Chapter 4

“Teacher Mo.” Jiang Chenming held a smile on his face, he seemed to be in a good mood.

Mo Lingqiu took a step back and pulled away from him, he then nodded his head expressionlessly.

Jiang Chenming froze for a moment and felt like laughing in his heart. Great, not meeting for half a month and he’s alienating me. But, they were not even familiar with each other in the first place.

“I came here for a class and coincidentally saw you, so I came to greet.” Jiang Chenming found a reason for himself.

Mo Lingqiu nodded his head again, remaining silent.

The student standing beside Jiang Chenming was already feeling annoyed, he was also an alpha, in his eyes, he could not bear the sight of Mo Lingqiu who was also an alpha, since he did not speak much and liked to pose, he also did not appreciate those cute omegas.

“Let’s go.” The student showed a straight face to Mo Lingqiu and pulled Jiang Chenming’s arm vigorously.

Jiang Chenming did not answer him, his vision was still pausing on Mo Lingqiu who had a stern expression. After glancing at him for a while and confirming that he really did not plan to chat for a few lines, he only said goodbye moodily and walked towards the school gate with his friend.

There were a lot of people who noticed the scene of the two famous alphas of University A talking to each other. There were even people who took pictures and uploaded them to the forum. In a short time, the post about Mo Lingqiu and Jiang Chenming was hung on the homepage.

The name of the post was “Who would have thought both of them would talk to each other in our lifetime!”

Uploader: Met the ice stone strong beauty and our dream guy, when did both of them know each other? [Photo]

[T/N: F means floor.]

1F: Same, I thought the PE Department students don’t need to go for Chinese classes?

2F: Yes, I heard from the PE Department students, they don’t need to go for Chinese classes.


5F: Wait, even if the PE Department students attend Chinese class, there’s no need for Strong Beauty to come and teach right? He’s teaching doctoral students.

6F: +1

10F: It’s such a blessing to my eye to see both of them standing together, I feel like going into heat QAQ

11F: The one above, please behave yourself.

Uploader: Nobody is answering my question? They both know each other, this is such a shocking discovery!

18F: Since you’ve said it, this is really getting intriguing. Did Strong Beauty chat with my husband?

19F: The one above???? Who’s your husband?? Say it clearer!

20F: Heh, what? You’re not convinced? Jiang Chenming is my husband!

21F: Hugging away Teacher Mo, I’ll give Jiang to you guys, have some self-respect.

22F: Teacher Mo is mine, fuck!! Bitch, stop right there!

Until now, other than the uploader who was forgotten, there were only a few people who remembered the question asked by the uploader. There were already thousands of replies in the post in half an hour, people were quarreling about who Mo Lingqiu and Jiang Chenming belonged to, flushing with anger. There were a few alpha students who interrupted them and talked badly about Mo Lingqiu and Jiang Chenming. They were then bashed by a bunch of omegas and betas for a few floors.

Both of the people involved completely did not know about this. Jiang Chenming entered the door into the North Campus and separated with his friend who had been talking behind Mo Lingqiu’s back. He quickly walked back to his dorm and was attacked by his roommates who were extremely bored.

“Brother Jiang, when did you know Strong Beauty?” The fatty of the first bed turned his head, his tall and robust body coiling in the wooden chair, he looked pitiful.

“Strong Beauty?” Jiang Chenming froze for a while, “Who’s Strong Beauty?”

“Mo Lingqiu, the doctoral tutor of the Chinese Language Department.”

“… Oh.” Jiang Chenming did not answer the question, instead, he was curious about the name ‘Strong Beauty’, “Why do you guys call him Strong Beauty?”

“He has the appearance of an omega, but with his cancerous personality and his IQ is beyond human, isn’t he truly an alpha?” The fatty waved his hands, “Strong Beauty Strong Beauty, he’s strong and beautiful.”

Jiang Chenming was speechless, Mo Lingqiu is indeed good-looking, it’s not even exaggerating if the word ‘stunning’ is used to describe his delicate face, it’s even more attractive as you look at it longer. His personality wise, indeed, it’s quite cold, hard to get along with, and if his IQ is not high he won’t become a doctoral tutor at such a young age. 

He’s indeed Strong Beauty, but Mo Lingqiu is really an omega, or Strong Beauty Plus Edition. 

“I quite admire him, more friends, more outlooks.” Jiang Chenming simply made an excuse to answer him.

To be frank, he felt something weird after he had not seen Mo Lingqiu for half a month. Even the accuracy of his three-pointers that he was skillful of reduced. He could not say something mushy like ‘a piece was missing from his heart’, but he felt that it had something to do with Mo Lingqiu being an omega, he thought it might be due to the influence of his pheromones.

Just like today, he felt much more comfortable when he saw Mo Lingqiu.

“To be honest, you better don’t go or you will only suffer a loss.” He Jia of the second bed reminded him, “We don’t even have classes in the Chinese Language Department, why do you want to find trouble for yourself?”

Jiang Chenming pursed his lips and did not answer. Indeed, the fact that Mo Lingqiu did not care about him today made him feel like he had suffered a loss.

