Chapter 51

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When Mo Lingqiu and Jiang Chenming appeared in front of the house with corn and ribs, Fan Nian was squatting on the ground playing with his phone.

Before Mo Lingqiu had the chance to speak, Fan Nian realised that they were back and instantly jumped up. “You guys are finally back.”

“What’s wrong?” Mo Linqiu didn’t understand.

“Nothing much. I just came to stay at your house for a few days.” Fan Nian couldn’t think of a way to put his reasons into words. 

“Come on in.” Mo Lingqiu opened the door and turned sideways to let him in.

Jiang Chenming took the things from Mo Lingqiu’s hand and carried them to the kitchen. “You guys talk, I’ll cook dinner.”

“What are you guys eating tonight?” Fan Nian asked, full of curiosity as he glanced around. 

“Corn and pork ribs soup,” Mo Lingqiu said.

Fan Nian was happy to hear it. “Oh, that’s good. I like to eat that too.” 

Mo Lingqiu wasn’t distracted. “What happened?”

“…It’s not a big deal.” Fan Nian touched his nose, unsure of where to start. 

“Jiang Junshen has come by before,” Mo Lingqiu said, directly and brutally laying out the facts for Fan Nian. 

Jiang Junshen knew that Mo Lingqiu and Fan Nian were close. When Fan Nian disappeared, this would definitely be the first place he would think of. 

Fan Nian froze for a moment before jumping up. “Why didn’t you say so earlier? I’m leaving.” 

Mo Lingqiu watched him walk towards the door, intending to stop him when he was about to go outside, but the doorbell suddenly rang. 

They were both stunned. Fan Nian reflexively escaped into Mo Lingqiu’s room. 

Mo Lingqu stared at his closed bedroom door, the sound of the doorbell endlessly ringing in his ears. He let out a silent sigh. If it was really Jiang Junshen at the door, what was the use of hiding in his room? Alphas confirmed where their Omegas were with pheromones.

As expected, when he opened the door, Jiang Junshen was standing expressionless outside. 

“Is Fan Nian here?”

“Can I know why you’re looking for Fan Nian?”

Jiang Junshen never imagined that Mo Lingqiu would really help shield Fan Nian from him. “He can’t just eat anything that’s around.” 

“…Huh?” Mo Lingqiu was shocked. For a moment, he didn’t understand what Jiang Junshe was saying. 

“He’s pregnant.”

Dumbfounded, Mo Lingqiu’s grip on the door handle became slack. Jiang Junshen took advantage of his momentary lapse to walk into the house, heading directly to Mo Lingqiu’s bedroom. 

“Fan Nian, I’ve come to pick you up.”

Inside the room, Fan Nian raised his voice. “I’m going to stay here with Lingqiu for a few days.”

“Then I’ll stay here, too,” Jiang Junshen said. He immediately stopped asking Fan Nian to come out, and, instead, stood like a pillar in the living room. 

Mo Lingqiu hesitated. Finally, he closed the door, poured Jiang Junshen a glass of water, and then walked into the kitchen. 

“Hm? Teacher Mo, do you want something?” Jiang Chenming stopped handling the ribs for a moment when he saw Mo Lingqiu come in. He pointed to the freezer. “There are some drinks. You can take some to give to Dr. Fan.” 

“Your brother is here,” Mo Lingqiu said. He walked over to help with the ribs. 

Jiang Chenming froze. “My brother’s here? Looking for Dr. Fan?”


“What’s wrong with the two of them? Did they have a fight?”

“Probably.” Mo Lingqiu couldn’t really say, because it probably hadn’t been a quarrel. “Fan Nian… is pregnant.”

“…What?” Jiang Chenming was so shocked that the ribs fell from his hands and slipped into the sink. 

“I’ll help you.” Mo Lingqiu didn’t say anything else, he just reached over to fish the ribs out of the sink and re-clean them. 

They quickly put the ribs into the pot to stew and started stir-frying some vegetables. By the time everything was cooked, an hour had passed. 

Mo Lingqiu followed Jiang Chenming out of the kitchen and they set the table. 

“I’ll go call my brother for dinner,” Jiang Chenming volunteered. 

“En.” Mo Lingqiu naturally went to call Fan Nian.

It was easy to call Jiang Junshen, since he was just in the living room—Jiang Chenming only called out once and he came over. 

When it came time to get Fan Nian, however, there was a bit of a problem. Mo Lingqiu unlocked his door with his key. When he walked in, he saw Fan Nian sitting in a daze on the sofa. 

“Dinner’s ready.”

“Is there anything to eat besides corn and ribs?” Fan Nian asked.

“Scrambled eggs with tomatoes and shredded pork with celery,” Mo Lingqiu listed, standing there with no expression. 

“So bland.” Fan Nian was displeased.

“Don’t be so picky when you eat at another person’s house. If you don’t want to eat it, you won’t have anything to eat tonight.” Mo Lingqiu knew Fan Nian’s weakness. Once he’d spoken, he wasn’t surprised to see Fan Nian obediently follow him out of the room. 

The four of them sat face to face at the table. Jiang Chenming picked out quite a lot of dishes for Mo Lingqiu. 

Jiang Junshen stayed silent. Wherever Fan Nian moved his chopsticks to pick his favorite food, Jiang Junshen’s eyes followed. 

“Brother, eat.” Jiang Chenming said. He couldn’t bear to watch. 

Only then did Jiang Junshen withdraw his eyes and silently start eating his rice.

Fan Nian had declared the food bland, but he was pleased as he ate. He even drank several bowls of the pork rib soup. 

Mo Lingqiu, on the other hand, ate a large portion of the sweet corn. Casually, Jiang Chenming said, “We’ll go to that store to buy corn next time. We can make corn soup.” 

