Chapter 48

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As the weather gradually became warmer, the travel vouchers Jiang Chenming had obtained were approaching their use date.

“Let’s pick a time to go on the trip, okay?” Jiang Chenming had a lot of free time. As long as he didn’t have class, he could travel anytime to anywhere. It all depended on when Mo Lingqiu would be free. 

“You don’t have to go with your teammates, right?” Mo Lingqiu asked again with uncertainty.

“No need.” Jiang Chenming had already prepared an application and they could use the travel voucher to travel any time it was still valid.

The travel voucher gave them a designated place to visit. It included some of the entrance fees for the attractions and would also help subsidize the cost for accommodations and meals if they went with a tour group. But Jiang Chenming didn’t care about such a small amount of money; it was more comfortable to travel and have fun with people he liked. 

“Qingming Festival?” Mo Lingqiu asked after thinking for a bit. It was the only holiday available so soon. 

“All right. It just so happens that I don’t have class on the day before and the day after the Festival.” After thinking about it, Jiang Chenming realized he could take five days off for himself. It was a huge bargain.  

Mo Lingqiu looked at his calendar where the column for the Qingming Festival was still empty. He nodded. “I’m free, too.” 

“Then I’ll hurry up and book us a flight and a hotel.” Jiang Chenming sat on the sofa with his legs crossed and began to buy tickets.

Of course, since they were traveling during the Qingming Festival, flight tickets were more expensive, but Jiang Chenming paid without hesitation, and even booked them first class tickets so they could be comfortable. As for the hotel, he wasn’t as decisive as he had been with the flight tickets. He carefully compared the layouts of several hotels and the rooms and even called his two top choices to consult with them briefly. He ultimately picked the one with the private hot spring pools. 

Mo Lingqiu wasn’t paying attention to the hotel that had been booked, and he didn’t even know the price. He only heard Jiang Chenming tell him it was done.

“Teacher Mo, we’ll leave the morning before the Festival. We can play around for four days and then come back in the afternoon on the last day.” 

“Okay.” Mo Lingqiu didn’t have any objections.

After arranging the trip, the two of them were eager for the day to come. After all, it was the first time they would be traveling together—and with their new relationship identity. 

The night before their departure, Mo Lingqiu packed up his things and sat on the sofa to watch TV.

Jiang Chenming stuffed the last of his clothes into his suitcase. “Teacher Mo, it seems like you haven’t gone into heat for a while.”

At his remark, Mo Lingqiu’s hand tightened around the remote control. If Jiang Chenming hadn’t mentioned it, he really would’ve forgotten that several months had passed since his last heat. 

“…Bao Wen didn’t say there was anything abnormal.” After the New Year, Mo Lingqiu and Jiang Chenming had gone to Bao Wen for another medical checkup and the test results were all good. 

Jiang Chenming’s pheromone repulsion was not strong in the first place. When he went for that checkup, it was confirmed that it was cured. Meanwhile, Mo Lingqiu’s pheromone rejection was also not that strong, to the point of not affecting his life. As long as he didn’t have much contact with other Alphas, he would basically be fine. 

As for his heat, Bao Wen still pronounced it “unstable” and reminded Mo Lingqiu to be more careful about it. But his heat hadn’t come in months, and he’d almost forgotten about it. 

“Could it be because of the temporary marking?” Jiang Chenming asked, stepping forward and pressing his finger against the gland at Mo Lingqiu’s nape.

“…I don’t know,” Mo Lingqiu answered in a soft voice. He was a little bothered, yet he still felt a slightly indescribably comfort. 

“I’ll ask Dr. Bao tonight.” Jiang Chenming was ill at ease. He was afraid that the temporary marking had caused Mo Lingqiu’s heats to be irregular. 

“…It should be fine.” Mo Lingqiu was a little nervous because of Jiang Chenming’s words, but he still faked bravado with his words. 

However, Jiang Chenming had made up his mind to ask anyway. “Teacher Mo, go and take a bath.”

Jiang Chenming pulled Mo Lingqiu up from the sofa and led him into the bathroom. 

“I haven’t picked out my clothes yet.” Mo Lingqiu hadn’t taken any clothes in with him–how could he take a shower? 

“I’ll bring them to you.” Jiang Chenming pinched his ears and walked out to get clothes not only for him, but also for himself.

A few minutes later, Mo Lingqiu was leaning with his back in Jiang Chenming’s arms as the two of them sat in a bathtub full of hot water.

“Teacher Mo, your hair is really soft,” Jiang Chenming said, helping Mo Lingqiu apply shampoo.

“Is it?” Mo Lingqiu didn’t feel that it was anything special, but he did fret when his hair was slightly long after having forgotten to cut it. The hair in front of his forehead was rather disobedient, and it used to always prick his eyes. 

“En, and it’s very dark,” Jiang Chenming said, touching his hair with a hand covered in foam. “Unlike me. Short hair.”

“It wouldn’t be a waste of water to wash your hair,” Mo Lingqiu simply concluded.

With a muffled laugh, Jiang Chenming helped him lather in the foam. After carefully massaging his head, he slowly rinsed the foam away. “Teacher Mo, the hotel I booked has a particularly large two-person bath.” 

“…Oh.” With Jiang Chenming leaned over, speaking in his ear, Mo Lingqiu’s ears were a little warm. 

“We’ll have to use it properly when the time comes, hmm?” Jiang Chenming said. He squeezed a lump of conditioner into his palm and continued to help Mo Lingqiu wash his hair.

“…I guess.” Mo Lingqiu dipped his head, staring at the foam floating on the water’s surface in a trance. 

Although the foam obscured his vision, he could still clearly feel where his skin and Jiang Chenming’s skin behind him were stuck together. 

