Chapter 42

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“Mr. Mo, this is the place.” The Jiang family’s driver had brought Mo Lingqiu to a building on Wozi Road. 

Mo Lingqiu looked through the window at the towering silver-gray building outside and, for a moment, was lost in thought. 

The driver didn’t rush. He pulled the car over to one side and stepped out to help open the door. 

Only then did Mo Lingqiu come back to his senses. When he got out of the car with his lunchbox, he said, “Thank you.” 

“Do you need me to wait here for you? Or will you go back in the evening with Little Young Master?” The driver politely asked.

Mo Lingqiu hesitated. “You can go back first.”

“Okay, please contact me if you need anything in the evening.” The driver bowed towards Mo Lingqiu and drove away.

Mo Linqiu walked into the building with his lunch box. The whole lobby was a bit empty, but it was very bright and neat, and there were two staff members standing in uniform at the front desk.

He looked around for a while before walking up to them. “Can you tell me on which floor Jiang Chenming is?” 

The staff members froze at his question. 

“You need to have an appointment to see President Jiang. Have you made an appointment?”

“…No.” President Jiang? To Mo Lingqiu, this title was quite exceptional; apparently, Jiang Chenming had shed his student identity and was already the president.

“Please wait a moment. I’ll call and check.” The receptionist was very polite. In order to not directly drive someone away, she first called Jiang Chenming’s secretary to confirm that there was indeed no appointment today, before turning back to Mo Lingqiu. “Sorry, I just confirmed with President Jiang’s secretary that there really isn’t an appointment. I’m so sorry.” 

“En,” Mo Lingqiu said. He didn’t dwell on it. He just walked to the sofa next to the hall, sat down, and put his lunch box onto the coffee table. 

The two receptionists watching him were a bit puzzled.

“Why isn’t he leaving?”

“I’m not sure. There are a lot of people looking for President Jiang. Plus, he’s an Omega.” 

“He is quite handsome, but it feels like he didn’t understand what we said.” 

The two of them spoke so softly that Mo Lingqiu couldn’t really hear them, but he could guess that they were probably talking about him. 

He was considering sending Jiang Chenming a message informing him that he was at the company, but he reconsidered, afraid of disturbing his work. He simply sat in silence on the sofa, deciding he would contact Jiang Chenming later when it was time for lunch. 

Mo Lingqiu didn’t know that Jiang Chenming, sitting in his office at that moment, had received a call from his housekeeper, Uncle Yu. 

“Little Young Master, I’m sorry to disturb you. There’s something I want to talk to you about.” 

“Is it about Teacher Mo?” Since Uncle Yu was at home, the only thing Jiang Chenming could think of the call concerning was Mo Lingqiu. 

“Yes. Mr. Mo left the house about half an hour ago and said he was going to bring you lunch.” Uncle Yu smiled. “Little Young Master, I’m just letting you know.”

Jiang Chenming’s eyes lit up. It had been half an hour since Mo Lingqiu left, so he should’ve arrived a while ago. “I’ll go down and have a look.” 

“I hope you and Mr. Mo have a pleasant meal.” Uncle Yu, done with his job reporting the info, retired with grace.

Jiang Chenming put down the work in his hands and rushed out of the office.

The secretary sitting outside the office saw Jiang Chenming and hurriedly called out to him. “President Jiang! Your lunch!”

“No, throw it over there.” Jiang Chenming didn’t even turn his head back. How he wished he could instantly teleport to Mo Lingqiu.

Luckily, the exclusive elevator was working correctly, and Jiang Chenming appeared in the first floor lobby half a minute later. With sharp eyes, the receptionist saw him and quickly stood up to greet him. 

“Good afternoon, President Jiang!”

Jiang Chenming looked around and quickly noticed Mo Lingqiu sitting on a sofa, looking back. He swiftly ran over to him. “Teacher Mo, why didn’t you call me when you arrived?” 

“…Aren’t you busy?” Mo Lingqiu asked.

“Yes, I’m busy, but I will definitely answer your call.” Jiang Chenming leaned down and kissed his lips. “Why did you come to see me all of a sudden?”

Mo Lingqiu blushed, took a little step back, and pointed to the insulated lunch box on the table. “I came to bring you food.”

“How did you know I haven’t eaten?” Jiang Chenming smiled, happy. 

“I didn’t know. I just came to try my luck,” Mo Lingqiu said, incredibly honest.

Jiang Chenming grew even happier. He picked up the lunch box with one hand and led Mo Lingqiu to the elevator with the other. “Let’s go eat in the office.” 

“…En.” Mo Lingqiu followed Jiang Chenming in. While the elevator door slowly closed, he noted the two receptionists’ shocked eyes. 

Jiang Chenming also noticed. “Did they say something to you?” 

“No, they just said that I have to make an appointment to get in.” Mo Lingqiu didn’t think that they had done anything wrong—the two of them were just doing their jobs, and he hadn’t announced his identity. Naturally, they shouldn’t have given a stranger a green light. 

“I’ll talk to them later so that you can just directly see me whenever you come.” Jiang Chenming was a sensible person; he wouldn’t get angry for no reason over this kind of thing, but he still thought about the future. 

“I’ll just come this once.” Mo Lingqiu’s cold expression grew slightly anxious. He really had just come on a whim today. 

“No, come and see me more often in the future.” Jiang Chenming didn’t care. Since he had come for the first time, there should be a second time and a third time. 

Mo Lingqiu didn’t respond. He stared at the tightly sealed elevator door to hide his nervousness.

They soon arrived at the top floor office. As soon as the elevator door opened, they walked around the corridor into the office area. Jiang Chenming saw that his secretary was dealing with the meal he hadn’t eaten. 