Mo Lingqiu hummed. He put some rock sugar in the pot to cook and thought, Not only is this corn sweet, the corn soup is sweet, too. It must be delicious.

“Do you want to eat some?” Jiang Junshen suddenly asked.

Fan Nian was caught off guard. “Would it even be available if I wanted to eat some?” 

“Yes.” Jiang Junshen nodded.

Fan Nian didn’t have any response. He pouted and continued to eat. 

Mo Lingqiu and Jiang Chenming glanced at each other and tacitly chose not to say anything. 

At the end of dinner, Jiang Junshen lifted his cup. “I’m sorry for causing you two trouble today.”

“Brother, why are you being so polite with me?” Flattered, Jiang Chenming clinked their cups together. 

Mo Lingqiu also lifted his cup and took a small sip, meanwhile Fan Nian watched them drink from the sidelines. 

“We’ll head back when we finish. You guys have a good rest.” 

“Okay, you too.” 

Fan Nian looked up like they’d already made up. His expression changed. “I haven’t said…” 

Jiang Junshen twisted his head and shot him a serious look. “Go back and say it, then.” 

Fan Nian didn’t have anything else to say. With an “oh”, he finished his last rib piece.  

When they finished eating, Mo Lingqiu and Jiang Chenming sent Fan Nian and Jiang Junshen downstairs and watched them get into the car. When the car had driven away, they returned upstairs. 

They took a shower before they lay on the bed, chatting with their heads together.

“They’re moving too fast. It’s only been a few months, right?” Jiang Chenming did the math and couldn’t help but feel a little envy. 

“Right.” It had only been two or three months since winter break, when it had all started. 

Fan Nian and Jiang Junshen were indeed moving fast, which was rather shocking, but it wasn’t that surprising. After all, they had known each other before; there must’ve been a lot more to the situation that they all didn’t know. 

“I’ll call Dr. Fan ‘sister-in-law’. Our child will have to call their child ‘brother’ or ‘sister’ in the future.” Jiang Chenming found it quite funny. 

Mo Lingqiu raised his eyes and looked at him for a moment before lowering his eyelids and closing his eyes. “A family.” 

Jiang Chenming was in a surprisingly good mood when he heard that word. “Yes, we’re a family.”

Meanwhile, the interior of Jiang Junshen’s car driving to his private house was quiet. Jiang Junshen didn’t say anything since he was focused on driving, but he was someone who was originally quiet. Fan Nian was surprisingly also quiet in the passenger seat. 

When the car was almost near the villa, Jiang Junshen took the initiative to speak. “Is there anything else you really want to eat?”

“…I don’t know.”

When Fan Nian found out he was pregnant, he was confused. He’d never thought that he and Jiang Junshen would hit the bullseye on the first shot with such a low pheromone match. 

To Jiang Junshen, the pregnancy was very important, so he didn’t let Fan Nian eat anything that was even slightly spicy. He bore it at home for a few days and only ran away when he couldn’t hold it in anymore. But if he needed to say what he wanted to eat at that moment, he really couldn’t say what he wanted. 

In fact, he himself didn’t understand whether he was throwing a tantrum because he couldn’t eat a lot of things, or whether he had become nervous and scared because of the pregnancy. 

“Tell me what you want to eat from now on. I’ll make it for you if you can eat it.” Jiang Junshen’s face was still expressionless, but he was obviously concerned about Fan Nian. 

The second half of his sentence surprised Fan Nian. “You don’t even know how to cook.” 

“I can learn.” With Jiang Junshen having housekeeper Uncle Yu cooking in the main house, he hadn’t needed to do anything at all. If he worked overtime, a secretary would also send his meals at a fixed time, so he hadn’t needed to learn how to cook before. At most, he would cook instant food for himself. 

Fan Nian was touched by these three words. He felt that he was too vulnerable towards Jiang Junshen. “We’re not married yet.”

“We can go get married now,” Jiang Junshen said, wanting to turn around and drive towards the Civil Affairs Bureau.

“Don’t be crazy.” Fan Nian stopped him. “It’s already nine o’clock. What civil affairs bureau is still open?”

“Then, tomorrow.” Jiang Junshen calmly steered the car back on track. 

“…Up to you.” When Fan Nian thought about what had happened the past two months, other than using the word fantastical, he really didn’t know how to describe it. 

“Fan Nian, I won’t like anyone else.” Parked in front of the villa, Jiang Junshen turned on the car’s interior lights and looked at Fan Nian, face serious.

Fan Nian stared at his expressionless face and couldn’t help but laugh. “You look fierce like this.”

Jiang Junshen hummed, attempting to pull up the corners of his mouth. “What about now?” 

“…How scary.” When someone who didn’t smile suddenly showed a fake smile, it was really scary. 

“Fan Nian, I won’t like anyone else. So, what about you?” Jiang Junshen repeated.

Fan Nian pursed his lips. He and Jiang Junshen had known each other for so long, but they’d only stopped at knowing each other. They fell in love with each other at first sight, but fell into misunderstandings for some ridiculous reason. 

When they reunited, if it hadn’t been for Mo Lingqiu and Jiang Chenming’s help, their current relationship wouldn’t exist. 

“I wouldn’t like anyone else either.” Fan Nian had told himself as much a long time ago.

“I don’t believe in a 100 % pheromone compatibility rate.” Again, Jiang Junshen asked, “Do you?”

“I believe in it,” Fan Nian raised his hand and gently pinched Jiang Junshen’s nose, “but fate is destined. You met me, so you won’t meet anyone else.”

Jiang Junshen’s heart skipped a beat. Now that he was finally calm, he pulled Fan Nian into his arms. “En.” 

“My baby’s father, can we go into the house now?” 


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