“Our teacher Mo is so obedient.” Jiang Chenming ignored the foam dripping down Mo Lingqiu’s profile and leaned in closer to give him a kiss. 

Mo Lingqiu grew hot and flustered, his whole face red. “Enough of that.” 

“Let me rinse the foam. You still have to apply the body wash.” Jiang Chenming didn’t let him escape. He used his legs to restrain Mo Lingqiu and then took the shower head to rinse the conditioner out. He grabbed a small leather band and tied up the pinch of hair in front of his forehead. 

“There you go.” Jiang Chenming gently patted Mo Lingqiu’s waist.

Mo Lingqiu quickly climbed out of the tub, but, because it was full of water, the bottom was very slippery, and, with an unstable step, he fell back the moment he stood up. 

Jiang Chenming firmly caught him. When he saw Mo Lingqiu’s rare wretched appearance, he couldn’t help laughing out loud. “Teacher Mo, be careful. How can you even slip like that?” 

Embarrassed, Mo Lingqiu stood up again with his hand holding on to the edge of the tub. He slowly walked out and stood under the shower head. 

Jiang Chenming had been staring at him. Mo Lingqiu was really fair. Because he’d just soaked in the hot water, his whole body was flushed pink. His body proportions were also very good. His muscles were tight where it should be, the part where muscles were not needed had lines that were extremely good to look at.

Jiang Chenming was half lying down, reaching towards the drain to pull the plug out. After the water was drained away, he stepped out of the bathtub. 

“Teacher Mo, do you work out?” It was the only way Jiang Chenming could imagine he’d been able to maintain such a good figure. 

“I did for a year, when I first came to the University, but I don’t anymore.” At the time, Mo Lingqiu had applied for an annual membership on a whim, and he didn’t renew it after it expired. He’d pushed the matter to the back of his mind. After all, he often went for night jogs, which was also a way of exercising. 

“But I can’t be like you. Standing with you, our skin colours are completely different.” Jiang Chenming wasn’t someone who couldn’t get a tan, but he couldn’t be called dark either. He was just a very healthy wheat colour, and with the muscles on his body, he could actually also be a model. 

Mo Lingqiu gave him a strange look, not wanting to compare with him. He turned on the shower head for his shower.

Jiang Chenming wanted to squeeze in with him. The space was so big, but he just wanted to stay in a corner with Mo Lingqiu. 

Seeing the water beads splashed into Jiang Chenming’s eyes, Mo Lingqiu hesitated for a moment before he raised his hand to wipe away the water.

“Don’t you know how to wipe it yourself?”

“Yes. Isn’t Teacher Mo just helping me?” Jiang Chenming grinned and leaned down to take Mo Lingqiu into his arms, giving him a completely tender kiss.

Mo Lingqiu couldn’t defeat him, so he leaned into his arms and let himself be kissed.

The two of them came out of the shower clinging to each other. They put on their pyjamas and got into bed, leaning against the headboard. Jiang Chenming swiped through his tablet with one hand, wanting to find a movie to watch. 

Mo Lingqiu was explaining to Yang Sheng and some others that he had taken the days before and after the Qingming Festival off, instructing them not to go to the office to find him, but to just send him a message if they ran into any problems. 

When he finished sending the messages, Jiang Chenming had already found a movie. The movie was a slight-horror documentary with a subject Mo Lingqiu had interest in. And slight-horror was his favorite genre, so it was lucky that the two of them could watch together. 

But Mo Linqiu began to doze off halfway through. Jiang Chenming took a look at the time: it was just after ten o’clock. Compared to when they used to go to bed, it was still early.

“Teacher Mo, if you’re sleepy then go ahead and sleep.” Jiang Chenming smoothed his hair.

Mo Lingqiu let out a vague hum and slowly moved down, snuggling into the blanket.

Jiang Chenming tossed the tablet aside and followed him into the blanket, wrapping his arms around Mo Lingqiu and drifting off into dreamland.

The next morning, the two of them ate a hearty breakfast. They arrived to the airport early to go through security and wait for check-in. 

Mo Lingqiu was so sleepy that he kept yawning. Jiang Chenming handed him a bottle of coffee. “Wanna drink it?”

“I don’t want to.” Mo Lingqiu shook his head, low on energy. 

He had gone to sleep early the night before and hadn’t gotten up that early, so why was he so sleepy? 

Jiang Chenming touched his head to make sure that it wasn’t a cold before he said, “If you’re really sleepy, go to sleep when you get on the plane later.”

“Mm,” Mo Lingqiu answered, voice soft. 

When they got on the plane, Mo Lingqiu fell asleep immediately and he didn’t wake up until the plane landed. 

Jiang Chenming woke him up, considering whether or not to cancel their afternoon plans for the time being so that Mo Lingqiu could have a good rest in the hotel. 

They got into the reserved pick-up car which brought them back to the hotel, a drowsy Mo Lingqiu in Jiang Chenming’s arms. After checking in, he brought Mo Lingqiu upstairs. 

The presidential suite occupied a whole floor of the hotel, with a king bed, a living room, a kitchen, a bath, a hot spring pool, and a swimming pool. And they would be staying there for four days. 

After Mo Lingqiu stepped through the door, he observed the structure of the suite without much energy, lay on the bed, and soon fell asleep again.

Jiang Chenming was very worried, but after measuring Mo Lingqiu’s temperature many times, he saw that he truly didn’t have a fever, so he could only hope that he was just sleepy.

In the evening, while Jiang Chenming was making dinner in the kitchen, he suddenly smelled the strong scent of sweet milk floating through the rice fragrance of the room. His hand holding the spatula stopped mid-air. He quickly turned off the fire, washed his hands, and rushed to bed. 

Mo Lingqiu was in heat. His face was flushed as he lay on the bed, irritated, kicking off the blanket. 


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