“Ah… President Jiang, this rice…” The secretary was about to throw the rice away, so she panicked when Jiang Chenming suddenly came back. 

“Put it into a box and give it to the small animals downstairs,” Jiang Chenming said before turning his head to look at Mo Lingqiu. “That’s my office over there.”

“En.” The door to the office was closed, opaque glass completely blocking the sight of the people outside. 

Jiang Chenming led him into the office and, when he closed the door, specially instructed his secretary to leave him alone for the time being, and to put any work-related problems to the side. He would deal with them later. 

His secretary could only respond in a somewhat confused manner, seemingly not yet recovered from the shock of Jiang Chenming suddenly guiding an Omega into his office by the hand. 

“What did you cook?” Jiang Chenming pushed away the documents on the table next to the sofa and placed the lunch box on it. 

“I just made some things.” Since he had misjudged how fast he could cook, he really hadn’t made too much. 

Jiang Chenming smiled and opened the lunch box. Instantly, the aroma of the meal flowed out. His eyes lit up as he took out one layer of lunch box after another. There were marinated chicken claws, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, roast pork with potatoes, and white rice, cooked soft and fragrant.

“Looks delicious,” Jiang Chenming praised while picking up his chopsticks to give it a taste.

Just as he thought, the dishes didn’t just look good—they all tasted really delicious. 

“Have you eaten?” Jiang Chenming only saw enough food for one person and was a little worried that Mo Lingqiu hadn’t yet eaten. 

“I ate before I came.” After Mo Lingqiu finished cooking, he ate some of the dishes that couldn’t fit into the lunch box and was seventy percent full. 

“Come and eat some more.” Jiang Chenming beckoned Mo Lingqiu, signalling for him to sit beside him, before he picked up a piece of meat with his chopsticks, bringing it to his mouth. 

Mo Lingqiu opened his mouth and inhaled it, chewing slowly with his cheeks puffed out. Jiang Chenming found him rather cute and moved closer to lick the sauce off the corner of his lips.

Mo Lingqiu glared at him and swallowed the meat. “Hurry up and eat.”

“What for? You want to go back?” Jiang Chenming teased with a smile, knowing he was just being shy again. 

“Yeah, go back and wash the dishes,” Mo Lingqiu said, playing along.

This time, Jiang Chenming was unhappy. “No, stay here with me this afternoon, okay?”

“Don’t you want to work this afternoon?” Mo Lingqiu’s eyebrows furrowed. If staying here would affect Jiang Chenming it would not be worth the loss.

“It’s fine. Didn’t I also work very seriously yesterday afternoon?” Jiang Chenming asked, eager to prove himself. “I won’t be lazy, don’t worry.”

Mo Lingqiu pursed his lips, not able to deny his statement. It was true; he had worked very efficiently the afternoon before. 

Jiang Chenming pouted. “What about this: if I get distracted, you can punish me.” 

Mo Lingqiu couldn’t talk him out of it, so he nodded and agreed. “Well, do you have a sink here? When you’re done eating, I’ll rinse away the soup from the bowl. I’ll wash the rest when I go back.” 

Otherwise, the thick soup would stain it and be hard to brush off. 

“It’s okay, leave it. I’ll wash it when I get back tonight.” Jiang Chenming said, taking the initiative to take on the work.

Mo Lingqiu just let him do what he wanted. Jiang Chenming ate and he watched the news while sitting beside him. 

In the afternoon, Jiang Chenming went into the conference room for an hour to hold a meeting. Mo Lingqiu stayed in the office to nap on the sofa. He had just woken up when Jiang Chenming came back. 

“Teacher Mo, I only have a little bit of work left this afternoon. Let’s head back together later.” Jiang Chenming took stock of his work efficiency levels for the day; not only had it started high, but it had raised two hundred percent so that he could leave work earlier to go home with Mo Lingqiu. 

Mo Lingqiu rubbed his eyes before picking his glasses up from the table and putting them on. “So fast?”

“Yeah.” Jiang Chenming’s expression screamed that he was waiting to be praised, but Mo Lingqiu didn’t notice. 

Instead, his cell phone on the table rang. Mo Lingqiu picked it up and saw that Fan Nian was calling. 

“Mo Lingqiu, where are you?” Fan Nian’s tone seemed a bit urgent.

“…I’m at Wozi Road.”

“Do me a favor.” Fan Nian caught his breath and sat down on the flower bed by the roadside. He had just run all the way out from the place where he was eating.

“What?” Mo Lingqiu was still quite puzzled.

“Send some inhibitors over for me, if it’s convenient.” Fan Nian took another look behind him and, after making sure no one else was there, stood up and walked in the direction of Wozi Road. He wasn’t far from Mo Lingqiu; he should be able to catch up.

Mo Lingqiu was stunned. “You’re in heat?”

“Probably soon. Tch. Is it convenient? Otherwise I can come there to find you.”

“Don’t. Find a place to hide, and I’ll go to you now.” Mo Lingqiu quickly got up. He was always in the habit of carrying an inhibitor on him. Even with his heat becoming unstable and with him getting together with Jiang Chenming, he would stuff an inhibitor in his pocket out of habit. 

“What’s wrong?” Jiang Chenming watched him grow anxious and became worried.

“Fan Nian seems to be in heat.” Mo Lingqiu frowned. “His heat period has always been stable, and it should’ve come at the end of February.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll drive you there. Where is he?” Jiang Chenming grabbed the car keys and walked out of the office with Mo Lingqiu.

“Right now he’s at the coffee shop at the Wozi Road junction.” 

The two of them quickly hopped into the car. Jiang Chenming drove to the road, remembering that his brother seemed to have told him that he would be having lunch nearby at noon. 


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