Chapter 41

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Jiang Chenming never expected that Mo Lingqiu would want to set Fan Nian up with his brother. He thought about it and asked, “Wouldn’t it feel like sending a sheep into the tiger’s mouth?”

“Who’s the sheep? Fan Nian?” Mo Lingqiu was puzzled.

“…Could my brother be the sheep?” When Jiang Chenming imagined this, he felt an evil chill. 

“…Not really.” Mo Lingqiu couldn’t picture it either. “But you can’t think of Fan Nian as a sheep, right? In some ways, he’s not easily bullied.”

“Is that so? Can’t really see it.” In Jiang Chenming’s eyes, Fan Nian’s temperament was sometimes a bit like a child’s, but sometimes very sensible; however, he still mostly erred on the childish side. He was a happy-go-lucky person living quite a casual life.

“If you don’t think it would be suitable, then forget it.” Mo Lingqiu only thought of setting Fan Nian up with Jiang Junshen because he was now no longer single. Fan Nian was his best friend, and had been obsessed with achieving 100% pheromone compatibility; he didn’t know when he might meet the right person. 

Fan Nian’s family was also anxiously urging him to get a partner. Mo Lingqiu instinctively felt that Jiang Junshen was quite responsible, and his age was also appropriate. Most importantly, his appearance was totally Fan Nian’s ideal type, so he wanted to set them up together. 

But if Jiang Chenming didn’t think it was a suitable match, then he wouldn’t push them to become a match. After all, Jiang Junshen’s brother was Jiang Chenming—he must know more about Jiang Junshen than Mo Lingqiu did. 

“No, Dr. Fan’s personality is quite good.” Jiang Chenming didn’t feel that they were ill-suited. “When my brother stops being busy, I’ll ask him.” 

“Okay. I also need to tell Fan Nian.”

They couldn’t matchmake out of thin air; whoever should be informed should still be informed. 

“Should I also give you a few pictures of my brother?” Jiang Chenming deliberated before clicking into Jiang Junshen’s Moments on WeChat. He had shared nothing but some articles about the financial and entertainment industry. 

“No pictures?” Mo Lingqiu was also looking.

“I’ll check their company’s official website. There should be one on there,” Jiang Chenming said. He searched for Jiang Junshen’s company in the browser before clicking into its official page. 

As expected, Jiang Junshen’s picture was hung high at the top of the company section as a director. 

Jiang Chenming saved the blue background ID photo and sent it to Mo Lingqiu’s phone. “Is this okay?”

Mo Lingqiu gazed at it for a moment and said, “It’s still acceptable.” 

Although Jiang Chenming felt that it was rather funny, they still ended up with a photo. “Try to make do with that. If the two of them really take a liking to each other, they have plenty of opportunities to go out and take pictures together.” 

“I’ll talk to Fan Nian.” Mo Lingqiu got the photos and started sending messages to Fan Nian.

Qiu: You there?

My aim is 300 million: Mm-hmm.

 Qiu: I found a pretty good Alpha over here. Want me to introduce you to him?

My aim is 300 million: Huh?

Qiu: It’s Jiang Chenming’s brother. His name is Jiang Junshen. Thirty-one years old this year with a career as a successful Alpha entrepreneur.

Qiu: Here’s the picture.

Qiu: [Picture]

Fan Nian was sitting in front of the computer playing a game, but he stopped his hand movements, slowly let go of the mouse, picked up his phone, and carefully looked at the chat interface for a while. He didn’t know whether he was looking at the photo or if he was looking at Mo Lingqiu’s message. 

It took a long time for him to reply. 

My aim is 300 million: We aren’t 100% compatible, though.

Mo Lingqiu froze. Fan Nian was really still obsessed with the pheromone probability rate. Mo Lingqiu really didn’t know the pheromone probability rate between Fan Nian and Jiang Junshen; he just simply felt that they were somewhat suitable. After thinking about it, Mo Lingqiu pushed forward.

