the business with Fan Nian because Fan Nian had been afraid to come meet them. 

Jiang Chenming quickly covered Jiang Junshen and reminded him to hide the medical bag, but it was too late—Chen Shan noticed it in one glance. Moreover, as a high-grade Alpha, she could smell the Omega pheromones and hospital disinfectant on his body. 

If it had been a normal day, Chen Shan might’ve interrogated him immediately and taken Jiang Junshen to the Omega’s house to propose marriage, but it was the day set to meet Mo Lingqiu’s parents. She could only temporarily postpone the matter. 

When they sat around the dining table, Jiang Junshen greeted Mo Lingqius’ parents before falling into silence. 

Chen Shan took the opportunity to find an opening topic and Han Ying was someone who could brighten the ambiance. The two of them took charge of eighty percent of the conversation during the dinner. 

Jiang Chenming grabbed a lot of Mo Lingqiu’s favourite dishes for him. When the two of them were questioned, they answered earnestly. 

“What’s the plan for the two of you? And the marriage licence.” 

“I still plan to wait until I graduate. After all, our lives will be more stable then.” 

“If there are special circumstances, we’ll consider moving it forward,” Mo Lingqiu added. What he meant was that if he accidentally got pregnant, then they would naturally put the marriage licence high on the agenda. 

“All right. Since Chenming will continue working at our company after graduation, there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to work.” Chen Shan nodded, approving of their plan. 

Jiang Zhongzhen didn’t object either. After all, Jiang Chenming’s current identity was relatively unsuitable for marriage. 

“What about our in-laws? Do you have any ideas?” Chen Shan had called them ‘in-laws’, apparently recognizing Mo Lingqiu’s future status. 

At that word, Han Ying was happy deep inside, and even happier through her face. “The children can make arrangements for themselves. Academics are the most important thing right now.” 

“We’ll slowly coordinate our schedules.” There were nearly three months before Mo Lingqiu’s next heat and they had enough time to think about all the details. 

“Xiao Jiang is still very down-to-earth,” Mo Songcheng said, giving a rare compliment.

“He’s still worse than Lingqiu. Lingqiu has a good personality,” Jiang Zhongzhen praised, showing respect for their feelings. 

Jiang Chenming didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, so he just went along with it. It was a compliment anyway; no matter who gave one, it was always a good thing to hear. 

However, a major event still had to be settled. 

Jiang Chenming held Mo Lingqiu’s hand under the table and whispered, “Teacher Mo, do we belong to each other for life?” 

Mo Lingqiu didn’t answer, responding in his heart. The minute he’d agreed to the permanent marking, the answer was already set. 

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