Mo Lingqiu who returned to his office quickly arranged his things that he did not have the time to do so as he left hurriedly half a month ago. Then, he opened his laptop and summarized the result of his business trip that lasted half a month.

He initially thought that he would work on his project till late night based on his efficiency during this half a month, but unexpectedly, he used only less than 2 hours to finish it. He also did not notice any mistakes after checking it once, he then sent the email to his teacher, feeling shocked and relieved.

After completing his work, Mo Lingqiu drove to the mall to buy some vegetables, returned to his home to make a simple dinner and later dunked himself in the study room to do some reading.

After a business trip that lasted for half a month, tomorrow is the weekend. After the weekend, he would need to teach students as usual. The task for University A’s doctoral tutor could be done rather freely. The doctoral tutor had a large power to make decisions on the classes. Other than compulsory classes, doctoral tutors could decide on the aspect of doing the thesis research and start discussions. In order to teach the students well, Mo Lingqiu would need to prepare for the class well.

As the time struck 11, Mo Lingqiu went into the bathroom for a bath and layed on the bed to try to get into sleep as he did not go for a night jog today.

At that time, the ringing tone of wechat suddenly rang, Mo Lingqiu took his phone which was placed beside his bed, he then accepted the call as he saw the person who called.


“Busy man Teacher Mo, answering my phone after so long.” The person on the other side of the call had a gentle voice, he sounded like a person with a very good temper.

Mo Lingqiu’s cold and stern face turned gentle, “Why are you calling me at this late hour?”

“Didn’t you see the message I sent you?”

“No, I was organizing my information.” Mo Lingqiu zoomed out the call interface as he said. He then saw the 7 to 8 messages sent by him, asking if Mo Lingqiu wanted to go out for meals together.

The person who called was Fan Nian, he was Mo Lingqiu’s only friend. Mo Lingqiu’s personality was rather cold, although he had a lot of followers around him, he had almost no true friends. Fan Nian also graduated from University A like him, he studied medicine and Mo Lingqiu studied language. As both of them were in the same club and Fan Nian was docile, he then became good friends with Mo Lingqiu along the way.

However, he went overseas for further studies after he graduated while Fan Nian stayed in University A and became the university’s doctor.

“Your heat has passed?” Just like Mo Lingqiu, Fan Nian is also an omega, but his gender is no secret. A week ago, Fan Nian’s heat came as expected, he even told Mo Lingqiu before it came. He then took a week of leave and returned to his home to pass his suffering heat.

“En.” Fan Nian breathed a sigh of relief, “I have to say, it’s really suffering without an alpha.”

Fan Nian had stayed single for 29 years, he bore with the heat every time.

“Try to find one.”

As Fan Nian heard his words, laughter echoed through the phone, “I don’t want that, if it’s not 100% match, nothing counts.”

“It’s not that easy.” Mo Lingqiu felt that Fan Nian’s thought was too naive. He wanted to find someone, but he still insisted on the pheromones’ match. There were several billion people in this world and there was only one person who could reach 100% match with one. Even if one burned incense in one’s previous life, one was not possible to meet that person. Most people would just find someone who’s okay, get married and have children.

Fan Nian knew that Mo Lingqiu was thinking that he was too naive, he did not want to continue the topic and asked about going out for a meal, “To be honest, you went for the business trip for half a month, I couldn’t even meet you at all, when do you have time for a meal?”

“Tomorrow.” Mo Lingqiu quickly gave an answer.

“Okay.” Fan Nian agreed immediately. As the university’s doctor, he was free enough, “We’ll eat near the school or in the city center?”

“Both are fine.”

“Okay, then let’s eat near the school, there’s a new Japanese restaurant, it’s not bad.” Fan Nian had wanted to check in that place earlier, and he also had the chance to eat with Mo Lingqiu.”

“En.” Mo Lingqiu agreed and rarely said a few more words, “I’ll go to the university’s clinic to find you tomorrow at 11.”

“Yo, thanks Teacher Mo for taking a few more steps!” Fan Nian was happy, he’s working as a university doctor at the North Campus, and the clinic was located under the male’s dorm. Although the North and South Campus were only separated by a road, it would take more than ten minutes to walk from the remote clinic to Mo Lingqiu’s office.

It was best if Mo Lingqiu was willing to find him proactively, Fan Nian really did not like to do exercise.

“You’re welcome.” Mo Lingqiu joked with a straight face.

Fan Nian laughed at his reaction, he held his phone and layed on the bed, “Oh yeah, how did you know Jiang Chenming?”

Mo Lingqiu froze, he did not know why he mentioned Jiang Chenming, “I’ve met him only twice, we’re not familiar with each other.”

It was a simple answer. Fan Nian collected his words and said, “That’s why, I saw the picture of you both on the school’s forum today.”

Mo Lingqiu did not surf the forum, so he did not know what he was talking about.

Fan Nian did not explain as well, instead, he started to act as a matchmaker, “Hmm… He looks like your ideal type? His personality is also not bad, his reputation in our North Campus is great too, you…”

Mo Lingqiu heard his friend matchmaking through the air without sense and quickly interrupted, “He’s too small.”

Fan Nian winked and tried to defend, “No, you can’t say men are small.”


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