Qiu: I don’t know, you guys look suitable.

My aim is 300 million: In what aspects?

Qiu: He looks your type.

Fan Nian, initially a little baffled by his best friend suggesting a partner for him, was now lying in front of the computer, laughing without restraint. On the screen, the character he was playing had been killed by his opponent and was lying on the ground waiting to be revived. 

My aim is 300 million: Yeah, I like his face. 

My aim is 300 million: But if he doesn’t like me, there’s no point.

Qiu: I’ll tell you about him first, and, if you’re interested, we’ll give him your picture.

My aim is 300 million: Isn’t our Teacher Mo being too good to me? You’re shockingly letting me decide first~

Mo Lingqiu didn’t really know how to reply. He nudged Jiang Chenming who was next to him. “Why don’t you ask your brother first? If it doesn’t work out, then we can forget about it. I don’t think Fan Nian likes him very much.” 

“Ask him now?” Jiang Chenming’s phone screen was still stuck on the chat interface with Jiang Junshen. His brother had just come online to ask him about some ideas concerning the operation of the company. The two of them didn’t talk much, but their conversation was relatively deep. 

“If it’s convenient.” Mo Lingqiu felt like giving up; he thought that maybe matchmaking wasn’t that pleasant. 

Jiang Chenming quickly nodded. “It’s fine.”

Jiang Junshen was sitting at his desk, drinking coffee and reading documents, ready to close out the chat with his brother, when his phone screen suddenly lit up on the table. 

He picked it up and saw that it was a message from Jiang Chenming.

Xiao Jiang tongxue: Brother, are you interested in Omegas? Teacher Mo here has a friend he wants to introduce to you.

Jiang Junshen’s eyebrows pulled together. He was about to reply “no” when the picture sent by Jiang Chenming came through. 

Xiao Jiang tongxue: [Picture]

Xiao Jiang tongxue: This is a picture of Teacher Mo’s friend. Brother, how about you take a look? He’s an Omega, our school doctor, the same age as Teacher Mo. 29. 

Jiang Junshen: Send me his WeChat card. 

When Jiang Chenming saw this reply, he was stunned for a long moment. 

 Mo Lingqiu came over to take a look and his eyes widened. “He likes him?”

“…Probably?” Jiang Chenming was also a little dazed. “Should I send Dr. Fan’s WeChat card over?”

“I… I’ll talk to him about it.” Mo Lingqiu seemed to be panicking—which was rare. After he informed Fan Nian, he received back an “okay” in a surprisingly short amount of time. 

Mo Lingqiu and Jiang Chenming were sitting on the bed together looking at each other. They never thought that the matchmaking process would be successful, especially since the always boring Jiang Junshen had surprisingly taken the initiative to send Jiang Chenming another message. 

Jiang Junshen: WeChat card?

Xiao Jiang tongxue: It’s coming, it’s coming.

Xiao Jiang tongxue: [Card]

Jiang Chenming quickly sent over Fan Nian’s WeChat card. Afterwards, Jiang Junshen went silent, no longer sending any messages. Even Fan Nian on Mo Lingqiu’s side was keeping silent. 

“So are we done now?” It was the first time that Jiang Chenming had acted as a matchmaker, and the person he set up was his brother, who was quite difficult to get along with. 

“I… don’t know. We’ll wait for the follow-up.” Mo Lingqiu couldn’t figure out how Fan Nian and Jiang Junshen had taken a liking to each other. It was probably because they liked each other’s looks. 

Jiang Chenming was silent for a while before he suddenly laughed. “This feels quite new, the both of us doing a matchmaking job.” 

“It would be good if it works out.” Mo Lingqiu yawned and shrank himself into the blanket.

Jiang Chenming moved the quilt upwards and pulled Mo Lingqiu into his arms again. “Teacher Mo, good night.”

“Good night.”

The next morning, Jiang Chenming got up early and personally cooked a sumptuous breakfast in the kitchen.

When Chen Shan woke up and saw him, she teased him, saying that he was starting to develop into a cook husband. Jiang Chenming just replied with a “I’d love to.” 

When Mo Lingqiu woke up, Jiang Chenming had already made a table full of breakfast and he was standing in front of the closet changing clothes. When Mo Lingqiu opened his eyes, Jiang Chenming was putting on a black suit blazer.

“…Good morning,” Mo Lingqiu said with a hoarse voice.

“You’re awake?” Jiang Chenming turned around and leaned down to give him a good morning kiss. “I’m going to the office later. The room next door is my study. There’s a computer and some books in there, so feel free to use and read them.”

Mo Lingqiu asked him, “Do you always wear a suit to the office?”

“Yes. I have to look mature, or else I wouldn’t be able to keep people under control.” Jiang Chenming took Mo Lingqiu’s hand and supported him while he sat up on the bed. “My parents have gone out and my brother seems to be away, so feel free to hang out here today.”


“I might not come back at noon. Uncle Yu will make you lunch and I’ll come back to keep you company in the evening.” Jiang Chenming was explaining things to Mo Lingqiu one sentence after another, just like he was coaxing a child.

Mo Lingqiu stared at him for a long time before asking, “Where are you going to work?”

“At Wozi Road. It’s a little far from here.” Jiang Chenming stood up. “Breakfast is downstairs. Let’s go down together later?”

Instead of replying with words, Mo Lingqiu just sat up from the bed and followed Jiang Chenming out of the room. Jiang Chenming stood outside the bathroom waiting for him, and, after washing up, they went downstairs together. 

“Later…” Jiang Chenming was about to wrap Mo Lingqiu’s toast when he heard a commotion on the second floor, followed closely by Jiang Junshen walking down the stairs.

“Good morning, brother.” Jiang Chenming promptly said.

“…Good morning.” Mo Lingqiu didn’t know how to address him, so he could only omit it.

“Good morning.”

“Wanna eat breakfast?” Jiang Chenming pointed to the food on the table.

“No, I’m going out to buy something.” Jiang Junshen immediately left the house when he was done speaking.

The two who were left behind looked at each other, tacitly not discussing it. After breakfast, Jiang Chenming packed up his things and left the house, leaving behind only Mo Lingqiu and Uncle Yu, the housekeeper, in the large house. 

“Do you need me to take you for a stroll?” Uncle Yu was very gentle as he took the initiative to talk, afraid that Mo Lingqiu wasn’t used to being alone.

“No, I shouldn’t disturb you any further.” Mo Lingqiu felt that he himself couldn’t finish strolling around such a large area in such a short amount of time, so he went directly to Jiang Chenming’s study on the second floor. 

The curtains in the study were drawn, and the morning sunlight shone through the huge floor-to-ceiling windows, warming up the entire room. The study had two walls with built-in bookshelves, on which were displayed all kinds of books, including business books that Mo Lingqiu had never read before, as well as many Chinese related books that interested him.

Mo Lingqiu casually picked a book and sat at the desk to read it. When the clock hit ten, he clocked the book and walked downstairs. 

“Can I use the kitchen?”

“Yes. Are you going to cook for yourself?”

“…No.” Mo Lingqiu had actually gotten the idea to send Jiang Chenming a lunch box in the morning, and, until now, the desire to do so was still very strong. 

Uncle Yu stared at him, and, after a while, he tentatively guessed, asking, “Are you going to deliver lunch to Little Young Master?”

“…En” Mo Lingqiu was quite puzzled—was he being obvious?

“Feel free to use the kitchen. Call me later when it’s ready and I’ll arrange a driver to take you there.”

“Thank you.” Mo Lingqiu very simply thought that since Jiang Chenming had done so much for him, he must also do something in return. 

Wasn’t there the saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”? 


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